Chapter 275 - Have Mercy On Me (1)

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“Urgent news!”

A raider who entered Seldam’s Royal Stadium appeared with an important letter.

Having had their meeting interrupted, the king and the ministers looked at the messenger with displeasure.

“What the hell happened for you to enter the throne room?”

One of them went ahead and yelled.

Usually, it was necessary to send the letter through a low-rank official who then appeals to the king through a high-ranking official.

However, such things didn’t happen, and this man, an average raider, not even a noble, came into the throne room.

However, the minister’s voice wasn’t heard by the man. Panting, he knelt down before the king and reported.

“I am sorry for stepping in without permission. Haaa, but I didn’t have time to follow the procedure.”

“Ugh! Someone come and take this guy out…!”


The minister who thought he was ignored was angry when King Friedmoor stopped him.

With a clenched jaw, he looked at the raider and said.

“Tell me in detail what happened. But you will be punished if the news you bring aren’t as important as you made them out to be.”

“Thank you, Your Highness!”

The man banged his head to the ground and reported every single thing. The full accounting of the battle in Aegean last night, the king and the ministers who heard it all looked to be in disbelief.

“Is that true? Are you saying 3rd elder subdued a large army of 50,000?!”

At King Friedmoor’s cry, the man nodded and said.

“Yes! “

“Ha. Your majesty. How far can you believe the words of a single raider.”

“Right. Trusting the words of one man is…”

When some showed distrust at the man, the man shook his head.

“I am not lying! What kind of benefit will I get by lying in the face of the king!”

“Still, this is too absurd…”

“Your Majesty.”

It was then.

An old man who was silent until then stepped out. And everyone went quiet.

It was proof that this man wielded great influence in Seldam. The old man, Marquis Bell, spoke to King Friedmoor.

“I am sorry for not having done this sooner. Could I talk about my grandson for a moment?”

“The Marquis has every right to speak.”

The ministers who expressed disbelief all flinched.

Even though he said nothing, they knew he was talking about what had happened. The marquis started talking with a smile.

“Perhaps, what this man is saying is true.”

“Why do you think so?”

“My grandson was staying in Abraxas with Sir Beryl recently.”

“With Beryl?”

“And Beryl was also in Aegean yesterday, isn’t that right, raider?”


The man nodded his head. And Marquis Bell looked back as he nodded.

“I have constantly been in contact with Sir Beryl Onyx, so I was aware of the situation. In addition…”

“in addition?”

“I have also received a report that my grandson Jamie Welton has reached the Supreme State.”

King Friedmoor jumped up. The ministers, too, doubted their ears.

The Supreme State!

There was no one here who didn’t know what it meant.

“Marquis, can you take responsibility for those words?”

“I am willing to put my honor on the line.”

“Then, why are you only mentioning this now?”

“it is because I wasn’t sure of it. I did not believe Sir Beryl either, and I couldn’t prove it for myself, so forgive me for not speaking about this right away, your majesty.”

“Does this mean you are sure now?”

“Yes. A magician that reached the Supreme State can go through a huge distance at once and also take down a large army.”


Even an 8th class magician has a tough time going through many warps and teleportation, but a 9th class doesn’t face such limitations. Going back and forth in places isn’t a huge thing.

Soon, as if to prove that statement.

“Y-Your Majesty!”

The minister standing at the end, heard someone quietly approach and say something and then came to kneel to the king.

“What is it?”

“We just got a report from Aegean! 20,000 lost their lives, along with 8,000 who were severely wounded. And the remaining 22,000 were taken as prisoners. The enemy commander, Katarina, along with Masters Draxar and Peros, are missing, but it is believed that they have to be dead!!”

In other words, Jamie didn’t just put up a good defense but also an offensive battle of inflicting damage to the enemy.

Hearing this, everyone could think of one thing.

‘Jamie Welton.’

Isabelle, the princess, sitting quietly behind King Friedmoor, smiled.

Only she wasn’t surprised, as she already knew.

‘I didn’t know when, so it was today?’

She knew this.

She could predict the future, so she knew what would happen next.

‘… Jamie. Darkness is coming.’

The darkness, which could be good to some, will gradually encroach on Jamie.

And the person who knows it better than others is Jamie too.

‘What will you do now?’

Can you get through that thorny road? The end of the path wasn’t visible through her foresight.

The smile on her face disappeared.

“… my son.”

Count Welton, who heard the news a little late, smiled.

He didn’t think that his son had defeated the enemy troops alone.

It was hard to believe, but he had to accept it as the news came from the palace.

‘Supreme State.’

How would Sears react?

It had been two months since Jamie didn’t come home, and Sears was struggling a little.

So, sharing this news will bring some life back into Sarah and her.

Even he was excited to see his son.

“Will he be stronger than me?”

Count Welton never showed his true power in front of the kid because he had no intention of being overtaken by his son, who was too smart to notice the limits.

Still, as a parent, shouldn’t he protect his own pride?

“Haha. What a great child. Ah, maybe calling him a child is a bit rude now?”

“No. he isn’t like other kids physically, but he is only 13.”

Count Welton saw the old man on the next horse.

He was also a person who had emerged from the world after five years of closed training, and Count Welton could feel strong power from him.

Great magician Offen Ginger, the 1st elder, and the king’s teacher, smiled.

“Huhu, he will be surprised to see you after long.”

The last time he saw Jamie was also 5 years back after the crisis of the Demon in the Magic world.

At that time, Jamie was a child, and now he was a magician who reached Supreme State.

“Genuises are scary.”

“He is my son, but even I am a little scared.”

“Same here.”

The two smiled as they speeded up.

Two days passed, and Jamie had Katarina locked in the dungeon.

Imprisoned with a mana restraint device for a few days, he looked decades old. Actually, this was Katarina’s actual age.

Previously he used magic to maintain his fake skin.

Katarina’s actual age is 84 years old. The same as Marquis Linmel.

“… Kill me.”

“I told you. I have a plan to make you mine.”

“Do you know that you will not be forgiven by the 12 Gods for doing such things?”

“it is fine. I am a saint.”

While saying that, Jamie showed his left hand, making Katarina cower in fear.

He looked angry, but that was all he could do. Losers get to do nothing.

Jamie squatted and spoke.

“But the preparation process is taking a little longer because your skills are quite good, and I thought the chances of failure are high. So stay comfortably here till then. Don’t stress out.”

“You devil.”

“If I can kill you, I am worse than a devil.”

As Jamie warned with his purple eyes, Katarina looked away, horrified.

The purple eyes kept giving an ominous feeling. Jamie snorted and saw the man lying like a corpse next to Katarina.


He was now in a state of being temporarily sealed here. The reason for the seal was that he had a powerful cursed one.

And if left alone, the weaker soldiers’ minds would be affected around him.

And any opponent who gets stabbed by it will have to die.

‘I don’t know if the other one is dead or alive. There aren’t enough traces to say for sure.’

Draxar, who took the light head-on, was alive but did Peros really disappear without a trace?

Jamie thought that it wasn’t the case.

But he couldn’t feel the presence of the man either.

‘Since the magic detection was used throughout the city, any movement will be felt.’

Even if he is a sword master, he will not be able to avoid the detection magic of a 9th class magician.

Maybe he had that kind of power.

‘What if he isn’t detected?’

Jamie walked out of the dungeon with a strange expression.

And the next day.


Jamie scratched his head, looking at the corpses of the two whose necks and hearts vanished.

Both men were fine until yesterday, and the guards came to check on them, but they were killed last night.

Seeing that the head and heart were cut out, it felt like someone knew about Jamie’s plan to turn them into undead.

Jamie smiled.

“This is interesting.”

To move freely in the detection magic which was laid down. It meant that he had the power to deceive the detection magic.

However, there was one thing he overlooked.

“You fucking bastard. This is how you lure someone out.”

Actually, Jamie had no intention of turning Katarina and Draxar into undead.

The reason was simple. Because they were baptized by Zenith.

When they were taken as prisoners, Jamie checked their religion, and Katarina also had another name given to him by the church.

So he gave up on turning them into undead.

If he turned them and Zenith found out, everything would be in vain.

Instead, the plan was to use them as bait.

He was half convinced that Peros was alive, so he had to fish him out.

“Okay. I need to look into their memories now.”

The bodies didn’t have their heads anymore.

But the corpse remembers the past. Jamie reached for Katarina.

The moment black mana spread out around the corpse, he cast.

“Remember, Memories in death.”

[Corpse memory]

Katarina’s corpse flinched and began to transmit memories into Jamie’s head.

After reading it all, Jamie smiled.

“Run hard, Peros. Try running as hard as you can.”

This is why the chase is always fun!

Jamie’s form disappeared in purple light.

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