Chapter 280 - Son (4)

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Jamie thought he should strike back but soon realized it was impossible.

If it gets blocked, then there is no chance of even Balisada to withstand it. Avoiding was his best option.

The sword of Count Welton came for Jamie’s head, slashing down Future Walker.

Jamie teleported. The sword attack only pierced the air.

Count Welton said.

“You used magic.”

Turning back, Jamie brushed the sword several times and took the position.

“I don’t think a sword alone will work for me.”

“hehe. A good decision. If you hadn’t done that, that wonderful sword would have been broken.”

It was an arrogant statement to say a dragon slayer would be broken, but Jamie didn’t think of it as such.

The count’s ability, [Dimension Charm].

Looking at it objectively, it couldn’t be said to be superior to Future Walker.

The ability to cut down a dimension is undoubtedly a tremendous boon. Still, it was slightly lacking compared to Future Walker, which allows the user to read and respond to all possibilities.

However, the possibilities Future Walker shows are an ability to interfere with the parallel world.

The parallel words consisted of different dimensions, which the count’s ability cut down.

Simply put, right now, the count’s power nullified Jamie’s.

Count Welton said.

“Jamie. Congrats on reaching Sword Master in just 2 months. As expected, you have obtained a great ability. But you know.”

The Count’s sword had a deformed aura.

Perhaps, it was the power that cut down the dimensions.

“There is nothing absolute in the world. Everything has its tail eaten. Like your ability being eaten by mine.”

Jamie saw the space around the count distort.

A huge wave had intervened in space. How was it possible for this man to have hidden his power all this time?

The count spoke with a relaxed expression.

“Curious about something?”

“I will ask you that later. I will ask questions later, so for now, I will face you as a magic swordsman.”


The count smashed the ground to push his body ahead, and the distance narrowed instantly.

Jamie didn’t hold back on using teleport. He moved behind the Count and stabbed the sword.

The count smiled, slamming the attempt to the ground.

And looking at Jamie, he said.

“I saw this coming.”

Jamie’s eyes widened.

The space was cut.

Mana was released while he was controlling the space. A certain space distorted and cut it.

Despite his quick reaction, Jamie noticed that his cloth along the hem and a little skin got cut, and blood was now coming out.

Using teleport again, he aimed for the Count’s head.

Jumping higher, he dodged Balisada and prepared to slash.

[Dimension Charm- Afterimage]

The space was disrupted again, and three to four cuts happened where Jamie was standing.

Jamie had to throw himself to the ground and roll to avoid it. Whether it was body, flexibility, or agility, Count Welton was tremendously skilled.

And considering that Count was holding the sword for far longer than Jamie, it could be understood.

[Sea of Hundred.]

Jamie tapped the ground.

The flow of space began to gravitate towards him.

The count sensed the change in the flow and stretched out his left hand to the side, gripping the ripping space as he landed.

And like a lie, the Sea of Hundred, which Jamie was trying to use, lost its flow.

“Sea of Hundred stopped.”

Jamie frowned as the count smiled.

Welton’s footwork didn’t seem to work either.

In other words, the difference in skill level between Jamie, who had been training for 5 years, and Count Welton, who trained for decades, was overwhelming.

A fireball formed around Jamie.

This was now low-level magic.

[Hell Fire.]

The fireball turned black, like the flames of hell, as they went for Count.

As a 9th class magician’s attack came, the Count seemed to have felt a crisis, so he used [Dimension Charm] to widen the distance.

In an instant, the Count was engulfed in black flames.

‘Even if the power is reduced, dealing damage is difficult.’

Had it been the actual Hellfire, the entire mansion here would have been burnt.

Again, for the sake of the spar, the power was reduced, allowing the count to counter it.

It was a disappointment, but in the first place, he had no intention of hurting count with the Hellfire.

It was supposed to be a trick.

‘If my presence disappears completely. No matter how hard he tries, father cannot stop me.’

Jamie breathed mana into Beyond Avalon, which he summoned in his left hand.

His body seeped into it. If he approached the Count like this…

“No, no.”

When the count tapped the ground with his palm, something like a shock wave spread around with concentric circles.

Jamie hastily returned to the real world, feeling the other side crumbling.

The count wiped the dirt off his hand and said.

“When you reach the same level as your father, you will be able to use the ability like this.”

Hopefully, he was not destroying the other word, just shaking it.

It would be difficult to use magic in this condition.

In the end, it can be said that the sword is the best support Jamie has right now. But can he deal with the Count with just a sword?

“If you stay still, I will come for you again.”

Count Welton moved once again as he leaped high.

Jamie struck the falling sword but couldn’t handle the successive attacks.

Still, he made sure to not take damage and calmly blocked all the hits.

But all this was only possible because the Count wasn’t using Dimension Charm.

He seemed to think the spar would end if he continued using it.

Jamie didn’t like his father’s consideration and tried to counter with magic.

The older Welton blocked or avoided any magic attack but never created more than a certain distance between them.

He continued to pressure his son.

As the two of them continued to move like this, the entire place became a mess.

Bang! Bang!

The sensations of resonation through their body.

And the Coun’s hair fluttering at the movement.

Jamie clicked his tongue.

He didn’t want to use it in spars.

He deflected the count’s sword and swung his.

When the count stopped it without difficulty, the two men stared at each other, and Jamie said.

“Things will be different from now.”

“In what way?”

Jamie’s eyes widened at his father’s question, who seemed to be teasing him.

“Like this!”

The ‘black suit’ which was absorbed into Jamie’s body was revealing itself onto the skin.

In an instant, Jamie was entirely covered by it and pushed the Count back with great force.

As if being pushed back suddenly by his son wasn’t enough, the Count felt like his body was floating up.

‘This isn’t an illusion.’

His body was actually floating up.

Count Welton felt his body fly away with great speed.

Pushed out.

No, it wasn’t just being pushed out; it felt so weird and heavy that he thought some giant was pushing him.

The count had to thrust the sword into the floor. And the sword struck after he had moved a little back.

The thrust speed had reduced a little, and the attack didn’t end.

Jamie approached with Balisada and swung it.

The Count had to move back, and the sword barely passed by his nose.

The Count pulled his sword from the ground and tried to aim for Jamie’s shoulder.


Jamie turned around and blocked it as he raised the leg and kicked him.

He thought the count would avoid it, so he moved a short teleport distance and moved, but his father was ready with his arms crossed near the chest.

This created a shock wave as they attacked.

Jamie, who landed on the floor, took a step back and asked the Count.

“You won’t use Dimension Charm?’

“I wondered if the balance would collapse too much if I constantly…”

“Father. “

Jamie took the form to move.

The Count broke out in cold sweat, looking at his son’s anger.

“Don’t look down on me.”

Brightly shining eyes behind the helmet were telling him to be sincere.

With those words, the Count looked at his sword and said.

“Then, be prepared.”

The two collided again.

Beryl was clicking his tongue as he saw this.

‘What the hell is up with Welton blood…’

After Jamie pulled out the black suit, the spar intensified. The training hall was already damaged.

Looking upwards, he noticed the great magicians, along with the Lord of the estate, spectating this from the top of the mansion.

All of them had curious eyes as they watched while biting their nails.

Even the Lord seemed interested.

His front yard seemed to be a mess, but he didn’t seem to care.

They weren’t the only ones watching.

Because of the commotions, everyone around the mansion was looking at them.

Beryl turned back to the spar.

‘The Count’s power is beyond imagination.’

The Count didn’t use the Dimension Charm at one point, but after Jamie spoke to him seriously, he was back to using it again.

Thanks to that, the spar was heading towards its end.

‘I am sorry, Jamie. If the area was wider, you could have used the magic to your advantage.’

Jamie was doing well now, too, with the help of the black suit, but since the space here was too small for a magician, he could only use magic to support himself here and there.

Regardless, he was holding up pretty well, and the title of the greatest genius of all time was proven to be fitting.

‘He will win soon.’

Beryl’s eyes quickly followed their movement.

At first glance, it seemed the same, but one side had more momentum.

It was Count Welton.

Despite the black suit, Jamie could not surpass his father’s attacks.

Count Welton was getting ready to end this.

Whether he was planning to finish it in earnest or throw fake attacks until Jamie doesn’t notice it is not known.

But it was clear the Welton lord was definitely stronger.

The match will end with the count’s victory.

… the moment he thought that.


An unbelievable sight happened.

The onlookers seemed to mumble when something unexpected occurred.

The fight between the father and son came to an end!

“The winner….!”

Beryl raised his hand in excitement.

The next day.

Jamie’s body ached.

His whole body creaked, and his muscles were screaming.

It was the first time he had muscle pain like this since he battled those people in Avalon.

‘Well… come to think of it, it hasn’t been long since I fought them either.’

The muscle pains usually get better with sleep, but yesterday seemed too extreme.

His father, Count Welton, didn’t even have to seriously use his strength.

But it didn’t feel bad.

He felt happy.

It felt like he got to know a bit more about his father. He was proud that he knew something about his father, who never showed others anything.

He knew that the man loved and cared for him, but he wouldn’t give out that personality of his to his children.

Until not long, he only grasped the level of Count with what he saw.

All an illusion.

At that moment, Count Welton’s voice came from outside the door.

“Jamie. Can I come?”


The count who entered looked fine, unlike Jamie.

Well, it made sense for him to be happy…

‘He moved so happily around.’

Especially the end.

Jamie is still regretting thinking about it.

Just before the spar ended, Jamie showed off his skills against the count.

It was the magical realization ‘Convergence’, aimed at turning the Dimension Charm into Balisada.

However, despite noticing that, the Count pretended to wield the Dimension Charm and stabbed towards Jamie’s vital points.

Despite the unexpected attack, Jamie’s throat was aimed at by the sword of Count.

“Still pouting”

Count Welton burst into laughter at his son’s expression.

“I didn’t know you would avoid a head-on match like that.”

“it is a spar, not a real battle, so isn’t it natural to attack with the movement you think you would win?”


Jamie had nothing to say.

The Count smiled at his son but stopped smiling as he remembered the blow of Jamie.

‘If only he could get to use it…’

In the end, Jamie didn’t have a chance to use his final attack, but Balisada shone with iridescent light.

The count, feeling uncomfortable going head to head with it, aimed for his son’s throat.

The count knew it too.

The fact that Jamie didn’t get to use magic properly due to the surroundings.

If they were going at their best, victory couldn’t be guaranteed.

Jamie, who was already at a higher level, would surely have an edge.

So, for the last time during the spar, he chose to not fight his son again.

That way, he can always stay a strong father.1

  1. Count Welton deluding himself 😂 ↩️

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