Chapter 288 - Sacrifice (1)

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Beryl was focused on searching for Kreon.

He didn’t know where the man was hiding, but he had to kill that bastard this time.

‘I will surely kill you even if it means throwing my life away.’

The circumstances were set to kill him. If he failed this time, there is no guarantee that another chance would come.

He wouldn’t mind breaking down his bones to kill Kreon and take him to hell.

‘Is Isis doing fine?’

He promised her he would return, but for some reason, it felt like this place would be his grave.

But he didn’t feel hopeless. This is because this place would be Kreon’s tomb, too.

As long as he could kill the man, things would work out, even if his promise to Isis wouldn’t be kept.

The incident that happened 5 years ago.

Considering the future, he was like a source of evil that had to be killed.

‘What happened to General Calgar?’

To kill Kreon, he definitely needed the general’s help. Calgar’s ability ‘Illusion’.

If they could blur the eyes of Kreon, Count Welton would kill him.

However, the man who can be called the core of the plan couldn’t be found.

He might have gone inside the horde of chimera paladins to stop them. With his strong sense of justice, he wouldn’t be able to tolerate the death of humans.

But killing Kreon without his help would be a herculean task.

And the chimera paladins were already running wild. These were all unexpected variables.

“What are you thinking about?”

At that moment, Kreon’s voice was heard from behind.

Startled, Beryl quietly drew his sword. With a war happening around them, the two faced each other.

Kreon smiled as he tapped Durandal with his finger.

“Before, you all attacked by surprise, so it was difficult to determine the extent of the attack. Beryl.”

“What do you mean?”

“Enough, enough. You don’t need to know, and I am too tired to explain.”

When Beryl asked, unable to understand, Kreon waved his Durandal and pulled it half from the sheath.

And looked somewhere as he mumbled.

“Count Welton doesn’t seem to be close by. Did you get separated from him while stopping the madness caused by Holy Berserk?”

Holy Berserk is the light that had shone on chimera paladins by gathering the holy power. Count Welton, Beryl, and Calgar stopped it.

In the process of blocking, Count Welton was the first to jump up and put down the messy paladins in half, so there was no choice but to keep the distance from the two people who were grouped up.

Kreon said,

“There is no need to drag this. Dragging this for long will only bring new troubles for me. To be exact, another death.”

Count Welton was a formidable adversary.

It was an opponent that couldn’t be faced even if they fought one-on-one, so if Beryl intervened, there would be a high chance of being cornered.

“I am glad that I killed that stranger.”


Beryl looked at Kreon, who was mumbling to himself like a crazy man.

“Killed a strange man?”

Kreon looked, realizing that he had said something he shouldn’t have.

“Ahhh! Right. I didn’t tell you?”

“What are you blabbering about? I do not understand a single thing.”

“You know. That strange illusion using man. The annoying Sword Master. He is dead. He died by my hands.”


“No matter how much I thought about it, he seemed like the key to all this. Ah, so annoying. I thought it was someone else, but there was an illusion he was using, and I got killed by Count Welton. It isn’t easy, even with Reversal of Causality. I am glad I could use my ability in various ways and managed to create this situation. Well, all the deaths are real, so the touch of the sword on my skin is still there, but well, it is still awful. I do not want to go through it again. There is too much of my mental strength being consumed by it, so if I keep enduring this for so long, my ability won’t work properly. Then I would be in trouble, so I tried something new this time. It went very well. Killing that annoying bastard first, that is.”

Beryl couldn’t understand what Kreon meant.

First of all, Kreon looked like a crazy person who was mumbling things to himself. He looked crazy, but seeing and hearing this monologue made him sure this time.

Kreon, who wore the mask of Sable five years back, was a gentleman.

He acted cold and viciously but wasn’t crazy. No, it would be insane if he was crazy at that time.

But now, Kreon looked like a madman.

“Are you listening to me?”

When Beryl made a face that he couldn’t understand, Kreon asked.

“Well, that bastard will not be a problem anymore. That bastard didn’t know how to act like an adult. Trash fuckin trash! I killed him. Now I have to kill you.”


Aura covered the sword with pure white holy power around Durandal.

Kreon’s face lit up in his madness.

He was in a good condition until now, but now he was losing control over his emotions.

Laugh when happy and shout when angry; that was his state.

He happened to turn into a one-dimensional being.

And still, his ability was scary. Because he could be anywhere.

“You fucking bastard! You are a problem too. You also helped in destroying the future we made!!!”

Kreon was angry as he ran to Beryl.

He didn’t use Reversal of Causality. If he used it, the opponent would die too quickly.

5 years ago, Beryl was one of the men who pushed Kreon into hell, and he would die for it.



When the sword touched the ground, all the fragments flew up as if an explosion had hit there. Beryl had to lean back, using his sword as a shield.

He didn’t understand what this crazy guy was talking about, but General Calgar seemed to have been taken down.

He didn’t talk for long, but he knew that Calgar was a good person. And such a righteous man was slain by the wicked.

Then he would have to get revenge for the man!

Wind blew.


Kreon wasn’t the only one who had trained for the last 5 years.

Beryl, too continued to practice in the right direction to gain realization with the usage of wind.

He couldn’t be behind the others. He wanted to at least stand tall, shoulder to shoulder, next to his colleagues to protect his loved ones.

With that determination, he put in too much effort.

That is how he created a new use for his ability.


That is, to become the wind.

Beryl’s form scattered in the wind. What raged was a gust of wind.

And in that.

[Winter Wind]


Winter Wind usually uses changes the skin to dry. This is because the skin gets most affected by the cold wind that can tear down the flesh.

And it doesn’t end there.


Kreon’s eyes widened at the invisible sword which passed.


He wondered if Beryl actually disappeared when an invisible blade that was meant to be there flew with the wind.

A technique he had not seen over 20 times during the past deaths.

‘He was hiding this?’

This was absurd.

In his many deaths, Beryl had died many times too.


He died.

Kreon had killed him. Still, not once had he shown this technique.


If he had shown this, Beryl wouldn’t have just died like that.



The gust of wind blew from all directions, violently scraping the ground.

The ruthless invisible blade didn’t distinguish between land and enemy. And only then did Kreon realize.

Why Beryl didn’t use this technique despite so many deaths.

He couldn’t use it.

‘A technique made to kill the opponent.’


Something passed by again. Kreon felt his cheek suddenly turn hot, making him rub it with the back of his hand.

Blood was spilled.



The surrounding stones and any landscape were being scratched down. A storm wall that couldn’t be escaped or destroyed began to get created.

“You need to die here.”

Beryl’s voice was as calm as the storm, making Kreon think.

‘I don’t understand. If he was in danger of dying, wouldn’t it be alright to use this technique regardless of whether it was an enemy or ally? Why didn’t he do that and just accept the death from me?’

Sacrifice for someone.

A thought Kreon could never understand or do.

Because sacrifice was the stupidest thing one could do, he couldn’t understand it.

Kreon held the sword Durandal. This was the time his madness died down.

“You don’t seem to understand.”

Beryl’s actions brought back rationality in Kreon, who was overtaken by madness. Beryl didn’t know why, but he could feel the flow of Causality happen.

Was this good news or bad news?


The wind blew from the storm. Like it was the Wind spirit.

No, it is a spirit.

As a result of evolving his powers to the limit, Beryl was like a spirit.

Although he wasn’t under the protection of the spirit king, he had turned into one with the wind and transcended humans.

“I am sorry, but your opponent is me.”

[Reversal of Causality]

The results of the future were already in his mind. Kreon moved ahead.

The wind was torn to shreds and the invisible body torn to pieces. He had indeed become stronger than five years back, but that didn’t change the result.

‘Still, you are better than him.’

A Sword Master whose name he didn’t know. Compared to him, Beryl felt like a great warrior.

He put Durandal back into its sheath as the storm around him was torn down.

And rushing Beryl…

“It was a tough fight.”

Count Welton broke through the storm with blue eyes and swung his sword.

[Ability: Dimensional Charm]

The power able to cut through even the multiple dimensions of ‘Future Walker’.

There is no way that such a power cannot cut down the Reversal of Causality.



If the ability fails, then Kreon would take the damage. Kreon stumbled back as he groaned.

The ability heading for Beryl disappeared. To be precise, it was shattered down by something he didn’t see.

He looked at Count Welton in front of him with unbelievable eyes. And Count Welton said,

“You shouldn’t have time to worry about other stuff, right?”


Welton’s intrusion was something he had forgotten about for a moment.

Kreon hurriedly raised his head. Beryl, who took the shape of the wind, was radiating the grey-white light on the sword and stabbed.

“Die, Sword of Zenith!!”


The sword of wind pierced the right collarbone of Kreon, passed through the lungs and spleen, and ripped through the stomach.

Beryl unleashed Zephyrus again and had come into his human form.

He stepped onto Kreon’s shoulder with his right foot, pulled out the inserted sword, and landed on the ground.

“Kuak, kuak…”

“You did well.”

As Beryl gasped for air, an exhausted Count Welton placed a hand on his shoulder. It was unfortunate that the heart wasn’t hit, but the other major organs were destroyed with it.

It is difficult for even Kreon to survive this.


As expected, Kreon was there, breathing roughly.

Beryl approached him, holding the sword.

“Beryl, stop.”

“I need to put an end to this.”

Count Welton called for him, but Beryl didn’t listen. Beryl couldn’t be sure until he saw Kreon’s lifeless body.

Even 5 years back, the same thing happened, so now he had to see the man’s body go limp or be beheaded.

But Count Welton called him back.

“It is meaningless.”

“What do you mean?”

When Beryl turned around, Count Welton looked at Kreon with alert eyes.

“it means that even death can be nullified.”

At those words, Beryl looked at Count, unable to believe it.

To nullify death.

How is that possible?

Maybe for the 12 Gods, it would be possible, but Kreon wasn’t a God, only favored by one.

Count Welton continued to explain.

“A few times, I felt this unfamiliar feeling, and I wondered what it was, but after seeing this ability in person, I realized.’


“He died over and over by my hands.”

The Dimension Charm had the power to cut through time and space.

And the Welton family possessed the Futility Divide, an ability that intervenes with space for generations.

Because of that, he used to feel many things happening, but it was only today he could discover the truth behind it.

“If space-time related abilities are used somewhere, I guess I will know. Like now.”

It wasn’t known what it was, but it was probably because of the blood of his ancestors. But that isn’t important.

If Kreon is killed, everything changes back. It wasn’t known where it would start from, but it will continue to repeat over and over.

It was possible that their opponent had really gone crazy.

“Then what do we do?”


Count Welton’s eyes changed.

A terrifying force was being released from his body, and Beryl felt weak without realizing as the Count said,

“It is a different story if I cut him.”

Until now, he had intervened in Kreon’s head but failed to kill him for certain.

Then, he would have to cut the man down for real this time. A technique that hadn’t been used before.

Count Welton spoke of it,

“Extreme Attack”

A technique named after the technique of his father.


The chaos which rips apart dimensions and makes everything entangled.

That was the intention of Count Welton.

And Kreon smiled, looking at this.

‘They were hiding their skills?’

He was shocked that Count Welton and Beryl were hiding these skills in front of him, but he didn’t feel desperate.

He wasn’t even sure he would be able to use ‘Return to the End’, but is there a need to use it?

‘I didn’t think I would get the chance to use it.’

His heart.

The third holy thing inside.

Spiral of Battlefield was supposed to have realized all this.

Kreon pierced his heart with his own left hand and bit his tongue at it.

He felt a lot of pain, but it didn’t matter to him as he looked at the distant vision.

“This war is my victory!”

Madness was evident in his smile.

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