Chapter 265 - Together! (1)

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Hippen, the queen of Valkyrie, roamed the forest lightly.

Recently, her condition has worsened to the point that she could feel the deterioration. She didn’t want to show her weak side to her people, but even walking was hard.

“How long do I have left to live?”

She pretended to be fine when she was with her daughter, but she was dying.

A year or so.

A withered flower cannot come back to life.

Hippen felt it clearly.

She entered the depths of the forest without assistance from her aide.

It was the ‘Forest of Birth’ where Valkyries were born.

Even now, several trees were growing beautifully. The next generation of Valkyries will be born from here. And further inside than there.

A space only for the royals, of which only one princess can become the queen.

In that space, there was a slender white tree. It was a tree which looked weak from the outside and similar in height to Hippen.

Contrary to its appearance, the tree wasn’t fragile.

Instead, it had the most potent life force of all the trees. It was because it is a tree with red flowers which gave birth to the royal Valkyries.

She remembered the first time she received Venna.

“She cried so hard.”

She cried so hard that it echoed through the forest.

Did Venna meet the person she called master? Her child said she had to be with him.

Even though she had to shoulder the burden of a queen, she said she couldn’t accept it.

Hippen didn’t try to break her stubbornness. She had no intention of doing that.

Whatever path she chose, it was her daughter’s choice. And if the price of it is the line of Valkyries being cut off, that is their fate.

She would have said no in the past, but with her life ending, she was becoming more tolerant.

Moreover, she wanted her daughter to live a free life.

“She has the wings to fly more beautifully than anyone else. Venna was born for that.”

The mother prayed for her distant daughter. And she knelt down in front of the white tree and touched it.

A ritual performed by the queen for the Valkyrie. This time, it is a ritual for Venna.

“Please be healthy.”

As Venna left the forest, she felt it. That she wouldn’t meet her child again.

By the time Venna returned, her mother wouldn’t be in this world.

So while she is alive, she wants to pray for her happiness.

‘Odin. Please take care of my children.’

An ancient god that exists in the history of Valkyrie. Hippen prayed for the child and for the royal family.

At that moment, something caught her eyes.

“… this?”

Her red eyes fluttered.

Venna ran blindly without thinking about where she was going. Beyond running, she spread her wings and flew into the sky.

Her heart was exhausted.

The betrayal was intense.

What were the past 5 years for?

If she had known she would hear such words, she wouldn’t have left her master.

The person who saved her was more precious than the others.

“This is too much.”

Tears were flowing from her eyes.

How far had she flown?

She flew without hesitation, and the frustration subsided a little. Venna slowly began to descend and land.

It was a vast, empty field. The cool night breeze mixed in with the smell of the forest, which didn’t go well with her gloomy expression.

She felt her head turn clear.

Venna sat on the floor and hugged her knees.


She sighed. What should she do next?

Seeing Jamie’s reaction, he wasn’t going to take her, which made her depressed.

She knew the path Jamie was on would be full of obstacles, and that their lives would be in danger, so she trained with determination.

Five years is a long time if one thinks it is a long time, yet short if one thinks it short, but she learned everything from the Valkyrie.

She also thought about how to deal with enemies stronger than himself.

Master said he couldn’t take her since he would have to look after her in a dangerous situation, but she thought he didn’t know her true abilities.

‘I can do well; I can protect myself.’

Why couldn’t he believe her?

Venna felt more and more worried.

It was then.


A resonance was felt from below, and the ground rose.

Heaps of weeds and dirt bounced up in all directions, revealing the tail of a giant scorpion from inside.

At a glance, its huge tail was over 10m tall and surrounded by an indigo blue carapace harder than steel.

The thick, sharp stinger aimed for Venna.


Why are there monsters here?

Monsters couldn’t approach the vicinity of Avalon at all due to the protection that Avalon provided.

If they did, the Master class people in Frontier would not let it live.

Venna felt strange and grabbed Philion from around her neck.

Philion turned into a pink hammer right away.

[What is it?]

He was sleeping, so he asked why he was woken up suddenly, but she wasn’t in a situation to answer. Venna struck the flying stinger with a hammer.


[it is hard!]

Venna’s body was pushed back around 10 meters.

The shock was enough to make both her hands holding it hurt.

Kukukung! The ground rose like a bump again, and the scorpion tried to push away the dirt covering its body.

The giant scorpion, the size of a front yard, threatened to hit her.

“Why are there monsters here? It looks so dangerous.”

[V-venna. Where are we?]

At that time, Philion felt strange and asked,


[This is outside! You couldn’t even feel this?]


It was then that Venna realized that she had flown out of Avalon’s protection without realizing it.

The sadness and betrayal she felt after her master decided not to have her along mixed together, so it seemed like she didn’t realize that she had come outside.

Venna’s expression darkened.

She sometimes forgot about it due to the peaceful life in Avalon, but this place is Abraxas and one of the 6 Bans.

The monsters inside these bans are known to have terrifying strength.

One could see it from the scorpion right in front of her.

[Venna, turn into Valkyrie mode.]


Venna grabbed Philion with both hands and spread the fairy’s wings.

Her hair was dyed bright red, and formidable power began to rise.

The giant scorpion which inhabits one of the 6 Bans is definitely a scary monster, but Venna wasn’t scared.

“I needed to unwind a bit; this is nice!”

… the moment she said that.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

A lump of dirt bounced off all sides as if hit by bombs, and five more giant scorpions appeared.


This is the 6th Ban, Abraxas.

Rough terrain that doesn’t allow human access. Venna clenched her teeth and flew away.

“Everything just disappears!”

A red light began to stir among the scorpion.

Venna gasped.

The taste of blood rose from her throat and lingered in her mouth.

Meanwhile, three scorpions remained.

Two were smashed with her hammer. Fighting a single one is difficult, but she managed to kill two while fending off the other three.

Still, that left three more scorpions to deal with.

[Don’t let go of your focus.]

Philion constantly stimulated her mind. A situation in which stamina was being pushed to a limit.

If her concentration had fallen to the bottom, one careless mistake would lead to death.

Venna knew it too.

‘I have always done it in practice.’

The fact that she risked her life training for five years.

She was led by Fiyon, who was in charge of her education and crossed the line several times.

She learned to fight there. As such, she didn’t lose concentration.

‘But my stamina has definitely gone down. If I don’t finish this quickly, I will be in danger.’


The head of the hammer split open in four directions, and a blue jewel appeared from inside. As mana was infused into it, the blue gem glowed.

As the fairy’s wings shook, beautiful light particles began to shine.

Venna’s form moved.

Venna approached the giant scorpion in the centre at once and swung her hammer.



Philion exclaimed with joy.

When the hammer hit the giant scorpion, a powerful explosion occurred.


The scorpion wailed a scream mixed with pain. A huge tail flew towards Venna.

She reacted immediately, but the tail was faster.

The poison stronger hit her body.

[Einheri Valkyrie]

Particles of light flew from the fairy wings and turned red, and three times the wings grew, becoming a large set of red wings.

Venna grabbed the sting of the giant scorpion approaching her nose with bare hands.

When her body was about to be pushed back, the wings flapped and began to push the tail.


The scorpion cried out, flustered with this situation and Venna exclaimed as she swung Philion.


The blue jewel stone shone inside, and the hammer opened up again. With an exploding sound, the stinger flew back.

Venna decided to kill all the scorpions before her boost ended.

‘If Einheri Valkyrie ends in the middle, I die.’

Instead of forcibly raising the power, it was kind of a doping technique which increased their movement speed.

She scattered a more vivid red light and slammed into the head of the next scorpion.


The thick skin which couldn’t be shattered had shattered at once.

She had previously pulled off suppressing a Demon baron for a while.

In such a state, for 5 years, she trained to awaken her power. So even the largest scorpion cannot withstand her.

‘Now there’s one left.’

She was about to fly towards the last one, but the red light from the wings began to weaken.

It had only been for a moment, but the power was being consumed too fast. Because this was imperfect still.

This is why Fiyon was with her all the time.

To complete the skill.

[Venna! We should avoid this! Things are getting dangerous!]

‘We can do it.’

Venna clenched her teeth. And the red particles turned a deeper shade of crimson for an instant.

Venna rushed at the giant scorpion. The scorpion, too, swung its claws.

After hitting claws which touched the hammer, Venna spun in the air and turned for the head.

At the same time.



Her red hair turned pink.

The red color on the wings was slowly dispersing.


Philion exclaimed urgently.

The claws rushed to crush Venna. She would become a handful of flesh if that gigantic thing closed in.

Just one left.

The fact that she couldn’t knock this one down upset her.

“Shit… this is bad.”

Venna closed her eyes, cursing.

“it cannot be stopped.”

“This makes sense.”

It was then that two familiar voices could be heard.

Someone was pulled, and Venna, who had been dangling from someone’s arm, looked at the person.


Jamie smiled instead of answering.

Behemoth’s voice could be heard.

“I will go. Lord.”

It was that moment. An enormous shadow fell down.

The shadow was so immense that even the giant scorpion looked small.

[You scumbag.]

A heavy voice which was unfamiliar.

It was Behemoth which had transformed to 1/100th size. Still, the giant scorpion felt like a bug in its hand.

Behemoth’s front paw fell off.


It felt like a volcano had erupted.

The vibration shook Abraxas. And Venna’s eyes widened.


“You, Behemoth. You only restored this much in the last 5 years?”

Unlike Venna, who was surprised, Jamie hated this.

Well, the situation cleared up in an instant. All the five scorpions were in the paws of Behemoth, crushed.

Jamie lowered Venna and coughed.

“Einheri Valkyrie looks good. I didn’t expect you to have mastered it.”

“… Master?”

“it is a good one. And I have personally seen it, though inexperienced, it’s wonderful that you could do this in just 5 years. Besides, it isn’t easy for a Master to defeat four of five Great Mountain Scorpions.”

“W-why are you praising me all of a sudden?”

“You did well. I saw the results of your five-year training with my own eyes and felt your hard work wasn’t in vain. You worked hard, Venna.”

“Eh… master…”

Venna wept at the compliment and clung to Jamie’s pants.

Jamie smiled.

“Still, it was overkill to aim for the last one. If I hadn’t been watching, it would have turned bad. Please don’t do this kind of thing in the future. Do only as much you can.”


“Let’s head back, Behemoth…”

Jamie was speechless when he saw Behemoth eat the scorpions.

He forgot that this poisonous raw food wouldn’t hurt this pig.

On the way back, he didn’t say a word.

To be precise, they both wanted to speak but couldn’t.

After everything that happened. this felt like a thorn in their throats. And the three entered the house.

Behemoth yawned and lay in a corner.

Maybe because it tried to use its 1/100th size for the first time in years, he felt sleepy.

Thanks to that, only the two of them were left, so an awkward atmosphere flowed.

“Would you like a cup of tea?”

“I will make it.”

“I cannot let you do that.”

“Too bad.”

At Jamie’s joking, Venna pouted.

But what could he do?

All food she touched would turn inedible.

There was no guarantee that the tea would be alright. So Jamie made the tea while Venna sat down sullenly.

And it wasn’t that she was sullen because she wasn’t given a chance to brew the tea.

Venna looked at the tea and asked Jamie.

“I cannot go with you?”

“Venna. I want you to come with me too. I saw your training today and confirmed that it wasn’t in vain, but you are the princess of Valkyrie and their next queen.”


“Will you abandon them?”

“Abandon… I don’t have to abandon them.”

“Venna, you know my purpose. And still, you give such an answer?”

Venna didn’t respond.

Jamie Welton’s goal.

To bring down the 12 Gods.

Just mentioning it made it sound impossible; anyone could imagine how harrowing the ordeals would be.

And dying wouldn’t be strange.

Moreover, despite Venna’s skills leaping compared to 5 years back, she was lacking in many things.

“Be the queen. And I hope you lead the Valkyries to help me.”

“Master… I…!”

It was then.

Someone smashed the door and came in.

“Everyone is here?”


She appeared with a bright look and looked at Jamie and venna.

“But what is with the atmosphere between you two?”



The expressions of the two darkened seeing her here, and Fiyon closed the door like a normal person.

And pretended as if nothing had happened.

“Excellent news for the both of you! This is wonderful news, especially for the princess!”

“What excellent news?”

“Fiyon, I am in a little serious situation.”

“Hahaha, I see that princess. You don’t have to mention it.”

“Are you teasing me? I was so upset that I couldn’t go with Master, so to make fun of me…!”

Venna jumped up, angry at Fiyon’s words.

“A younger one! A new princess Valkyrie has been born!”

“… Uh?”

“What was that?”

“What I said.”

Fiyon smiled.

“A second princess is born, and the first Princess Venna can go on adventures with Jamie Welton.”

Jamie and Venna didn’t respond.

They just looked at each other with bewildered faces and blinked their eyes.

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