Chapter 272 - Farewell And Meeting (3)

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Simon climbed up the wall and saw 5 machines in the enemy’s formation in the distance.

Instead of a barrel, the weapons had an elongated iron rod studded in blue stones.

More like a giant lollipop?

However, unbefitting its ridiculous form, it is a weapon with terrifying destructive power.

Bunker Breaker.

A Bunker Breaker, a machine of terrible power, was boosted by using A grade mana stones as fuel. Simon, who looked at it, mumbled.

“It can handle one hit from it.”

They had both put up a magic barrier of 8th class level together. No matter how powerful the weapon was, it couldn’t penetrate their barrier easily.

However, the second one would cause damage to the walls. And the walls will get broken down completely at the third hit, the palace will be aimed at in the 4th hit, and the city will come crashing down in the 5th.

“They came too well prepared.”

They had no intention of getting caught or stopped here.

If they managed to get five weapons this horrific, it was obvious that they wanted to push into the capital.

If the response had been delayed even a little, Cheshan might have already fallen into their hands.

The entire northern region <Olvia> will be in danger if that happens.

“I came here to stop this.”

Simon’s eyes turned like a yellow sun.

A haze rose around his body, and his whole body felt engulfed in flames.

[Fire Emperor]

A form of Seldam’s scarlet lily was created to use flame. A crystal of arrogance named after one of the 12 Gods.


The flames radiated golden light as they soared into the sky. The enemy tried to take the initiative before firing the Bunker Breaker again.

“Spirit Magic.”

He stretched out his now yellowed right hand to the enemy.

[Ifrit Hand]

A massive palm of flames in the shape of Ifrit, the spirit king of fire, was shot at the opponents.

The heat and brightness were intense enough that it made the night look like early evening. A wide area attack only magicians could do.

A magic developed by the 8th class great magician to annihilate the enemies. One could tell at a glance that at least a thousand people would die or suffer because of this.


At that time, he saw someone from the enemy side smiling at the flying in ‘Ifrit Hand’.

He was a pretty young man, but if his identity was revealed, Seldam’s kingdom’s great magicians would be horrified.

“Such a good attack.”

The man, Katarina Lobsen, gave a command, pointing his finger at the Ifrit Hand. At the commander’s instructions, the first Bunker Breaker was activated.


The moment when the A grade mana stone was concentrated by the large blue marble.


Destructive power of unstoppable power was shot in a straight line.

And then, as if everything had turned upside down, the troops felt a colossal vibration and wind raging around.

Katarina’s long hair fluttered in the storm, but the corners of his lips kept spreading.

“Stop that.”

The beam of the Bunker Breaker and Simon’s Ifrit Hand collided. The sky that looked like early evening was now broad daylight. Soldiers not far from the impact were bleeding from their ears.

A shockwave, an inaudible roar, and an explosion. Even if the A grade mana stone was placed, the opponent was an 8th class great magician.

“One more.”

Karatina snapped his finger, and the second breaker was activated. If one hit didn’t work, she’d use two to finish it.

They brought 5 of them here because these two magicians of Seldam are here.

Maybe one or two of the breakers cannot work, but what if 5 of them were fired at once?


The second one did the same. Simon soared into the air, and his body flew. His body was turning from yellow to blue.

The heat was growing stronger.

[Extreme Fire Magic]

The moment his body touched the beam, it was like magma exploding in the crater of a volcano.

[Great Eruption]

A semi-liquid kind of fire erupted. And the flames were repelling the beam of the breaker.

Not just that, but it bounced around like erupted lava towards another beam likely to pierce Ifrit Hand.

It was a process that clearly showed how much power a great magician of a nation has. But,

“I didn’t think the second one could be stopped… then, I cannot help it.”

Katarina beckoned, still seated comfortably. And the 3rd breaker was used.

He didn’t think the third would have to be used, but the army of homunculi awaiting orders will solve the lack of power.

Either way, even if only one of the two great magicians is neutralized, this side will win.


A beam of light was shot.

It was impossible even for Simon to block all three shots. A large amount of mana must have already been consumed for the two beams.

As expected, Count Simon tried to block the 3rd beam but was stuck with handling the 2nd beam.

A situation in which the 3rd beam will break the barrier if left alone. And Katarina mumbled in a happy tone.

“Magic God of Seldam, you are out!”

An old man with long white hair appeared in the air with robes fluttering.

Linmel lifted his staff high, and his eyes shone. A second later, the mana of light began forming a huge mass of energy.

[Shape of Annihilation]


A beam of energy as large as the Bunker Breaker was shot. Katarina jumped up with excitement and ordered the 4th breaker to be activated.

Magic God of Seldam.

Along with the King’s mentor, Offen Ginger, he is the one who wields the most magic power in the world.

“If we can cut the Magic God’s head, the war is half-won!”

The 4th shot was fired. Linmel was looking carefully at the manipulated flow of mana. The blood vessels on his forehead were already pulsing.

That was how much mental power was being consumed here. But he couldn’t stop.


Linmel groaned, almost screaming, and the mana flow reversed.

The flow manipulation that surpassed even Welton’s ‘Sea of Hundred.’

The 4th beam deviated from its path and rose to the sky, although that, too, wasn’t beyond Katarina’s expectations.

He smiled and activated the 5th.

How many bunker breakers could an 8th class magician handle? That was tested in his nation.

And it wasn’t like they prepared the five breakers for nothing.

If it was Linmel, the Magic God, he could handle the three breakers, but Katarina had a secret plan.

‘Looking at it, it seems difficult to block three.’

But even blocking three didn’t seem easy for these two magicians. Katarina raised their hand and ordered the army to advance.

If he lowered his hand, tens of thousands of army troops would destroy that small city.

Well, be it Aegean or not, this had to happen. If this place was abandoned and the magicians wanted to take the lead in the city, they would have more time to endure.

“All troops!”

He lowered his hand.


That moment.



Light fell from the sky, and the light engulfed all five bunker breakers.

Katarina’s orders to advance got buried in all of this. He stared at the white beam.

‘… what happened?’

Even Katarina, the commander and an 8th class great magician, didn’t understand what just occurred.

Light fell from the sky?

Then who used this magic?

No, was it even possible for humans to use this level of magic?

No… was the Cheshan kingdom hiding their magic troops or weapons?

No. The intelligence didn’t mention anything about it.

Thousands of thoughts ran through his mind. This was a shocking incident.

And the problem didn’t end there.

The wind blew, and before long, blood was splattering around.

They were aware because of the screams that could be heard all around.



“The enemy invaded!”


The sound of wind blowing.

It was invisible to see, but something was going around the soldiers with tremendous speed.

Arms and legs, and body or even heads being cut.

As if a reaper embracing the wind had appeared.

A swordsman moving as fast as the wind and cutting people down, he could think of one thing.


A being capable of slaughtering a thousand soldiers at once.

Sword Master.

And there was only one Sword Master of Seldam who could control wind.

“Beryl Onyx!”


Blood spurted.

Katarina saw a soldier being dragged by something. In front of him was Beryl, with an expressionless face wiping his blood-stained sword.


“It doesn’t matter.”

An 8th class great magician who is perfectly prepared for the battle will not get defeated just because of a Sword Master.

The fact that a magician was a commander meant that the person had considerable knowledge.

And Katarina was someone who accomplished great things as a battle magician.

He memorized spells while the blade was cutting his men down.

[Summon: Battle Doll ‘Raviro’]

A black bayonet protruded from the air blocking the blade of wind.

The summoning circle opened, and a large man walked out of it. A man in full body armor of black that looked intimidating had come out.

Beryl frowned.

“Raviro. The name of the commander of Terrisia? I heard he was dead. Necromancy?”

“Hehehe. Necromancy? There is no way I could learn such crude magic. It is a doll made after his figure during his life.”

Of course, it wasn’t something that could be compared to the real deal, but as it was a doll made for battle and shaped after a sword master, it could buy some time.

“Attack the entire army directly!”

The light almost went out.

Katarina ordered regardless of his own crisis.

Beryl looked at his and ran, but Ravior had blocked his path.

Reluctantly, as he was about to use aura, Beryl smiled and faintly pushed the sword.

“This is all I had to do.”


“The next generation hero will end it.”

Beryl suddenly disappeared, leaving those words.

Katarina was taken aback.

This man had already killed many people on their side. If the commander was killed, then chaos would befall Terrisia’a army. Besides, the magic troops weren’t being used, yet Beryl was letting this good situation pass?

‘Next generation hero?’

He wasn’t sure, but if Beryl disappeared, that was good.

It wasn’t known if he was stupid, but they could use the breaker again.

The soldiers began to march, and the magic troops would immediately start a magic bombardment if he ordered.

If Beryl appeared again, trouble was bound to occur, so he prepared correctly.

‘But, why did Beryl have to come?’

And then he thought.

Even if he is a Sword Master, unless they were a magician, they would be blown again in the air and cannot appear.

It is absurd to miss a target when there are so many around.

And the Zenith church nailed it, saying ‘No interference’.

‘The light which shone…’

He forgot about it because Beryl had suddenly appeared.

Powerful enough to wipe off 5 breakers…

[Let everyone listen]

At that moment, a young man’s voice could be heard around. And Katarina looked at it.

There was a young man with impressive emerald hair.

With a wind-shaped light flashing behind, he slowly stretched out his hand.

And said,

“Let there be Light.”

The light swept over Katarina’s army.

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