Chapter 287 - Two Fights (4)

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[Conclusion Return]

“Another failure?”

Kreon rubbed his neck.

A while back, Count Welton’s sword cut his throat.

The feeling of the cold blade touching him was vivid, but Kreon scratched the neck a few times as if a mosquito bit him.

“Certainly, there are three people. Besides, he wasn’t watching this place, but there are also three great magicians. It is a little difficult for me alone.”

He already used the ability to return 22 times.

Although the technique which reversed the end allowed one to avoid death and rewind back to when they were alive, it consumes a lot of mental power.

No matter how crazy a person is, their body wouldn’t make it out unscathed.

“I need to do it differently.”

It would be easier with Vincent here, but he must be in a tough fight with Jamie Welton.

It would be easier if he had brought another member of the Seven Knights, but…

The Spiral of Battlefield didn’t allow it.

If so, he has to overcome this situation and take Count Welton’s life.

Kreon looked at the chimeras.

They were being hit with fire magic and other stuff from the enemy great magicians.

If it was possible to carry out complex orders, he could have used them more efficiently, but he didn’t expect such things from half-minded creatures.

Still, he had to overturn this situation.


Kreon focused his holy power of Zenith on the index finger of his right hand. Around 100 chimera paladins on the battlefield stopped.

Even if the chimeras were stupid, Kreon couldn’t control all 20,000 of them.

So, he went after those who responded to his holy power, and a command structure of sorts was built.

And he said this.

“Battle Sanctuary. Deploy.’

The most core holy magic of Zenith Church.

The Battle Sanctuary that calls for protection from the god of war was spreading around and centered around the hundred chimera paladins.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A dazzling light burst into the sky from around.

The physical abilities of the chimeras under Zenith’s protection increased, and they ran ahead.

They are ready to rip apart anything which came in their way.

The situation began to turn in an instant.

Initially, both sides had little over the same number of troops, and the Zenith’s troops were already a bit powerful with their chimera beings.

“Stop them!”

“We will die if they enter!”

The commanders of the enemy were shouting at the top of their lungs.

The great magicians on the wall also decided to use their attack magic.

The unknown sword master who was hiding realized the situation and changed his mind to act as support.

It wasn’t known where Beryl and Count Welton were, but things were flowing differently for the first time.

“This is the right way!”

The one who bothered him the most was revealed.

Kreon’s eyes shone among the chimera.

He made sure to hide among the chimera to not let the enemy find him.

Sword Master Calgar slashed the chimera paladins that had turned ferocious.

He wasn’t sure why they were acting this crazed, but it wasn’t just violence. They were stronger.

The skin was hard as stone, and their strength seemed like they could rip stones apart.

Still, in front of a Sword Master, they were mere sheets of paper, but there were just too many.

‘My ability doesn’t work.’

Calgar’s ability was “Illusion”.

As the name implied, it showed an illusion to the opponent, but that doesn’t work on the brainless chimera.

Still, he was glad to have 3 great magicians around.

Their magic was constantly helping them clear out a few and stop them.

Especially the flames of Simon taking out chimeras. Still, it didn’t feel like they were at an advantage.

‘Sword of Zenith.’

One person.

The one called Kreon.

He heard the news of that man 5 years back, and that he suddenly appeared here.

It was lucky that Count Welton was here; if not, capturing or even subduing the man could be dangerous for them.

‘When will the reinforcements come?’

He heard that additional troops were being sent by the other allies in large numbers, but he could see nothing till now.

‘We need to endure.’

Calgar believed in justice.

Therefore, the god he believed in was Goddess Pyro, of mercy and punishment.

In other words, he hated Zenith.

Never lose to them.

He came here with just that thought.

He continued to move ahead, slashing the chimera down.

“So relaxed.”

It was then.

He heard a voice right behind him. He turned to find Kreon behind him with arms folded.



Kreon shrugged with a smile.

A difficult enemy whose level couldn’t be grasped was behind him. Calgar’s palms were starting to get clammy.

The other Sword Masters didn’t know he was here.

He would have to hold on until they came to help.

‘Will I survive till then?’

His power is already shared among others,

He knew of the ability the opponent had. Sure, his illusion is good, but it was nothing like Reversal of Casualty.

Calgar held the sword in front.

“How many times have I died because of you?”

“What is that?’

“Forget it. You don’t know. I changed the order of things, I changed this and that, so there are many things you don’t know.”

Calgar frowned at the man’s words.

He did hear that Kreon had gone crazy, but now he knew for a fact it was true.

As if to hear nothing more from him, Calgar aimed for the neck.

“People are talking..”

Kreon sighed at the sword.


Calgar’s eyes widened. The sword broke; he tried to hide it with an illusion but couldn’t.


His stomach was pierced, making him cough up blood.

The sword wasn’t on Kreon’s neck.

Kreon said.

“So weak.’

He had never heard such words from anyone around him.

He did meet the ones stronger than him, but they never called him weak. That is what it means to be a Sword Master.

“Let’s see…next, I need to kill Beryl.”

After saying that, Kreon turned without even killing the man. When his life was spared, Calgar looked shocked.

He was flustered and came back to his senses. He didn’t know why, but it didn’t feel like Kreon intended to kill him.

‘I need to get out and stop the bleeding.’

He thought about whether to attack him again but decided against it.

Calgar tried to move carefully, as any large movement could cause a problem.


At that moment, hideous cuts were made on the body as if mutilated. And Calgar fell to the ground.

Kreon didn’t even bother looking back like he didn’t care.

“Beryl. Where is that rat hiding?”

All who were left were Beryl and Welton.

The great magicians were annoying, but they wouldn’t find him since he was running amongst the chimeras.


Being an assassin was so much fun.



Zenith accepted the darkness which came over him.

But it was impossible to resist how strong the force felt, and part of the Infinite Battlefield had collapsed in the shockwaves of darkness.

The man in black armor with helmet and horns.

The ghastly purple, glowing eye that could be seen through the helmet brought back bad memories.

‘Diablo Volfir’s men?’

How many years had it been?

So long ago that he couldn’t even remember. The only human who could counter him.

No, he wasn’t human.

He liked calling himself human, but how could a human be that strong?

But that guy is sealed in darkness!

After that, all his minions were removed from the world, and all his traces were erased.

‘And this one is his subordinate?’

No one should be left.

But this guy called himself the demon king and had the same darkness as Diablo. Tens of thousands of years passed, but Zenith couldn’t forget it.

Because that is the power that drove him to his death several times!

“… how did a demon king break into here?”

He had no intention of rushing in anger. Fighting a demon king in this state is a sure loss.

First, he had to get information out of the demon king. The demon would not be able to know of Zenith’s current weakness, so he should talk.

“This is my space; it is the dimension I created. A demon king can’t enter here.”

Trika answered.

-Just die.

Like he had no intention of talking to a god, he summoned the sword of darkness and rushed in.

Zenith just bit his tongue.


With each collision, the space shook.

Although weakened by his restrictions, the two who reached transcendence, a god and a demon, were fighting.

Jamie just watched by clenching his fist.

Even Zenith, weakened by being in someone’s body, couldn’t be defeated.

Even if he used black magic, winning would be difficult.

This made him feel so helpless.

Why was he weak?

He knew.

It has been just 13 years since he was born, and his growth rate was different from the past.

In just 10 years like this, he will surpass his past form and power.

He knew it.

But he didn’t want to wait for that long.

‘I need to kill him, no, I have to kill him.’

The situation changed with Trika coming, but he didn’t feel relieved.

He didn’t like entrusting this to his subordinate.

“Ahhhh! You fucking demonnn!!!”

Zenith’s angry voice could be heard as he grabbed Trika by the helmet.

And Trika grabbed his wrist and broke it in the other direction.

Darkness was exploding around.

Zenith was using his holy power and clearing the darkness when a lightning bolt fell.


Trika staggered back a little with it.

Zenith didn’t miss the chance and used the Diomedes-Style True Sword.


Seeing that being unfolded again, Jamie couldn’t stand it and rushed in using teleport and cut Zenith’s chest.

“Annoying bastard!”

Zenith extended his hand, not paying attention to the wound.

“You don’t even know your place!”

Holy power was gathering around his hand.

He did the same to the other and then clasped them together.


The two which collided caused a huge explosion making Jamie bounce back.

His right arm looked mangled.

Trika, who appeared there, quickly approached him and embraced him so Jamie wouldn’t take further damage.

-Are you fine?

“…I will not die.”

-What is it? What can you do against them now!

Trika yelled at Jamie, who firmly said.

“He is my enemy. And I am not pathetic enough to make my subordinates do my work.”


At that moment, Trika remembered what he had forgotten about his lord.

He looked docile from the face, but he could tell now.

A man who got forced to work for Diablo but later had developed true loyalty for him.

Diablo Volfir was looking new, but he was right here.

“You annoying worms!!”

Zenith’s angry voice could be heard.

Trika quickly took the stance in case Zenith managed to fix the dots between them.

The smoke died down, and a messy-looking Zenith was visible.

“No more. I am going to make your graves right…”

But he couldn’t end the words.

Beyond the Dimension.

So, something was happening in the real world.

Zenith sensed it first.


And he smiled at Jamie.

“It will be over soon. Why be angry? After all, everything will go my way.”

As if everything had been a lie, Zenith shook his head and snapped his fingers.

His form was disappearing.

-Won’t let you.

Trika approached the man with ghastly light in his eyes.

Zenith smirked.

“I don’t know how a Demon King came in…but don’t forget, Demon King of Lust. You are just a filthy dog of Diablo Volfir.”

Trika’s dark sword passed through the air.

Zenith’s voice could still be heard.

“And Jamie Welton. You will have a lot of troubles from now.”


“Because the answer for my holy plan will come soon,”

At that moment, Jamie remembered something.

-Kreon will kill Count Welton.

According to the Spiral of Battlefield, that was the answer to winning the war.

The first was to isolate him.

The second was the death of Count Welton, his father.

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