Chapter 266 - Together! (2)

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At Fiyon’s outrageous words, Jamie doubted his ears.

Venna’s younger sibling was born out of nowhere? Could such a thing even be possible?

Even Venna was equally shocked.

“F-Fiyon? That isn’t a nice joke.”

“I am not joking, princess.”

“No. No. That makes no sense. Maybe a dragon can have this, but suddenly a younger sibling for me? No matter who hears it, wouldn’t it feel like a joke?”

This was right.

Babies take time to grow, so when a little sister is born out of nowhere, who would say, ‘Wow! Amazing!’?

Fiyon nodded as if she understood.

“Do you know how you were born, princess?”


Come to think of it, she didn’t know how Valkyries are born. This is because not a single Valkyrie was born since Venna went back.

The reason was simple.

Valkyries do not reproduce through regular means.

And Valkyries are all women.

Therefore, it wasn’t a form of sharing love with men and women and having kids. Instead, Valkyries extract their essence to have kids.

When planted in the Forest of Birth’s soil, flowers will grow, and a Valkyrie will be born.

Usually, that cycle happens once every 10 years. But it is different for a queen.

The queen’s children are also born through plants.

Located deep inside the forest, one can find the White Tree.

When the seeds of a Valkyrie are planted there, red flowers will grow, and a princess will be born.

“It had been seven years since the princess disappeared. We gave up on finding you since no matter how much we searched, we couldn’t find you.”

Gav had kidnapped Venna and hid her from her own race. So they couldn’t find her.

“The princess’s absence was a serious thing for us. Because the existence of the race itself was at stake. So the elders made a proposal to the queen.”

If the queen supported the Valkyrie, the four elders supported the queen. Usually, the queen would have the highest say, but this time the existence of their race was at stake.

The elders asked her to create a new princess.

“At that time, even our queen couldn’t refuse it. And so she went to the White Tree and put in her essence… but there was no reaction.”

It was a serious time. Usually, if the queen’s essence was planted on the White tree, the flower should appear within 10 years.

However, there was no sign of the tree flowering. And the entire Valkyrie was trembling in fear.

The already closed-off race was trying to become even more closed-off. Fear of not being able to live on was seeping into their minds.

“When most of the Valkyries had given up, news came that the princess was found.”

Once again, they had their princess back, so they did not care about the White Tree. And five years passed.

“And that flower bloomed now?”

“It looks like it was growing inside the tree.”

“… so such things happen.”

Jamie, who was listening, doubted his ears.

So, for the past 8 years, the red flower, which would become Venna’s younger sister, was inside the tree, and no one knew about it.

Besides, what is the probability of a flower growing inside the tree?

Growing up well itself is already impressive. Because it held the essence of the queen, that flower was able to survive.

“Should we call it lucky or unlucky?”

The fact that they didn’t know the flower was growing for 8 years wasn’t a good thing, but the flower now surfaced.

But Jamie had a different idea.

“It means that it will take two more years for her to be born,”


“Then she hasn’t been born yet?”

“Yes. Not yet.”

So the child is born after the queen dies. Royal Valkyries are born in a unique way and take the throne, but it was impossible to let the throne be vacant.

“It is something to celebrate that a second princess will be born, but…”

Jamie glanced at Venna with a complicated face.

“Venna, I guess you need to know.”


“Jamie Welton!”

Fiyon, noticing what Jamie was trying to say, wanted to stop him, but he continued.

“Enough, Fiyon. Normally, I thought it would be better to tell her on her way back, but now in such a situation, you should know that telling her is the right thing.”


Fiyon couldn’t speak back. And Venna was nervous at all this.

“W-what are you trying to say?”

“Venna. You are the only one suitable for becoming the queen.”

“But Fiyon just said…”

“No. It isn’t alright.”

“Why? Do you hate me coming with you so…”

Jamie cut Venna’s words with a serious tone.

“The queen, it is about your mother.”

“What about my mother?”

“She has a little over a year left. So you need to be the queen.”

As soon as she heard it, Venna went still. She just stared at Jamie’s face and opened her trembling lips.

“My mother… why?”


“Fiyon? Why mother, my mother… why does she only have one year?”


“The shock of losing you combined with the process of creating a new child must have deteriorated her health.”

Jamie said what Fiyon couldn’t.

“A Valkyrie queen has only one child during her time. That is because they are known to have the strong blood needed for bringing in a rightful heir. So the queen had to spend a lot on making you. But then she was heartbroken about losing you, and to keep hope alive for her people, she had to create another child. That must have been a fatal blow to her health.”

“So… because of me, my mother is…”

Venna sat down, her legs feeling weak. She was tearing up, and her shoulders shook.

Fiyon turned her head away, not willing to see her like that. Jamie squatted down and made eye contact with her.


“Because of me. Just because of me, my mother is…!”


“No! I hate that my mother is dying. My mom, why does my mom…”


“This can not be true, it has to be a dream. I was with my mom for just 5 years! Just 5 years!”


“Mom, I am sorry. If I didn’t get lost that day…”


Fiyon’s eyes went wide.

Venna felt her right cheek burn. Jamie lowered his hand and said,

“Calm down.”


“The past can never be undone, and regret will only cause pain.”

“But mother…”

“Right. It is for your mother that you cannot be acting like this.”


“Before becoming a queen, as a daughter, stay by your mother’s side. Until your sister is born.”

At those words, Venna began to weep.

“I miss my mother. I want to see her.”

She lived apart for 10 years. And despite being with her for 5 years, the gap caused by the 10 lost years couldn’t be filled.

The remaining time.

She was thinking of all that she couldn’t do in the past.

She knew it was bad, but not this bad. This was because her mother always showed a strong side to her.

If only she paid more attention. If only she had been more of a daughter her mother could lean on.

“I want to see my mom right now.”

“Yes. Let’s go right now.”

Jami helped Venna stand up.

Fiyon stood behind them with a bitter expression and approached them.

“I will come too.”

“Give me the coordinates.”

“Read my mind. It is easy.”


As soon as Fiyon confirmed, the coordinates in her head were checked.

“Grab the shoulders.”


“Let’s move, Venna.”

Jamie teleported to the coordinates he read.

Ariazad Great Forest.

Inside, there was an expansive field that didn’t fit the name of Great Forest.

There, the mana stirred, and three people appeared.

Jamie, Venna and Fiyon.

“It isn’t too far from Abraxas, but not close enough to reach in one jump. What kind of monster is a 9th class magician?”

“Stop talking nonsense and guide me.”

When Fiyon was startled, Jamie responded like it was nothing.

“Follow me.”

Fiyon beckoned and started to walk towards the centre of the field.

The space shook, and her form disappeared like a lie. Jamie thought it was strange to have such a wide field in the forest, but it was a passage to another place.

Jamie supported Venna and walked in the direction Fiyon disappeared.

The surroundings were dyed in the colors of the rainbow, and in an instant, a world covered by pastel colors appeared.

It was like a beautiful spring, which seemed to be the ‘spring through which the years flow’ where Valkyries live.

Fiyon, who was waiting first, said to Venna.

“Head home, princess. Let’s go see the queen right away.”

“Yes. Master. I will go alone from here. Thank you for supporting me.”


Jamie lifted his hand from Venna’s shoulders as she said she wanted to do this alone.

Although she was feeling weak, since this was her homeland, some energy must have returned to her, and she was able to walk again.

Valkyries were flying around, but none of them said anything. At that moment, a Valkyrie with indigo blue hair blocked their way.

She was the first to greet Venna.

“Second elder Sentina greets our princess.”

“It has been a while, Sentina.”

“I’m going to talk to Fiyon for a moment.”

The Valkyrie, who called herself Sentina, glanced at Jamie and asked Fiyon.

“Fiyon. Why did you come back without informing us? And why bring a human? Why does the princess look this bad?”

“We are here to see the queen.”

“The queen? I told you that the flower of the second princess has bloomed.”

“Princess Venna wants to see her. I am only here to guide her. To answer your other question, the man is Jamie Welton.”

“… Jamie Welton!”

Sentina’s eyes widened.

Perhaps because he is the human who was with Venna. Jamie just shrugged.

“Right. Princess, wait a minute. I will inform the queen you have arrived.”

Saying that, she disappeared, and Jamie looked at Fiyon and asked her.

“She is one of the four elders?”

“She is strong. She is my direct superior and the queen’s assistant.”

“I see.”

Obviously, as an elder of Valkyrie, the energy he felt was Master class.

Although Valkyries didn’t live long like the three races, they were still long-lived compared to humans and were powerful.

Besides, when it comes to elders, they are the second strongest power after the queen.

It would have been somewhat disappointing if they weren’t a master class. After a while, Sentina came and said,

“Fiyon stays, the princess and you can go.”

Venna nodded and walked, followed by Jamie.

As they entered, the first thing Jamie saw was a huge tree.

There was a big hole under the three beautiful shades. Inside was the current Valkyrie queen sitting in an alluring posture.

The queen looked at Venna.

“My daughter. Come here.”


As soon as Venna saw her, she went to hug her.

Jamie stood as he watched the mother and daughter hug. Hippen was taken aback by the appearance of her daughter crying and wiped her tears.

“Why are you crying all of a sudden? Did anything bad happen?”

“Uhh. There is no such thing.”

Venna shook her head, crying, not wanting to worry her mother.

As a result, the queen’s dress was drenched in tears, but the queen didn’t care.

“Then why are you crying? Are you crying because you are happy about having a sister?”

“I heard… about my sister….”

“Right. Venna will get a younger sister. There are still two years left for her to be born, but let’s be happy for her.”


Venna couldn’t smile at the answer.

Hippen patted Venna, a shocked look making itself visible as Venna didn’t respond.

“Why is my daughter not answering?”



“You only have one year to live?”

Hippen’s eyes trembled at it. She straightened her expression and said in denial.

“What are you talking about? Why does mom have just one year to live? I will live my life with my daughter….”

“I heard it all. Because of me… I disappeared, and mom had to overwork and extract her essence…”


“I am sorry, I am sorry, mom!”

Venna was sobbing, and while she tried to hold back her tears, she couldn’t.

Hippen felt like her heart would stop at this. She had wished for Venna to never know.

“I am sorry, Venna.”

“Y-You should have told me earlier. I wouldn’t have left the forest and stayed here if you had. I wished I had more time by your side.”

“Uh. Sorry. Mom is sorry too.”

Hippen took Venna into her arms and patted her on the back.

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