Chapter 252 - Blacksmith Ironlil (2)

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“But, how do you have something as precious as a Dragon Heart?”

Ironlil was obsessed with the Dragon Heart for a moment before he came to his senses.

“And you are alright? Making a sword out of Dragon Heart is no different from making enemies of the dragons. If an old dragon appears, just know that I am someone who can protect myself.”

“I am fine with dragons too.”

“Since I defeated Hawks, an elder dragon might seem fine… but since you don’t seem to know, let me tell you, the elder dragons are generally called demigods.”

In other words, they are the Apostles of God.

A being created by God to directly communicate his will to the earth.

A being most similar to God.

What the apostle says is the will of God, and what he does is what God desires. The halves were no different from Gods, and some called them demigods.

The Dragon God Brahman had no apostles. He cannot have them.

Instead of an apostle, all of his power was used to create a race called Dragons.

And they were made to have a long lifespan, but to keep only a certain number of individuals so that the power wouldn’t be dispersed. Therefore, the apostles cannot be born among dragons, but instead, their power gradually increases with years passing.

Among those dragons, the elder ones live more than 5,000 years.

Although grouped into the major three races, there was a clear gap between dragons and the other two races.

That is because they are dragons.

‘If those things chase me to kill me, I will be in trouble now…’

Jamie knew the habits of dragons.

If he doesn’t attack first, they don’t care about making weapons. Jamie wasn’t too worried about it.

Even if they did try to chase after him, Jamie was confident enough to survive.

‘It is impossible to knock them down.’

But if he can fully embody the 9th class, it wouldn’t be impossible.

“It is fine.”

“Well, it would be nice to be able to touch the dragon heart.”

Truly a dwarf.

Dwarves were a race which were obsessed with materials. And with this much talent, this dwarf was bound to be like this.

“Then, I should listen to your request. What sword do you want? I can make anything for you. Don’t worry and give me all the details.”

A confidence he had.

After all, this dwarf thinks the amazing sword on the wall is ‘not bad’ when it will be considered amazing in the human world.

And with his ability to make such things if he puts his heart into making one, it would be a masterpiece.

“The sword I want…”

Jamie was using Scud for 5 years.

It was the sword which fit best in his hand and he had been using it since he was young.

But what he wanted was not like Scud.

The swordsmanship Jamie pursues cannot be reached with Scud.

‘The legacy my grandfather left behind.’

His grandfather had left it behind for Jamie.

Darius, who showed it to him, couldn’t completely imitate it, so Jamie only got a glimpse of it, but he knew how great it was.

Therefore, he knew that Scud couldn’t handle it. In the process of cutting through space, Scud will break, unable to withstand the pressure.

“I wish it would be a little bigger. But I should be able to hold it with one hand, and the thickness of the blade shouldn’t be thin and the width of the blade should be about an inch wider than the middle finger. The length will be normal, or maybe a little longer would be good.”

“You want something durable?”

“Yes. I feel that the sword I am trying to reach needs that.”

“Can’t durability be handled with magic?”

As said, magic can help due it, but the technique he was learning wasn’t something about making the sword stronger.

“It has to cut space.”

“… cut space.”

Ironlil nodded like he understood it.

“If you are going to cut space then I understand. It will be difficult to make it strong. All you want is a sword which can withstand a lot of mana.”

“That expression is accurate. A sword which can withstand mana. That way, even if I cut through space, the blade won’t crack.”

There was no way a normal sword could cut through space.

This was because cutting through space was a skill which uses mana. Actually, if it was limited to simply cutting space, a sword like Scud would work.

Depending on how the skill was honed, one could cut down space with minimal mana.

However, what his grandfather said wasn’t of that level.

And the technique was beyond cognition. It was a situation where even Jamie wasn’t sure how much mana he would have to use.

“I understand. But I don’t think it is needed to make it like you said.”

“What do you mean?”

“Because you are giving me good ingredients. Compared to any other material in the world, the Dragon Heart is superior to mana sensitivity. If it is you, you can understand it with this much right?”

In other words, making a sword using Dragon Heart, meant that the sword won’t crack with too much mana.

“But isn’t the durability of the sword important?”

“Who do you think I am?”

“… blacksmith dwarf of Frontier.”

“You only see that, huh. This body of mine has been called the Five Hands.”

Jamie was shocked at this.

Five Hands.

The title of a great blacksmith that only five dwarves could get.

Their skills were said to reach the heavens, and each weapon they made had risen to amazing fame.

And it isn’t just a good sword, but a real sword.

“So trust me. Let me give you the sword which suits you the best. In return for letting me touch the Dragon Heart.”

Ironlil spoke with a confident expression on his face.

Five Hands.

Should this be called luck?

“I leave it to you.”

“I will make a really amazing thing.”

“You are reliable, Mr. Ironlil.”

“Call me Lil, hahahaha!”


The two of them stared at each other and burst into laughter.

“Then, please.”

“Use it well.”

Ironlil received the Dragon Heart from Jamie and gently stroked it.

Actually, Dragon Heart are huge treasures. As Jamie was about to leave, he caught something.


“What is it?”

“That one.”

He pointed to something.

“That… that?”

A strange object with three pairs of flesh of some material on either side of an elongated black stick.

It was the first time seeing it, but Jamie felt something familiar.

‘I feel my power.’

He remembered what Isis said.

‘I don’t know what use it has, but our blacksmith is trying to beat it with a hammer.’

Come to think, he heard about 5 traces of Diablo staying here. He had completely forgotten it because of his recent talks with Osiris and the fight with Hawks.

And Ironlil said,

“Our captain told me to find out what it is, and it sounded like it is something amazing, but I don’t know. It is so hard that I cannot even tear it down.”

Jamie listened to him and Ironlil didn’t stop either.

‘It is a piece of metal whose identity is unknown, but I would be grateful if its identity can be revealed.’

But what happened shocked Ironlil.


“Is this how you feel?

Jamie held this unknown stick and infused it with black mana.

The three pairs of flesh stretched from side to side like wings and began to split with blue cracks.

And they clung to Jamie’s hand in an instant and covered his body from the right arm.

It was the same as black sand had wrapped itself around the body. It could have been dangerous but Jamie just accepted it.

“Haha. This is…”

Ironlil watched this happen.

The black thing began to adjust to the body it stuck on. And it was tighter around the knees and elbows and other vital areas.

The hair wrapped around the head was matched accordingly, and a space connected outside. It was sleek.

“Full body armor!”


Jamie’s voice coming through the armor was slightly echoing and altered.

Jamie patted the chest.

The glove had stretched to it, but the part that bulges out under the thumb and other areas was light.

But the chest, the entire rib cages were tough, to defend from attacks.

But the problem wasn’t that.

[I will go out for a moment.]

Jamie, saying that, went out.

Ironlil followed him. The place where the blacksmith was located was quite far from the village, so no one would see this.

And Jamie lightly ran.

Really lightly.

He was just jogging around. And normally it shouldn’t matter.

But now.


Ironlil’s shocked voice could be heard. Jamie too was shocked.

He didn’t use mana and just ran with his physical abilities.

‘Is this the power of this armor?’

Jamie looked at Ironlil and his smithy which looked small now.

The height of the jump was around 10 meters.

Even a warrior who reached this level of mastery, would have difficulty to move like this. The same goes for the three races.

It is impossible to jump up 10 meters with a light run.

Then what happens if he runs with full power?

As soon as Jamie landed, he leapt as hard as he could.


A heavy sound from below. It felt like the ground had cracked.

Jamie felt the scenery around him change rapidly. For some reason, this armor still allowed him to feel the wind directly through the skin.


Jamie who was 50 m in the sky in an instant laughed.

‘The one who made this… is a hell of a genius!’

It wasn’t known who it was, but black mana was used to make something this good.

Jamie jumped high up over and over again in excitement.

“… my house will shatter, you idiot.”

Ironlil mumbled at the thumping sound.

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