Chapter 273 - Farewell And Meeting (4)

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Katarina’s reaction was quick.

People call him the puppeteer since they thought his magical realization was related to animating objects.

It was wrong.

The magical realization he established was the ‘Establishment and manipulation of linked sources of information’.

It has a complex name, but to put it simply, it is a realization of manipulating many things simultaneously.

In other words, if he wanted to, he could order the 300 magician Homunculi present in the army simultaneously.

“Defect 4 in Mana Burning Magic!”

The magic army composed of the Homunculi opened their blue eyes and stretched their hands out, reaching for the light.

Mana burn magic literally burns mana away. Defect is magic that manipulates the mana flow so that an opponent’s spell doesn’t act as intended.

As the 300 Homunculus were deployed in tandem with the opponent’s attack, the weird sounds rose, and Katarina didn’t miss the chance.

“Maximum Deployment”

He took the robe off.

His right arm was wrapped in a bandage with so much writing on it you could hardly tell the original color. Suddenly, a spark of mana ignited from the bandage and burned the cloth instantly.

Then the tattoo hidden on his right arm was revealed.

The red tattoo was written in a code only Katarina could interpret, and it was his secret skill.


A situation where ‘Let there be light’ couldn’t move ahead due to the large-scale defect magic.

The light slowly drifted from the red tattoo on his right arm.

Katarina’s eyes shone as he grinned, raised his hand to the ground, and cried.

“Summoning! The Gate of Heaven!”

It peeled off his arm as if it had washed off and soaked into the ground. Then, a huge character expanded in the form of a magic circle, expanding to a scale of ten meters.

Katarina took a scroll from his waist, untied the string with his thumb, and spread it over the ground.

Soon, he lowered the hand and infused mana.

“Come! Sir Peros! Sir Draxar!”

The scroll vanished beneath the huge character-shaped magic circle drawn on the ground, and two pillars of light erupted.

From there, two middle-aged men walked out.

Both were fully armed. The man on the left had blond, curly hair and a matching beard, while the man on the right had short auburn hair and a scar across the left eye.

The man on the left, Peros, said while fiddling with his beard.

“If the two of us are called together, is there a crisis here?”

“That is why I said I would come.”

As Peros talked, he looked at Katarina with a face that said he didn’t like Draxar.

Katarina gasped and said to him.

“There is no time for this! I will grant the commander’s authority! Command the army. I will prepare my dolls and magic!”

Peros and Draxar were masters in Terrisia.

Katarina had a summoning circle on the right arm, so he could call them anytime. Usually, he had no intention of depending on them this quickly, but a large army of 50,000 would disappear without them.

Such a terrible disgrace could never be endured.

“What happened to solicit such a reaction…”

Peros was about to say that he didn’t understand, but then his mana fluctuated wildly.

The light that was stopped in midair by the defect magic began to move once more.

“What is the mass of light?”

“No time to talk!!”

Katarina’s eyes were wide.

Seeing such a monster on the other side was annoying, but the reinforcements kept asking questions.

It would have been better to explain the situation to them, but he didn’t have the time for it.

“You go first, Peros. I hand over the command to you.”

Recognizing the seriousness, Draxar leaped towards the light.

He wielded a magic spear, the weapon he was notorious for.

It was a weapon that could kill the opponent with just a stab.

It didn’t just limit to living beings.

If that light was made of mana, it could scatter once the source is stabbed.

‘The homunculus magic troops have even used the mana burn… one hit should do.’

Dark red lightning jumped out of the magic spear.

Spear Master Draxar clenched his teeth.

“Master class reinforcement?”

Even though there was a considerable distance to cover, the voice was clear, as if it came from right next to him.

Draxas’ eyes widened.

“I saw your level.”

It felt as if purple eyes were staring right at him.

“This is so boring that I might die.”

The light exploded.

Its power wasn’t lacking even if it swallowed up 50,000 people.

Draxar reached out towards his spear, which was blown away, but the explosions were unrelenting and easily swallowed him.

With shocked eyes, Katarina witnessed all this. As a great magician who can perceive even lightning-fast events, it wasn’t difficult to grasp the current situation.

‘Damage close to annihilation.’

There was no time to do anything with a large army of 50,000, and the light was shining on them.

Peros drew his dual swords and fired hundreds of slashes using his power, ‘Fission Slash’, but it was impossible to stop the light.

Everything in front of him turned white, ignoring the swordman’s efforts.


Everything was light around him.



The two great magicians of Seldam couldn’t shut their mouths at what they witnessed.

Beryl landed gently beside them and said, looking at the feast of light.

“The power seems to have risen even more than it did back then.”

He watched it from a distance when Hawks had fought with Jamie, and he knew the difference.

But now, this attack had more power than then.

He wasn’t sure how Jamie achieved this level of magic, but because it was light-based, it spread around fast and looked like the most potent wide area magic.

Even though it is a 9th class magic, its power was all that made everything pause for a moment.

Simon still looked at Beryl with an unbelievable expression.

“… it is Jamie?”

“As you can see.”

“I don’t know why he showed up with you, but what the hell happened in a measly two months…”

Simon was Jamie’s closest confidant, so he knew Jamie had reached 9th class.

Jamie himself had said that he was only stepping into the 9th class, but it looked perfect now.

Knowing how difficult it is to take a single step higher, it was hard to believe this change came in just 2 months.

It was the same with Linmel.

“Hahaha. The time of this old man feels a bit wild now.”

“We never know; Jamie could be cleaning this up alone.”

This was such an incredible impact.

To wipe out an army of 50,000.

And a fully prepared army at that. A cold sweat ran down their own backs as they had to face the last Bunker Breaker.

The army would have been pushed into the palace if the wall broke because of the bunker breaker.

It was then.



The beam of light pierced with a sound of condensing energy. And the light appeared in an instant and touched the barrier.

Simon, Linmel and Beryl went there at once, and Jamie, who was there, touched the beam.

When the hand was enchanted with reflection (reflection magic), the beam split in all directions and spread out.

Some collided with the barrier, but it didn’t have the force to break it.

“Ooh. Quite good?”


“What happened!”

Simon and Linmel, who came there, talked to him.

Jamie smiled at the two of them, waved his hand, and flew up again.

There wasn’t enough time to have a reunion conversation just yet.

“Is it that magician?”

The name wasn’t known, but he seemed to be the one who responded directly to the ‘Let there be Light’.

Even the fact that he temporarily stopped the 9th class magic of the enemy was worth calling him good.

What is more, he survived the explosion and counters.

This showed he had experience on the field and was a veteran. Jamie swung his hand.

Nearly 50,000 troops were destroyed.

‘Blocked it.’

Normally everyone should have been annihilated.

However, saving even half of them would be tremendously difficult.


A cry close to a scream was heard from a distance.

Jamie jumped over and moved in the direction the sound was heard. There was a man with dark skin covered in dirt.

He saw Jamie approaching and shouted.


Jamie landed on the floor as the scream came. He quickly looked around and prepared attack magic.

Even if half of the army survived, their condition left much to be desired.

In particular, the 300 or so magic troops who used burnout-type magic looked seriously messed up.

Jamie didn’t have to consider the soldiers, given their state.

One man.

In other words, the one showing anger had to be above them, and if he is handled, the situation ends.

Katarina was furious.

“You bastard!!”

He stretched out his left towards Jamie.

The left arm, too, had tattoos on it, which looked like mana amplification ones.

Because of one guy, all these plans were ruined. Even if he retreats, he will be held responsible for what happened with his life.

Then he had to risk his life here.

“I will kill you!!”

The veins on his left hand looked ready to pop and began turning purple. And the blood began to change.

Still, Katarina didn’t stop.

The mana amplification technique engraved on the left arm maximized the power of magic at the cost of his lifeforce.

The single strongest magic attack in the 8th class.

[Soul Destruction: Doom Eternal]


The left arm exploded.

The horrific pain almost knocked him out, but he endured the pain. The power of the magic with the limbs placed as collateral isn’t inferior to a 9th class magic.

The power of doom fell upon Jamie.

“How could you keep this hidden until the very end? You’re good.”


Jamie’s eyes turned purple, and the power of Starlight returned to black mana.

Katarina’s eyes widened in the darkness.

“Dark magician?!”

“Eat it.”


The darkness of gluttony sleeping in the abyss swallowed the power of doom.

At that absurd sight, Katarina forgot all about the pain in his left arm.

Instead, realizing that he couldn’t survive this, he ordered the soldiers.

“Those who survived and prepared to die, charge! Die here for the cause!”

The defeat was confirmed.

It was hard to believe that his army was defeated by one person alone, and turning away from reality would do no good.

Katarina, ready to die, ordered the soldiers; however, the soldiers couldn’t move.

They were terrified of the darkness around and simply ran away in confusion.

Fortunately, the soldiers with limbs would escape, but the seriously wounded ones were frozen and scared.

Katarina frowned at this.

Where did all his brave soldiers go?

“You idiots…”

The answer was fixed.

Reluctantly, Katarina announced with a bitter smile.

“I surrender.”

“General Katarina, a great commander who already achieved results in many wars and went through plenty of ordeals. If the situation turns dangerous, he can summon two masters right away. He should conquer the Cheshan Kingdom with ease.”

“The Spiral Battlefield of Zenith Church also concluded that the war would go well. They have set up an army from Seldam with Count Welton as the commander, but it will take at least 5 days to get there.”

“But by the time they arrive, the path to the north will be broken open.”

The Kings of East, deeply involved in the Cheshan invasion, giggled as if this was easy.

According to the Spiral Battlefield, which showed the outcome of wars and was considered to be Zenith’s greatest weapon, the result of the battle would be their victory.

Although they didn’t believe in it unconditionally, the first city Gerin fell without doing anything.

Next was Aegean, and while they were temporarily halted due to enemy reinforcements, the Terrisian army was in perfect condition, so they could not lose.

Everyone was relaxed.

“In the north, the coveted land has been occupied by cattle-like beings for far too long, now is the time for us to rule.”

“Right. In particular, Seldam acts like it is in the center of the world. I mean, it is nothing. Right, Emperor Drake?”

The man who sat at the top was Drake, the emperor of the Eastern Hegemony, the Drakeon Empire.

“Don’t let the bugs try to stand shoulder to shoulder with us.”

He showed a side of the kingly attitude.

Then the king of Kwatacha, who spoke to him, bowed his head.


Drakeon Empire was the most powerful in the East. And the rest of the nations were all mere vassals of it.

Except for Einstein, all the nations in the East had the same reason to go to war with the North. It was because they were afraid of the Drakeon Empire.

“Apart from that, the North will be my land again.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Don’t worry, Emperor. If it is general Katarina, he will bring us the northern estates before we know it. In that case, be sure to keep your promises.”

“Don worry, King of Theriga. All the eastern shores are yours.’

Despite being an Emperor, Emperor Drake didn’t know the name of the king of Thergia.

But the man didn’t show discomfort and just said thank you.

“Thank you.”

Emperor Drake nodded, and it was then,

“W-we have a problem!”

Someone entered the room by slamming open the door.

Who would dare come in like this if the information they were trying to give wasn’t that grave?

“What is it?”

When Abok’s King asked, the man reported to them.

“T-Terrisia’s army has been defeated.”

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