Chapter 269 - Balisada (2)

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The light shining from the sword faded away, and a subtle energy moved around it.

It was an elegant, long silver sword.

The sharp blade of a suitable length seemed to be able to cut hands at the slightest of touches.

Jamie lightly rubbed the sword with his hand. It was made with the heart of the red dragon, but the mid-winter day was cold.

He flicked his finger at it.


A clear and refreshing sound.

He moved the sword from the right hand to the left and tried holding it with each hand, and then tightly gripped the handle with both hands.

He held it at different angles and checked the sword’s weight. He liked the feel of it.

It felt natural, as if this was a sword he had had for a long time. Jamie focused on the sword and infused his mana.


As mana entered, flames rose from the sword.

“It is made with the heart of a red dragon, so it is impossible to take away the flames. It seems like my skills were lacking.”

“It is because this is a dragon slayer. You cannot eliminate its essence; it was no mistake.”

When Ironlil spoke with a sad tone, Isis offered words of consolation to him. Jamie couldn’t even hear that. That was how much he was focused on the sword and aura, not even noticing the flames.

The nature of mana began to change into the form of an aura, responding to the Sword Master’s will.

Very slowly and calmly.


His fingertips trembled, and he felt the vibration.

Although the sword cried as it reacted strongly to the aura, there was no adverse reaction. Instead, it vibrated loudly, as if asking for more.




Jamie held the sword and looked at Isis.

She seemed to know what he was asking without even knowing the details.

When Isis extended her right hand, Gram, the thunder dragon sword, was summoned with a blue shine.

As she clasped her hand around it, it rang out a “grrrng!” sound.

“Let’s go to a bigger place as the other buildings here might get damaged.”


Near Avalon, there was a lot of uninhabited space, so they went to one such area. The ones who wanted to watch it followed them.

“Everyone, keep your distance.”

At Isis’s request, all the onlookers spread back around 100 meters.

Jamie opened his mouth, looking at the sword he hadn’t yet named.

“I will wield it with all my might.”


The two were ready with their utmost focus. And when they faced each other, they swung their swords with all their might.

Two dragon slayers collided.

The fire and lightning intertwined without mercy, creating a bitter air.



A vortex of flames and thunder was created around the two, and the surrounding area was devastated.

Even the onlookers who were around 100 meters away were shocked by it.

“Just with a single collision?”

“Is this the power of the dragon slayers?”

“Is Jamie’s sword not pushed back at all?”

“The light is growing brighter! Everyone, move back!”

Hawks flew back and warned everyone.

As he said, the energy from the two swords gradually started to change, as if gaining its own life.

The light was only getting brighter.

Since they were all talented, they were able to move back right away.


The spectacle made of fire and thunder looked quiet from the outside, but it held nothing but violence inside.

Whose power was stronger?

It almost seemed like that was the question the power was fighting for.

But Jamie didn’t allow the will of the sword to take over.

‘Follow me.’


The sword resisted, but Jamie’s mental power wasn’t any less.

He kept holding onto it and kept controlling it.


The sphere of light cracked from above and spat out a massive amount of energy.

And it shook the entire place. Dust spread out in circles around the light.

The ground shook as if it would crack.

It was unbelievable for just one clash to cause this much damage. Still, no one said anything, aware of the weapons’ origins.

The light gradually dispersed, and smoke flew around. Everyone frowned to know what was happening inside the smoke.

But it was difficult to check.

It was then.

The wind blew, the smoke began to clear, and everyone looked shocked.

“What do you think?”

Isis asked with Gram on her shoulder.

Gram seemed unable to calm the excitement of going against something strong and kept releasing thunder energy,

To prevent that, Isis continued to inject her aura into it. And Jamie was doing the same.

“Look at it trying to run rampant.”

Maybe it was because the weapons were made of dragon hearts. Or maybe due to the stimulus from the previous clash. Regardless of the reason, it constantly tried to throw out flames.

Just like Gram.

Aside from the fact that the sword was good, controlling it was difficult.

Wielding a dragon slayer meant Jamie had to be prepared for this, but it kept trying to escape Jamie’s influence.

He would have to weaken it, or the sword will eventually consume him.

If that happens, this sword would be as terrible as the demon sword.

‘But for now, it is in my hands.’

If he cannot handle this, it will be difficult for his future plans to succeed.

“So. What do you think?”

Isis unsummoned Gram and asked.

And there was only one answer to it.


“Lil. Congratulations.”

Isis touched Ironlil’s shoulder with a happy face. On the surface, Isis may have looked like his granddaughter, but she was significantly older than him.

She was the same age as Ironlil’s grandfather.

Ironlil coughed as if it didn’t matter.

“Huh. I just did what I could; there is no need for that.”

“Feeling shy?”

“W-who is feeling shy! I have gone over that time a long time back!”

Jamie smiled at it.

“You made something amazing.”

“Well. from what I can see, the sword is well made. The material was good for it. I made it by mixing in leftover mithril and steel to reinforce the dragon heart. It will not be scratched by any attack. The sword you wanted.”

“Yes. When we clashed, I felt it. The hardness of this sword is superior to any sword I have ever seen. I will use it well.”

“Um. You should”

“But aren’t you both forgetting something?”

Isis, who listened to them, asked.

Jamie and Ironlil tilted their heads. Seeing that, she sighed and pointed to the sword.

“Shouldn’t we come up with a name?”


A great sword was made, but it was unnamed.

Jamie scratched his chin and looked at the sword.

What could it be called?

There was nothing he could think of.

“I was too focused on making it, and I didn’t name it.”

Ironlil, too, didn’t seem to have a name. Usually, the blacksmith names the sword, but this time it was an exception.

As he said, he was too focused on completing it.

Because this was no ordinary sword.

When Jamie and Ironlil were seriously thinking. Isis raised her hand.

“If you cannot think of anything, can I suggest something? I have a name which suits it.”


“Tell us.”

Before giving the name, Isis gave an explanation of why she came up with this name.

“There are several great weapons in the legend of Ran. The name I will give the sword is derived from one of them.”

In terms of pure force, it was said that he was the strongest among the three races, and if it was a legend, it meant he had to be great.

“The name is Balisada.”


“It was a legendary sword from long ago owned by my ancestor. The original owner had a separate sword.”

“… what are you saying?”

“Simply put, the owner of Balisada had tried to kill my ancestor but failed, and my ancestor took the sword. The problem is that the ability of the Balisada is unusual.”

“What ability?”

“The ability to cut through space.”

Jamie’s eyes widened at those words.

A sword able to cut through space.

He seemed to understand why Isis recommended the name. The swordsmanship of the Welton family is built around cutting space.

With this sword, he intended to use that same swordsmanship.

“But, the name of my ancestor who owned it is probably well known in the human world.”

Why will humans know about a Ran?

Jamie looked confused when Isis had a naughty smile, until she spoke.

“Hero Roland. Balisada was one of his swords.”

At the name Roland, Jamie and Ironlil looked shocked.

A hero that wielded the sword of Durandal and commanded the world.

A name so famous that it was known to both dwarves and humans.

Although his end was tragic, his heroic tale is widely known to all.

Did Roland have another sword apart from Durandal?

“Roland was Ran?”

“Then the power he had can be understood to some extent.”

“Well, looking at the sword, I couldn’t think of another name.’


Jamie pulled the sword out of the sheath.

The dazzling silver blade shone brightly and could pierce the space if needed.

“Good. Henceforth, this sword is “Balisada”. A fitting name.”

“Right, it suits it.”

“If it is the sword of Roland, I have no problems with it.’

Jamie nodded with a smile.

“Right. Balisada, I am counting on you.”

As if in response, Balisada echoed.

“Hehe. I don’t know how long it has been since I wore this.”

Kreon looked at the mirror, wearing the clothes of the Seven Knight’s head.

The beard and hair were now cleaned up, and he felt different with the new holy power. Thanks to that, it looked like he was back to his youthful appearance.

“Like someone else.”

He was imprisoned in the dungeon for almost 5 years and lost most of his life.

Even though he looked young enough, considering he was older than 50, the dungeons were enough to drain his life.

So he couldn’t hold onto his youth.

His hair, beard, stretched wrinkles and skin, along with a thin body.

“This… this is it.”

Kreon smiled as he pointed to himself in the mirror. And then went back to normal.

In his head, a war scenario that was stopped five years ago resumed. His eyes were filled with madness as he looked into the mirror.

“Jamie… Jamie Welton.”

The name he loathed.

Had it not been for that little kid, he wouldn’t have been through that disgrace for 5 years.

He heard that now, that child is a great magician. He wasn’t surprised as he witnessed the talent with his eyes.

Instead, thinking that he was good enough, he was full of bloodlust.

Don’t die too easily.

It would be no fun to squish a bug after all.

The stronger one is, the stronger their resistance, and the joy of getting revenge will be maximized when the hopes get trampled on.

Kreon wriggled his fingers.

“I will make you beg for your life. Please spare me, Kreon! You will be like a dog! A slave fucking licking my feet. Please let me live… ah, no, don’t touch my family! I will become your slave for the rest of my life. Wag in front of me! … hahahaha!”

Kreon was spilling out his delusions as he laughed.

The boy standing next to Kreon with his clothes was bowing his head.

He was the newly assigned servant.

The child’s expression changed as Kreon placed his hand on the head.

The boy’s fear was visible from a mile away.

“Am I scary?”


“Then why are you trembling?”

“I-I’m just a little cold…”

“Right. Is it cold? Well, it can be cold. Take it easy.”

He turned around and stroked the boy’s head with a kind face, and the boy sighed in relief as he looked at Kreon.


His sight had split.

No, he was mistaken.

The boy’s head was split diagonally as it fell to the ground.

In an instant, the floor was covered in blood, and Kreon mumbled.

“Take it easy and work next to God Zenith. This is your promotion.”

And he stood in front of the sword in the black sheath.

Kreon picked it up and pulled the sword.

A holy sword God Zenith gave to him.

Although it was a sword looted from its owner, it was a holy sword recognized by God Zenith.

Five years back, he had infiltrated Apton, so he couldn’t take this with him.

“I will be using you after a long time, Durandal.”

A smile crept up Kreon’s lips.

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