Chapter 271 - Farewell And Meeting (2)

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At the sudden disclosure of Jamie’s identity, those who didn’t know the secret panicked, not knowing how to react.

Anyway, Han looked around and thought he had to say something, so he asked.

“Is… is that true?”

“The reveal might be sudden, but it is true.”

“He is right.

Isis and Jin responded.

Even within the Frontier, they were the two people who could be trusted, so there was no way they would lie.

And it was because these two people had no reason to lie here. But even if it was true, Han wasn’t sure how to react.

“So, should we simply proceed with the knowledge that an ancient being reincarnated on earth again?”

Surprisingly, Hawks took it lightly.

Jamie nodded.



And that was the end. Hawks no longer felt interested and closed his eyes.

While Han was taken aback, Hawks was being cool.

No matter how much time you spend thinking about it, it is true that this had to be taken seriously, but the atmosphere was kind of strange.

Beryl looked at Jamie, who was next to him. He, too, was surprised to find out Jamie’s identity.

Did Count Welton and Sears know?

Because of Jamie’s personality, it seemed likely he wouldn’t have told them.

And he smiled.

“Now I understand why you were such a brilliant child.”

“I am sorry I didn’t tell you this before.”

“it isn’t something which can be spoken of so easily, so I understand. But are you fine?”

“What do you mean?”

“Having such a previous life and having me as godfather?”

“What is this now?”

At Beryl’s words, Jamie smiled.

“There was me in my previous life, but the current me is different. It doesn’t change that you are my godfather.”

“Thank you for saying this. Do your parents know about this?”

“I am not going to tell them the secret.”

“I did think so.”

And the conversation ended there.

It was only natural that there was nothing more to say.

But Han, who was watching it, didn’t understand.

“Am I the weird one?”

He asked everyone. And continued.

“It was 60,000 years back. Aren’t you all surprised? You think it is interesting, right? Does this even make sense?”

He turned to Jamie and asked.

“It isn’t that I don’t believe it. Isis and Jin backed you up, so I believe it, still, isn’t 60,000 years too much?”

“I understand it.”

“Are you really from 60,000 years back? No, I am an executive in Frontier, so I know about things, but 60,000 is too long.”

Han’s reaction was normal. As he said, it was strange that the others were accepting it too quickly.

Jamie liked this.

Even at the Frontier, at least one person thinks logically. Since everyone was unusual, such people sometimes fixed things.

So, in the future, the same person will be able to handle the trickiest problems before the others realize what the problem is.


“I am listening.”

“Everything you aren’t able to believe is true. I can show you my memories.”


At Jamie’s calm words, Han couldn’t respond. But he didn’t want to say ‘show me!’, so Han sat down and touched his forehead.

And said.

“Well. It is a luxury to expect common sense in this world.”

“This is a world beyond common sense. I came back to this land to correct that with sense. In an unusual way.”

Hearing that, Han had a serious face as he said.

“How were those days?”

“Terrible. Incomparably bad compared to the present.”

Compared to those days, this world is peaceful. Even if it was a fake peace now, peace was still peace.

On the other hand, the previous world was a terrible place.

People ran rampant, and the 12 Gods were directly involved in the land and messed it up.

In addition, the Resistance led by Diablo struggled to drive out the Gods, and several wars broke out that engulfed the continent.

It was a world where no place hadn’t been burnt down, and the screams didn’t cease.

Even in such a devastated world, mankind continued fighting, following the will of humanity’s leaders and the 12 Gods.

And Diablo, who fought, was sealed in the primordial darkness, and mankind was reduced to a bunch of slaves.

And then the false peace was created.

“I see.”


“This peace is in some ways more terrible than the times I lived too.”

A peace induced by the 12 Gods.

There was no blood, violence, or destruction, but a world where all life was reduced to the Gods’ playthings is equally disgusting.

In particular, the extinction of species in the name of World Reset was beyond terrible.

So, this present peace was horrible.

“So I intend to spread hell from that era on this world again.”

The beginning of the war between the north and east was just the start.

“I bring down all the 12 Gods. And I will sever the invisible chains that hang around the necks of all races.”


“That was my mission back in my time.”

Han couldn’t say anything.

At first, he thought the time didn’t make sense, and then he was told things were better now? And yet, he fell in love with every word Jamie said.

Han looked at Isis, and she smiled brightly.

The smile was the answer he wanted.

“Thank you, Jamie Welton.”


“We need to go for real.”

“I hope your plans go well.”

Beryl and Jamie greeted those who met them at the entrance of Avalon.

Isis walked out as the representative and spoke to the two.

“It will be a battle led by the Zenith Church. Because they have the ‘Spiral of the Battlefield’, which stimulates any war. Perhaps this was calculated by it. It will not be an easy war. So,, both of you, be careful.”

“Do not worry. There is no reason for the north to be pushed back in a battle of military power and relations.”

“Right. It has to be. This is the starting point of hell I create.”

Jamie said, clutching Balisada, and Isis nodded her head.

“Yes, let’s meet once more. All of us.”

“If we survive and meet each other… then let’s have a drink.”

“Everyone, survive!”

The goodbye ended, and the duo of Jamie and Beryl left Avalon.

The others stayed there until the two were entirely out of their sight.

And when they turned invisible, Isis said.

“Now, let’s go back and do what we need to. It’s time to get busy.”

Either way, they are going to fight the impossible. And the odds were low.

Hitting a rock with eggs, Jamie said?

“Let’s run for freedom.”

They left Abraxas.

Since they knew the way, nothing happened. Even if something dangerous came out, it wasn’t a threat to Jamie.

After leaving the forbidden zone, they were greeted by a curtain of snow.

Avalon was permanently in spring because of Nel’s magic, but now it was mid-winter.

It may not be the winter where the war is happening, but the white snow looked peculiar.

“I haven’t been in Avalon for long, but this feels awkward.”

“It has to be the affection you got from them.”


Jamie raised the robe and stepped on the snow. He felt his shoes sink inside. And looking at the dark sky, he said to Beryl.

“We can go right away.”

“Is that possible?”

“Well, I am a 9th class magician.”

“Huhu. Then, let’s head to Zenith and punish those bastards.’

And the two disappeared with a flash.

Aegean is a small to medium sized city in the Cheshan Kingdom.

It became the front line of the battlefield where nearly half of the current kingdom’s troops were stationed and faced off against the enemy, Terrisia’s army.

The castle of Aegean isn’t too high, so there were difficulties in saving it, but thanks to the great magicians from the Seldam Kingdom, they managed to buy some time.

“What do we do now?”

The lord of the Aegean city, Foamy Omulet, was a fat man.

He was sweating too much and kept wiping it off.

Count Simon crossed his arms and looked at the things laid out on the table.

“The enemy’s troops continue to increase. Probably faster than ours. We should have prepared something in advance.”

“W-well, then we cannot stop it?”

“Even in this situation, we need to calculate. They have the Spiral of Battlefield. A war simulator.”

This time it was Marquis Linmel.

He remembered the army which was pushing in. They had come prepared.

In particular, the performance of magic troops stood out, and if Linmel or Simon hadn’t come, the land would have fallen into their hands.

“In the end, it was a battle on how to deal with the enemy commander. Isn’t that right, Count Simon?”

“I was thinking the same thing.”

Count Simon tapped on the enemy base in the ma.

“Currently, their army’s commander is Katarina Lobzen, an 8th class magician. And the problem is… the magic troops with them.”


“H-Homunculus… isn’t that an artificial human made of magic?”

“Right. Katarina Lobzen’s nickname is ‘The Puppeteer’. Such a person produced a large number of them to support Zenith Church.”

That was why they could capture the previous city so decisively. However, they couldn’t understand.

“A homunculus is a mimicking doll of a human, right? They have to use magic well to see, so how can they…”

“it is a different story if the person who made it is an 8th class great magician. In addition, if they were given huge mana stones from Zenith Church. As such, it can be said that they created a weapon which can be operated semi-permanently.”

“That means?”

“Some homunculi use at least 3rd class or 5th class magics.”

As Linmel explained, the man didn’t speak more.

He had seen the enemy, especially the constantly attacking magic troops. All of them were homunculi with magic weapons.

It was surprising that Aegean wasn’t captured.

“What would you like to do?”

The two great magicians couldn’t answer. This was how dire the situation was.

The enemy’s troops were constantly increasing, whereas they weren’t sure when the reinforcements would arrive.

Even if the supply was cut off, the enemy troops gathered were still a considerable undertaking. This was how thoroughly the enemy had prepared.

In other words, they had to hold onto out until their reinforcements arrived, but just two great magicians could not hold back an entire army.

“Why aren’t you answering?”

The lord asked them in an anxious voice, but the two couldn’t answer. And it was then,

“W-we have an urgent situation!”

A guard rushed in and said.

“The enemy brought in 5 siege weapons! They are all bunker breakers with A-grade mana stones.”

Bunker breaker.

A weapon that destroys hard things. Power to shatter steel.

If a grade A mana stone was in it, they would blow the outer walls to smithereens. The two great magicians here had built a magic barrier, but even that would get destroyed.

And 5 was too much.

Isn’t that like wanting to blow apart the whole city?

Simon jumped and said to Linmel.

“We need to head out first.”

“Yes. The lord has to evacuate the people right now. This is an emergency!”

The moment the barrier is breached, the enemy will capture the city.

And the relentless bombardment of Katarina’s magic army will fall upon them.

“Count Simon and I will do our best to stop them now, so before that, leave Aegean and escape!”

“Uh… I understand!”

The lord answered with a face that said he wanted to cry and ran out.

Linmel adjusted his robe and prepared to teleport.

At the same time, he had no choice but to bite his lip in the dire situation.

Terrisia has prepared a lot.

And that too more than they expected.

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