Chapter 251 - Blacksmith Ironlil (1)

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High and long mountain ranges in a desert.

At the top of the snow covered summit was a man and a dozen more stood facing each other. They were wearing armor with a sun pattern on them and all of them were paladins of the Sun Church.

The paladin in front said,

“The escape plan ends here. You have come a long way, and now you are becoming weak.”

The man was exhausted. His hair was overgrown and his beard looked unshaved. A broken chain hung like a tail from the shackles around his ankles.

The man looked at them and raised his eyebrow. His teeth weren’t yellow anymore but black. For five years, he was only in darkness, unable to see anything.

He prided himself in possessing a great mental power, but after spending five years with his body imprisoned, people were bound to go crazy.


The man had gone crazy.


Sable shrugged his shoulders and smiled as he raised his right hand.

“How warm is your blood?”

Eyes filled with madness. He walked barefoot in the snow and approached the paladins.

It wasn’t known how many paladins of the Sun church were killed.

He didn’t even want to remember. If he kills he can just enjoy the blood.

“My feet are cold, I want to warm my feet a little. Right. Let your blood warm my feet, then I will be warm.”

“You have gone crazy. This is the order of the commander, kill him.”

At the command, the paladins all moved in unison and surrounded Sable.

They were paladins of the Sun church said to be the strongest of the 12 churches.

Their force was widely known as a level higher than the paladins of other churches.

Such people have been trained for years. Sword Masters, who were slain by their hands weren’t just one or two.

“Even so, be careful. The paladins who were dispatched earlier were hit by him. Even if he is weakened, he is the sword of Zenith.”

The paladins nodded their heads.

They were all alert. There were many people who were outraged by the death of their colleagues, but they never showed their emotion.

It wasn’t too late to kill him for revenge.

Sable glanced at them and chuckled.


[Reversal of Causality]

“Where are you looking?”

At those words, the captain of the paladins looked. As he had the highest rank here, he noticed a discomfort faster than anyone else.

But he was too late.



Heads of the paladins floated in the air. Sable smiled as he looked at the blood.

“You are just bugs.”

The casualty has already been distorted. Sable only titled his head back.

The dozens of paladins were bleeding and falling. He smiled as he looked at the heart in his hand.

And he clenched his fist which burst the heart and the hot blood ran down his hands and then to his feet. Since he was on snow, his feet felt cold, but it felt like the frozen feeling was melting.

To feel it more he stepped on the corpses where the blood was flowing.

“So warm. So good. Now I should go back.”

Sable left the corpses of the paladins and walked back to his church. His father gave him a revelation.

The Revelation mentioned a temple.

Sable recalled last night’s dream and walked faster.

“Jamie Welton.”

He couldn’t wait for the day to tear apart that man’s limbs.

“In the end, he ran away.”

“Yes. There were no traces other than the bodies of the paladins. There is talk of blood stained footprints moving around the corpses.”

“It has to be that bastard. I get it.”

When the man left, Blazer organized the papers in front of him and pulled out a cigar from the drawer.

He didn’t like cigars very much, but he liked the smell, so he would bite it sometimes, there was no need for fire.

As the sword of the Sun God, this power of fire was natural to him.

“Is this really fine?”

Two days back, Blazer had a dream.

It was no ordinary dream.

It was a dream that was none other than a revelation from his master, so it couldn’t be a normal one.

[Leave Zenith’s sword.]

It was just one line, but Blazer did it. Although the paladins were killed, it was a good result as they checked how skilled Sable was right now.

“You are strong, Sable.”

He was locked in the deepest part of the prison without anything to do for 5 years, so it would be normal to turn weak. It would be right to get caught by the paladins once again.

But not only did he manage to work right, he could also kill everyone with overwhelming power.

“He must have broken through the wall in the prison.”

Sable was a Sword Master who was at the peak. And if he broke down the wall, it was certain that he reached the state of Grand Master.

And there were only a handful of people who reached the status of Grand Master. Since even that was never revealed, they didn’t know if anyone in this world was of that level.

One more person was now in the Grand Master state and Blazer happily accepted it.

“We have one more enemy.”

Why did the Sun God tell him this?

But he didn’t doubt it. There had to be a good reason for God’s decision, so he was going to follow it.

When Sable arrives at his Zenith church, the war will begin in earnest. And the scale will be similar to a world war itself.

“It wouldn’t be bad as the start for world reset.”

Blazer said, looking at the long staff in front of him.

God Killer.

A staff bestowed by the Sun God to kill Gods.

The day was bright.

Jamie looked up at the bright sky as he woke up. He barely slept due to the numerous thoughts, and there was no time to sleep.

Is it because his level increased by one? He felt refreshed and went out.

Since morning, the beings in Avalon were roaming around.

Most of them were farming, so when the sun rose they moved to the fields and when the sun went down they would rest in their homes.

As he looked at this, he thought of Haiss.

Haiss was the largest agricultural city in Seldom Kingdom, and there was much larger farming land here.

“It has been two months since I left Haiss.”

He thought that time had gone by quickly.

How was his family?

Are his disciples training well?

He wondered if the magic world was doing well.

Come to think of it, he hadn’t written a letter.

“Today, I should write a letter before going to bed.”

He should greet and even report what he learned here.

“Shall we go for a walk?”

That was what Isis would say if she saw him. Venna and Behemoth may come, but they will have to go into their own places.

Rather than that, Nel-Sharan who appeared after his fight with Hawks was the annoying one for Jamie.

Why appear suddenly?

‘And say nonsensical words.’

He knew she was in 9th class, but she spoke like a child.

He was curious too.

If it wasn’t a high elf, reaching 9th class was impossible, well, more like rare.

This is because high elves are a perfect race, whereas the normal elves are sub-products.

Still, she could have the characteristics of a high elf, so she was naturally friendly with nature and spirits, but it was true that she was clumsy.

But her magic skills couldn’t be lacking.

Elves sometimes tackled humans in growth, but the number of elves was lower compared to humans, so there was a small number of great magicians.

But Nel-Sharan was already in 9th class.

‘But not complete, but not too far from my current level.’

Especially the amount of mana she holds. She didn’t have multiple mana cores in her body like Jamie, but she had a huge amount of mana.

This could be seen as being innate with mana core.

He wanted to have a serious conversation with her.

Modern magic taught Jamie a lot. Then what about the magic of elves?

It was bound to be different from the magic of humans.

“I hope it is a good exchange.”

Jamie mumbled and looked at the distant sky, then he bumped into something.

Looking down, he saw a bundle of hair which touched his waist.

To be precise, when he looked down all he could see was hair. And then the hair raised its head.

Dark eyebrows, stubborn eyes, a large face, and a small but strong muscular body. Finally, a hammer in its rough hands.



The two looked at each other without saying another word.

Ironlil roughly threw the hammer in his hand to the side and took off his dirty gloves. Jamie looked inside the forge and sat down.

“The place is nice.”

“Stop talking nonsense. This is a mess to anyone’s eyes.”

Since it was true, Jamie stayed silent and Ironlil looked back.

“Usually, people say it is so cool, you won’t react like that?”

“… it is so cool.”

“There is no need to lie for my sake.”


Jamie decided to stay silent.

Ironlil went into what seemed like a kitchen.

Tang! Loud noise could be heard from within.

Jamie thought he was trying to make breakfast, but who makes breakfast like this? An unfamiliar feeling of anxiety began to creep in, he wanted to sneak out.

But as long as he was here, he was bound to meet the dwarf again, so he didn’t want to create an embarrassing situation.

Jamie got up and looked around the place. He knew how this blacksmith was exclusive for Frontier, but this was surprising.

“Is this sword really alright?”

Still, Jamie didn’t have a sword right now as Scud was broken.

He wasn’t given permission, but he took that sword out.

It was a long sword that was heavier than it looked and when held in hand, he could hardly feel the weight.

There didn’t seem to be any magic within and it looked like weight reduction was the only thing that mattered.

Even so, if it was this light, it was enough to hear it being a famous sword.

“How is it, not bad right?”

At that moment Ironlil’s voice could be heard from behind. Jamie couldn’t even feel him coming closer.

Ironlil, was approaching with a tray in hand. The menu was simple, sandwiches.

It looked a bit too much on this huge tray, but who cares?

“I like the sword.”

“I heard you are a swordsman… I don’t see your sword.”

“Broken. Because of some idiot.”

Jamie put the sword back and thought.

Ironlil thought his sword was ‘not bad’.

He didn’t know about swords, but wouldn’t this be called a masterpiece?

“You really think it is not bad?”

“Um? Well, yes. It is good for something I made with a change of heart.”

The way he spoke, the expression, he was being sincere. The less skill you have, the more one wants to show off, and when you reach a level, you never care about showing off.

And Ironlil was just like that.

Jamie sat across on the table.

“Can I ask one thing?”

“Is that the attitude a person asking should have?”

“Well, let me ask for one thing?”

Ironlil stared at Jamie’s face and grinned.

“If you defeated Hawks, you must be pretty strong. I like strong people, so I will listen to your request.”

“I request one sword.”

“Take that. I will give it to you as a gift.”

“That is amazing, but it sounds like you can make something far greater than that.”

“Now it is twice. And from a man I saw only yesterday. Do I have to make such a precious sword?”

“I will pay for it.”

“I don’t need money. After all, I got all the material here. Suggest something else.”

“Are you interested in ingredients?”

“Ingredients? Hmm. It will depend on one thing, but I touched the rare things already.”

“Dragon Heart.”

Ironlil, who was slicing the sandwich with a fork and knife, stopped and he looked up at Jamie’s face.

“… you have it?”

“I will give you the chance to smelt the Dragon Heart, so make a nice sword for me.”

Jamie pulled out the heart from the subspace. It was a heart which wasn’t used.

Ironlil looked at it and his eyes widened, unable to believe this. As he tried to touch it, Jamie put the heart back in the subspace.

Dragon Heart was the most valuable treasure. Not a single hand could touch it.

Even the famous blacksmith couldn’t be given the chance to touch it this easily.

No, there was a high chance that no one could even look at one.

“You saw it for yourself, you know it isn’t fake right? It is a perfect Dragon Heart with no damage. Is this enough to make the deal?”

Ironlil had a worried expression and then smiled.

“I cannot refuse the Dragon Heart.”

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