Chapter 286 - Two Fights (3)

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Zenith, God of War and Peace.

One of the 12 Gods.

A psychopath that destroys everything in the name of peace.

And a long time back, Diablo Volfir and this guy fought desperately.


Jamie’s eyes trembled.

The man was in front of him.

Those who were once anxious to kill each other met after more than 66,666 years.

Although their forms were different, Jamie instinctively knew this man was real.

“Cheeky. How dare a slave of Pyro use a god’s name like that.”

Zenith, who had descended fully, looked at this body, speaking out things.


Zenith descended in Vincent’s body and shook his head, touching his entire body.


Zenith, who said it, looked ahead.

Jamie was staring at him with angry eyes without speaking a thing.

Tremendous killing intent could be felt, but it was difficult for Zenith to understand.

“Why are you looking at me like that? You look at me like I am an enemy. Ah, is it because you are Pyro’s slave? Then you can.’

Zenith nodded his head as if he could understand the feelings.

With a half-interested face, he proposed to Jamie.

“But, for a human, you are pretty good. It doesn’t seem like Pyro gave you anything, though. Don’t you have any thoughts about coming over to my side? If you want, I could make you a saint.”

When he didn’t answer, Zenith frowned.

“Cheeky bastard.’

He picked up Vincent’s sword, which was on the ground, looked over it back and forth, looked at Jamie, and threw it.

Jamie slashed it down with Balisada, but Zenith was there the next moment and grabbed his collar and threw him aside.

Jamie flew a few hundred meters as he rolled on the ground.


Zenith looked at Jamie. White smoke was rising up.

This throw was so strong that his hand was giving out white smoke. The moment he was caught by the collar, the man thought of a counterattack when they saw their opponent looking vulnerable.

“Wonderful, you are a human.”

Zenith looked at the hand, which was smoking and not burned.

If this was his place, such a thing would never happen.

Still, there was once a human who tormented him, but now he could descend without worry.

And this is good.


Jamie, who flew away, appeared before him. He held Beyond Avalon and swung it.

[Let there be Light!]

The black mana in the body fluctuated as it was replaced with Starlight.

This was his first time seeing it, but Zenith felt a strange familiarity from it.

The light shone.

The light engulfed the whole body and covered everything with enough force to eradicate it all.

‘This…holy power?’

Although similar, it wasn’t that. Still, the important thing was it felt ‘similar’.

Did such a holy power exist in the world?

Although there have been times when such powers existed, nothing was so similar to holy power as this.

In other words, this light of Jamie Welton was similar to holy power, but it was the first of its kind.

‘Pretty good.’

Zenith felt his body get pushed and truly admired this.

The saint of Pyro created something similar to holy power.

Is this blasphemy?

He didn’t know if Pyro was aware of it, but if she knew, she would be quite shocked.

Zenith reached out.

And with one hand, swept away the light.


The white light particles scattered.


[Extreme Hit]



A huge blade of light that wanted to pierce the sky cut through the space.

Zenith saw his own body collapsing, no, Vincent’s body.

Having taken such damage, this body was bound to be destroyed. Well, the space was cut.

This looked like an interesting skill.

He looked at Jamie, who was breathing heavily from exhaustion. It seemed like he couldn’t use such a technique again.

‘If it could shake the Infinite Battlefield, then he surpassed humans.’

Zenith was actually shocked at the huge scratch on the ground. At this point, he could be compared to the top three races.

He couldn’t let the body collapse, so he grabbed his chest. But the god didn’t know how to handle Vincent’s ability, so he couldn’t absorb the attack.

However, a God could repair anything.

Holy power moved around the whole body, and the parts of the collapsing body were beginning to restore quickly.

In truth, the word ‘quick’ didn’t do it justice; the body was back to normal in a second.

“Kuak. Kuak.”

A black suit was visible on top of the skin, causing the physical skills to rise.

Jamie slammed the ground and cast a hundred spells on the guy at the same time.

And hundreds of magic attacks went for Zenith.



And Zenith snapped his fingers, making them vanish at once. Jamie felt the mana rushing evaporate.

Deciding that running more was meaningless, he slowly stopped moving.

“You thought well. This is my space. I was curious to see what you were doing, so I watched, but I have nothing more to see.”


“You are pretty good. What is that light? Your own holy power? But I feel no faith?”

“Aren’t you supposed to fight me?”

Jamie asked a question instead of answering.

“Fight. Right. Fight. Didn’t you like what I said when I appeared here?”

“Since when did you talk so much?”


“Why is the guy who kept his mouth shut and held his shoulders high talking so much these days? Weren’t you the one who had a knack for bluffing?”

“… have you lost it? A God is in front of you, and you are crossing the line.”

With that, Jamie ruffled his hair, feeling annoyed.

“Did you lose your mind after being abandoned by Ra?”

“… did Pyro tell you that?”

“Did you start to act out after being kicked by your master? Is it possible that you are acting like you are interested in people because you want him to look after you again?”

“Because you are good, I will let this go, but if you speak about it again, I will rip you apart.”

“Seems to be true.”

“Forget it; you should just die.”

Zenith grabbed Jamie by the mouth.

If he hadn’t had the black suit on, it wouldn’t be strange to have had his chin crushed.

But more importantly, Zenith had leapt through space just now.

The highest level of space-based movement cannot be compared to teleportation. It is called Godly Domain, which only Gods can do.

Using that, they could move to any place they want.

“Although my condition isn’t perfect, do you think I cannot kill you?’

As if that wasn’t a lie, Zenith folded his fingers and began to grab the face wanting to tear it.

“Consider this an honor. I mean, you will die in the hands of God. I will leave a mark so that you get remembered even after death,”

That moment.

“Fuck off.”

[Gremia Variant]

[Ultimate Cannon]

Behind Zenith was a super magic engineering barrel.

A four-sided barrel split in all directions and flowed in from cracks.

Quickly, light started to build up within the barrels. It was Starlight being charged up to max.

So, even if Zenith decides to evaporate mana, operating them is no problem.

“When did you prepare this?”

Zenith tried to move from Gremia, which was aiming for him.


Jamie grabbed his hand. A god was trying to move, but he wouldn’t let go.

“Why? Why am I not able to pull?”


“I was sure you weren’t perfect. Be quiet, you crazy bastard.”

Zenith released the hand holding Jamie’s chin, but faster than that, Jamie grabbed the hand. Due to the black suit, Jamie’s strength had increased, so he could hold the god for a while.

“If that hits, you will not be fine, right?”

“Why are you worried about that? Worried… you did it!!”


Charging, Gremia emitted the light out through the long barrel.


Zenith clenched his teeth at the roar and tried to push Jamie.

“I am sorry, but I see everything!”

From when Zenith took over Vincent’s body, Jamie didn’t touch Future Walker.

He had confirmed the failures which kept coming his way.

So now, all that was left was to go after success itself. And he made the situation of Future Walker into reality.


The light slapped on the back of Zenith. Jamie leaned close to Zenith’s chest and used him like a shield.

The destructive force Ultimate Cannon made of 9th class magic is concentrated, so it could overturn the territory at once.

Zenith grunted at this dizzying pain in the back. And the two hands were still caught.

‘As expected. I forcibly inserted myself when the condition was bad.’

The problem seems to have been that the sword which cut through light and space was able to hit twice.

Still, he felt fine.

But he was a bit concerned with what the human said.

‘How did he know I wouldn’t talk?’

Pryo couldn’t have tattled. And he seems to know about the god.

That is impossible for humans of today.

He confirmed that Jamie Welton shouldn’t be left alone.


“What are you…’

Jamie’s words didn’t end.

A part of the black suit flew back. It was the part that ran from the chest to Jamie’s shoulders.

A bit shocked, Jamie took a step back.

And with both hands freed, Zenith turned around and shouted.


Gremia was smashed in one hit. There were cracks in Vincent’s fist.

Zenith shrugged.

A sword got summoned in the air. He grabbed the handle with that cracking hand and ran for Jamie.

‘This bastard, he is ignoring casualty…!’

It was clear for Jamie.

The holy power was beyond what was allowed. Zenith was doing all this to kill him.

Not only would he be unable to avoid Vincent’s death, but he will also be violating a law.

All this to kill Jamie.

‘As hot blooded as ever.’

Jamie calmly cleared his mind.

Until a moment ago, he was too drunk in anger, but now he could calm himself.

The influence of Perfect Cell.

Perfect Cell was pushing back the negative thoughts in the man and calmed him.

The problem is that he cannot stop that guy now.

‘Black magic…’

If It was black magic, even this Zenith could be caught.

But he couldn’t do that.

This wasn’t the true body of Zenith. Even if he kills him, his body back in heaven will recognize this.

And then the Gods will know Jamie was Diablo.

When Jamie was thinking about what to do.

“Were you thinking just now?”

Zenith was close to his nose, ready to cut him down.

[Diomedes Style True Sword.]

-Diablo, do you know what is the most important thing when cutting down iron?

-What is that?




He remembered the face and the name of the one he couldn’t remember.

A swordsman that constantly honed his sword with a smile and faced the 12 Gods.

The hero Diomedes.

“How do you use that….?”

Jamie asked as he saw the sword slashing the neck.

Why is it that the 12 Gods, his enemies, are using the skills of his colleagues who shared the same purpose?

“You know this?”

Zenith laughed and touched Jamie’s neck.

“Well, you might know.”

His head hurt.

That is how it should be.



An intense shock came to Zenith’s right cheek, and his head was bent to the left like it would break down.

Jamie ignored everything and struck the guy with his fist.

He looked at Zenith, who was lying on the floor, and shouted.

“Why are you using his skills?!”

“You bastard….”

The fact that he was getting beaten by a human was beyond enraging to Zenith.

He was never going to experience such humiliation again. It seemed like that was why he was shocked.

He wanted to tear the human apart. He didn’t care about the law anymore.

Thousands of thoughts ran through his mind.

How dare he insult a God…

“I will show why you should be scared.”

“You are…”

Jamie couldn’t stand it.

The rage within was coming from the fact his dead colleagues were being used like this.

And it was Zenith who was doing this.

He couldn’t stand it.

He was going to kill him.

Jamie’s eyes turned purple.


It was then.

A hand appeared and covered his eyes.

It felt hard and cold, like it had a gauntlet on it.

And the voice said.

‘Not now. I will take care of this, for now…’

At the familiar voice, Jamie felt his anger die down like a lie.

The eyes dyed purple back to emerald.

And as the purple eyes vanished, so did the hand covering his eyes.

“What are you?”

Zenith looked at the other person who suddenly appeared.

“This is my space. You cannot come in without my permission.”

And the new one here.

Aiming for him. Waiting for a chance to catch Zenith.

“What do you mean, you dirty being!”

-Your time has come. The time has come for my Lord’s revenge to be fulfilled.

“… revenge?”

Trika, the Demon King of Lust, said with purple eyes shining.

-I, the Demon King of Lust, will kill you on behalf of my long-lost Lord, Diablo Volfir.

A huge presence could be felt inside.

At the sudden appearance of the Demon King, Zenith’s eyes trembled.

How the hell is a Demon King who was supposed to be in the Devildom in here?

…. He couldn’t find an answer.


Zenith yelled at the endless humiliation.

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