Chapter 261 - Apostle (1)

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release: ‘261’

title: ‘Apostle (1)’

Jamie looked at the crumbling sword.

Even though Ironlil made it, it couldn’t fully capture Clark’s ability.

Not just that, the convergence failed to happen.

It was because Clark was more powerful than he had thought.

Still, it was a destructive force. And Jamie clicked his tongue and looked at the destroyed meadow.

Some were shocked at this destructive power, but a couple more mumbled.

“Such a monster.”

One arm protruded through the foggy explosion. There were scars on the arm but nothing serious. The bent arm moved.

And then, the hand cleared the dust. And Clark stood there.

His clothes were a little tattered, and he received a decent amount of damage from the front attack, but overall looked unhurt.

The only difference was that the grey jewel in the middle of his forehead was glimmering, and his grey hair glowed softly.

“Ran stone?”

Dragons are born with a dragon heart in the body, and high elves are born with the favor of nature.

And Ran are born with a small jewel, called the Ran Stone, on their foreheads.

The Ran Stone has a simple purpose.


Regardless of any kind, it is a storehouse of power which accumulates throughout their life.

A stone brings out the stored power at the needed moment, allowing one to briefly become stronger.

Therefore, the Ran race was able to obtain strong power.

“You made me use the Ran stone.”

Clark brushed off the dust on his body and leaped ahead. The distance was narrowed in an instant.

And he landed softly in front of Jamie, and Isis shouted.

“Clark! Now you may stop!’

Clark glanced at her and then at Jamie.

Jamie didn’t avoid his gaze. Even without his sword, he could fight more.

Clark snorted.

“My excitement has gone down.”


He didn’t answer and turned away, moving at such a speed that it was difficult to follow. As he disappeared, Isis and others came to Jamie.

“What did he say?”

Isis asked, looking at Clark disappear.

Jamie shrugged and said.

“The excitement has gone down.”

“So like Clark.”

“Right. Like Clark.”

“Still, I am glad you are safe.”

Hawks, Han and Jin said in turns, and Isis sighed in relief.

“I didn’t know how it would turn out, but I am happy now.”


Jamie frowned at the word happy. Although he hadn’t faced Isis yet, it was unclear whether he would be able to defeat her even after awakening as a Sword Master.

And Clark, a fellow Ran, was recognized as someone stronger than Isis. And he felt his throat go dry when he experienced his power first-hand.

‘I need to restore the power of my prime.’

Jamie’s eyes darkened.

The desire for power was always great, but it grew greater after facing someone with a clear difference in skills.

“But… you became a Sword Master in one day. Ridiculous.”

Jamie had a stiff expression as he heard Jin’s voice.

Hearing that, Han smiled and said,

“Damn it. Damned talent omnipotence. How can a 13 year old be both a 9th class and a Sword Master?”

“Practice. You need to practice.”

“What did this child say? At times there were parrots who repeated that humans are weak.”

“it is true that you are weak.”

As Hawks said, scratching his head, Han exclaimed in tears.

“You. Let’s have a fight today! Get your weapon, you bird head!”

“Shut it, Han; you will lose.’

“Why are you blowing the candle before it is even lit?”

“Right, you will lose anyway, so why bother wasting your power? Just practice~”

“Isis! Hey, Isis, even you?”

As he listened to all that, Jamie’s tension sank a little. And he smiled

“I will head back first.”

Without even hearing their words, he teleported to the residence he was given.

When he got back, someone was waiting for him.


An empty glass was on the table saying he drank tea waiting here.

“You are here.”

“Since when were you waiting?”

“From when the spar started.”

Come to think of it, Beryl didn’t come to the meadow with the others.

If there had been such a clash, one would be interested. But he was here, waiting for Jamie.

Beryl gestured to sit across the table.



Maybe it was because of the older Sword Master’s relationship with his parents, but Jamie couldn’t refuse Beryl’s words.

And he didn’t see any reason to refuse to sit down, and somehow the words from Beryl seemed serious.

“You have become a Sword Master.”

Jamie also felt relieved at the calm words.

“It just happened.”

“Huhu. You aren’t happy despite being a Sword Master, and instead, you’re saying such things?”

“Hm. Maybe it is because I haven’t fully felt it.”

“Your father will be surprised when he sees it. Before you left the house, you were a kid with a sword, but now you are a Sword Master. If possible, I want to see the shocked expression of Count Welton.”

Beryl chuckled.

And he looked at Jamie.

Although he had grown a lot over the past 5 years, there was still a youthfulness to his face.

Even then, he knew Jamie would turn into a great guy one day, but all this felt too quick.

On the one hand, he felt proud of the child, but on the other, it felt like the child who should be innocent was growing up.

‘No. mentally, he isn’t much different from the past.’

This is why appearance is important.

It is because the feeling of a child maturing and an adult maturing is different.

Beryl leaned back in the chair.



“I have always lived with the heart of a godfather to you. Neither you nor your parents might have thought so, but I always thought like that.”


“Even if you disapprove, I will continue to live as your godfather. Being a godfather might be nothing. Even so, I will stay as a pillar that supports you along with your parents.”


“As a godfather, I plan to keep an eye on your progress. When you are tired, lean on me, and if you are going to do something, I will lend you my strength. So always look ahead and run. If you want to look back, I will be there. And let’s have a drink one day.”


“I am proud of you. I am just as proud as your parents will be. I wanted to say that.”

Beryl stood up with a smile.

“You did well.”

He said that and walked to the door.

Jamie, who looked at him, said.

“Thank you, godfather.”

Beryl stopped for a moment and then nodded as he walked out.

Jamie looked at the door and then at the ceiling.

“This isn’t a bad feeling.”

Considering the ambiguous relationship established with Beryl, he felt at ease.

And now he felt comfortable. Obviously, because he had someone on his side.

Jamie walked to the bed and lay down.

It felt like he could sleep all day.

“Who’s there?”

“Prove your identity! Stop there!”

Early morning in heavy rain.

A man was near the Zenith Church.

The soldiers of the church who were standing guard pointed their weapons at his unknown person. The man pushed back his wet hair and looked at the soldiers.

“You idiot… no matter how long it has been, how can you not recognize me?”

“Who are you?”

“Reveal your identity…”

The soldiers’ voices changed; they wondered if a superior was threatening them.

And Kreon smiled.

“it is a felony to not recognize me. Both of you will be killed.”

The two couldn’t even respond, and Kreon passed by them casually.

There was blood on his hands.



The soldiers, who had their hearts pierced, let out a groan as they clutched their necks.

They let out a popping sound, and blood kept pouring down.

“Have you been eating shit? If the head of the Seven Knights comes, you should be greeting them, no?”

Kreon walked inside.


The sky flashed and roared. The lightning made the look on his face heavier.

He felt annoyed at the wet and heavy clothes. At that moment, he heard a sound from outside.

Perhaps the death of the guards was known. Kreon ignored it and walked in.

But soldiers soon appeared and blocked the way.

Because he didn’t hide his presence.

“Who are you!”

Zenith paladin, who appeared with swords aimed at Kreon.

Kreon looked at the sword and said.

“You people… do you want to die?”

There was madness in the eyes.

5 years.

In the lowest prison, in the infamous dungeon, he couldn’t even see a ray of light.

During that time, he had gone insane. And in such a situation, the people who should support him pointed their swords at him.

“You are done!”

An energy wave erupted from Kreon’s body. He managed to break out of the prison through sheer craziness.

Power so overwhelming that nobody here could stop him. He could wipe all the troops here with bare hands.

And these bastards will lick his feet, and as he thought that, he smiled.

He swung the aura on hand at the paladins.


At the cry, everyone confused began to run away, but it was too late.

[Reversal of Causality.]

His ability rose quickly, and it was then.

“Oh, dear. The Sword of Zenith appeared after a long time, and it sure is excited!”

A young man appeared with silver hair fluttering and spoke with a leisurely smile.

“Be careful. This is Zenith’s…”

The power of God spread through the hand.



Kreon’s aura swept away like a lie. And his ability failed.

Kreon saw the man who appeared with confused eyes.

This silver-haired man with the same eye and hair color as him knew who he was.

And the man introduced himself.

“It is a pity that our first meeting is like this but… nice to meet you, Sir Kreon. I am Noah.”

Noah showed the emblem of Zenith on the back of his hand.

“The apostle of God Zenith”

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