Chapter 274 - Farewell And Meeting (5)

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Pope Iliod the fourth, the current leader of the Zenith church, shouted, unable to contain his anger.

“Stop spouting nonsense!!”

He couldn’t understand the current situation.

The ‘Spiral of the Battlefield’ was wrong?

The Spiral of the Battlefield was a sacred gift from God Zenith that stimulated the victory of wars in advance.

Naturally, it was used for this war.

In addition to thorough preparation, the number of scenarios and factors increased several times by bearing the causal ratio. Naturally, external intervention was also included.

“Why didn’t it calculate the enemy!”

At the Pope’s wrath, the man with the item was seated and spoke apologetic words.

“Sorry! I apologize. Obviously, it analyzed and understood the situations, producing the same results…”


“The appearance of Jamie Welton was unexpected.”

“So God Zenith’s gift is at fault?”

At Iliod’s sarcastic words, the man raised his hands and waved.

“A-as if that could happen! I-it seems like I made a big mistake in the process!”

“Right. Then it is right to make up for your mistakes.”


The man felt strange at the Pope’s words, but he could see nothing.

The moment he raised his head, his neck fell off the body. The Seven Knights’ paladin wiped the blood from the blade with a cloth and put the sword back in the sheath.

“Take the body away.”

At Iliod’s words, the soldiers waiting outside came, took the body, and headed outside. He looked at the apostle Noah, who was sitting next to him.

“What do we do? Apostle, say your opinion.”

The age difference between the Pope and Noah was the same as an old man and his grandson, but since he was the apostle, even the Pope was below him.

This is because the apostle is the alter ego of their God.

Therefore, Noah didn’t immediately answer but kept rubbing his chin as he thought.

‘Jamie Welton.. it isn’t surprising that you defeated 50,000 soldiers alone. Because you are a superhuman. However, to defeat 3 masters by himself.’

Even in the past, there were people who defeated the strongest masters.

Typically, the champion who stayed for a long time in the dark area killed two sword masters alone in a match.

In addition, there were quite a few strong men in the backstreets who could tear apart and kill Sword Masters.

‘The problem is that the three he killed aren’t beginner Sword Masters.’

Katarina is a commander who served in many wars and an experienced battle magician and 8th class magician, while Peros with Draxar were masters of over 10 years in Terrisia.

They are different from those who have risen to a level without much experience, but they are all the same.

And Katarina had his Homunculi supporting him.

‘And Katarina got suppressed.’

This means one thing.


When Noah opened his mouth, the Pope and the others looked at him.

“Jamie Welton, he seems to have reached the supreme state.”

“Supreme State?!”

One man screamed in surprise.

Among those gathered here, everyone knew what the supreme state was.

9th class.

The state of a great magician that no human has ever reached. In fact, there were those who did reach that point, but they got wiped out without being able to be recorded in history.

And now, it is presumed that Jamie Welton touched the 9th class.

“We need to send the trash back where it belongs.”

At that moment, a man sitting on the edge of the seat opened.

Pope Iliod IV called him by the name.


“My lord, send me.”

Kreon walked up and walked to the Pope. The holy sword Durandal was hanging around his waist.

And holding the sword, he said.

“if he reached the supreme state, then others don’t have a chance against him. Give me the army. The northern bugs will have to go through hell.”

Kreon smiled bitterly and licked his tongue. Iliod frowned at the sight.

‘In 5 years, he had changed completely.’

Kreon had been a man with a calm personality and consideration of others. In addition to being excellently skilled, he was an object of envy to all.

However, after disappearing for 5 years, he appeared back like an entirely different person. The killing intent and madness which flowed naturally with him constantly made the Pope doubt him.

Apart from that, it is true that he broke through the wall in the five years and returned stronger.

“Let’s leave it to Sir Kreon.”

Noah said so. The others didn’t talk; they were all agreeing with their eyes.

Reluctantly, Iliod had to nod and called another person who could handle the Spiral of the Battlefield.

“Look. Go straight to the object and examine the causality.”

Noticing what that meant, Kreon smiled and bowed his head.

“Thank you, pope.”

The chance will come soon.

Kreon wanted to run to the battlefield right away.

‘Jamie Welton…!’

He will experience hell for what he did to him.

All the fleeing soldiers of Terrisia were arrested. It wasn’t a difficult thing for Jamie.

He scanned the mana around, created prisons, and looked at the middle-aged man kneeling in front of him, next to a half-charred man.

The middle-aged man was the great magician Katarina, widely known by his title, the Puppeteer. The charred man is Draxar, the lance master, despite holding a spear.

One other person beside him looked to have been wiped out by the light.

“Kill me.”

Katarina said to Jamie, feeling the loss of his left arm. Rather than becoming a prisoner of war, he wanted to die cleanly here.

Having traveled to many battlefields, he knew how miserable a prisoner’s life was.

Of course, this time, he is the commander of the enemy team, so he would rather be dead than a prisoner. Of course, Jamie couldn’t do that.

“Have you lost it? You want me to kill a master class prisoner?”

“The war has just begun, and you know our lives aren’t worth much.”

Katarina recalled the ominous dark power of Jamie, which devoured everything.

It felt different from the black mana he knew, but it still was deeply ominous.

“The fact that you are a dark magician is good news. We have lost our value as prisoners already. We cannot be used as threats.”

“I know. I don’t consider you worthy of being prisoners.”

“Then why aren’t you killing me?”


Jamie pressed his face against Katarina and let out a harsh voice.

“Don’t you have to pay the price of messing up the land?”

“… what?”

“And, if I make a living master class into an undead, the power… I don’t have to say all that, right?”

“You bratttt! Kill me! Just kill me!”

Jamie walked towards the neatly seated troops, leaving Katarina wriggling.

“Do not touch my things!”

Katarina’s voice could be heard, but he ignored it. Jamie was quite surprised by the magic army of Homunculi.

As his title was the Puppeteer, the artificial humans created by his magic approached perfection.

This, too, was a product of the magic engineering of modern magic.

“Can they be used?”

“If I can modify it to suit my taste, it will be a great power.”


“Why are you in such a hurry!”

At that time, Simon and Linmel arrived. And Jamie looked at them.

“Sorry for not greeting you then. Subduing the enemy was my priority.”

“No. You did good… very good!”

Linmel gulped as he looked at over 20,000 soldiers locked in several mana prisons.

Was it possible for an individual to subdue the masters alone?

Linmel couldn’t accept it.

No matter how powerful a master is, Linmel thought it would be impossible to subdue a large army of ten thousand alone.

And Linmel wasn’t wrong.

A great magician of the 8th class or below would be unable to pull off such a feat. This has been proven so many times in the war. But Jamie was proving something else.

“Amazing, Jamie. Did you reach it?”

Simon looked at Jamie in admiration.

Previously, the extent of his growth was widely known, but now even these two men couldn’t guess Jamie’s level.

“As expected, you reached the supreme state.”

Even Linmel had to admit it. That is the only way such a result could have happened.

“Finally, I reached it.”

“Right? Finally.”

The two knew Jamie’s secret, so they weren’t too surprised.

Still, they were a bit in awe.

A human who reached a level that every magician yearns for. The world would once again hail him as a genius if this was known.

But for Jamie, that didn’t matter.

“For now, we need a place to gather the enemies in one place.”

“You should tell the lord. If they are prisoners of war, they will have plenty of room. We can even send them to another nation.”

Prisoners of war are usually reduced to slaves. And now, 20,000 prisoners will be forced into slavery.

It was unfortunate, but it couldn’t be changed. That is the end for the losing side.

“What of them?”

Linmel pointed to Katarina and Draxar.

“We could destroy the mana core and make them a slave, but I think there is a better way.”

“They will be eaten by me.”

“Eat it, mean to turn them into undead?”

“Yes. They will be valuable forces in future wars.”

The two great magicians nodded their heads, their faces revealing they weren’t comfortable with the concept of using undead.

Jamie could understand their reaction. No matter how much they believed and followed him, if he told them he would use them as undead, this reaction was expected.

Linmel nodded with a determined face.

“If it is for mankind, I will do anything.”

“Same here.”

Simon agreed to it, too; Jamie smiled and nodded.

“Thank you. and Sir beryl?”

“He went to the lord. Said he would sort the chaos there.”

“I see.”

If it was Beryl, then he was more credible than two great magicians. It is because Sword Masters are better on the battlefield than magicians.

“Rather, Count Welton is coming here.”


He didn’t hear about this.

Jamie’s eyes widened, looking in the direction of the city. Through that city, his father, Count Welton, will come.

Although it wasn’t long since he left them, the thought of meeting his father in a distant land made him feel something.

Simon patted Jamie on the back.

“It will take some time for him to come, so take a break. I know you came from far away.”

“Yes. Leave this to me.”

“Ah. Then, please, I want to wash up first.”

He came here with just a single warp, so it wasn’t too tiring, but he didn’t like that he had inhaled a lot of dust.

Jamie entered the city with light footsteps.

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