Chapter 253 - Genius Elf (1)

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— Release: ‘253’ Title: ‘Genius Elf (1)’

“Shocking. Is it full body armor? No, it looked too slim for armor. Should I say that it felt like something an assassin would wear.”

Ironlil had a surprised expression as he touched the black body armor.

“I don’t know what kind of material it is, but it is very densely made. And has elasticity, unlike the appearance. Light armor pads will protect the vital area, elbows and knees are hardened. Unlike the other side. Besides, it is amazing to see how the physical abilities increase drastically just by wearing it. I have never heard of such armor existing. No, it is a little bit like armor. More like an assassin…”

Even Ironlil didn’t seem to know what this black full body armor was. There were very few things which dwarves were unaware of in this world.

No matter how mysterious the material was, it was inevitably bound to enter into their hands.

However, there are still things that dwarves didn’t know of. These are the things that existed before the world reset.

Little is known about what the world was like before, and what things existed before. The black full body armor must have existed before the world reset.

Jamie said,

[Very thin. So, it feels like a thin thread which connects to muscles, bones, blood vessels, main points, and the mana core.]

It is a feeling that a thin thread which cannot be grasped with the naked eye has forcibly increased the performance of the entire body.

It wasn’t just about getting stronger, faster, and jumping higher. It was as if he had acquired an amazing sight.

And the sound.

Like the sharp hearing of rabbits, you could hear the mumbling of villagers. The voices of women.

-Well, what do you mean, yesterday the new pretty haired bachelor took down Mr. Hawks?

-Ah, really? No wonder. He was tall, seemed strong and had a nice face too.

-No wonder!

-No! What is with you people acting like this when Mr. Hawks lost?! How good was that man to us!

-Ah, no. We didn’t mean it that way…

-We are calling a good looking man as good looking, what is wrong with that?!

-What? Mr. Hawks is handsome too…!

And Jamie decided to stop listening.

Jamie’s face turned red. If his face hadn’t been covered by the armor, Ironlil would have known he was blushing.

Ironlil, who was unaware of this, heard Jamie’s words and said,

“It can be called a reinforced suit. There is no such thing around, still, it is amazing. Amazing performance too. How the hell did you get it to work? No matter how much I tried to bang it with a hammer, there was no response. Then how…”

Ironlil tilted his head and asked Jamie.

“It is mana, a mana with black light was put in… did that work?”

Until now, he only showed interest in the armor, so he never thought of mana.

But this dwarf had a keen eye, but among them, he was someone who didn’t miss what Jamie did to make it work.

[… as you saw.]

“Dark magician? For such a thing, the mana was too pure.”

[I am no ordinary dark magician.]


Ironlil didn’t seem to have any prejudice against Jamie being a dark magician, although he was usually hostile to such people. This was probably because dwarves and dark magicians rarely crossed paths.

Most dwarves were artists who made things and dark magicians were people who fiddled with things that were taboo.

In addition, the dwarves were based in places far from human society, so dark magicians barely touched them.

Ironlil said,

“Don’t do bad things. Because karma goes around and comes back.”

[Uh, hm. It is a lot different from other dark magicians. But I will be careful.]

“But how do you take it off? Take it off.”

Ironlil was more interested in the black armor than Jamie being a dark magician. Jamie nodded and thought of taking the armor off. Then the entire armor began to wobble and began to seep into the skin.

When the armor was completely absorbed into the body, the two of them looked at each other unable to speak.

It was as if it had become permanently integrated with Jamie’s body.

Ironlil mumbled with a sad face.

“Um. I wanted to open it up, but I couldn’t.”

“I didn’t think that it would be absorbed into the body.”

“It must be one of those parasite things. Well, it is amazing because it was weird.”

Now he was referring to the full body armor as a parasite type, which refers to a type of weapon which depends on the body.

Jamie himself never saw the parasite type weapons, but he knew about it.

“Probably, it seems high tech.”


“I don’t know well, but a future technology which existed in the past. I did find some traces of it, but most of them were so badly damaged that I couldn’t even properly analyze it. I wonder if this is a product of the past. I don’t know for sure, but it is something the current world can’t make.”

Although the world has restarted several times with World Reset, he felt proud to know that mankind had invented several things.

‘Humans have been constantly striving to develop.’

High tech.

Such words felt good. Jamie raised his right hand and imagined the black armor on it and tiny cubes rose above the skin and wrapped around his hand.

“Black Suit. I will call it Black Suit.”

“Black Suit?”

“Right. It is a simple name, but I couldn’t think of anything better.”

“Black Suit…”

Jamie too didn’t think of it as a bad name.

“It will be quite useful.”

Black mana seeped over the gloves. Ironlil smiled and turned.

“Wha-! Shit! What is with you!?”

Jamie looked at him in shock.

Standing there was the turquoise haired elf, Nel-Sharan.

Perhaps because it was a bright day, her face looked a lot clearer. At night, the white skin stood out, but today it looked pale.

Even the veins inside the skin could be seen.

Jamie immediately put the armor back into the skin.

“What is that?”

Nel-Sharan asked, pointing to Jamie’s hand.

“Why did you come here without saying anything girl? I thought I was going to die.”


“Greetings my ass. You are trying to shock an old man to death.”


“I just said that! Why did you come again? Did you break your staff?”

At first, it felt like they were in a bad relationship, but it seemed like Ironlil was just grumbling.

Nel-Sharan seemed to come here often and she pointed to Jamie.

“To find.”

“For him?”


“You are in trouble.”


Jamie asked Ironlil.

“Nel is the kind of person who pursues what she is interested in. It isn’t that she chases after them always, but she appears to them. Like right now.”

Come to think of this, this happened last night.

The scary thing was to be unable to feel the presence. And it was the same today too.

‘Is this a specialized ability?’

The talent of an assassin?

But she didn’t look like an assassin type, but now Jamie wasn’t sure what kind of elf she was.

Above all, she was an elf, with an elf-like personality. Jamie cannot point out how an elf personality is like, but it was like one.

“Right. You are interested in me?”



“Share… uh. Share?”

What was she trying to say?

Ironlil frowned too.

“Why are you looking at me? I don’t know what she is trying to say.”

“Aren’t you close?”

“It is a bit different from that. She is more geeky than me. And probably no geek could fight against her.”

Well, it did look like that.

Nel-sharan shook her hand and said ‘Share’ again and again.

And then she realized something as she shouted and clapped her hand.

“Share! Share information!”

Jamie wanted to leave this place.

How did this happen?

Jamie was looking at the back of the elf with a disappointed look.

“Huh~ huh~ huh~”

Not knowing to hum properly, she was swaying her hips. Nel-Sharan had brought him to her lab.

She, who had a cold impression, was now excited with her nostrils flaring up.

She kept mumbling ‘sharing information’ and followed along with it.

“This, this is good!”

She pushed ahead a lump of metal and ahead and looked like she was expecting praise.

Jamie gulped seeing this, and looked at the metal she showed.

‘What is this? Mana amplifier? Even though the design is quite bad… the output seems high.’

Her aesthetics were poor, but in terms of performance it was good.

Was she interested in artifacts?

“How is it?”

Nel-Sharan asked with shining eyes. Jamie looked around at the chunk of scrap in the hand and handed it back.

“Not bad.”

Not wanting to show the reaction she wanted, Jamie responded bluntly.

“Uh… something else. I will show something else.”

Then, Nel-Sharan went back to her table. Her desk was littered with all sorts of things, she didn’t seem like someone who organized things.

She wasn’t an elf who liked to be neat.

‘Maybe a mixed race? Or maybe…’

She didn’t look like a mixed race, but her personality and attitude, she didn’t seem like a normal elf either.

And then someone approached them.

“Long time no see.”

It was Braha.

The one he met 5 years back, but she didn’t seem to have changed.

Because she is an elf.

“She kept muttering your name and now she brought you here.”


“I think she was impressed with your fight with Hawks.”

Come to think of it, even when the fight with Hawks was about to end, she appeared. And she spoke something weird and disappeared.

“She is a unique kid.”

“She seems to lack social skills.”

“I know. Humans call it the Savant Syndrome.”

Savant Syndrome.

Only a small percentage of people with autism are known, but its symptoms are known to all. Somehow, he wondered if that was why an ordinary elf could be a 9th class magician.

With her inexperience to socialize, she had amazing talent in magic. And the normal elf, managed to touch the state of a great magician.

But Jamie thought differently.

“But this one, isn’t born with just magical talent. To be precise, she was gifted with talent due to Savant Syndrome, but if that was the only case for her reaching this level, then you are wrong.”

“What do you mean?”

Jamie saw Nel-Sharan fiddling with things on her table.

“Is that one so obsessed with making things that she began to learn magic?”

Savant’s syndrome was a symptom which eventually came from autism.

And people with autism tend to have a strong impression of things. Nel-Sharan was obsessed with making things, and at the same time realized that magic was required to do it, and she began to learn magic.

Braha nodded as if agreeing to it.

“You are right. That kid, things have been a bit harsh on her since she was young. I used to get angry a lot.”

As she recalled old memories, Braha had a bitter expression. A cousin she grew up with, and anyone with Nel-Sharan would know how tough it was.

Braha asked Jamie with a bit of shock.

“But why do you know it that well?”

“I know someone similar to her.”

-Diablo! Diablo! It is a golem! A golem! I made a golem! A bunch of them!

Watching Nel-Sharan reminded him of another forgotten relationship. And at the same time…

The memories sleeping within his mind began to float up.

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