Chapter 260 - Spar (6)

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Jamie’s eyes widened at the sudden remark from Hawks.

To congratulate him on becoming a Sword Master.

“I am a Sword Master?”

Those words only furthered the confusion Jaime was feeling right now. Further aggravating it, he was dizzy because of the several illusions which were overlapping with each other.

Could this be an ability?

But then he thought it couldn’t be. Who had even heard of an ability which couldn’t be controlled?

And while somehow, he wounded Hawks’ fist, he still didn’t understand how he managed it.

“Let’s close off the mana for now.”

At that moment, Isis spoke from behind. He wondered whether he was feeling her touch or imagining it, and then his blood vessels began to close down.

The mana moving in the body got cut off.

The numerous illusions which were in front of his eyes disappeared too.


Jamie sighed in exhaustion and sat down.

After a few seconds, he raised his head slightly and looked around.

There were no more visions in front of his eyes, and somehow this felt awkward. And for some reason, each illusion seemed to depict a different course of action.

“Do you understand what just happened?”

At Isis’ question, Jamie looked at her.

She had watched their spar from the start. Due to her status as a Grand Master, she must have felt something.

Jamie explained to them the strange thing he felt.

“The space… it looked as if it overlapped itself multiple times. In each of them, I was dealing with Hawks differently. All of the attacks failed, except one. When I woke up, I was the one doing it… well. I don’t think even this makes sense.”

“Was it a number of cases?”

“Number of cases?”

“You seem to have a higher level ability, but in my eyes, you were seeing multiple possibilities.”

“it didn’t feel that way.”

Hawks titled his head and said.

He knew Jamie was using an ability due to having fought him, but he didn’t see anything other than Jamie.

“That was a previous consideration. It probably wasn’t like a real in-person fight.”

“Then, a division of power?”

“If that was the case, Hawks would have felt it too. A number of cases. So in my eyes, Jamie seemed to be picking the best move to take down Hawks. And whenever it looked as if several moves were being made at once, the others were probably ‘afterimages’.”

“I get what you mean.”

Hawks nodded.

“Your last attack. The attack was too fast for me to have a chance to react. You could hardly even call it a sword attack. It is difficult to put into words, but you suddenly appeared in front of me.”

As Hawks said, Jamie was doing something even he wasn’t aware of.

“Then it…”

Jamie and Hawks looked at Isis, and she said,

“It may be your appearance in multiple universes or parallel worlds.”

Late at night.

Jamie was sitting alone on the roof and meditating. Mostly, it was about what happened that morning.

“Multiple universes or parallel worlds.”

This was something he had studied in the past.

It was a time when he clung to space-time magic, and as research progressed, he even made theories that there could be a different world like this one.

But he couldn’t prove it.

As it was a difficult study with huge costs, even if he proved their existence, grafting it into magic would be impossible.

At the time, there was a shortage of time and resources due to the 12 Gods, so he needed to work on magic that was immediately useful.

Therefore, he abandoned that theory and hadn’t thought of it since.

However, he thought that Siegfried, who specializes in space-time, might know something about this.

Of course, he was just thinking about it and didn’t plan on asking immediately.

‘it isn’t like I know what it is for sure. It may not be an ability related to the other worlds in the first place.’

The thing Isis spoke of, the Number of Cases, was correct. Previously, he couldn’t grasp the content, but when he thought back, the overlapping spaces producing different results seemed right.

It was as if he was the main one, and his ability showed him the best outcome and how to get there.

And the image of him that achieved the best results turned into reality.

“No… did you wake up the ability after engaging in that battle?”

He did think about it, but then snorted. Did it make sense to acquire power by focusing on it for just one day?

It was heard that the ability one gets depends on their training. Thus, it meant that it had to be the case that abilities were born.

“It seems right.”

Jamie wasn’t a space-time magician like Siegfried, but he used plenty of space-related items.

Gremia was a piece of equipment that helps create a new space. Beyond Avalon is a staff that connects to the other side of the world. Sea of Hundred is a space controlling technique, and a Futility Divine is his family’s swordsmanship which cuts through space.

Jamie had a lot of space-related techniques. In such a situation, he realized how fundamental such techniques were to his fighting style.

Perhaps all of them were interlocked and led to the new ability he awakened.


When Jamie opened his eyes, he saw the overlapping forms.

There was a gentle breeze in some places; in some, it rained, and some had clear skies.

Every Jamie Welton in it was sitting cross-legged and looking at it. One had a sword drawn.

Black mana on the blade and a purple aura blade fluttering with purple light.


All of a sudden, Jamie had become another Jamie and gave birth to an aura with black mana. He smiled, looking at the purple aura blade.

“The name of the ability is…”

Having made the decision, Jamie said.

“Future Walker.”

At dawn, he went to see Isis.

“What are you doing here?”

She asked with a puzzled face. And Jamie nodded.

“Aren’t we supposed to face the best ones to end the tour?”

“With just the sword?”

“Of course.”

“Should I call you brave or….”

“Let’s go past the talking and have a go at each other. I need to go all out.”

After speaking, Jamie drew out his sword and showed off the purple aura. Seeing this, Isis frowned and smiled.

“You managed to awaken it? But, it will be difficult if you don’t do something extraordinary.”

“It isn’t like there is anything special about it. I just cannot think of anyone other than you who can accept my’ Future Walker.”

“Ho. Did you come up with that name? Future Walker… right. It suits you well. But.”

Isis raised her left hand and waved her finger.

“You cannot deal with my body.”

“What? Are you avoiding it?”

“No, no~ I am not avoiding it; it’s just that there is someone better suited than me.”

“Better than you?”

Isis waited for a while and then headed somewhere and then brought someone.

“Princess, are you kidding me?”

It was Clark, the Frontier commander and Ran clan member.

He stared at Isis with a very uncomfortable face. On the other hand, Isis smiled.

“Try this for yourself. Don’t complain.”

“Why do I have to go through such a troublesome thing?”

“Maybe you will change your mind if you witness it?”

Seeing Isis’s expression smile, Clark clicked his tongue and looked at Jamie.

And he said,

“He might die.”

“You…no need to worry about me, just use the sword.”

“Huh. follow me.”

Clark didn’t even listen and disappeared.

The speed was so great that his movement couldn’t be seen.

Jamie, who sighed, sensed a presence and tried to follow, but Isis warned

“Clark is stronger than me. Right. He is way stronger than me.”

“Not bad.”


“If you are going to watch, follow me.”

Jamie teleported after Clark. Isis, who stood there alone, had a puzzled expression as she smiled.

“You’re fun, Jamie Welton. Very, very fun.”

And she screamed as she ran for the two.

“Let’s go together!”

Clark stopped at the place where Hawks had fought recently, though he didn’t say why he chose it.

He turned and looked at Jamie and Isis, who were following him.

“I don’t know why I have to spar right from the morning…”

He grunted while looking at Jamie.

“Maybe this is good. Princess, watch. I will prove this man is nothing.”

“You have been talking nonsense since a while back. I will cut that tongue of yours.”

“Both of you stop. And fight with your bodies, not your mouths.”

Isis stood in the middle. And began to explain the rules.

“There are no rules. Don’t kill each other; abstain if you think something bad might happen. And know that I will intervene if the situation turns serious. And this battle…”

Isis took a step back and looked at them.

“is an all-out war. Then… begin!”

As soon as the signal fell, Clark kicked the ground. And his body disappeared like a lie.

“It is done.”

A voice from below.

He reached for Jamie and wrapped his aura around a clenched fist. As long as Isis herself said this was an all-out war, he didn’t have to hold back.

Instead, he will knock the kid down in one blow and show how worthless this human is.

“I would have suffered if this happened yesterday.”


Clark’s eyes widened.

His fist was touching the sword and not the stomach.

Jamie felt the blade tremble, and he smiled.

“I, who exists in multiple worlds, ultimately come down to one.”

The purple aura soared from the blade.

Clark deflected the sword aiming for his neck by rotating his right forearm. At the same time, he spread out his left palm.

Jamie’s eyes widened as he looked at the palm filled with a terrifying amount of force.

[Future Walker]

Purple aura shone on the blade once again.

That was ‘Starlight’

All Jamie Welton’s in the spaces created this.

[Let there be light]


The light, which was like holy light, spread wide. Clark escaped from it by wrapping his body with mana.

But even that couldn’t get away from Future Walker.


He grabbed the sword which was coming to him with both hands. Jamie had pure white wings on his back, and the light shone again.

Clark looked at the starlight, which was crushing his whole body.

“I will admit it. The princess had a reason to choose you. But!”

Ominous energy began to flow from Clark’s body. At that moment, an alarm like a light went off in Future Walker.

Every Jamie was torn to shreds. And there was no other option in front of the overwhelming force.

‘Was he stronger than Isis?’

Indeed, he was powerful enough to make anyone think that. Then, Clark said,

“Let me show you. This is my ability.”

[Damnation Game]

Crimson energy began to rise from his hand and destroy everything.

“Kneel before this power.”

Clark threw out a fist with the Damnation Game.

Jamie didn’t dodge. He just looked at the fist.

Isis screamed as he ran. Countless shields around her.

But it was too late.

Clark’s fist was near Jamie’s head.


Isis screamed while the red waves moved around.

It was then.

“You truly are a force to be reckoned with.”

[Sword of Fusion]


In the crimson wave, a light shone.

Like a flicker of hope in a sea of despair.

“There is always a way.”


The crimson wave got sucked into the sword.


There was a crack in the sword. Even though it was an excellent long sword Ironlil made, it was impossible to hold back the destructive power.

However, that is fine.

“Give it back.”

The wave which fused with the sword was shot back to Clark.

And the blade broke.

However, the two forces which had merged together through Convergence moved ahead.

Clark mumbled as he looked at his own ability coming for him.

“it is amazing. Perhaps this…”

But he couldn’t finish his words.

The two auras fused together weren’t anything to scoff at, so they went several kilometers further and devastated the entire area.

Isis and the others of Frontier who watched it couldn’t speak for a while.

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