Chapter 278 - Son (2)

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Jamie couldn’t understand why they were defending Gerin in such an ignorant manner. It seemed like they were desperately trying to hold it until Kreon arrived.

Well, 20,000 troops were heading there. While it had fewer soldiers than Katarina’s force, Kreon was there.

Five years ago, he was the one who messed up Apton, killed the pope of Pyro, and even summoned a demon baron.

There was no proper battle at that time due to Kreon’s overwhelming power, but things were different now.

“Yet I will not wait for you to arrive.”

As long as he didn’t abandon his army, he would be slowed down by the troops.

Even if it meant pushing himself, he had to retake Gerin.

‘Let’s head back for now.’

Noon had come and gone, and his father, Count Welton, must have arrived by now.

He would have preferred waiting to meet his father, but then he came to check the enemy’s position at Gerin.

And he thought it had been worth it. Because he confirmed that Kreon was coming.

Now he could strategize based on this. Jamie teleported towards Aegean.

As soon as he arrived, he could feel enormous energy from the mansion. One was his father, and the other felt strange yet familiar.


Seemed like a magician.

However, Simon and Linmel were already here, and Siegfried was in Yvrie.

The only ones left were 5th elder Luke and 6th, Adelhart, but they are too far in magic to seem this huge.

Besides, the aura was beyond the 7th class.

‘I will know if I go.’

Jamie went straight into the mansion. Since his face was known, no one stopped him.

Jamie entered the room with greetings from the people and headed to the top floor.

It wasn’t long before he met his father. Count Welton.

Had it really only been 2 months?

Maybe because plenty of things had happened in that time, it felt like he was meeting his father after years.

Feeling his pounding heart, Jamie opened the door to the conference room.

Sitting in front of the door was a middle-aged man with emerald hair smiling.

“You’re finally here, Jamie?”

When Count Welton didn’t scold him for walking out to experience the world, Jamie sighed in relief. And he smiled broadly at his father.

“I am back.”

“Haha. Am I in Haiss?”



As Linmel opened his mouth looking at Count Welton and Jamie, Simon responded, and Beryl smiled.

Count Welton, who came to his senses at those words, said, amused.

“Excuse me for this. Sit down, Jamie. We will talk later.’

“Ah, yes.”

Maybe it was because it had been two months away; Count Welton was acting like he was at home, forgetting that others were around.

Jamie sat down as he coughed.

Offen smiled and greeted him.

“Long time no see, Jamie. Ah, should I call you 3rd elder?”

“1st elder. You came out of hiding.”

No wonder it felt unfamiliar yet familiar; it was the energy of 1st elder.

He didn’t notice it as it had been 5 years. But, it was shocking.

‘What happened within 5 years?’

The other elders didn’t stop Jamie’s training, and they all achieved their own results by devoting themselves to training. But Offen seemed to have gone beyond his limits.

In the past, he was slightly higher than Linmel, but now he was standing half a level higher.

‘Maybe he reached the Supreme State.’

It was impossible to fully grasp the depths of his power, but, currently, Offen was a magician at a unique level in the Kingdom.

“What are you staring at me for?”

“Ah, it has been so long…”

“Right. Now let’s start the meeting.”

Count Welton had the highest authority, but Offen was the oldest, so his words are more valued now.

And Count Welton nodded.

“The urgent thing to do is retake Gerin now. I think it will be difficult to attack with magic; what do you think should be done?”

“Before that, I have something to report.”

“Go on.”

Count Welton granted permission, and Jamie nodded as he said.

“Kreon, the sword of Zenith, is marching toward Gerin with 20,000 men.”


“Is that true?”

Jamie nodded and said.

“They will be there in four, maybe five days.”

When a specific schedule was given, they all began to discuss their future plans.

“Four to five days… that is quick.”

“20,000 troops led by Kreon, facing them will be different from last time.”

“There is no way a Master class will come alone.”

“Hmm. Should we abandon Aegean, move to the rear, and build a defense line?”

“it might be better to capture Gerin back and build a defense there. Gerin was quickly captured, so a ton of supplies had to be left untouched. Moreover, it is a border city that frequently clashed with Terrisia. It will have well-equipped walls and weapons for us to use.”

“I think the same. We have to strike back against Terrisia, and Gerin is the only road that leads there. We need to get it back. Retreating doesn’t seem right.”

They exchanged opinions earnestly as this was such a predicament.

Jamie opened his mouth as he listened to them.

“If I catch Kreon, would we be able to penetrate the first gate of Terrisia?”

While they were talking about recapturing Gerin and needing to abandon Aegean to build a defense line from the rear, everyone was silent at the question.

That is because it was a proposal that omitted the immediate process.

“… what do you mean by penetrating the first gate?”

Count Welton asked his son with a shocked face, and Jamie said

“With this much power here, can we get Gerin back right away?”

Even if there are anti-magic artifacts, there aren’t many troops in Gerin.

According to their information, the commander Nishiro is a Sword Master, but he wasn’t at the peak of it.

So how many masters were here?

Excluding himself, there was a sword master called Count Welton. Jamie thought his father couldn’t lose to Nishiro.

“Me and my father and 100 elite soldiers. Tonight, the two of us will retake Gerin.”

Count Welton wasn’t sure how to react to Jamie’s words.

But he was confident of one thing.

‘Is… is he my son?’

The father, who had never worked with his son, was puzzled for the first time.

Siegfried saw the messenger pigeon flying into the Cheshan Kingdom.

It carried an essential document, so he kept his eyes on it until it safely left.

“Go to Aegean safely.”

He sighed briefly and picked up the telescope again. And he saw the forces of enemies lined up at the continental border.

That place was in the direction of the Kwatacha Kingdom, an eastern country bordered by Yvrie.

Just two days back, 10 thousand troops began to gather there.

At such a time, the Eastern Union was making a bold investment and aiming for liberation.

“If they came, how many can we stop?”

Siegfried asked the man standing next to him.

He was a fairly old man with grey hair, but his appearance in the suit of armor betrayed his status as a great general.

In fact, this man is Delkit, the prominent general of the Yvrie Sea nation and a hero who led the naval battles to victories for his king.

He was also the Lord of this place, the border city, Rakham.

He said.

“They say that 3,000 troops dispatched from Rendry will arrive tomorrow.”

“I heard that Sword Master Kalgar is also there.”

“It will still be difficult.”

“I guess so.”

The Kwatacha Kingdom typically wielded 1.5 times more troops than the Yvrie Sea nation.

However, with the support of the Zenith church and eastern nations, they gathered 30,000 soldiers.

And it had to be over 50,000 when including the troops who couldn’t be seen.

And Terrisia also had 50,000 troops that invaded Aegean.

It must mean they are waiting for something if they have so many troops but didn’t fight yet.

Maybe to get the troops to an open place. This could mean one thing.

“We must prepare our hearts and minds.”

Even if he was his nation’s hero, he knew that seeing a monstrous opposing force would lower the morale of his soldiers.

“I think it would be better to build a defense line in Grace Mountain, abandoning this place.”

Grace Mountain is the gateway city to the north with natural fortresses, surrounded by a vast canyon.

As long as they hold on there, even a massive number of enemies wouldn’t be able to break through.

Instead, building a defense line there was no different from handing down these estates.

It was a fatal loss, but he couldn’t do much in the current situation.

But Siegfried disagreed with it.

“It is too early to give up.”

“What do you mean?”

“Whether to defend this place or not is a matter of who moves first.”

“Who moves first? I don’t understand.”

“Simply put, it is never too late to decide after seeing what your enemy is doing.”

At those words, Delkit shook his face.

“You mean… Depending on how fast Jamie Welton retakes Gerin, Rakham’s situation will change.”

“Yes. But now, Count Welton would have arrived there. A week. If not less. That is where the situation in Gerin will come to an end.”

“If Cheshan’s side wins… that magician who has reached the highest level will be able to come over at once.”

“The question is, how long can we hold on over here.”

The troops gathered by the enemy will be ready within the next day. And there will be no reason to delay.

Fortunately, Yvrie is a peninsula state, and Rakham is a water-based city.

While Kwatacha is the same, Rakham will have to stay on the defensive for a while.

Delkit mumbled in a heavy voice.

“The only thing I am worried about is that it is so close to Kwatacha that they can see through a telescope.”

Surprisingly, the kingdoms of Yvrie and Kwatacha were only about 30km apart.

With a good artifact, their foes could figure out what was happening. Even right now, weren’t they looking at the troops on the enemy side?

In other words, no reinforcement would go unnoticed, whether it was a ship or an army.

And long-range magic could be used to bombard the estate.

“I am here.”

At that, Siegfried said in a confident tone.

Delkit looked at him and spoke sorry.

“I apologize. I forgot that I had the magician of space on my side.”

Siegfried of Space.

The only great magician in Seldam who came to help them.

He would be able to block the enemy until Jamie Welton comes to support.

“If I do my best to defend this place. And we succeed in holding this position…”

Siegfried looked at the enemy in the distance and said,

“Next time, there will be a fire there.”

So you must win, Jamie.

Siegfried gulped and shut his mouth.

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