Chapter 268 - Balisada (1)

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Around 1 am.

The war started when the nation of Terrisia on the east of <Kariren> raided the Cheshan kingdom of northern <Olvia>.

Although the two nations were well acquainted with each other, they were previously keeping an eye on the other while sticking to some skirmishing, despite the recent instability.

Terrisa broke that stalemate first.

Terrisia was secretly bringing in troops and weapons from the Zenith church and the eastern nations, and the border city of Cheshan turned into a sea of fire in an instant.

Cheshan was always in a state of tension, so they responded quickly. Despite that, it was impossible to stop the fully prepared Terrisia.

Even the troops dispatched by the northern allies suffered near annihilation.

The Seldam Kingdom’s northern ruler activated the warp plane and immediately dispatched all forces to Cheshan.

They burned the city down and faced Terrisia’s advancing forces into the next city, Aegean.

Thanks to that, it was possible to temporarily halt Terrisia’s advance.

However, there were Master class people in Terrisia’s army, and they would continue their advance as soon as the sun rose.

Still, they had a few hours left.

King Abtesha IV of the Cheshan nation urgently proposed an alliance meeting with the rulers through a magic communication device about what was happening.

-What do I do? King Friendmoor’s support created a situation for us to breathe, but they couldn’t do much.

It is said that the lost troops are being quickly replenished, depending on how much support they are getting. At this rate, even the Aegean city will be burned down.

After Aegean comes, Siri, Appo, and then Catel.

And once they get to touch all the three cities after it, the Cheshan is practically no different from being cut down. And this wasn’t just a problem of the Cheshan nation.

Even if they don’t conquer Cheshan, two paths will open up, one to the Kingdom of Apsilon, and one to the Kingdom of Rendry, making them the next likely targets.

Also, the Yvrie Liberation, which borders Cheshan, will have to endure the invasion from the side. If that happens, the Seldam Kingdom will be burdened.

-Right now, it is difficult for us to transfer support to Yvrie. We also do not know when the attack will come. Please understand.

Like the Cheshan Kingdom, Yvrie is a nation with intercontinental borders.

On the other side, the Einstel and Kwatacha Kingdoms were looming threats in the east, which was an even worse situation.

However, the Einstel Situation was an eastern nation where most people believed in “Arbela, the God of Wisdom and Stupidity”, so Zenith’s influence wasn’t as strong there.

In fact, the main enemy was the Kwatacha Kingdom. Still, this nation has more than 1.5 times the national power of Yvrie Liberation, so if they headed off to war, there would be no answer.

The northern allies sent support to Yvrie Liberation rather than the Cheshan kingdom.

In such a situation, Terrisia attacked Cheshan, and the situation took a turn for the worse.

-Please understand us. This is a warning. If Cheshan falls, the neighboring nations are at risk too.

-W-well, then what should we do with Apsilon? I already sent enough troops… Do we send more?

-I am sorry. King Ray, can you not make such a decision? How do you manage the state affairs of Apsilon with such an attitude? What more? Aren’t you the decision maker there? Is there another king?

King Vito of the Galteon Kingdom was angry at the timid voice of King Ray of Apsilon.

Queen Anna XI of the kingdom of Fiangre, which was adjacent to Apsilon, defended King Ray.

-Enough, King Vito. King Ray has been on the throne for less than a year. Since he only recently took the throne, he has been getting a lot of help from key officials.

-Uh. Sitting on the throne without even knowing anything.

-King Vito, that isn’t what we are here to discuss.

“Everyone stop.”

As the mood was turning worse, King Friedmoor, who was silent, intervened.

“Now that the enemy invasion has begun, will we fight over such trivial matters? I want everyone to focus on the situation at hand.”

-Thank you, King Friedmoor.


As the leader of the Northern Alliance, King Friedmoor, who calmed the atmosphere at once, continued.

“Currently in the Seldam Kingdom, Great magicians Richter Simon and Linmel have been dispatched. Count Welton is currently heading there with an army of 10,000. But it will take time for them to arrive. How about sending additional troops from Apsilon and Rendry and half of the troops from Rendry to Yvrie?’

-As soon as the news of the invasion reached us, General Kalga and 3,000 troops were sent to Yvrie, and general Ento with 7,000 soldiers were dispatched to Apsilon. Please hold on until they arrive.

-Ooh! If it is general Kalga, the Knight of Fire! If he comes, even Kwatacha won’t be able to attack us.

-Indeed! The boldness of dispatching a major force right away! Thank you very much! This favor will be repaid for sure.

-Yvrie will definitely repay this.

When King Decaroi of the Rendry Kingdom dispatched troops to support both nations, the kings receiving their help expressed their gratitude.

-Uh… I, too, will request General Shadikhan and 5,000 troops to be dispatched… no, I will send them!

-Thank you, King Ray! I will repay this favor!

At once, more than 20,000 troops began to gather in the Cheshan Kingdom.

However, it would take time for them to gather and arrive, so the suffering wasn’t over.

Abtesha IV spoke in a firm voice.

-I am sure it will be preserved till then. We can never lose to those wicked things.

-The east coast… even the border nation Einstel, doesn’t sympathize with Zenith Church, right? Huh. They likely won’t interfere.

-Right. I always thought of them to be cocky, but glad things turned out like this. We can take the chance and eradicate the Zenith church, which summoned the demon, and tell <Kariren> who is strong.

-Let’s show the power of the Northern Alliance.

“Everyone should be alert. This one’s power is known to be stronger, and Zenith Church is known to collude with evil ones. Also, we never know when they decide to summon the demons. If they use demons, even if we are wary of them, we will surely take tremendous damage, so everyone…”

King Friedmoor spoke with golden eyes.

“We need to focus on annihilating the Zenith Church.”

To that, the other kings of the north said.


“The war started?”

“You aren’t shocked?”

Isis was a little taken aback at Jaime’s blunt question.

“Small fights were happening for a long time and this is a war which should have happened 5 years back. Surprisingly, they are starting it just now. So, what is the situation?”

“Gerin city of Cheshan Kingdom has already fallen into the hands of Terrisia. Two great magicians from your kingdom are coming to help them.”

“And the names?”

“Count Simon and Marquis Linmel.”

Beryl said,

“I was asked to return to the kingdom right now.”

“They will be contacting you soon.”

As soon as the words were said, a response came from the communication orb in the subspace.

As Jamie pulled it out, a light flashed, and a message could be seen.

[War outbreak. 3rd Elder Jamie Welton is requested to return right away.]

The Seldam Kingdom wasn’t in immediate danger, but the Cheshan Kingdom was an ally and gateway into the north. So the Seldam Kingdom wanted it safe, which meant they wanted all the Master class people back in the kingdom.

“What will you do?”

Isis asked, looking at Beryl and Jamie.

They both belonged to the Seldam Kingdom and were obligated to follow the King and his orders.

They didn’t have to answer their call right now, but if their return was late, they would be punished, especially if something terrible happened.

And their loyalty to the kingdom will be questioned.

“I will have to head back for now.”

“Same here.”

Isis nodded.

Jamie wasn’t a member of Frontier in the first place, so she couldn’t order him around, and she was aware of Beryl’s circumstances.

And she decided to make it clear.

“We cannot help.”

“I know. We don’t expect it either.”

“Frontier is also preparing for something big, so don’t feel bad if we cannot jump in.”

“Thanks for at least saying that.”

Isis smiled bitterly.

Her purpose is to kill the Dragon God.

To that end, she even visited the Dragon Mountains and signed a contract with the head of the Blue clan.

“It won’t be easy, but you should do everything possible. Do well.”

“Please kill the dragon god. I will kill Zenith.”

“Thanks. When do you plan to leave?”

“What do we do?”

Beryl asked Jamie, and Jamie looked at Behemoth, who was sleeping.

He has to stay here to help Frontier.

That way, their chances of killing the Dragon God, Brahamn, increase by at least 1%.

“Let’s leave after eating. I have to eat something.”

“Good. Then I will ask Rosemary to make something good. Then…!”

Before the meal, Jamie headed to the forge of Ironlil.

He asked him to make a sword using the dragon’s heart.

It would be nice if it got completed before he left, but a good sword cannot be made immediately, so he would have to come back here later and get it.

Then why go?

He didn’t have any sword on him to use, so he was going there to get one.

“Mr. Lil, are you inside?”

He heard the hammer pounding, but he didn’t hear the answer. Was the man too immersed in his work?

Jamie quietly walked in.

Tang! Tang! Tang!

The sound of a hammer.

He could feel the immense heat in the force filling around.

He titled his head and checked the situation.


Jamie looked at the place with a shocked face.

Fire had engulfed Ironlil.

Inside, Ironlil was holding the shape of a blade, swinging the hammer in a state of high concentration.

How can he even hold onto the hammer in such a situation?

Dwarves are strong against fire, and high-level dwarves say it is okay to touch fire to some extent, but at first glance, this fire seemed to be a thousand degrees.

Still, it wasn’t strange that a dwarf belonging to the Five Hands wouldn’t die.

This is why Ironlil looks…

“Looks like he is on fire.”

He wasn’t covered in fire.

Ironlil was on fire.

In that state, he was wielding a hammer and completing the sword.

He had never witnessed such a sight.

Jamie thought that he shouldn’t be disturbed and decided to come out.

It was the moment.


The flames engulfed the entire forge and broke out.

“What is this!”

He was shocked at this scene of fire breaking out and burning around everything.

Jamie steered the wind towards the sky to prevent the flame from spreading. Then the fire soared high into the sky as if ascending to heaven.

Great flame and heat spread around, and Jamie was so surprised that he couldn’t but stop.

“What is it?”

“What kind of pillar of fire is it?”

“Did Lil do something?”

“Fire. So cool.”

As this pillar of flame rose around the forge, the people gathered around went close to it.

Isis said, feeling the energy from the pillar of fire.

“This… is the red dragon’s flame?”

“Right. I entrusted him with the red dragon heart. I wanted him to make a sword.”


“Dragon heart sword? Could it be that the sword that Lil said he is making is from a dragon heart?”

“Oh my gosh…”

They were all equally shocked, but now wasn’t the time for Jamie to care about their reactions.

“It is coming soon.”

The massive pillar of fire gradually increased in heat.


A fierce flame began to get sucked into the forge at great speed. Everyone opened their eyes to this situation.


Along with the sound of a hammer, gray smoke rose around. Jamie once again manipulated the wind to blow the smoke into the sky.

Thanks to that, there was no damage to the surroundings. And after a while.

“Phew. It was so hot that I almost died.”

Ironlil came out soaked in sweat.

He was holding something wrapped around his side in a pink cloth, and everyone titled their heads.

“What is going on in front of my house this morning?”

A situation where everyone was too shocked. Jamie took a step ahead and asked.

“Mr. Lil, is my sword done?”

“Ah. Well, I was coming to see you just now.”

Ironlil smiled, looking at Jamie, and held out the pink cloth.

“It is done. Your sword.”

Jamie had no idea that it would be completed in such a short time.

Jamie took the pink cloth without another word. A sword from dragon heart in such a short time?

To be honest, if he hadn’t seen the work, he wouldn’t have believed it.

But Jamie saw it.

“Open it up.”


Ironlil, too, had a nervous expression. He watched quietly, and the people around were looking nervously at the bundle of cloth.

Jamie unwrapped the cloth.

The first thing that came out was the sheath made by tinkering with white leather, decorated with gold, and looked luxurious.

The hand felt like a sword right for him. And Jamie held it.

And the dragon head carved under the handle proved that it was a sword that shouted dragon slayer.

It was light in weight, just as Ironlil was informed.

Jamie slowly threw the sword from the sheath.


Befitting a sword made from a red dragon’s heart, flames were leaking out of the sheath despite only pulling a little of it.

But this sword wasn’t just a fire-breathing sword.

“I will pull it out.”

“Do it!”

Ironlil cried out.

Jamie clenched his teeth and drew the sword.

At the dazzling brilliance flowing from the sword, Jamie smiled.

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