Chapter 259 - Spar (5)

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“Tell me clearly what happened.”

However, not even Han understood what had occurred.

He understood that Jamie had used something, but he couldn’t figure out what kind of ability it was.

At some point, the sword position changed suddenly and caused Han to feel threatened.

Due to that, there was no other option but to use the ‘Change in status quo’.

If he hadn’t used it, he wouldn’t have been able to avoid getting injured.

“Simply put…”

Isis said, looking at Jamie, who was lying down.

“The body… changed?”

Despite so many people watching Han and Jamie spar, Isis was the only one that understood Jamie’s power.

However, it was difficult even for her to clearly explain what she witnessed.

“Jamie Welton isn’t one.”

“I don’t get you.”

“If I had to explain…”

Isis pondered for a moment, looked at Jamie without saying a word, then shook her head and opened her mouth.

“Should it be like ‘a number of cases’?”

“I don’t get a single thing.”

“How did it look to you?”

“The position of the sword suddenly moved. It was in contact with my steel thread, and then the sword came to my face.”

“Was that all you saw?”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

Han couldn’t understand what Isis was trying to say. Was there something he was missing?

Conversely, Isis was also a little surprised by Han’s words. She smiled slightly and mumbled something.

“He awakened an interesting ability?”

“So what is it? Tell me so I can understand!”

“There were three swords.”


“The sword which you saw, which suddenly came to stab you in the face, the sword which aimed at the gap in your lower stomach. And even the sword which was about to take down the hand holding the stick.”

So Isis naturally thought it was an alter ego, and she had no choice but to believe that, considering the movement.

All three swords had moved for the gaps in Han’s form. That was clear as day for Isis, who was stronger than the two and could see it clearly.

“… then why didn’t I see the rest?”

“I told you, ‘a number of cases’. I don’t know why you couldn’t see the others, but the sword aimed at the head was the best attack.”

“A complex ability.”

“I am not sure either. I could be wrong too.”

Maybe it is a power simply related to the ego. It could be Jamie’s ability to target the gap in the opponent.

So until he woke up, she couldn’t be sure of anything.

‘What is certain is that he has become a Sword Master.’

Isis smiled.

If that wasn’t it, she couldn’t find any other answer.

Among dragons and high elves, there were the occasional 9th class Sword Masters. However, that was due to them being races that lived for a long time.

Jamie Welton…

Diablo Volfir was a magician.

‘A kid who hasn’t held onto the sword for long…’

But it wasn’t known yet.

Unconsciously he entered the state of Sword Master.

Will he be able to remember what his ability was after regaining his consciousness?

It was an unfamiliar ceiling.

Jamie blinked hard. At some point, his memory disappeared. While confronting Han, he avoided his attacks and countered several times.

Swinging the sword for a whole battle was more difficult than he thought.

Especially since the opponent was a Sword Master who deals with bizarre weapons, he was more exhausted than usual.

Still, as he got more accustomed to Han’s movement, he learned to respond. But it seems that the physical strength reached the limit first.

‘I didn’t think I could be this exhausted.’

He wasn’t exhausted because he had done a lot mentally, but because he was fighting against someone stronger or equal to him.

It was interesting.

To say that he, who prided himself in being a veteran among veterans, felt mentally exhausted was odd.

It felt like his passion for the sword was greater than he realized. Does it remind him of his path to becoming a great magician?

The first emotion he felt when he encountered magic in his previous life.

‘I thought I forgot everything.’

Although all of his mana was exhausted, his blood flow was messed up, and he was almost sick, Diablo went after magic.

“But, it felt like I realized something.”

Before losing consciousness, Jamie felt something strange. But then he lost consciousness, so he couldn’t pinpoint it.

The realm of unconsciousness was a state of being in a trance, so it was natural that he didn’t realize what he had felt.

When he looked out the window, the sun was setting.

He sparred with Han in the morning, so he must have been unconscious for 5 to 6 hours.

“I slept a lot.”

And he frowned at the smell of chemicals stinging his nose. Looking around, he saw several identical beds spaced out through the room.

In one corner, there was a chest of drawers with medicine bottles. This looked like a hospital.

If he had lost consciousness, then this is the place to come.

He decided to go out and see, so he felt the room, and someone was standing right in front of the door.

At first, it was a short person, and he thought it was Ironlil, but upon closer inspection, it was an old woman with a curved waist and white hair like a balloon.

“I see that you are up.”

The old woman had wrinkles like a grandmother.

She walked over to Jamie with difficulty and then rubbed her legs.

“What are you doing?”

Jamie asked.

“My muscles seem to have gone stiff due to sleeping. My body only woke up now.”

“Excuse me?”

“Call me Doctor.”

The old woman who introduced herself as Doctor climbed Jamie’s body like a tree, carefully checked the abdomen, chest, neck and arms, and then jumped down.

And she said,

“It is a harbinger of awakening.”

“… what do you mean?”

“Speak with Isis for details. This place is only for the sick, so get out now.”

Doctor said that and disappeared somewhere.

Hearing the one-sided words, Jamie felt the hospital scratching his cheek.

As soon as he left, he found Hawks, standing in front of the hospital. And close by was Isis with her legs crossed as she sat down.

“Why is he here?”

When Jamie pointed to Hawks and asked, Isis smiled.

“Our touring spars aren’t done yet.”

It was just two matches till now, so it couldn’t be the end.

Wouldn’t it be called touring spars only if there were at least 3 spars?

Isis asked Jamie.

“Jamie. Do you remember how the spar with Han ended?”


“Then you don’t realize what you did?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Nothing. It would only make things complicated if I had to explain it in words. It only happened once, so if you want to fully realize it, you must hold onto the sword again.”

At the odd words of Isis, Hawks stepped ahead.

“I came here to change what happened last time.”

“…but, how are you here?”

Jamie couldn’t understand it. It was just a day ago that Jamie defeated Hawks.

The force of fully awakened Starlight wouldn’t be weak enough for Hawks to recover in a couple days, but Hawks moved around like usual.

“You aren’t normal either.”

“I am fine.”

Away from the pretentiousness, Jamie clicked his tongue at the toughness of Hawks.

He probably would roll over on the ground if the little finger was poked. But was it because the defeat was unfair?

Jamie thought that couldn’t be the case.

There was no evidence, but for some reason, Hawks didn’t have the same poisonous intent as before.

And Hawks said.

“Pull out your sword.”

As soon as he left the hospital, the third spar began.

Opponent Hawks.

Except for Isis, and the other Ran in Frontier, he was the strongest. And he was seriously injured in the fight with Jamie last night.

But even still, the man was ready to fight with a sword.

Jamie slowly drew his long sword. On the other hand, Hawks stood bare-handed with neither his spear nor crossbow.

Isis stepped out and explained the rules.

“It will be a little different this time.”


“As you can see, Hawks is going to fight bare-handed. Unlike Jin and Han, if this brat picks up a weapon, the spar won’t go the way I want it to.”

This is because they are all strong people on different levels.

And Jamie knew just how strong Hawks is.


Isis smiled as she raised her finger towards Jamie.

“Hawks will use ability.”

“Why just Hawks?”

“Hm. maybe because we need to push you a little?”

Isis’s words were as incomprehensible as ever. Well, if one is as talented as her, they are bound to have their own reasons for saying something like that.

Moreover, the power of Hawks was the ability to control the hardness of the body, so he could cope with it.

“Other than that, everything stays the same. Both of you, get ready.”

Isis raised her up and exclaimed in excitement.


At the same time, Hawks slammed to the ground at a tremendous speed.

At that moment, Jamie experienced something.

He couldn’t understand it; it was something he was going through for the first time. Somehow, it felt like space was overlapping as if it was layered.

“Losing concentration in front of me.”



Jamie coughed blood as the giant fist came for his body. The sensation of his ribs and internal organs being smashed made him lose consciousness.

Hawks didn’t care.

He straightened up and then slapped Jamie with his wings.


Jamie bounced back to the ground, and Hawk approached him, ready to trample him.


Just before the foot made contact, Jamie rolled to the side and wiped the blood from his mouth. It was difficult to come to his senses, still feeling the aftereffects of the hits, but the illusion of seeing overlapping layers of space didn’t disappear.

‘… What is this?’

Jamie clenched his teeth.

In these overlapping spaces, Hawks was moving in multiple directions.

Countless selves were fighting against Hawks.

Most of them were kneeling before the Hawks’ body or even being beaten, but they didn’t give up.

However, there was no sign of victory.

Not a single sight he was seeing was able to defeat Hawks.

‘What is this? Just what is this?’

His head throbbed.

Jamie’s forehead hurt at this new phenomenon he was being forced to see.

And Hawks didn’t wait. Suddenly, he came closed and raised his sharp claws.


Jamie managed to grab onto the claws to stop them from wounding him severely, but around a third of the 10cm claws had penetrated.

“If you continue to do that, you will die.”

He grabbed Jamie up by his limbs and threw him to the ground.


Jamie, who was rolling on the ground, inhaled the dust and coughed as he tried to get up. If this continues to happen, Hawks would just continue to attack.

“With those skills…”

The fists came flying.

As Jamie was above to block it, several swords appeared, partially overlapping. And the sword which reached Hawks couldn’t handle it and was broken.

At that time, the sword was dyed purple.

‘Dark Futility Divide.’

His family’s swordsmanship was strengthened by overlaying black mana on the blade.

Hawks collided with the long sword with his fists alone.

Blood began to fall from Hawks’ fists for the first time.

And it turned into a reality.

‘How did this happen…’

Blood kept on coming out of Hawks’ hands.

Jamie looked at his blade. The purple sword cut through the space along with Hawks’ fist.

This was confusing.

‘When did I get black mana?’

When did he use the Dark Futility Divide?

Of all he saw, this was the one sight which caused damage to Hawks. And he made it happen in real life?

Was he dreaming?

Hawks spoke as Jamie looked increasingly puzzled.

“Congratulation on becoming a Sword Master”

Jamie looked at Hawks’ face in surprise.

He had blood dripping from his fists, and yet he had a smile on his face.

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