Chapter 249 - The Hunter’s Resolution (3)

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The moment the two lights collided, they both moved at the same time.

Jamie wiped the blood flowing down his face and drew the ‘Supreme Magic Circle’. All the sounds got buried in the roar of the crash, but Jamie felt a ray of aura flying through the great energy.

He swung the power of the Supreme Magic Circle from the staff. Once again the light shone.

Through the light, Hawks came.

Suddenly he turned the Hunter’s Resolution back to spear and crossbow and came in with a spear longer than his body.

Jamie drew mana again, and spread it out in front of him like a shield.


The space vibrated around. Hawks raised his claws and stretched his legs. The claws of a bird which can pierce through flesh.

What was more was that Hawks was the strongest hunter in his clan.

And he now had an aura around his body so nothing could touch him.

[Activate Beyond Avalon]

Just before the sharp claws touched Jamie’s face, he vanished.

Hawks raised the aura and then looked around, then he turned around with both hands ready.

Part of the light was drawn with the rotating spear, creating a vortex. As the rotation speed increased, space began to shake.

‘Such a monster…!’

The space was weakened by the clash of two forces both trying to influence the world behind the scenes with only force.

Jamie approached Hawks before the damage could rise. A technique he had used once against Jin in the past, he installed a mana bomb behind Hawks.

After making a lighting sword again, he appeared from behind.

Mixing wind with lightning.

Topped again with condensation, expansion and division of attributes.

[Multiple Fusion Magic]

Convergence magic that is further strengthened by the magic realization.

[Multi Eraser Blast.]

The sword of lightning turned into perfect plasma and was dyed in pure white.

A plasma beam split into dozens more aiming for Hawks’ back.

At that moment, Hawks turned back with the spear still spinning and Jamie was shocked at it.

The spear filled with force swept the beams away. And the hardened feathers were shot from wide spread wings holding aura. He was about to sneak into the hidden world again, but Hawks moved first.

‘He is fast.’

They weren’t too far but even so, he looked fast and the spear was pointing to Jamie’s neck.

Hawks’ spear was aiming for his throat in front while his aura feathers were behind.

It was difficult to escape even with teleportation. It was then.

It felt as if a fleeting moment had stretched out for long. It felt like the spear would pierce his throat any moment but the spear stopped here.

Exactly that close.

And a slow approach like 1 second was divided into a long time.

And Hawks was the same.

When his eyes opened wide, his heart was about to be stabbed.

‘What happened?’

Jamie looked around at this phenomenon. Nothing had changed around except for time.

But he couldn’t move freely either.

‘Why is the time this slow…’

To be honest, he was on the verge of death.

Hawks’ attack was difficult to avoid and defend.

Actually, it’s not really like time had slowed down, but it was maybe the worst moment?

There were definitely moments like that.

The time when one is super focused on something or when they feel like time is running out, sometimes time seems to flow slowly.

But this wasn’t that.

This wasn’t an illusion, time had actually slowed down.

‘As if my defeat cannot be accepted.’

Space-time was on Jamie’s side?

Jamie thought it made no sense.

Although it was possible to interfere in space and time with magic, it was impossible for it to act first.

And then, something completely different happened. So who?

It felt like he could figure it out.

‘Black. It was you.’

A drop of water in the lake of unconsciousness.

Jamie was standing on this water surface. He could see himself in this dark lake. In the reflection he saw a familiar and welcoming face he hadn’t seen for long.



Black fluttered its wings and spread them behind Jamie. Both of its eyes were dyed in purple. The black wings were now dyed in white, the light of starlight, and it had pure white feathers.

A gold band at the back of its head. And the second hand time began to move.

‘My victory, Jamie Welton!’

To secure victory, Hawks aimed the spear at Jamie’s neck.

If that was enough, he would die right away, but not here.

Frontier had a great healer, so they would help Jamie recover quickly.

So there was no mercy in the hands of Hawks.

‘Don’t worry human, leave. I will save this world!’

Hawks’ wish didn’t come true.

“You are strong Hawks.”

The white feathers flew in light. The strength in the hand holding the spear could be felt.

No matter how much force was applied the spear didn’t move. Hawks saw the young man in front of him.

He had purple eyes and white pure wings, although it had the face of Jamie Welton, the atmosphere felt different.

“… Who?”

Jamie raised his eyebrow.

The power of starlight rose. As in the past, it didn’t feel like he was energized from handling it.

This wasn’t an easy power, but now he was confident in using this.

“Thanks for waking up my old friend.”


“Now I shall give you a present. Just wake up from the curse of power, the strongest hunter.”

The light generated by the clash of Peak of Magic and the Hunter’s Resolution moved towards Jamie. Jamie clenched his empty hand.


Hawks predicted the outcome and clicked his tongue. The light shone great once and the night came back.

Jamie descended to the ground holding an unconscious Hawks. He probably won’t wake up till tomorrow.

He was about to receive a decent attack from the front, so it wouldn’t be weird if he passed out.

‘In the meantime, I countered.’

The light gathered by starlight was directed at Hawks. Even if it wasn’t magic, it was a huge release of energy, so it was impossible to block or avoid it no matter how strong one was.

But Hawks didn’t give up. For a brief moment, he faced Jamie’s attack with all his might.

“I admit it. You are the monster.”

Victory was victory so he thought of breaking his beak to declare it.

“But I don’t want to.”

Sure Jamie did vow to break the Birdman’s beak in his anger towards Hawks, but as he fought him, he could understand Hawks.

He left him there so that someone else would come pick him up but when he was about to leave…


A girl with a deep hood, but unable to hide the magic within her.

It was Nel-Sharan.

Why did she suddenly appear here?

“Are you here to pick him up?”

When Jamie asked, she shook her head.

She didn’t seem like a friendly one, so he asked and Nel-Sharan tilted her head. There was a little turquoise colored hair which fell from the hood.

She pointed to the sky.

“You made it?”

Sloppy words. It felt like she was unfamiliar with talking.

Jamie looked up at the sky.

There wasn’t a single cloud in the night sky. All the clouds vanished after their attacks, and even the fine dust was blown away by the wind.

So now the night sky was clearer than ever.

“Are you talking about the magic circle?”

She nodded.

He heard that there was an elf who reached 9th class, but maybe they mistook an idiot for a genius?

‘Hair similar to mine.’

To be honest, her hair color looked darker.

Jamie said,

“I did it. Did you come here because you were curious about it?”


Nel-Sharan mumbled and she walked up to Jamie.

Jamie could see inside the hood which was slightly tilted. With her pure white skin,large turquoise eyes, beautiful crafted features and long ears, she was without doubt an elf.

And looked very young.

In terms of human age, she looked to be in her mid to late teens. And with wide eyes she said,

“It is amazing, Jamie Welton.”

And she disappeared.

“… What was that?”

Jamie mumbled in an absurd voice. She appears out of nowhere, talks to him and then disappears.

One strange woman.

Although most magicians were geeks, elven magicians were far from the usual perception.

Some of them were innately talented in magic, but that was because the race itself was docile.

‘Well, I don’t mean to say everyone is like her.’

At that moment, he felt someone approach and he couldn’t see who it was.

And the owner who arrived in no time looked at the fallen Hawks.

“Did you really make Hawks fall unconscious?”

It was Isis.

She said, poking his beak to check if he was truly unconscious.

“Honestly, I thought you would lose.”

No matter how much Jamie hated the 12 Gods, he was half of what he was in his past life.

On the other hand, Hawks was a strong person who had the confidence to win over anyone.

“Have you awakened a new power?”

Isis’s eyes felt the new power that Jamie had awakened. It was a bright power which didn’t go well with a dark magician.

“I was lucky.”

“Hmm. Still, it is enough to defeat Hawks… and hardly any injuries on you.”

Isis walked over and looked at Jamie’s body.

Since the opponent was Hawks, she thought he would be quite wounded, but he looked fine.

“I am not sure if I should like this or not.”

The fight which happened in the night, the headache it brought her and the end of the fight which didn’t damage the place.

So, she was a bit happy, but on the other hand, she was not happy either.

“This brat. Did you train this hard to lose to an outsider?”

She tapped on Hawks head playfully.

Jamie said,

“He is strong.”

“Well, right.”

Isis remembered the day Hawks first came.

-I… make me strong.

His body was covered in blood. His wings were damaged, and he asked her in a voice closer to a scream.

He was a stranger but she trained him as she felt this was fate. And Hawks grew strong with each day and in an instant he was strong enough to take the top roles in Frontier.

But he wasn’t like this from the start.

Was he like this before? Or did he grow after coming here? At some point, he began to run after strength.

The weak have to work and the strong have to work too.

‘I was hoping someone would lift that curse on him…’

Hawks were mercilessly defeated by a human, a race he had always ignored.

The logic of strength he always went after won’t change overnight, but now a slow change might come over.

But Isis wasn’t very happy. This was because Hawks was a warrior she trained.

“Great job. Now you can rest.”

The night breeze ruffled her sky blue hair.

Jamie nodded and went to his lodging.

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