Chapter 284 - Two Fights (1)

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“Ah. That will not be possible.”

At Jamie’s declaration, Vincent waved his hand.

“This… personally, I am annoyed, but I have been asked to deal with you.”


“That is what he said. I am quite dissatisfied too.”

Kreon gritted his teeth in anger, but Vincent just shrugged.

“It was done by our higher-ups. I don’t want to deal with that monster, either. What if I die?”

“I don’t want to hear that.”

At Kreon’s words, Jamie frowned.

The conversation happened before him as if they were just messing around.

And what kind of guy is this? He would come to fight instead of Kreon?

If the guy hadn’t reached the status of Grand Master, he isn’t an opponent to him.

He did give a strong impression, but even if he thought about it, he couldn’t see himself losing.

Vincent flinched, noticing Jamie staring at him.

“D-don’t stare at me like that. Do you want to fight with me?”

What does this think war is? A game?

Or was he out here thinking he was out for a walk?

Jamie felt a great sense of alienation at the guy’s bored look and annoying face.

He couldn’t understand how this guy could act this freely in front of Jamie.

“I do not care. After all, both will die by my hands.”

“Before that…”

Kreon shouted.

“Isn’t it common courtesy to give back what I received?!”

The holy power of Zenith shone from the chimera paladins, who were all in one place and formed a huge group.

“Let’s see if you have the time to stop it.”

Kreon gathered his outstretched arms and moved them to clap.

And then, a massive sphere of holy power moved around as if ready to launch.

Without delay, Jamie created a spear of lighting and threw it towards the sphere of holy power.

Vincent jumped ahead and cut the spear.

“I have a little trouble stopping magic; let’s not be reckless.”

The sphere of holy light flashed. It shone so bright that it was blinding, and it was a shot out like a straight line to the walls of Gerin.

Jamie was trying to get to the wall faster.

“Woah, woah! Where are you going?”

The power of Reversal of Casualty cut Jamie down.

However, Future Walker had quickly read the movement, so he nullified the attack.

Feeling his ability disappearing naturally, Kreon was wide-eyed as he shouted.

“You bastard!”

“Tch. It was offset?”

Since both were powers according to the probability of space and time, they reacted to each other.

In other words, Jamie and Kreon couldn’t strike each other with their abilities. But it was enough to stop Jamie from moving.

Jamie’s eyes widened, and he reached out towards the light beam going for the wall.

Right then, Vincent appeared and drew his sword.

“I don’t know why you are here, but it is a huge mistake.”

Like flowing water, Vincent landed gently on his right foot and aimed for Jamie’s head with his sword.

Jamie drew Balisada and defended hurriedly, then teleported.

Vincent read the flow of mana and slashed.

“Kuak, you brat?!”

Jamie, who was about to get split by it, stopped the teleport and looked at Vincent.

Teleport being stopped.

Vincent lifted the sword and stood up. Jamie looked at him like watching a monster and frowned.

What famous masters couldn’t do, this guy was doing it leisurely.

Kreon’s voice could be heard.

“He is a sword genius. He is someone who is loved by the sword just as much as you are loved by magic.”

But Jamie didn’t hear that.

If he didn’t stop the light, the wall would collapse, and the soldiers waiting behind it would be seriously injured.

Many deaths would come.

He couldn’t let that happen.

It was then.

Blue aura blades soared into the sky.

It might not be seen to the normal eye due to the distance, but Jamie had his sight enhancement on.

In his eyes, emerald-colored hair was fluttering in the wind.

“You are not alone here!!”

Count Welton’s loud cry could be heard, and he cut down the beam of holy power.

However, being split only weakened it, and it was still enough to make the walls collapse.

At that moment, two more jumped from the left and right towers.

They were Beryl and Calgar.

The two Sword Masters took out their aura swords and split the beam without difficulty.

Kreon frowned and gave an order to the army.

“Take down those pieces of trash!!”

Kreon’s orders were absolute for the chimera paladins.

The 20,000 troops who lost their thoughts rushed ahead for the wall. It was a charge which had no care for lives, but they weren’t normal paladins, and right now, these chimeras could not be stopped.

Jamie concentrated mana on both hands, thinking he would have to cut down a few.

“Can you do it?”

Kreon asked in a sneering tone.

“Can you kill the things which are made of women?”

5 years back.

It would have been done without hesitation because he had given up on things like emotions. But now that he accepted the feelings…

Jamie cried.

“That is why we have to do this! This must be a terrible nightmare for them!”

For them, more than anyone else, he didn’t want to hesitate to cut them down.

A flash of light from Jamie’s body.

At the maximum, Kreon felt goosebumps rise.

‘Ha…! You have grown this much!’

He still remembered their fight from five years back.

A little boy who tried to stop him at all costs. The boy who struggled till the end is now threatening him with his power.

He wanted to crush him.

Make him kneel and watch a depressed face as he begs.

“As I thought!”

Kreon felt his body heat up and immediately tried to run to Jamie.


A line was drawn at his feet.

Kreon turned to Vincent with an angry face.

“You have to do what you are asked to do. Do you intend to go against the will of the Apostle?”

When the mention of the Apostle came, Kreon’s expression twisted up.

The will of the Apostle is the will of Zenith.

Kreon shouted.

“Damn it!!”

And he looked at Jamie as he ran for the wall.

Jamie reached out to catch Kreon, but Vincent stabbed his sword with the intent to pierce the hand.

“You have to deal with me.”

Jamie looked at Vincent and said,

“Get lost.”

Vincent felt his body move back. It happened before he realized it.

‘How did I…?’

He saw Jamie in the distance.

As if he gave up chasing Kreon, he looked ahead.

At that moment, a light like the holy light shone, and more than a thousand chimera paladins disappeared without a trace.

Even if this was thanks to the blessing of God Zenith, this wouldn’t be possible.

Vincent frowned and lifted his hand to rip his necklace off.

He mumbled, clutching the diamond-shaped necklace.

“Activate the Holy Spirit. Infinite Battlefield. Target, Jamie Welton.’

Jamie, who was giving out Starlight from his body, was dragged to another world. He tried to escape, but the holy power was holding him.

When he came to his senses, he wasn’t near the Gerin estate.

“This place…?”

Jamie looked at the white marble floor and large columns. The columns were beautifully carved.


Vincent heard the voice from behind.

When he turned his head, he saw the guy relaxing.

“Is this your doing?”

“It is precisely the power of this.”

Vincent hung the diamond-shaped necklace held in his left hand and waved it.

“Another holy treasure bestowed by God Zenith. This is a space reserved to kill you.”

‘The Spiral of Battlefield.’

First, isolate Jamie Welton from the battlefield. If not, you won’t win.

And second.


Said Vincent raising the aura.

“Will kill Count Welton.”

With the death of Count Welton, the war ends with victory on Zenith.

Hearing that, Jamie took a stance, not wanting to hear about anything.

“Then I will tell you too.”

Replaces black mana with Starlight.

A ghastly light began to flow from the body.

“You both will fail.”

Vincent took a deep breath as if he felt his body crushing.

“Whoever it is, let’s finish this quickly.”

“Even after killing you, I have no intention to rest.”

And the two people’s swords collided.

Linmel said to the two magicians.

“I think we should start right away.”


“I understand.”

Offen and Simon answered and started to move somewhere. Linmel walked towards the center of the wall.

Then put his hands together and began to memorize a spell.

His eyes were on 20,000 chimera paladins rushing to the wall.

The enemy was stronger than he expected, so he didn’t know if the strategy he had planned would work or not, but he had to somehow prevent them from breaking through.

Linmel made eye contact with the two great magicians who came from his sides.

“Tell everyone to get ready.”

“Everyone, get ready!”

The messenger announced it right away to the soldiers waiting.

More than 20,000 infantry and 1000 cavalry, and even the knights of Welton were under their command.

Mana swirled in Linmel’s body. The same with Offen and Simon.

The mana of three people was connected in the form of a stem, drawing a blue triangle.

-You must make a warp gate that opens in three directions when the enemy charges. From here, the cavalry can create a conical formation, allowing them to simultaneously attack from all three directions. All-out war comes next.

Those were Jamie’s instructions.

Although they decided to use this tactic when the enemy army was made up of normal soldiers, they had to do everything they could now that Jamie had disappeared.




All three of their mana’s resonated.

A huge warp gate opened up in a circle, left and right, to surround the 20,000 rushing enemies.

The sudden appearance of the warp gate might have given them time, but the chimeras continued to rush ahead with no fear.

Countless overlapping sounds began to be heard from within the warp gate by such people.

As the sound drew closer, the knight riding a black horse, armed with full body armor and lance in hand, appeared.

Hundreds of similarly dressed cavalry followed and moved for the chimera paladins at great speed.

Three directions at once!

“You prepared something this fun?”

Kreon, who was running, smiled as he looked at the cavalry sweeping in.

And he shouted hard with the sword in hand.



Beryl appeared with the wind behind him and swung the sword at Kreon’s head.

Durandal and Beryl’s sword collided.

As the two of them got close, Kreon said.

“You aren’t my enemy.”

“I am sorry, but I have been waiting for today.”

[Wind God.]

The moment Beryl’s eyes turned gray.

[Flash loop]

The violently colliding winds created a kind of electric fiction.

“A skill I created with the help of my colleague from the east.”

A thunderbolt got created right in the air.



Kreon laughed at the thunderbolt which merely stiffened his body.

“This is your limit.”

[Reversal of Casualty.]

[Confirmed Death.]

Beryl’s eyes widened.

He looked at the sword that almost pierced his heart, and Kreon laughed at him.

“Master Onyx isn’t alone, Sword of Zenith.”

At that moment, Beryl’s form disappeared, and Kreon felt a cold sensation behind him.

Beryl moved behind him, swinging the sword to kill the man.

“This is the price for carelessness.”

[Reversal of Casualty]

[Death Regression.]

The moment Kreon’s neck was cut, all the movements stopped as if time had stopped, and the cut began to heal up.

No, it was better.

It was regression rather than healing.

“Such a great combo, but as I said, there is a limit.”

Kreon’s ability had risen to a new level when he broke through the wall and became the Grand Master.

“Tell Count Welton to come out.”


Beryl looked at Durandal and pierced his mouth.

“… behind you.”

“Die. Beast.”



Count Welton’s dimension charm cut Kreon’s body diagonally.

There was no sympathy in his eyes.

Kreon looked at Count Welton’s expression as he fell.

Eyes that seemed to be looking down at a worm.

“I will take everything from you here today.”

There was nothing but ‘anger’ in those eyes.

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