Chapter 255 - Spar (1)

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The morning light shone into the dark room and removed the darkness.

Isis got up early in the morning and wore a shirt to cover her naked body. She walked over to the window and looked outside.

She could see the residents of Avalon working diligently.

Frontiers moving.

People she was grateful for. She looked down at her right arm.

The charred arm was barely palpable. It was a wound from the elder blue dragon.

“Not recovered yet?”

Even though she used the Thunder Dragon Sword, Ram, the elder dragon had the upper hand.

And that too one of the strongest dragons in the blue clan, so one arm being down was a small price.

The other people in Frontier didn’t seem to think so, but isn’t this good enough?

“The hand?”

A voice was heard from the door.

An impressive looking man with grey curly hair which touched the chin and a diamond cut grey jewel on his forehead.


He too was a Ran race like Isis, and a commander who stayed next to her. He was also an escort knight assigned by the Ran king to keep Isis safe.

Isis raised her right arm and said,

“You see it, this is how it is.”

“Let’s head back. There must be ways our people can treat it.”

“Are you saying that wantedly?”

“I am not messing around, princess.”

Clark’s words were serious.

“With that state your arm is in, what more can be said? His Majesty is concerned. If you don’t intend to hurt him, let’s just head back. This cause can be taken over by someone else.”

“Look here, Clark.”

Isis’s eyes turned sharp. And a terrifying energy flowed out.

Clark, too, tried to stand against it.

The power of the two Ran rose around like it could destroy this small house.

“I will not say it again, do not talk about going back in front of me.”

“I have no reason to listen to you. I obey the words of His Majesty alone.”

“Slave bastard. How long will you continue living like a slave? Do you like it that much?”

“The very idea of killing Gods is wrong. Ran is strong but don’t you know killing Gods is impossible? Do you have hope for Jamie Welton?”

Isis flinched a little.

Clark spoke with sullen eyes.

“In the end he is human. I have no intention of ignoring humans like Hawks, but no matter how strong humans can become, they cannot go past the limit.”

“You don’t know him very well.”

“But I can tell a lot by looking at the princess. Why are you so active in the affairs of other races? World reset? Our Ran will survive. That is how it works.”

“Right. We hold out. Maybe we will be the masters of the next world. But Clark, I don’t want to be a slave.”


Clark could say nothing at this.

The path Isis was taking wasn’t just a thorny one, it was walking across hellfire.

“We need to liberate the world. It isn’t that I am going to do anything about it, someone has to do this. This land is a playground for the 12 Gods, and all living things are ants to them. It is said that the old Gods who were once the masters of the world, existed for the sake of the world and I want to make it that way. I want to show hell to those who do not know it, and reach out to help those suffering.”


“If you don’t want to help you don’t have to. But don’t tell me to go back. If this happens again, I might kill you.”

Knowing that she was being sincere, Clark sighed.

“I will tell His Majesty that you are fine.”


Clark disappeared.

Isis sighed as she looked at where he disappeared.

“Thank goodness.”

She sat on the bed and brushed her hair back.

Clark was a strong one among Ran. Now that her arm was like this, if he thinks to force her, she wouldn’t be able to put up a fight. But fortunately, it didn’t resort to that.

Isis lay back on the bed. She was already feeling exhausted and hungry.

Then she saw a light flash.

“Who is doing this right from the morning?”

She wondered if it was Jamie Welton.

Forgetting hunger, she put on clothes and went to the place the light flashed.

“This is the layer technique.”

Jamie drew the magic circle using the layering technique in the air and showed it to Nel-Sharan. She was watching with shocked eyes.

“You don’t have to complete the magic circle at once. Rather, if you try to complete it at once it becomes difficult to put the necessary symbols in the right place.”

Jamie was explaining the basics of the circle like he did at the academy. Humans of this era hadn’t developed layering magic circles yet.

And Nel-Sharan was listening to this intently.

“This way, you decrease the amount of time you can make one. What do you think? Did you understand it?”

Jamie closed the circle and asked her.

Nel-Sharan made a troubled face for a moment and then got up and performed a layering technique.

‘Well, she can do it at once.’

Apparently, Nel-Sharan was like Ann, with the talent of a scholar.

Of course, because she was autistic she cannot fully utilize it, but she was still overwhelmingly skilled.

If it was Nel-Sharan, maybe she could surpass the 9th class too.

Though such beings were rare, Jamie thought she could be one. At that moment, he felt someone approach them.

“What are you doing~?”

It was Isis.

Isis, who arrived in front of them with her fluttering blue hair, landed down and asked with her arms wide open.


As she held her right hand, it looked like a strain was put on it.

“Miss Isis?”

Braha called out.

“Hello~ Braha.”

As Isis raised her hand towards Braha with a bright face, something lurked behind her.

And sticking the head out, it looked at Isis.

It was Nel-Sharan.

Jamie titled his head at the change of attitude of Nel-Sharan.

“Is she showing hate?”

“No… I am just scary.”


Nel-Sharan looked at Isis. And her lips were drooping, like she didn’t like this.

Looking back, unlike the cheerful appearance she had a couple moments before, she was now staying still.

“Nel is famous for speaking to Braha and Lil alone. How are you together? It has just been one day since you met.”

On the other hand, Isis was equally shocked.

She was aware of Nel’s mental problems. Nevertheless, she had a knack for talent, so she was an executive in Frontier.

And she helped create artifacts of power.

“Suddenly we started talking to each other. She must have felt something after seeing the fight between me and Hawks.”

“Still, she is a shy one…”

“But why did you come here?”

“I saw the lights flashing and came here. What did you do?”

“I did this.”

Jamie showed the rabbit.

“Wood rabbit? What is this?”

He heard from Jin a while ago that Ryo had something like this.

Hundred words go unheard.

It was about showing something to get the information across.

Jamie infused mana into it and then it changed into a hand cannon which wrapped around the right hand.

“… is it Nel’s work?”

“A canon with a photon system.”

“Photon system?”

“It is like this.”

He pointed Nia to the sky and Isis briefly admired the white ray it shot out.


She was great at magic so she could tell the energy from the beam was special.

Jamie added an explanation.

“It hasn’t been perfected yet, but when it is done, it moves at the speed of light and will hit the enemy hard. The fact that the speed and power is unchanging in any universe and the amount of destructive power it has is beyond thought.”

“If that can be mass produced…”

“Well, that is for a later time. There is still a lot of work to be done.”

Jamie tossed Nia back to Nel-Sharan.

Continuing to watch Isis, she caught Nia. Then when she was unable to catch it at once, she bounced it a couple times and failed to catch it.

But it was made of wood so it wouldn’t break, but Nel-Sharan hugged it and sighed in relief.

Braha walked up to her side and stroked her hair.

Jamie who watched that asked Isis,

“Why do you look depressed?”


“You look more depressed than usual.”

Isis touched her face looking a bit shocked. Could her feelings be written on her face?


She wasn’t living for a short time to show her feelings. Then how did Jamie find out?

“I guess I was right.”

“Was that a guess?”

“Half-guess. Depressed people have a unique air around them. Especially among those who are either full of energy since morning, or there are cases where they get more depressed than usual.”

Isis thought this was absurd, this absurd speculation gave her away?

What happened earlier did upset her a little.

“It is nothing. Such things happen twice a month.”

At that, Jamie frowned.

It felt like she didn’t want to talk so Jamie didn’t ask.

Well, he wasn’t close enough to her to pry into her life.

“Rather, Mister Lil said you asked him for a sword?”

“How do you know that? It hasn’t even been an hour since I left his place?”

“Everything happening within Avalon is reported to me. Even the smallest things.”

“Are you Big Brother?”

“What is that?”

“There’s something like that.”

“Not funny. Anyway, come to think of it, I heard you had a knack for swords, but…”

Isis smiled looking at Jamie and he asked,


“Maybe this sister will help you?”

“Sister? You are too young for that.”

Including the time he spent in darkness, Jamie was an old man who lived over 60,000 years.

Even if Isis lived more than a thousand years, it was nothing to the time he lived. Isis shrugged at it.

“Since I am stronger, I am your sister.”

“Interesting logic. But who is stronger?”

Jamie wiggled his fingers.

Still, he wanted to check how capable Isis was. At that moment, Nel-Sharan who was touching Nia said,

“Isis strong, Jamie lose.”

Leaving that alone, she took Braha’s hand and vanished.

The two stared at that place and soon Isis smiled.

“Did you hear that? Would you like an all out match?”

“Not an all out.”

Jamie made a sword of mana in his hand.

“It is a spar!”

And he attacked.

He looked really masculine.

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