Chapter 254 - Genius Elf (2)

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“Diablo! Diablo!”

Maymill was a man with autism.

Although it wasn’t at a level where he couldn’t communicate with others, he still lacked skills to speaking fluently.

Born in an age where they didn’t understand mental illness, Maymill suffered from extreme bullying and his parents were always angry with him.

Maymill’s only friend was his toy horse. His talent started from there.

“Look at this! My name is Dreamia, and I am 12 years old! The setting that he is the son of Dreamia XI!”

Maymill the golem master.

Diablo was so overwhelmingly powerful that it didn’t matter to him.

Despised by his parents, ostracised by the society, a boy with autism made other peers of his age move away from him.

And his genius character was barely seen, so the people around him didn’t notice him. And the isolation awakened the talent within him.

He started with making simple toys, and he had the idea that it would be good for toys to move, furthermore, he wanted a friend to talk to.

Decades passed and Maymill had grown into the golem master which Diablo needed.

Maymill was such a person. And Diablo needed him to create golems.

Still, he was a great help to the army led by Diablo. Maybe that was why the 12 Gods didn’t leave the good guy alone.

“Diablo… Diablo… It hurts. It hurts here.”

His army of golems was a threat to the 12 Gods. And as time went on, the golems got stronger, so they grew tired.

So they made one of Diablo’s army into a spy and killed Maymill.

“Diablo… Dreamia 22 years… Dreamia is still 22 and down there. It must be lonely. Sorry Dreamia 22 years old…”

The good guy closed his eyes, worrying about the golem that hadn’t been completed even in the midst of dying.

And the bombings of the 12 Gods began.

After moving Maymill’s body, and others, the army place had to be abandoned.

The defeat of the Fourth War may have been certain at that time.



As Jamie mumbled the name, Braha tilted her head.


Suddenly he got a piece of memory. A bad memory.

Even in the army, Maymill stayed by himself. Perhaps due to the trauma of his childhood, he avoided interacting with others.

But he was kind to Diablo alone.

“She is a lot like my friend.”

“A friend who is 13 years old?”


If he met Maymill again, would he be given a chance to treat him in a friendlier way?

Can he sympathize with the golems he made?

Well, since he didn’t exist anymore it was hard to know.

However, one thing was certain, Maymill’s legacy still existed in this world.

‘There were times when I wanted to retrieve it.’

However, he failed repeatedly. The 12 Gods probably didn’t know that Dreamia 22 was sleeping beneath them.

Diablo’s traces remained in the world despite these many resets, then even Dreamia might exist too. A mighty golem that has existed since the time of mythology and feared even by the Gods.

And that was Maymill’s last will.

‘I don’t know if that even works.’

The important thing was that no one knew about it.

He could remember what the final place was like and link it with the current topography, but he couldn’t believe that it would still be there in the same place tens of thousands of years later.

Perhaps, it was already assimilated with the rock and has become a mass of rock. But since it was Maymill who made it, it was worth looking for.

If he could get it, then it would be a great help to increase his power.


At that moment, he saw the elf.


“Nia! My friend!”

It was a small rabbit carved from wood. The size which fits into the hand.

At first glance, it might look like a sculpture but Jamie didn’t feel it to be that.


Mana was infused into it and its eyes came into view with red lights and the body moved.

Now, it was wide enough to fit into an adult male hand.

At the same time, the rabbit ears would perk up, and the face seemed wider and the mouth opened.

A silver cylinder came out of it, and it looked like a barrel without end.

“Nia is a spitting kid.”

Nel-Sharan said with an innocent look.

Braha, who was next to her, face palmed herself at the words she heard.

The red eyes were of good grade, it seemed like the mana was being shown.

To be precise, it was an unidentified energy substituted for mana. Jamie knew what this was.

‘As expected…. This is Maymill’s photon system.’

Since the developer was Maymill, he couldn’t know how it worked. However, what was certain was that the technology which converts the mana into photon was a weapon that did a lot of damage to the 12 Gods.

And Nia in front of him was also made with that.

“Can I check it?”


Nel Sharan nodded with a smile.

But not here, so Jamie moved to a wide meadow.

In a grassy terrain, to test the power of Nia.


When outside, Nel-Sharan looked like she preferred wearing a hood, and she spoke like an excited child.

Jamie glanced at Nia.

Since this was a hand cannon which was the size of a hand, much power couldn’t be expected.

Even so, due to the nature of photon energy, the formula, Speed = Force, will be followed.

He raised his hand and built a wall around 2km away. And aimed the hand cannon there.



He wondered if he was seeing dazzling particles being sucked into the barrel.


A white beam of light shot straight through the barrel. Jamie who had been alert, looked at it.

If he wasn’t alert and his reflexes weren’t good, he would have been pushed back.

In an instant, a white beam of light travelled 2km and collided with the massive wall.


The beam of light penetrated through the wall and created cracks all over the wall.

Light leaked in from the cracks and the wall shone with a bright light. By the time the light went out, the wall disappeared.


Nel-Sharan, cheered.

“Nia is strong!”

“… you never tested it?”

“I saw you yesterday and made it.”


“Sparkle, sparkle and light. Pretty so I made it.”

Nel-Sharan talked innocently, but Jamie couldn’t understand her. Braha had an awkward smile.

“She has always been like that ever since young. When she finds something interesting, she tries to copy it, and even though the composition was different, she ends up making something similar. Even if that were the case, imitating the light must have been tough.”

So, Nel-Sharan saw the starlight last night and created this photon.

It was impossible for Jamie to get it, so he asked to confirm.

“Did you really make it for the first time yesterday? Or do you mean you just made this hand cannon, Nia?”

If she developed the Photon system in the past and simply grafted it on, it wouldn’t be a surprise.

No, still making a photon system like this was quite shocking, but this was far less surprising than improvising it in one day.

Even if she had Savant Syndrome, it made no sense. The Photon system was a skill that Maymill perfected throughout is life.

Nel-Sharan shook her head and said,

“I made it. Light. Shine shine!”

“So, you mean that you created the beam of photon that came out from within Nia?”


Is this possible?

Jamie was seriously thinking.

And he reached a conclusion.

‘Even Maymill would feel shy in front of this one.’

Nel-Sharan was a magician who had reached the highest level and at the same time, was a genius.

But even Maymill, who was a genius inventor, didn’t have an aptitude for magic.

Of course, he too was a 4th to 5th class magician.

Since the golem was a product of magic engineering, he had to learn it, but it wasn’t like he was talented in magic. Even then, most of the magic was done to making golems.

Nel-Sharan, on the other hand, was a natural magician and inventor of artifacts. And she managed to develop a Photon system in just a day’s time.

“I knew she was great, but she was this amazing?”

Braha constantly checked with Jamie.

It was difficult to answer her each time so Jamie stayed silent and Braha stopped asking too, and Nel-Sharan was swaying her hips in the lab.

“But, most people say that people with Savant Syndrome are exceptionally developed with memory… could it be that Nel doesn’t have that syndrome?”

As Braha said, Nel and Maymill were geniuses with brains. And this wasn’t because they reached the state by simple memorization.

Even if they had genius senses, imagination, understanding and intuition, it was unknown whether talent as Nel-Sharan could be had by all.

Jamie nodded and said,

“I cannot put it into words, so we call it autism or syndromes. Nel-Sharan is a genius and beyond the realm we know of.”


“If I need to call her something…”

Jamie thought for a moment and said,

“Diablo Syndrome.”


Braha, who didn’t know the meaning behind the name looked confused and Jamie smiled.

“Beastly talent.”

Nel-Sharan indeed was an elf with beastly talent.

“T-that isn’t a good word.”

Braha went silent not wanting to say anymore. And Jamie just shrugged.

“But, is she with the blood of a high elf?”

“Unfortunatey, yes.”

“She must have struggled a lot as a child. Especially, the child of a high elf… their disciplining must have been stronger.”


Be it elf or high elf, there was one justice that they sought first.


And Nel-Sharan would go against it. There were very few elves with such syndromes.

It was for a simple reason. Going out of order meant having a death wish.

On the other hand, there were two elves who survived.

The elves who were born with disabilities, and the elves who inherited the blood of high elves.

If she hadn’t been of high elf blood, Nel-Sharan would have been killed right away.

“I understand how she came to this place.”

“It is her mother’s consideration.”

Braha was also of high elf blood, a noble blood.

Just then, Nel-Sharan approached Jamie.

“Show me.”


“Share information.”

Come to think of it, Nel-Sharan brought Jamie here to exchange information.

And Jamie wasn’t sure what kind of exchange she wanted.

And Nel-Sharan said,

“The magic circle. The huge magic circle in the sky. Show me!”

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