Chapter 256 - Spar (2)

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Jamie was lying down, looking at the sky.

Even after thinking about it, it was quite a surprise. Even if the opponent was a Sword Master, he didn’t think that they would be able to easily cope with a surprise attack.

But now Jamie was lying on the ground. And Isis’s scornful voice could be heard.

“Not bad. Not bad.”

She didn’t draw her sword. No, she wasn’t carrying a weapon in the first place.

Even when restricted to her bare hands, she subdued Jamie and left him on his back.

He immediately covered his body with mana to prevent any damage, but he didn’t expect that he could be suppressed that easily.

“Still, the surprise was a bit~”


Jamie sighed and got up.

He asked her,

“How did you get to stop it? I thought it was perfect timing.”

If anyone who didn’t know sees it, they may move back in shock; after all, the surprise attack was mainly to catch them off guard.

He creates a peaceful atmosphere, and then he slightly uses his legs.

Gaze processing and breathing all adjusted perfectly.

“I told you. It wasn’t all bad. But that is all. Didn’t you think of the possibility of a surprise attack from the front failing?”

“It does happen.”

No matter what kind of psychological warfare it was, the opponent will receive every piece of information through their 5 senses.

Even so, in the end, the person who attacked will have the initiative, so the opponent’s response will be delayed by a beat.

And if they have similar skills, they will get caught off guard, and if he was against a stronger opponent, they would take some damage by blocking it.

Jamie thought Isis could stop but not completely eliminate the attack, especially since he felt the timing was good.

“Try changing your thoughts.”


“The sudden attack on me wasn’t bad. If we were equally skilled, I would have been seriously injured. But, when considering my actual strength, then the story changes.”

“Are you bragging about yourself?”

“Haha. It may sound like that, but no.”

Isis spread her arms wide and took a defenseless stance.

Jamie frowned.

“Come at me. I will tell you what the problem was.”

“… don’t blame me if you get hurt.”

Jamie made a sword of mana and rushed towards Isis. This time it wasn’t a surprise attack, but Isis was defenseless.

It was clear that if he approached and swung the sword, she would be hurt. And when Jamie reached her, he swung the sword without hesitation as he didn’t think she could get severely injured.

Isis smiled as her hands moved with great speed.

That was all that Jamie saw.


Why is the ground behind him? He felt the strong wind messing up his hair and clothes.

Isis had her right hand stretched out, turning the sword in her hand.

She didn’t use any power.

‘She is using my power.’

He heard it from his father, Count Welton.

‘You don’t have to put your own strength for every form of attack. You’ll only get tired faster. The closer you become to a master, the more often you use your opponent’s power rather than your own. Because that is good for saving your own power and sometimes can cause more damage to the opponent.’

The higher your level, the more likely you are to use the opponent’s power.

Exactly what Isis did now. The more one knows how to move their body to fight, the more bizarre the ideas they have.

Unlike magic, where enemies often take turns as if playing a game, martial arts were different.

And now it was the same.

Subduing a heavy adult man with just your hands.

Isn’t this almost like telekinesis magic?

Jamie thought for a moment before he fell to the ground.



His back hurt.

He couldn’t protect the body with mana as he was in deep thought.

Jamie caught his breath for a moment due to the pain. While he could not speak due to the pain, azure hair fell before his eyes.

“Do you get it now? You used a lot more energy than me. You may have made the first move to attack, but I narrowed the gap with a tiny move.”

“Phew. And you used my force against me?”


The back pain was fading, so he didn’t lie down any longer and jumped up.

The throbbing pain was still there, but the holy power within the body helped put it to sleep.

Jamie brushed off the grass from his body and smiled, looking at Isis.

“This is fun.”

Isis almost frowned, but then she smiled and said the same thing.

“What do you think? Would you like more?”

“Please, once more.”

“No. This ends here. It is amazing for someone who trained for just 5 years, but you are young.”


“Did you forget? This is Frontier.”

And Frontier is made up of strong people.

Jin was in front of Jamie’s residence.

It was his first time coming here after coming to know Jamie was a dark magician.

At first, he was angry at the feeling of betrayal he felt, but then he heard about the circumstances from Isis.

Now that it was cleared up, he wanted to have a serious talk with Jamie.

So he tried finding him last night, but then he saw Jamie fighting with Hawks.

A sudden fight, but he decided not to get involved since this had to happen, and then he heard that Jamie won, which made him happy.

He wanted to visit him right away, but he thought Jamie would be exhausted, so he came today.


“Master has been out for a while.”

“Is that so?”

“Why did you come right in the morning?”

“I wish to talk with Jamie Welton.”

Jamie wasn’t in his place, but the Valkyrie princess and the ancient beast Behemoth were.

He didn’t know why they had been here since morning, but he decided to come back later when Venna said,

“He must have gone for a walk; he should come back soon. Come inside, I was preparing food; we can have it while waiting.”

“Right. Come in.”

Anyone who sees this will know who actually lives here. Jin nodded as he touched the white mask.


He knew that if he went back, he would be alone in his place, so he went into Jamie’s.

And after a while, Jamie came.

“… what are you doing?”

“S-Save me! Jamie this! This food cannot be eaten!”

“Jin~ why are you not eating this delicious food?!”

“W-why are you so strong?!”

“Nom nom nom nom nom.”

Jin was trying to escape the food being put into his mouth. Venna was holding him tightly by the waist and not letting him go, while Behemoth was just sticking its nose in the food, not giving them attention.

“What is…”

Isis, who was walking behind Jamie, noticed that he wasn’t going in, and when she looked inside, she was shocked.

“Stop! Enough! I cannot… Kuak!”

“This is my sincerity~”

“Nom nom nom nom nom.”

Seeing this horrific sight, Jamie said,


“Phew… I feel like I came back to life from the river of death. It would have been a disaster if you didn’t come.”

Although the expression behind the mask couldn’t be seen, it was obvious that Jin was relieved.

The mask was changed too. It felt like this mask was for not letting food come in.

“Jin too. You are being mean. Behemoth ate it so deliciously. Right, Behemoth?”

“I just want an apple.”

Jamie sighed.

He didn’t know why these two were in his place, but it seemed like they wanted to have breakfast with him.

He didn’t know what she cooked, but he had a good enough idea from the stench of the food Jin had been forced to eat.

He told Venna,

“Venna, don’t cook in my room from now on. No, just don’t ever cook in front of me.”


“Since when were you someone who cooks?”

“I worked hard for 5 years…”

“You worked hard, but not hard enough. Just wield that hammer, Philion.”

Perhaps excited after being mentioned after a long time, Philion who was in the form of a ring on Venna’s hand, waved.

“Stay still, Philion.”

Venna slapped Philion with her other hand, and he went silent.

Unlike in the past, it seems like the Ego hammer was no longer able to do as it wished.

“And it isn’t that Behemoth had it deliciously. This brat has everything the same way.”

“Apple. I want to eat an apple. Lord.”

“Then go and eat.”


Behemoth rushed out, thinking he had the permission.

Isis looked at the back of Behemoth and asked Jamie.

“Then Behemoth is your….?”


“Oh my.”

Behemoth is an ancient beast that had made a contract with another person in Frontier in her stead.

She knew this creature was related to the savior but didn’t know it would end up being Jamie’s subordinate.

“Venna. You go for a walk, I have something to talk to Jin about.”

“Can’t I just stay by your side?”

“You cannot, as I am ashamed of being heard.”


He thought she would whine, but Venna went out. And then she looked at Isis.

“Is Miss Isis going to stay?”


Jamie thought for a moment and then said,

“She too will be going out with Venna.”


Isis thought she would get a free pass for this, and after staying still for a second, she clicked her tongue and looked at Venna, who was smiling at her.

“Why is our princess acting like this?”

“Miss Isis is a princess too, right? Enjoy the tea time, princess.”

“Since when did Valkyrie enjoy tea?”

“Could be a new generation Valkyrie.”

Hearing the words of Venna, who didn’t want to lose, it felt like her personality had changed.

This was better than timid.

After they went all the way out, Jamie and Jin were left alone in the house. And the two of them didn’t speak for a while.

Jin was the first to speak.

“I heard from Isis.”

“At first, I wanted to talk, but then things happened.”

“I heard you met an old god who slept in the land. After that, there was a fight with Hawks, so I came here today.”

“Well, hm. We don’t have the personality to talk. Sorry for hiding it. but saying it wasn’t easy.”

If it was Jin, who didn’t know the truth, he would have pulled out his weapon.

But now he knew Jamie Welton’s importance to the world, so he wouldn’t do that. Since there was a law regarding this, Jamie couldn’t openly speak.

“But I didn’t hear everything from Isis. She told me to listen to you.”

“I have been with you for over a month. I have a rough idea of what kind of personality you have.”


“So it is alright. That is why you had revealed yourself like that.”


Jamie looked up at the ceiling for a moment and stood up. And introduced himself again.

“I will introduce myself again. My name is Jamie Welton. My previous name is Diablo Volfir. And I am a dark magician who returned to this land to kill the 12 Gods.”

And he reached out to Jin.

“Phew, it is shocking to hear it from you.”

Jin lifted his mask and rubbed his face. And then took Jamie’s hand.

“I’m Jin, please take good care of me.”

Jamie and Jin split up after saying their goodbyes. Isis was leaning against a wall, waiting for the two to come out.


“Done. But Venna?”

“She was taken by Fiyon. Pre-meal training.”

Fiyon was a messenger and officer who stayed in Frontier as a substitute for the Queen of Valkyrie.

And she was currently protecting Venna. Besides the brief time they initially met, Jamie hadn’t seen or talked to her, so he was curious to know what kind of character she had.

“I will head back. Call me if you need anything.”

“Wait, Wait~”

Jin, who was about to leave, was called by Isis.


“All went well. I am done talking, so should we leave?”

“Well, it is Jin, so it cannot go bad.”

“What cannot go bad?”

Jin frowned behind the mask.

Isis smiled.

“Some sort of sparring?”

Behind him, Jamie had begun to warm up, and Jin smiled.

“Sounds good.”

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