Chapter 282 - You Are Me (1)

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At Kreon’s laugh, the man next to him asked with an exhausted face.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Gerin is lost. Those stupid bastards. They’re all trash.”

“… isn’t that serious? I don’t think it is funny.”

At the man’s words, Kreon smiled.

“It was Jamie Welton who did it all. How can I not laugh?”


He didn’t understand it, but the man kept his mouth shut because he thought he would get hit if he dragged this too much.

He didn’t even understand why he was here in the first place.

The man, Vincent, could barely hold back his breath.

Because he realized it was essential to keep an eye on this man if he was to survive.

Instead of asking why he laughed, Vincent spoke about their future plans.

“it is said that Count Welton’s troops and reinforcements came from the Rendry Kingdom. What do we plan to do? I heard there is a Sword Master there.”

“What would lieutenant Vincent like to do?”

“Uh? Well…”

Shocked by the counter question, Vincent glanced at the 25,000 men who followed.

He knew the northern army, which had completely recaptured Gerin, only had a little over 20,000 troops.

In addition, there were three great magicians and three Sword Masters.

Among them, Jamie Welton was a great magician who reached the supreme state.

He hadn’t heard anything about Jamie being a Sword Master, so he thought of it as three, but if Jamie was a Sword Master, then it would be four.

Besides, Count Welton was a Grand Master.

Anyway, even if Jamie’s power wasn’t known, the difference in power was too much to overcome.

They had, Kreon, who reached Grand Master level, but if he thought about it, there would be two or three opposing Master classes here.

‘In other words, why did the Apostle send us off like this?’

Did he see something in the war simulation Spiral of Battlefield?

Kreon looked at Vincent, who was thinking deeply, and said,

“Did you say you joined Seven Knights last year?”

“Ah, yes. It hasn’t been a year yet.”

“While I was away, they pressed Barba down and promoted you to the temporary Zenith Sword?”

Barba was the second most powerful person after Kreon in Seven Knights, and he was the paladin blocking the Holy Executioners from coming to support Apton.

He was a man with great ambition and had plans to threaten the place of Kreon too.

He ‘overwhelmingly’ lost to this Vincent, who wasn’t even in the Seven Knights for a year.

“Uh, um… I was lucky.”

“Luck. Hehehe. If Barba hears that, he will lose his mind.”

Kreon felt various emotions at the sight of Vincent, who looked like a fierce yet annoying being.

Especially the feeling he had when they met for the first time.

A win-win situation.

He couldn’t fight because of the situation, but he wanted to cross swords with this guy.

If there was a God of Swords, he would be the embodiment of talent, which could be compared with the apostle of the God of Swords.

He couldn’t confirm it, but he heard Vincent’s ability was too strong.

From his innate sword skills to his ability.

“The world is wide and full of absurdities.”

Starting with Jamie Welton, his enemy.

But as always, the world is balanced.

The Spiral of Battlefield has said it, and the war will favor Zenith.



Vincent looked at the madman laughing and sighed.

He just wanted to head back home.

“I didn’t think retaking this place would be so easy.”

Simon looked down at the recaptured city walls. Jamie, who was next to him, nodded.

“In the end, as long as there was enough power they could use at once, we would be able to manage.”

“Sometimes I wonder if magicians are this powerless.”

“Such a case is rather strange to come by. Who would have thought they had prepared

thousands of such artifacts?“

“That isn’t wrong either. Anyway, Zenith, those bastards are crazy ones.”

Jamie, who didn’t expect the thick curse to come from Simon’s mouth, said with widened eyes.

“You always talk politely, and you know to cool off by cursing out?”

“But I told the truth.”


“But, they have been dragging this out a lot.”

The two were now looking at the magical weapons of Terrisia and began to pull out.

As if everything was intentional, 3 more Bunker Breakers were prepared to be fired at Aegean, and then they managed to get grade A to C magic stones.

There were also ten Homunculi that Katarina had separately built.

“If it wasn’t for you, all the roads leading to the north would have been closed off to us.”

Simon sincerely thought so.

Aegean would have been captured if Jamie hadn’t appeared with Beryl that day.

In addition, he and Linmel could have been fatally wounded that day, and that was a good outcome. As such, the Easterners had prepared many things.

“Shoot them all at the Kreon’s army when they come.”

Jamie said, stroking the Bunker breaker with his hand. Three Breakers would definitely do devastating damage.

When that happens, Kreon’s expression will be amazing.

“Let me put it there.”


“But where did Count Welton go to?’

“He went to greet General Calgar, who came from Rendry.”

“They must be arriving soon.”

Jamie nodded his head.

Reinforcements are arriving soon.

The reinforcements they were supposed to send from Apsilon didn’t even set off for some reason. Still, they had a good chance of winning with these troops.

No, ignoring that, their power had increased.

‘If there is a gap like this, the advance might be stopped.’

Kreon’s army will arrive tomorrow. From then, the siege will start.

However, some unknown anxiety was killing him.

The number of masters, troops, and weapons. Everything was higher on Jamie’s side.

In other words, it isn’t a siege, but a head-on hit to the opponent! Even if their enemy went for it, this side had a higher chance at victory.

Even so, there is only one reason Kreon’s army wasn’t stopping.

‘What did the Spiral of the Battlefield say?’

The relic of the Zenith church,

A holy relic with a deceptive ability limited to war calculates the war and predicts the win rate.

In the siege, Aegean had been taken back with must have been different from what the relic said, but this time they must have seen it more clearly.

‘I don’t know what it showed you people…’

Jamie’s eyes turned purple and then subsided.

Right, a relic of Zenith.

In his previous life, even when he was Diablo Volfir, he made Zenith, the god of war, kneel in front of him repeatedly.

The holy relic wouldn’t have been better than their god’s judgement.

Then, there is nothing to fear.

“I’ll break it again. Zenith, let’s see what you can do.”

“Master Calgar, long time no see.”

“Master Welton. Was the last we met during the swordsmanship meet?”

Count Welton and General Calgar of Rendry Kingdom shook hands

They were members of the Northern Swordsmen Association and had met many times.

“Leave the soldiers to my lieutenant and come with me. Everyone is waiting inside.”


General Calgar agreed and headed in with Count Welton to the top floor of the Gerin mansion.

At the top was where they put the command room, where all the core figures were gathering.

When the Count opened, Calgar bowed to all.

Then, looking at his outstanding face, which greeted them like a gentleman with honor, they, too, greeted him back.

“I greet everyone. I am Calgar Brown dispatched from the Rendry Kingdom.”

As a general of the Rendry Kingdom, he was famous for being a gentleman who valued politeness.

The others smiled at this.

Count Welton guided the man to his head.

“Once everyone is seated, I will introduce them to you.”


Once everyone was seated, Count Welton introduced all of them, and Calgar greeted them one by one with a bright smile.

And when Jamie was introduced, he was shocked.

“Oh my! I heard about you on m way here. The great magician who touched the Supreme State. And a Sword Master… all that happened? I cannot believe it; it all sounded like you had absurd talent. You are really Master Welton’s son?!”

“Yes, he is my son.”

“Really, oh my, the world must love Seldam. Anyway, nice to meet you; it is an honor to have met everyone here, especially you, Jamie. Thanks to you, I have more things I can proudly speak of when going back.”

“I-it is nothing.”

Jamie felt embarrassed at all those words, and this sight made the others laugh.

Once everyone greeted Calgar, the meeting began on how to deal with the army of Kreon, which was bound to arrive the next day.

“The power will be superior to us. In addition, we have the magical weapons we captured, so I think we can use them to give ourselves the upper hand.”

“I have the same opinion as Elder Simon. Not only that, we have 3 great magicians or higher with one. One is in the Supreme State and a Sword Master too.”

Everyone nodded at the words of Simon and Linmel.

Actually, there was no such thing as a strategic meeting.

Starting with an objective difference in power and taking into account the geographical advantages of the place, Zenith should have had no chance of winning.

“Our goal isn’t to win a prolonged war. While we obviously desire victory, our goal is to end it before they bring in more people.”

“They already consumed a lot of troops and resources, so we push them?”

“I agree with the elders.”

“I will obey it. The army will be left to the will of Seldam.”

Calgar raised his hand, saying he didn’t mind following. Terrisia will pay the price of the mission they failed to do, and Zenith will lose their strongest person.

If that happens, the power of the east will weaken.

The situation is clearly flowing in the direction of victory for them.

Everything thought so.

Except for one.

“I don’t know.”

It was Jamie. And everyone looked at him.

“What do you mean?”

Linmel asked for the everyone’s sake

“Kreon is there, but they still are disadvantaged.”

“Are you saying that something will happen?”

“Spiral of Battlefield. Last time, causality was out of line because I appeared there with Lord

Beryl, but not now.“

“But even if they have a secret weapon we don’t know about. The difference in power is pretty high.”

“Right. To be honest, it makes no sense for us to lose. But what if their goal isn’t to win?”

Now everyone’s expressions darkened.

What is the purpose isn’t to win?

“I know it sounds weird. I am not sure about this either. However, we need to be mindful of one thing. Zenith is a war-favoring church.”

Zenith, God of War and Peace.

Two contradictory things in one god.

Therefore, it is the most special of the 12 Gods.

No matter how good the allies’ objective power is, the world doesn’t go according to theory.

Jamie was trying to say that.

“Variables can always arise. So we have to come up with a plan to outrun them.”

“That makes sense.”

Calgar was the first to side with Jamie, and the others nodded.

“You are right. As long as the opponent is a war church, it can be said that strength alone will not work.”

“Then let’s think about what to do. The night is still young.”

They didn’t stop the meeting until the sun started being visible.

For a flawless victory.

And when the sun rose.

Kreon’s army could be seen.

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