Chapter 283 - You Are Me (2)

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The meeting lasted until the sun rose. They were all masters, so they weren’t tired by the night-long strategy meeting.

They were good enough to handle their mornings.

Jamie stretched, he wasn’t tired, but he still wanted to close his eyes for a second.

But that wasn’t possible because someone wanted to talk to him.


“Ah, Marquis Linmel.”

“Can we talk for a second?”

Jamie was surprised by Linmel’s sudden question, but he didn’t turn him away since they hadn’t spoken for a long time.

The two of them went out to look at the rising sun.

As they watched the sky gradually brighten, they thought it might be the dawn of an upcoming war.

“It is chilly.”

“it is early spring, after all.”

Flowers were blooming now.

Although the city was ruined by war, there were still flowers that survived. Maybe this is why plants are known to live strong and tough lives.

And Lineml brought up the past suddenly.

“It has been more than 5 years since I last saw you. Time passes relentlessly, slipping by, day by day, and yet I cannot forget your expression when you first saw me.”

“I guess.”

The first meeting they had was in the hallway of the Welton mansion as Jamie was walking to the dining room.

At that time, Jamie was looking at the things around his home, but when he did not recognize Linmel, he considered him an intruder and used magic on him.

Count Welton broke it off in the middle, and the situation ended. Still, for Linmel, it was such a fresh memory of a man who reincarnated.

“I didn’t tell you at that time, but I was shocked.”


“Right. It was a talent I never thought could be possessed. Later, I found out who you were, and that explained it, but at first, it was like being hit on the head with a hammer.”

Jamie shook his head.

“The next place was the magic world. Originally, there were no plans to make you work in Phoenix Academy, but now that I think about it, it was a good test.”

“Ugh. I was bothered by it. Taking care of those kids.”

“Hahaha. Aren’t you a kid too?”

“Uh. I am reincarnated, so while you can’t tell, I have lived thousands of years longer than Marquis.”

“You must like that, old man?”

Jamie laughed at it.

“You grew up well. Right, you grew up very well, Jamie Welton.”

“I had Marquis’s help. It would have taken me a lot longer if Marquis didn’t give me his breathing method.”

“I am glad I helped you.”

The two looked at the sky without another word.

As they talked, they looked back over the past. It wasn’t a bad year.

At least for Linmel, it wasn’t.

“You are the lamp which will light the future.”


“Don’t stop. You have to do what you must. This is just the start of this war. I bet my everything on you, and I’m not alone. Simon and the others who know about you, they have put their hopes on you.”

Linmel flicked a gambling chip and threw it at Jamie.

Jamie took the chip and looked at it.

“Do not worry. This time we will all move ahead. The Marquis is here. So do help me.’

“Fufu. Do not worry, right. I need to rest a little now; I am quite old.”

“Please go in.”

“It is a chilly day, so get some rest. Even Sword Masters can get cold.”

Linmel disappeared with that. Leaving Jamie with the chip in hand. It was an ordinary chip, but it represented something tremendous.

From afar, something black was moving to the Gerin gates.

As the distance was closed in, the identities were confirmed. The flag of Zenith and the flag of Eastern Union.

At the forefront was a man who looked tired riding the horse.


“… would the appearance have changed so much in 5 years?”

“He was pretty fine then, so why did he turn out like this?”

Jamie and Beryl, who had met Kreon five years back, were shocked the man had changed so much.

It was a natural reaction to see a person who looked young, even at fifty, look exhausted and old the next time.

They just shrugged it off, not knowing Kreon’s side of the story.

He was the enemy they had to defeat; that much didn’t change.

“Everything is ready!”

Jamie nodded at the knight who reported from below.

Raising their hands to the soldiers in the watchtower, they raised the yellow flags.

The other soldiers manning the watchtowers knew it was the signal for those below.

“This is the beginning.”

“We shall pour out everything we have.”

Two master classes were placed on each wall to take the role of commander.

Jamie and Beryl were in charge of the central wall, armed with a bunker breaker, ready to shoot through the cannon hole.

Two others were located on the other side walls, aiming for the enemy.

Jamie looked to the right, where Count Welton nodded.



The trumpeter who was waiting for Jamie’s instructions signaled the troops. A blue light began to seep into the three bunker breakers simultaneously.


These three rays will be the start of the war.

It was then.

Someone from the enemy side jumped high, and Jamie knew what it was.

At first, he thought it was Kreon, but this person was different.

A gray-haired man that looked annoyed pulled his sword out.

And flash! Along with the light, the beams from the bunker breakers were swept away.

‘Who is that?’

Jamie was a bit startled.

All three beams were pushed back with one sword.

It was short, but the intense appearance shook all the masters on the wall.

But the war had just started; they couldn’t panic now.

On the right, Simon was ready with his body on fire as he flew into the air.

His body shone like the dazzling sun and threw out fireballs at the enemy.

They had to make sure that the enemy didn’t come too close.

Linmel and Offen were in charge of the left and prepared wide area magic.

Except for Jamie, the three of them were 8th class great magicians.


The wind trembled in Offen’s hand as it turned into a massive tornado on the battlefield.

As the tornado grew bigger and bigger, it devoured the rain of fire Simon created and turned into a flaming vortex.

Offen then pushed it ahead.

“Sweep away the enemies.”

The hurricane moved ahead.

Linmel saw the scene and jumped off the wall, and with both hands on the ground, he chanted a spell.


The ground below began to crack from where Linmel stood and spread for hundreds of meters slowly.


The vibration even shook the estate. It broke and cracked the ground open, and the cracks continued to grow thicker.

In an instant, it looked like the land would crumble down.

The advancing enemy forces began to swerve to change their direction.

But it was too late.

Above was the hurricane of flames that burned everything; below was the cracked earth ready to devour them.

Three wide area attacks which could never be seen at once were being used.

“Such a warm welcome.”

Kreon looked at the disasters and spoke with a happy expression.

He gestured for the soldiers to turn left and right. No matter what they used, it would be difficult for them if they were caught by such attacks.



“it is hard for me to handle both. So the bottom is for you.”


Vincent had an annoyed expression.

Still, he had just used a lot of energy to block the three beams.

And now he was asked to prevent this disaster by an 8th class great magician.

He didn’t want to come to the battle at all. But he was asked to go, and he couldn’t disobey.

He stood onto the house, glanced at Kreon with dissatisfied eyes, and jumped off.

Kreon shrugged and jumped high.

“There is no need to use much here.”

He floated in the air and picked up Durandal.

From its blade, the holy power of Zenith was seeping out.


Kreon swung the sword with a strong movement.

[Reversal of Casualty]

[Great Power Hit]


The tornado of flames split in half.

The vibrations flowed as if Durandal had actually hit something.

It didn’t end there. The vortex once again split vertically along a straight line.

A huge disaster that swept several kilometers began to dissipate in two hits.

And it wasn’t that.


Vincent, sprinting at a speed that surpassed a horse, drew his sword again.

The earthquake was tearing the land down, creating a small canyon as if to separate the land.

If he leaves it, moving ahead would be impossible.

Vincent, who jumped quickly, found the flow of mana.

He slowly fell to the place where the flow of mana was concentrated and stabbed it.


His eyes shone green.

The power of the earthquake got sucked into his body and stopped.


Vincent pulled the sword out and jumped up.

His blessed body was able to land on the ground without difficulty.

And just then, Kreon landed after destroying the hurricane of flames.

The disasters created by 8th class magicians disappeared without a trace.

“Good work”

“Ah, yes.’

Vincent just touched his head and saw the soldiers from afar.

The soldiers were getting back in formation.

Turning around, he saw in the distance the flags of Cheshan, Seldam, and Rendry.

There were archers on the wall, along with infantry waiting.

The knights and cavalry must be waiting inside.

And with a sound like the blowing wind, a man landed in front of them.

“… Jamie Welton.”

Kreon mumbled his name softly.

Jamie stared at him without answering. And Kreon opened his mouth with a complicated expression,

“You have grown a lot. So much in just 5 years. Did you really grow up? Why is a kid this tall?”

“You grew up like a dirty man too. Why do you look so old? If you were going to age like that, you should have just died.”

“How can I die? You are still alive. You are still alive right in front of me!!”

Kreon’s voice showed his killing intent.

The air was so heavy that Vincent couldn’t stop himself from frowning. But he couldn’t stay still since he thought Kreon would lose control.

“Commander. Calm down.”

“Do you think I can calm down? Huh? Huh??”

“Still, calm down. Looking at it, it is a trap. They might charge at you.”

This wasn’t something to say to a commander, but Vincent had to, despite his annoyance.

Kreon quickly calmed down.

“Hmm. Right.”

Is he losing it?

Kreon asked in a calm voice.

“So. Why are you here? What is a kid like you doing here, acting like the representative?”

“Just wanted to see how pathetic you are.”

And Jamie looked at Vincent.

The reason he was here wasn’t because of Kreon but this man.

‘Who is this guy?’

The skills he just saw were something that made everything more bothersome for them.

He wasn’t a Grand Master, though.

If Grand Masters appeared so easily, wouldn’t Zenith covet all of them?

However, this wasn’t an opponent to take lightly.

If he was here in a place full of masters, he must be skilled.

‘Especially, except Kreon, the others are all masters in Zenith.’

Checking, Jamie turned to head back to the walls. Until Kreon said.


Jamie turned to Kreon. And then wiggled the fingers as he said.

“You know? Our plan was temporarily blocked by you in the past.”

“What are you saying?”

“It is there. The Chimera paladin.”

Jamie’s eyes widened at the word Chimera Paladin.

Seeing that, Kreon shouted.

“Why did you think I only brought 20,000 people here!”

He smiled like a madman and pointed to the people behind him.

“Can you people stop them? 20,000 paladins! Hahaha!”

Looking at the soldiers, Jamie’s face went stiff.

He didn’t notice it as he didn’t care about the soldiers; he had only cared about Kreon.

But now, they all had different eyes, and their skin tones differed. They were nothing like ordinary people.

Kreon clapped as if to show him.

A pure white light shone in the eyes of the soldiers, and the holy power of Zenith was flowing out of them.

At that, Kreon said happily.

“How is it?”

Jamie didn’t answer it.

His face was already contorting.

The enemy army is made up of Chimera Paladins, but his anger didn’t stem from being afraid.

Jamie opened his mouth with an angry face.


His eyes were shining purple.


Zenith church, which turned innocent children into chimeras 5 years back.

Was that terrible crime still happening?

The 20 thousand here.

There must be many more chimeras back in their main church.

The space around Jamie trembled.

“As I expected…”

Jamie declared to Kreon, who was laughing like a madman.

“I need to kill you.”

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