Chapter 248 - The Hunter’s Resolution (2)

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The consciousness shook.

A huge force that started from the abdomen engulfed the upper body and eventually swept over the lower body.

The hardness of the body had a limit. And his body was pushed back.

Hawks didn’t miss the difference in distance. He had been through such situations more than anyone else.

He flapped his wings and glided down. He wasn’t sure what kind of magic it was, but he could feel it.

It was a light which went straight through.

And if he moved up or down, the level of force would be low. He lifted his finger and loaded the crossbow.

‘Outstanding for a human, but I am almost indestructible.’

And he clenched his fist.


An arrow was shot.

After hardening the body, the aura was wrapped around his and pierced the light.

The power this crossbow had was beyond imagination, thanks to the fact that Hawks modified it, it was comfortable to use.

Jamie was about to use the shield when he saw the arrow but then didn’t.

He moved down, he saw the illusion of his body being split.

“You did good not blocking it.”

If the shield was used to block it, it would have pierced through and Jamie would have been wounded.

Even though he was hit point blank with Let there be Light, he responded fast.

Is this because he is the strongest in Frontier?

It was then.

Tung! Tung!

Two beeps were heard not too far away.

Jamie activated Beyond Avalon.

Two arrows which flew like beams of light passed through him. And the next moment they struck the rock behind him.

Bang! Bang!!

A successive banging sound roared out.

It didn’t stop there. Despite taking down the rocks, the arrows continued to flow.

Fluttering, Hawks flapped his wings.

“You are good.”

He landed on the ground as if nothing happened. Actually, his body looked less wounded than Jamie thought.


And from the distance, the sound of a cliff collapsing could be heard. Jamie turned around and saw a high cliff collapse.

Hawks’ voice could be heard.

“Now you must see.”

It seemed like the two arrows that passed by had broken down the rocks and collapsed that cliff.

Jamie smiled at this ridiculous power.

Normally, the farther something travels the lesser the destructive power.

Well, this crossbow or bow, is bound to have a limit of tension which could apply on the string.

Jamie looked ahead and Hawks asked,

“Was that your best attack?”

“As if.”

“Thank goodness. If that was your limit you can never defeat me.”

Jamie frowned at the confident words of Hawks. Let there be Light was by far the best attack magic with the holy light.

Obviously Hawks was strong. He was stronger than Jamie imagined.

In particular, the hardening used on himself and with the capabilities of Hawks, he was a natural enemy to magicians.

‘I think it will be tough to break the beak.’

He declared that he would break the beak of this birdman. Jamie grabbed the staff and soared high. He didn’t think it would be an easy win. But he didn’t want to use black magic.

The secret is better when few people know it.

In the end, it would mean he would have to use just white magic…

“It’s been a while since I showed my full skills.”

I have hardly used it in this lifetime.

He thought he would get caught in the yoke of his previous life so he tried to go for a different method whenever he had to fight.

But now was not the time to hold back.

“Is there something else you will show?”

“Open your eyes and look. I will show you that there is no end to human limitations.”


Hawks returned to his hunting stance. His mood changed.

“It is not just humans, races unsuitable for battle can do what they can in the care of the strong. Fighting is what I do.”

“I don’t know why you fell into such strange logic.”

Numerous lines began to get drawn over Jamie’s head.

“I will crush that thought.”

It was a magic circle. And it wasn’t just one.

Multiple magic circles were created through layering technique, and a three dimensional shape was formed by connecting the lines and sides of magic circles.

Several large three dimensional magic circles were created at the same time, and the large magic circle began to appear high in the sky.

Even Hawks didn’t try to attack such a great sight. He was looking up at the sky with huge eyes.

Hundreds of magic circles which looked complicated with just one circle were created in such huge numbers.

“What is this…”

Hawks unknowingly watched the giant magic circle that was gradually being completed.

It was truly shocking.

The mana felt in the sky was as if a sea was flowing there.

And so he didn’t attack. He waited.

-Multiple Complex three dimensional magic circle.

The magical realization he had in his previous life, and the power for which he was once called a Thousand Wizard.

Blood dripped from Jamie’s face.

This wasn’t a method he realized through this life, so the load on the body was huge. And it felt like blood was flowing backwards.

It seems like the mana cores would collapse at any moment.

“I don’t know why you didn’t attack…”

Jamie smiled and told Hawks.

“But try stopping this.”

[Peak level Unlimited Magic.]

A huge magic circle which covered the sky began to emit light. And Jamie’s eyes lit up.

[The End.]

Light fell from the center of the magic circle.

Hawks looked at it and mumbled,

“It isn’t that I didn’t attack.”

-Hawks! You need to survive! Survive and prove it!

-We are not weak… show it…

-Today’s humiliation, one day we will give it back!

Hawks raised the spear over the crossbow.

The two weapons began to merge. Hawks’ weapon was made by Ironlil, the Frontier blacksmith.

A bow string consisting of a bow and an aura extended up and down with the left hand and finally an aura arrow formed from the right index and middle finger on the string.

“I cannot lose to humans. I am the warrior of the Birdman race who is braver than anyone else. A skilled hunter who is superior to anyone else.”

-Hey, I guess you are just a bird. You are just slaves of us dragons from generation to generation. Underdogs.

The humiliation he had to face. Born as a warrior and hunter, those are the terrible memories he would never want to feel.

The strong stay strong and the weak stay weak, then was the Birdman race weak or strong?


Eyes of Hawks gleamed.

“I am strong. So I can never lose to humans!! Accept your limits!!!”

Even if it was the same as the dragon’s logic. To get to that realm, one has to think like them.

Even if they hear that they are acting like bastards.

“I will break your attack from the front with my might!!”

A head first attack. A huge aura arrow was shot at the falling light.

A roar.

Everyone who was sleeping inside the village woke up at once. Venna who was sleeping in Jamie’s dorm ran to the window.

Behemoth who woke up, sat on her head.

“W-what is that?”

“A great force collided. Open the window and see!”

A strong wind blew in as they pulled the curtains aside and opened the window.


“W-what is this?”

This is midnight but the sky outside was bright as day. What happened to cause a white night?

Venna brushed her hair that was messed up by the wind and leaned her head out of the window.

She pointed her finger as if she found something.

“L-look there!”


Two forces were colliding high in the sky, causing this resonance. The energy was terrifying enough to make their mouths open wide in shock.

Isis too was watching this scene.

“Oh my god.”

She touched her forehead.

Jin, who was next to her, had an absurd expression inside the mask.

“Hawks you bastard.”

“The opponent… Seems to be Jamie.”

“Damn it, I need to stop this…”

“Wait. Isis.”

“What is it?”

Jin stopped Isis who was about to go and stop those who were fighting.

“The two of them have decided to fight. It might be better this way.”

“However, there may be damage to the village.”

“Then we go in. Isn’t that good enough?”

Since it was just words and nothing bad happened it was true. She sighed and left the house.

And she told Jin.

“I will block the aftermath as much as possible so you try to minimize the damage to the houses. It is an order.”

“Yes, Captain.”

And another place.

Ironlil mumbled as he looked at the sky which was bright.

“Hawks. Did you use it?”

Hawks’ decisive battle weapon which he called, ‘Hunter’s Resolution’.

It was a fusion of an artifact created from a crossbow and spear. It had the power to crush anything.

If it was Hawks, one of the strongest in Frontier, he could change the shape of the world.

“But the opponent seems tough.”

He was wearing the glasses type artifact, ‘I see everything!’.

This was also something he made, and he could see the huge magic circle above. The light of mana which started there was fighting with the Hunter’s Resolution.

He wasn’t sure which side was better.

Because they were both on the same level. One thing was certain.

“Hawks, you can no longer despise humans.”

Ironlil entered his smithy as if he had nothing more to see. On the other hand, there were others who watched it.

It was Nel-Sharan, an elf wearing a deep hood. Rather than the two powers clashing she looked at the huge magic circle in the sky.

No one knew what she was thinking. A woman with no expression.


Someone called her from behind. Braha.

She was the one who brought Behemoth here 5 years back and returned Venna to her home.

She was a cousin of Nel-Sharan.

She said, looking out of the window,

“You are a lot stronger than before, Jamie Welton.”

“Know him?”

When Nel-Sharan asked, Braha smiled and nodded.

“I don’t know but I saw him once five years back. I thought he was quite a daring kid, but…”

“He is strong.”

“Interested in him?”


Nel-Sharan tilted her head and looked outside the window.


Then, as if immersed in her thoughts, she looked at the sky and Braha sighed.

As a magician, she knew better than anyone how great Jamie Welton had performed.

Braha wasn’t a magician, but even she knew that Jamie’s skills were beyond imagination.

‘What have you been doing for the past five years to get this strong?’

High elves, Dragons and Ran. It is impossible for humans to grow so dramatically in 5 years. And despite having Hawks as his opponent he didn’t seem to be getting pushed.

But in the end, there will be one winner.

The light started to get stronger and when it became difficult to look ahead, Braha turned her head. And the light disappeared like an illusion and night came back.

Someone won.

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