Chapter 263 - Garmon (1)

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“Master! I made a sandwich today!”


Jamie looked at Venna’s sandwich right in the morning.

As if she tried to remove the burnt parts, the bread was full of holes.

Even so, the bread was still horribly burnt, as the charred parts couldn’t be cleanly removed. It looked like she was trying to make it look pretty and put the sauce, instead making a mess reminiscent of a child’s attempt at cooking.

And the smell was so bizarre that Jamie had no idea what ingredients she used.

The burnt smell was too strong, and the impression it gave was making him frown. There was tea on the side too.

Right, tea, but… it cannot be called just tea.

“I failed a couple times, but I think this one is well made!”

But one couldn’t ignore it after she spoke with such an innocent face. Jamie looked at the sandwich without another word.

He has reached 9th class in magic and sword master, but how should he put this into words?

‘I think I will go down if I eat it.’

Actually, it didn’t seem like it would do anything wrong, but the taste of the food can affect the body.

“Did you give it to Behemoth? Give it to him first.”

“Behe ate all the failed ones.”

“A pig in cow’s skin.”



He is probably lying around somewhere with a bulging stomach.


The important thing right now is that Behemoth isn’t here to eat this, so he had to eat.

And the thought was making him dizzy.

He had told her to never cook again, but he didn’t have the heart to ignore the food she had already made.

“I am full.”

“But you didn’t eat at all.”

Venna had a cold smile.

She seemed to have noticed how Jamie was continuing to refuse. Jamie coughed.

Right as he was thinking about taking a bite.


“Eik! Fiyon! Master, tell her I am not here.”

Venna hid as soon as she heard a voice coming from outside, and mere moments later, someone opened the door.

A beautiful woman with short orange hair. A face he saw when he came here, Fiyon was a Valkyrie who stayed in Frontier to represent her race, and the person in charge of Venna’s education.

“Ah, you were eating? Sorry. But did our princess come here?”

Fiyon entered Jamie’s house without permission. Jamie looked at how she was entering the place Venna hid.

And looking at the sandwich, he sighed.

“Both of you.”


At Jamie’s mumbling, Fiyon turned her head.

“Both in my home…”

Jamie got up with an annoyed face and yelled.

“Get out!!”

At the same time, Fiyon disappeared. And it wasn’t just her, even the hiding Venna left.

As the house went silent, Jamie took a bite of the sandwich.

“Damn it. It tastes terrible.”

He would never take a bite of Venna’s cooking again.

After a rough meal, Jamie left his place.

He had something important to do today. He didn’t get to ask because of unexpected circumstances, but he had time for it now.

On the first day, Jamie followed Isis.

A lovely day with a clear sky, grass swaying in the cool breeze, and birds chirping. And they arrived at a large clearing.

The Old God, who had introduced himself as Osiris, was sealed there.

Osiris, who was sealed for a long time, perhaps longer than Diablo, could know about Garmon.

Isis had used a spell to open it. But now Jamie could do it without her.

“Is it here?”

As he reached out, concentric waves began to spread in the air, and the hand touching it started getting sucked in.

And he looked at the old man with his limbs bound by thick chains.


As Jamie approached, Osiris raised his head.

“Who are you?”

Osiris didn’t remember Jamie despite meeting him a few days back. It wasn’t a surprise since the god had gone insane long ago.

Jamie walked over and put his hand on Osiris’ head, shocking the god.

“What are you doing?”

“This is temporary, so it will be fine.”

Jamie was adept with psychic magic.

In particular, he knew how to treat mental disorders by analyzing the brain structure whenever possible. Even if it was difficult to cure chronic illnesses like dementia, he could make the patient normal for a short time.

It would be difficult if the god completely forgot his existence, but Osiris was still drifting in and out.

Black mana entered the body.


As if lightning struck, Osiris looked wide-eyed. Slowly the eyes were turning normal. Jamie lifted his hand and took a step back.

Osiris, who looked blankly into the air, blinked and looked at Jamie.

“I saw you then…”

He recognized Jamie now, mumbling while looking around.

“What year is it now? And Isis?”

“I don’t know how much time has passed, and Isis is in her house.”

“You came alone?”

“I had something to ask.”

“I remember telling you everything you were curious about last time.”

“it is of a different field. I have heard from Isis that this is Garmon.”

“There was a time when it was called by that name, but not now. Isis couldn’t have told you something different from this, I did tell her this is Garmon, but that name isn’t used anymore.”

“Is that so? Then, I have a question.”

Jamie held out his index finger and said

“I heard that some individuals and groups stayed here back when this place was called Garmon. Who were they?”

According to Canon’s diary, the name Garmon was written under a tombstone left for Diablo Volfir before the final battle.

That being said, it would be correct to assume that someone brought the contents of the tombstone to this place.

“Right. Did you come all the way here following their tracks?”

“Rather than following, I came here by pure accident. It was luck.”

“Perhaps it is fate?”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“I have very little memory of them. Because you know, my memories come and go. It wasn’t much different from now. But I still remember one of them.”

Osiris looked back into the memories in his mind.

He didn’t know the name, but he remembered that the person was unique.

“He always said this to me.”

-This world is ugly. It is irrational and is struggling with the 12 Gods. If he hadn’t failed, the world would have driven out the 12 Gods.

-But he failed, and now I don’t know if he is dead or alive. Probably dead. Even if he survived the Gods, he is a human who would have died eventually.

-He failed. A bittersweet failure. The one chance to drive out the 12 Gods has failed. It wasn’t easy. I saw the things on the tombstone he had written before he went into the final war.

-He said we would win, but we ended up losing. Personally, I think it is pathetic, but one way or another, I feel like he was right.

-I will follow his way and make up for his shortcomings. No matter how long it takes.

-it will be me who defeats the 12 Gods.

Jamie didn’t say anything for a while.

It was right.

He had the power to defeat the Gods, but he was tired of the deaths and betrayals around him and chose to be alone.

In the process, he lost his emotions. At the time, it felt right, but now he had a different opinion.

If he had gathered his allies and worked with them, if he had his familiars by his side till the end, the results would have been different.

As Jamie was thinking, Osiris said.

“But they didn’t stay long on this land.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“The plague spread. My memories are hazy during the time, but I am sure that most of them died on this land. Only a few others survived with him. They left Garmon, and this place has been afflicted with an unknown plague for a long time. Another long time passed, and it was renamed to Abraxas.”

Considering that Abraxas existed before the last reset, it can be said that the group in Garmon existed around 20,000 years back.

One thing was certain, people knew about Diablo Volfir and wanted to be like him.

But seeing that the 12 Gods exist, they must have failed if not…

‘Maybe he is alive and looking for another chance.’

If he was alive, what would he be doing right now?

‘He wouldn’t have spent the last 20,000 years in vain.’

He has to be up to something. However, there was a possibility that he could have taken a step back too.

Because humans are such a race.

-You…I hate you.

-Bastard. Fucking trash…!

-How could you do that to us?

-When I die, I will pray for the Gods to bring death onto you. Die.

The boy opened his eyes. His face was drenched in a cold sweat.

He ruffled the black hair back. And the hair stuck due to the sweat.

He got up, and seeing the damp bed, he realized how severe it was. The boy rubbed his purple eyes and washed his face.

“Why did I dream of that day…”

He couldn’t even remember how many years it had been. So much time had passed.

The boy walked to the window.

The milky way stretched out in the night sky. And he raised his hand.

The tips of his fingers trembled, and he clenched his hand.

‘I haven’t been able to get out of the nightmare.’

The boy clenched his teeth.

A problem he had to overcome.

Shaking his head, he walked back to his bed.

It looked like he couldn’t fall asleep, so he opened the door and went into the hallway; there, he saw Jormungand wearing a black dress, showing off her body by leaning against the wall.

The boy was startled.

“You shocked me. What are you doing out here?”

“Another nightmare?”

“… I was feeling a little thirsty.”

He said, rubbing his neck.

And to him, she said.

“Even if the karma of that day is difficult to overcome, you need to move ahead.”


“Because we have a contract.”

“I know.”

“Prometheus. If you truly wish to give humans a real fire, you’ll have to let go of your hesitation. For my lord and me.”

The boy, Prometheus, answered, rolling his eyes.

“Don’t worry. It is clear in the contract.”


Jormungand stroked the boy’s head. And he looked at her with cold eyes.

‘It isn’t far.’

Prometheus remembered what happened 20,000 years back.

The tragedy in Garmon.

The past when he slaughtered his own comrades with his hands.

And went ahead.

‘I will pass a new fire to humanity. That is my and my colleague’s wish.’

And to do that, he had to do just one thing.

‘I don’t want to hand it down. I will be the one to kill the 12 Gods.’

For the colleagues he had killed with his own hands.

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