Chapter 285 - Two Fights (2)

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[Reversal of Casualty]

[Conclusion Return]


Kreon folded his arms and saw the cavalry galloping through the chimera paladins.

This is a scene he saw just 5 minutes back. When he saw this, he felt pretty miserable.

Still, these were all the chimera paladins that they produced with great difficulty but now they were being taken down.

Well, it isn’t like people to die as their bodies aren’t like human beings anymore.

Again, the chimera paladins who were being swept away jumped up and attacked the cavalry. The calvary did try to block and continued to attack and turned it into a riot.

“They prepared better than I thought.”

Summoning a warp gate from 3 directions and attacking with cavalry.

If it wasn’t chimera paladins on his side, his army would have lost already. And with damage increasing nothing good will come from it.

The problem is that he, as the commander, cannot focus on this situation.

“Count Welton is stronger than I thought.”

He remembered what happened 5 minutes back. By now, Beryl had to be waiting around for him.

An unknown sword master will come to support him too. and if Kreon lost his concentration for just a moment, Count Welton would split his body into two.

“I need to change the plan.”

In the terrible dungeon of the Sun Church where he was imprisoned he constantly sought behind developing his ability.

As a result of envisioning and reimaging in the head in that darkness where nothing is visible he managed to reach a point where his ability intervened with past, present and future.

The biggest reason he was like this is due to being extremely immersed In his ability.

But Kreon didn’t care. That was how he managed to break through the wall and gain such ability.

Like now.

“Shall we try this?”

Kreon didn’t care about death. It is because he can turn it back with his ability.

Actually, it only makes death impossible for him, but he still would feel the pain of dying. But Kreon was reckless enough to go into such things again and again where normal people would usually back out.

“The wind is nice.”

Because he is a crazy man.

He was a mad man, completely freed from greed of life and death, a true monster. Kreon used his head and moved ahead.


Jamie and Vincent stared at each other crossing their swords.

They fought for just 5 minutes, but they were able to judge the abilities of the opponent.

Jamie took a few steps back after pushing Vincent.

Vincent too caught his balance and calmed his breathing and relaxed his neck.

“it is against the law for a magician to have such high level swordsmanship.”

Vincent was quite taken aback with Jamie’s sword skills.

As a Sword Master he knew that the guy could fight but this was a lot better than he thought.

In particular, his ability is tough to deal with.

‘I think it is similar to Sir Kreon.’

He hadn’t figured out how it works, but he was sure of it because the attacks which were fatal were being avoided.

And he didn’t even use magic which is known to be his major.

Such sword skills, terrifying ability and a 9th class magician.

No matter how much he thought a human couldn’t possess such talent.

‘I need to take him down. I am so tired.’

Normally this is the time he would take a nap. But the Apostle had sent him here. Vincent sighed and stood up.

Jamie looked at him and took the stance too.

‘This is enough to know the opponent.’

His skills as a sword master are higher.

However, it has been proven that it wasn’t at a level where life could be at threat.

He couldn’t confirm the ability of Vincent, but no matter what it is, he has to be high.

He will take this down and go out to kill Kreon.

Having made the decision Jamie used the mana cores in the body.


After hitting 9th class, the mana around him always felt like a sea.

In that turbulent space, Jamie pulled out the spells he memorized in advance.

“Hell Fire.”

The flames of hell.

“Plasma Rain.”

Rain of light fell from the sky above.

“Great Glacier.”

Everything began to freeze.

Each of them could destroy places together, so Jamie made sure to use the spells with his Infinite Battlefield would have a hard time handling.

Vincent’s skin seemed to be changing despite the magic not even getting close to him.

This was magic spells which could take down humans for being close.

But Vincent didn’t move. Watching them he raised the sword.


And let out a snort and activated his ability.

At the same time, in the direction where he was standing, all three spells began to collide to one point.

When the varying temperatures of attacks came and interwines everyone knew that it would explode.

When everything, burns, freezes and burns again. The cycle continues. Jamie was already hiding Beyond Avalon to avoid getting caught in his own magic.

It was then


[Damage Absorption]

The enormous power coming to eat him gets annihilated and sucked into a point of impact like the time was reversed.

Jamie’s eyes widened at the impossible thing he saw. The three great magic disappeared like a lie and Vincent stood there without any damage.


But Vincent didn’t seem to be in a good shape.

Frowning like a person carrying a burden, he raised his left arm. From the elbow to the tip of the fingers, it looked blue like a bruise.

Jamie looked at the enormous power in the left arm.



Exhaling as if breathing out, he held the hand to Jamie.

“This was what the church told me.”

He said,

“My power exists to kill you. This is fate too, so don’t hate me.”

[Damage Release]

Vincent released it at once without hesitation.

Jamie was hiding behind Beyond Avalon but he knew this power could destroy that at this range.

And he couldn’t run from this in here. This battlefield is a limited space and the power from Vincent’s arm, his magic was too much.

‘With magic…’

It cannot be stopped.

The three of them are best disaster magic.

Even if he does the same casting again, it would take more time.

So Jamie decided to use his trump card.

Unless emergency he didn’t want to use it, but now definitely looked like it.

And now that he is 9th class, he will be able to use it without any trouble.

“All Might!”

‘All Might’ which had been in the subspace was working at his call.

Jamie stepped out of the Beyond Avalon and ran agead.

It felt like his mana was running out, but this works.

His eyes were already white. The feeling of being gulped by his own power is never good.

‘Mana is dying down fast.’

All might draw mana to make his physical strength 0, so the mana he accumulated over years was disappearing.

He didn’t think it was a waste.

If he could block such an attack by using just mana, then it was a good trade.

And he saw it.


[Future Walker]

Jamie’s body scattered into blue particles.

Previously. Vincent read the flow of mana and cut the teleport, but he cannot do that now.

One of the best possibilities was there.

The power “Future Walker” will guide him.

“Sword of Fusion.”


Jamie who fuses some of his ability with Balisada appears behind Vincent making the guy look puzzled.

At that time,Balisada threw out the attack.


He had to grip the sword with both hands. Vincent quickly raised his left only to have it cut. He was unable to block that sword several times in many dimensions.

Countless failures, frustrations and crossroads of defeat.

Indeed, what Kreon said isn’t wrong.

A sword genius, human being loved by sword.

As time goes, Jamie could say that even the Ran race will get outed by this guy.

“I pull the plant out of the ground. Don’t hate me.”

Possibilities are constantly collapsing, but even so, there is always hope.

[Welton form, Futility Divide, ver. Chervyl.]


Vincent’s eyes widened. Jamie’s form had vanished.

‘I couldn’t read the flow?’

Vincent was born with the highest sensitivity of mana.

He could read the flow of magic that magicians cast and cut off their spells and he trained more and more to even cut down teleports.

But now he couldn’t read it.

Vincent focused on finding Jamie.

It was then.


A roar behind him making his body turn. There, Jamie with Balisada stood with white wings behind him.

“Extreme Attack form”

Vincent was ready to use Damage Absorption. All of Jamie;s attacks will get blocked.

This was his ability.

So, why?

He couldn’t understand why he was feeling this anxious.

‘Believe in self. Believe in god Zenith.’

He felt troubled by everything but his faith in Zenith was true.

Without having faith one cannot become a paladin and although temporary, he wouldn’t have become a Seven Knights without faith.

So, his God will surely help him.


The sword genius relied on his senses of sword.

He didn’t know what to prepare for, but in Jamie’s condition he knew a straight attack would come.

And Jamie drew his sword.

Sky, earth.


Divide the world.


Vincent saw the sword split straight and diagonal.

“Damage Absorption” which takes in the damage worked but something felt wrong to him.

He turned his head.

A think black line was drawn on Infinite Battlefield.

Everything split diagonally.



A small drop of blood fell from his chest.

An attack came in even thought he used his powers.

And it didn’t just touch him.

“… there must have been someone in the world who could use such things.”

Vincent felt his vision blur.

Jamie stood still with his sword lowered and looking at the guy.

Even though he used the final form, the body wasn’t cut off.

Jamie stood straight and said.

“I admit it.”

To perform the Extreme hit was hard even for Balisada who wanted to spew flames.

Jamie put the sword back in the sheath.

“You definitely are my rival. But you cannot defeat me”

The fight was short.

A fight which couldn’t be dragged long.

Jamie turned away having nothing to see when he heard Vincent who was kneeling say.


Vincent asked looking at Jamie’s back, and Jamie said without turning back.

“Because you are Zenith’s dog.”

And Zenith could never beat him.

It was always like that and will continue to be so.

So this war will be won.

It was the moment when Jamie was about to break out of this weakened place.


A light shone on Vincent’s head.

Jamie hurriedly looked back at the holy power of Zenith which as fading.

Vincent floated in the air and the head shook.

Both eyes were looking white.

Despite not speaking, he could hear the voice of someone he hadn’t heard for so long.

“You are an interesting person.”


“Then, let’s see if you can win this time too. a slave of our cute Pyro.”

Zenith had descended into the body of Vincent and began to giggle.

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