Chapter 281 - Son (5)

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“So, when did you become a Grand Master?”

At Jamie’s question, Count Welton unbuckled his sword from his waist and set it aside.

“Well. I cannot say for sure when that happened. Was it because I touched it when I wasn’t too aware?”

The Grand Master is a level that is difficult to experience in person.

It’s because there is no such thing as a manifestation of power like when one turns into a Master.

As they continue to train, they at some point hit that point.

So, the count couldn’t specifically say when.

“Still, you must have felt a change in your body.”

“Hmm. About six years back.”

At the word 6 years back, Jamie was shocked.

Was his father at the Grand Stage before Jamie fully started fighting?

It was natural that he didn’t see his father’s actual level. How could he understand the status of a Grand Master so easily?

Even now, if the count hid his power, Jamie wouldn’t be able to tell.

“Well, I didn’t mean to hide it.”

“But you didn’t want to make it known either.”


It was true that he was a Sword Master, and releasing this information would bring more harm than good.

From then on, regardless of the power and estate, there will be too much interference from the palace.

That isn’t a bad thing, but it wouldn’t be welcome for a family man like the Welton lord.

So he hid it.

“No one knows?”

“It was impossible to fool one guy’s eyes. Sword Lord.”

The Sword Lord Tarix Pan, the first sword of the Seldam Kingdom.

One of the swordsmen known to be closest to becoming a Grand Master on the continent.

“But why is it impossible to deceive his eyes?”

“It has to do with his ability. Well, if the swordsman is skilled enough, even if you try hiding it, they will know.”

“Right, but it has to be someone like grandfather…”

When Jamie asked, Count Welton smiled in disbelief.

“You don’t know. If someone is as determined as me and hides their power, it is hard to find out. But I don’t think my people from my father’s time would not know. Because that man was similar to your grandfather.”

His grandfather, Chervyl Welton.

Finally, the man reached the status of Grand Master and completed his technique, a technique he had been pursuing all his life.

He tried to pass it on to Count Welton, but Count Welton refused to learn it.

And yesterday, with his own eyes, Jamie saw why the man didn’t have to learn it.

With his own ability, Dimension Charm, there was no need to have something similar.

“I am glad to have had you. Because you can carry out my father’s legacy.”

As Count Welton said, Jamie was learning the technique of his grandfather.

For Jamie, it was something that maximized the efficiency of the movement.

Using Future Walker, he could turn the best possible outcome into reality.

He seemed to understand why his grandfather asked Darius to teach his grandson.

To be precise, he realized it when he saw his father’s ability.



“What is Welton?”


“My ability as Future Walker and father’s Dimension Charm. If my prediction is right, then grandfather’s power is…”

“Right. The prediction is right. Your grandfather’s ability didn’t have a name. Still, he would call it ‘Earth & Sky’.”

“Earth and Sky…”

“A power to intervene in everything between Heaven and Earth.”

In other words, his grandfather’s power was also linked to space.

What is the probability that three generations of the same family would have space-related abilities?

Jamie was sure it had to be less than 1%.

It was also a matter of blood.

Count Welton nodded.

“Not just your grandfather. According to the records, my father, grandfather, and all the great grandfathers who reached Master level had space-related abilities.”

It means that any child of Welton who hits the master state will awaken an ability that has something to do with the space.

There was no such family around. Then, what is the Welton Family?

“I don’t know either. I think your grandfather knew something, but he wouldn’t tell me. And he suddenly left the estate.”

“… I heard something from Darius some time ago.”

“Darius. Of Dark Arena? Well. I guess he must have shown you that Extreme Technique.’

Come to think of it, Jamie didn’t speak to his father about what happened five years back, but the count seemed to know of the events.

Jamie didn’t bother asking how he knew and continued.

“He said the reason that grandfather made the Extreme Technique…. It’s just for me.”

Perhaps he didn’t know about this, but the count seemed shocked.

‘No wonder…’

The Count remembered his father’s moments before death.

A few days before he died, he called for the Count alone.

-Argeno. If you want, I will pass it on to you. If you want.

Indeed the old man must have been willing to want the technique to pass on to his son. But Count Welton couldn’t feel sincerity in his father’s voice.

At the time, he thought it was because his father’s voice was already weak…

‘it wasn’t that. My father really didn’t want it to be passed to me.’

Perhaps, he had a change of heart before dying and said it aloud.


Why was he trying to pass this to Jamie so desperately and not to him?

‘No, how did my father even know that Jamie…’

It was as if the man knew Jamie would be born.

It was around the time when Jamie was still within Sears’ stomach.

Then how!!!

Count Welton’s expression was turning serious when Jamie interrupted his train of thought.


There came no answer, so he called in a louder voice.


The count, who came to his senses, looked at Jamie.

Only then did he know he was in deep thought and apologized.


“No. You must be confused. But looking at your reactions, you don’t seem to know.”

“Right. How could your grandfather have prepared something for you? I feel like I have to figure this out.”

There was one thing he knew.

A secret study in the mansion which he didn’t pay much attention to after being the Lord.

He thought something could be in there. Jamie, too, knew that Count Welton realized something but didn’t ask about it.

This is something his father had to do.

And he knew that once he knew something, his father wouldn’t hide it.

“Well, our Welton family have always awakened their abilities of the same kind. Don’t worry; this father of yours will find out the secret behind it.”


“Rather, let’s talk about recapturing Gerin.’


The sun went down, and the moon rose.

Countless stars were shining on Gerin in the black sky.

It is impossible for the moon and stars to completely remove the darkness of night.

Taking advantage of this darkness, a group of people invaded Gerin.

“When will the reinforcements arrive?”

“It was said to be in 3 days.”

“I am trembling here. We won’t die here, right? Shit…”

“Several times a day, magicians used to fly from Aegean and cast magic, but why did they stop doing it?’

“Still, we blocked it successfully.”

“That was when I thought I was going to die.”

“it was terrifying…”

As the soldiers of Terrisia who occupied Gerin stood guard, the past few days were hectic.

In particular, not long after Katarina’s army was taken down, the magicians of Seldam attacked to retake Gerin.

Fortunately, they installed thousands of anti-magic artifacts in advance to neutralize it. Still, at that time, the entirety of Gerin shook as if it had been struck by an earthquake.

If that happened again, could they stop it?

The soldiers who had no knowledge of magic weren’t sure of it.

“I want to go home.”

“Don’t say that. The others could point their hands at you.”

“Shit! They dragged us in by force!”


The soldiers grumbled at it and pouted.

It was then.

A silver blade came through their neck. The soldier’s eyes widened, but he couldn’t even scream.

“Ha. Because you’re talking like that, even I want to see my wife back home. Je… kuak!”

The other soldier looked down at the sword through his chest with a shocked face. And gripped the hand with trembling hands, but the sword rose straight up and slit his head in two.

2 soldiers in an instant.

Those in black masks wiped the blood off the swords and moved.

The soldiers who were speaking were now cold corpses in the moonlight.

This wasn’t the only thing that happened.

Many other soldiers were assassinated by masked men. The masked men who neutralized them removed the anti-magic artifacts on the walls.

The artifacts were connected, so if a single connected line was cut in, dozens of operating ones would stop.


“Catch them!’

However, it seems like when an artifact was destroyed, it gave out a signal, so the soldiers began to come in.

But this much was expected.

The masked men climbed up the wall. Their movements were as light as a spider on its web.

“Archers, shoot them down!”

When the order came, a rain of arrows descended upon the wall.

At that moment.


An endless stream of flames broke out from the walls of Gerin and entered the castle.

The wooden arrows were engulfed in flame and turned to ashes right away.

The commander who ordered the shooting was shocked at the fire magic.


With the flames disappearing, someone landed gently.

A tall man with emerald hair and fluttering black robes.

And the commander knew who he was.

“J-Jamie Welton.”

The gate, which couldn’t be broken for a whole week, broke down instantly.

Standing in front was Jamie, who said.

“I told you, dad, it isn’t that difficult.”


Said the masked man next to him.

After that, the people in similar masks bowed to the two.

“With just the members of the Welton family, the place…”

Count Welton took the mask off and shook his hair.

“We can get this back in no time.”

“Let’s start.”

“Did everyone hear? We have been given the order. We will take this place back.”

The masked men scattered around, and blood flowed out of the Terrisia’s soldiers.

It was the power of the elite knights of the Seldam Kingdom.

Jamie looked around and said.

“Seems too easy.”

This meant that back in Aegean, not many soldiers were left.

The two walked towards the mansion along the bloody path.

This was the temporary residence used by the people from Katarina’s army.

They had to retake the place and prepare for the next battle.

Kreon’s army was coming.

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