Chapter 270 - Farewell And Meeting (1)

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There was no luggage around Jamie.

This is because all the luggage was in his subspace. Balisada was hanging around his waist, so he no longer felt quite as light.

Was he now a full-fledged magic swordsman?

He heard that the magic swordsmen of the past only ever mastered magic or the sword.


Magic swordsmen had extreme talent in magic, and their tricks with swords were limited.

Thus, they were not perfect.

But Jamie wasn’t such a magic swordsman.

‘How do I compare to my previous level?’

He was still a long way off.

Diablo Volfir had risen to the highest level. Jamie’s strength had grown significantly in the past five years, but his enemies would be stronger too.

It could be an Apostle or a Grand Master.

Maybe a dragon.

But no matter what, he can only win the war if he keeps getting stronger.

Also, he must reach the level of his previous life. Only then would he be able to take down the Gods.

As a result, he cannot stop training. Because enemies were waiting for him.

“Are you ready?”

“Look back.”

At Beryl’s words, Jamie looked around the room.

He didn’t stay long, but he got used to this place which felt like home.

And he looked at the table.

There, Behemoth was glaring at him with wide eyes.

Jamie coughed and said to him.


“What, you ask? Lord?”


There were two reasons for Behemoth to do this.

First was Jamie’s sudden departure from here, and the second…

“If you were going to send off Venna, you should have woken me up!”

“You were sleeping so soundly that I couldn’t wake you up.”

“For real!!”

Behemoth stood up with short legs and shouted.

The whole building shook.

No matter how small he was now, he had the strength of a familiar which could reach the sky.

“I think you need to talk. I will be waiting outside.”

Beryl coughed as he went out. Jamie sighed as he watched it.

“I am sorry.”

“Then Venna… will never come back?”

“We cannot be together. Because she will be the next queen.”

“And Lord is going to go?”

“Right. You have to stay and help Isis.”


Behemoth sighed.

After only a night’s sleep, he found himself in a different world. Honestly, he didn’t like Jamie now, but he couldn’t force him to act like a kid and bring Venna.

He thought this was better.

Because Venna didn’t have a character that could handle the battlefield.

She liked to look like she could fight, but Venna was someone who couldn’t even handle being in the Dark Magician School.

And how could he expect her to handle the battlefield?

Even if she said she was fine, she must be dying inside at the sight of death.

“I will contact Venna, and you can go through Fiyon.”

“Take this.”

Jamie took a piece of cloth and placed it on Behemoth’s back.

Behemoth took the cloth with its mouth, put it on the table, and titled his head.

A magic circle of very complex manners was drawn on it.

“What is this?”

“A warp magic circle which can be activated once a month. It is connected to where Venna is.”


“You have the mana for it?”


Behemoth exclaimed excitedly.

Behemoth had done his task without a complaint, so Jamie decided to do this much to not upset him. And as expected, Behemoth wrapped the cloth around the neck.

‘Simple-minded idiot.’

He was the one who made Behemoth like this.

“Anyway, please help Frontier with their plans. And focus on restoring your power. Five years passed, but you are still small. That will get you killed one day.”

“Okay, lord! Next time we meet, I will try to return to my original form.”

“if things don’t go well, call me right away. If you keep reporting about just apples the next time… I will stab you with an iron skewer.”

“What do you mean?”

“It means I will roast you.”


Behemoth screamed.

Jamie sighed at this. If only Jormungand had been here, she could have taken good care of him.

‘But… where are you?’

If Jormungand had been here, it would have been an enormous help. Jamie patted Behemoth and came out.

Beryl, who was waiting outside, said,

“All done?”


“Everyone is gathering at the hall. Let’s say our goodbyes.”


When they arrived there, Isis and the others welcomed them.

“Hurry up and sit down~”

“Have you packed all your stuff?”

“Jamie. Leaving. So sad.”

Isis, Han, and Nel spoke in turn.

Hawks and Jin sat quietly with their arms crossed, and Ironlil didn’t come, saying he had already told them goodbye.

Fiyon was nowhere to be seen, but it seemed like she had tasks on her hand. Rosemary smiled and bowed.

Jamie smiled at this family-like atmosphere.

“Come and sit~”

As Isis kept saying it, the two sat in the empty seats. And sitting down, Jamie looked at everyone’s faces.

Jamie hadn’t been here long, but he had gotten so close to everyone that he didn’t feel any difficulty or discomfort.

In particular, despite not talking with Rosemary much, he was fond of her.

“As always, thank you for the delicious meal.”

“I am grateful you enjoyed it.”

Rosemary blushed and shook her head.

Even this looked good because it was Rosemary.

And he looked at Hawks.

He had an argument with him as soon as he arrived and remembered being emotionally drained.

At that time, he hated Hawks so much that he wanted to kill him, but he was the one who volunteered to help Jamie.

Although the method was radical, he remembered Hawks’ smile on that day.

“Hawks. Thanks to you, I was able to understand my realization. Thank you.”

“What nonsense. It was nothing.”

“Still, even if we look like a weak race, don’t ignore us. If you want Frontier to achieve its goal, you must be ready to work with anyone. I hope you realized that during our fight.”


Hawks snorted.

It seemed like he didn’t expect this topic to come up.

But he had changed a lot since the first day. Jamie was happy with that.

Hawks was a core power in Frontier, so his attitude will decide the relations of Frontier in the future.

In that case, Hawks’ previous thoughts wouldn’t help Frontier. So fixing them is the right thing.

Next to him was Jin.

“Jin. The time I traveled with you. It was fun. Crossing bothers illegally.”

“Why cross borders like that when you have a plaque?”

Han intervened in the conversation speaking in an absurd tone, but the two didn’t seem to care.

Jin smiled under the mask.

“I am glad you had fun.”

Jamie nodded and looked at Han.

Somehow, it felt like he was talking to each one, but he didn’t care.


“I-is it me now?”

“Thank you for bringing Venna and Behemoth safely here. Thanks.”

“Um… it is weird to hear that from a kid. Well, I just did what was needed.”

“Right. That is still good.”

“I am getting goosebumps.”

Hans didn’t like a serious atmosphere, so he waved his arms.

Next was Neil-Sharan, who was waiting.

Her eyes twinkled for it. But Jamie had nothing to say. Well, their conversations didn’t exactly happen in a usual fashion.

Still, it seemed like Jamie had to say something to satisfy her.

“Next time, I will tell you more about the magic circle.”

“Wow! Magic circle!”

“By then, perfectly understand what I showed you. Okay?”

“Yes! Promise!”

“Right, promise.”

The distance was far, but both lifted their pinky fingers in the air. Now for the last one, Isis.

She smiled and nodded.

Jamie thought it was a signal to talk, and he thought of what to say. He had too many talks with her to narrow down on one thing.

And smiling faintly, Jamie said.

“My real name is Diablo Volfir. 66,666 years ago, I was the dark magician who faced the 12 Gods.”

Isis’s eyes widened at those words.

Jin, who was also aware, was shocked.

Neither of them expected Jamie to openly declare it. Nor did Jamie.

He never thought he would reveal his identity like this.

He had no intention of letting anyone other than Isis or Jin know.

Because the more the people knew, the higher the risk of it leaking out. However, he thought that such a thought was disrespectful to these people.

During this time, he received their help and became a Sword Master, and his Starlight had evolved too.

He obtained a new sword and the leaves of the White tree.

He learned about the old gods and their secrets. He was given a lovely, warm house, food, and a godfather in Beryl.

‘I came here to receive.’

At first, Jamie didn’t like Frontier.

Even though Beryl was in it, he thought they were vicious people who destroyed the system in the name of revolution.

But those thoughts fell apart after coming here. Frontier is just a group that resisted the 12 Gods and sought freedom.

Living modestly in Avalon, seeking peace by eating grains they grow.

The essence of Frontier was known.

So he thought it was fine to tell them.

“I was sealed for all this time and finally came to this land. I don’t know how I was brought. One thing is certain, I have the same goal now as I did back then.”

Jamie raised his finger and said to everyone.

“Humanity. No, it is freedom for this world.”

Everything went quiet. Both those who didn’t know it and those who knew it were shocked.

Well, this was expected.

Some couldn’t understand what was being said.

“To do that, I have to defeat the 12 Gods. But I failed once. When I got this new life in this new world, I thought no one would oppose the 12 Gods except me.”

But he was wrong.

There were still those who disliked the Gods.

“And I found you all. You are fighting reckless fights to win freedom, even if it means hitting rocks with eggs. You people fight without losing hope, and I saw it with my own eyes.”

“You saw it?”

Rosemary was the one who asked.

Jamie smiled at her question and said.

“I told Isis the other day…”


“I, Diablo Volfir, a revolutionary army that takes over the maintenance of the Resistance and opposes the 12 Gods. All of such people are…”

Jamie’s eyes shone in purple as he said.

“My colleagues.”

A still silence lingered in the hall.

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