Chapter 289 - Sacrifice (2)

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“I have to find a way out.”

Jamie wandered around, trying to escape the Infinite Battlefield.

There must be a twisted space in here.

However, finding a twisted space in his vast land was like finding a needle in the desert.

“Damn it!!”

He had to head back to the ground.

Jamie continued to swing Balisada. However, it wasn’t enough to cut it down; he had to escape from here.

It was the same when he used Future Walker too. It was impossible to escape from the place without the permission of the one who created this.

With his current power.


Trika, who was watching from the side, said to Jamie, who continued to wield the sword with a desperate look on his face.


“… why did you call?”

Jamie swung the sword despite being exhausted as Trika answered.

-There is a way to escape.

“What? What is that!”

Hearing that there was a way out, Jamie’s eyes went wide, and he asked Trika while grabbing his collar.

“I need to get out of here right now. If not, something will happen to father!”

-There is a problem.

However, Trika told him right away, making Jamie frown.

What did it mean that there was a way out, but a problem was also there?

But in such a critical situation, he couldn’t care about it.

“I do not care. Speak out, Trika!”

-Lord might not be able to survive it, though.

“What do you mean?”

-That the body can be torn apart.

Escaping could mean having his body torn to shreds.

From those words, Jamie could guess what Trika was talking about. And in that way, escaping indeed wasn’t impossible.

“Are you talking about the Devildom?”


The dimension where the demons live. The polar opposite of heaven, where the 12 Gods reside, it was ruled by numerous Demon Kings.

Of course, it is impossible to enter Devildom unless special conditions are met. Even if he entered the Devildom with his current body, his body would collapse due to the erosion effect the magic there has.

It wasn’t a simple saying that only demons can live in Devildom.

But the real problem is elsewhere, Dimensional Shift.

If one cannot stand it, they die. Jamie’s expression went stiff.

His mind was 9th class, and he had the body of a Sword Master now, but crossing a dimension was a different matter.

If it had been perfectly prepared, there was a chance. Instead, the way Trika spoke was to forcibly open the passage between the dimensions to move.

If that happens, one would have to endure the pressure in the interdimensional gap. If one hadn’t reached the state of transcendence, they would get crushed, or their body would explode.

But Jamie said

“We don’t have time, Trika.”

-Lord. Are you sure?

“Would I say without thinking? I know the risks, but I have to do it.”

-Even if I help you with your passage into the Devildom, when you return here, you will be alone. Will that be fine?


Jamie’s eyes turned purple, and startled by the change, Trika didn’t talk.

“Guide me.”

Jamie gave the order saying to not speak out again. And Trika didn’t bother dragging it and bowed his head.

-I will prepare.

And immediately, Trika began to prepare to return the way he came here. 5 years back, when they had reunited, they exchanged a stone from Devildom to communicate.

Trika was able to cross over where Jamie was through the dimension stone.

And he was using the same stone to return.

-We move now.

Trika infused magic into the stone and linked it to the huge dimension stone in his palace.

The Infinite Battlefield shook violently, and the space in front of them began to tear apart like a spider’s web.

Jamie raised the black suit’s output, and at the same time, wrapped himself in mana and aura.

It doesn’t matter what his body turns into.

‘Please don’t let anything happen to father…’

The space was broken, and a passage connected to Devildom opened.

Trika took the lead.

Linmel dropped numerous magic attacks on the chimera paladins, who were climbing up the wall like bugs.

These things wouldn’t die despite being directly hit by the magic. Even their life was like a cockroach.

‘Simon is going crazy.’

Simon was throwing flames in the middle of the battlefield and swept the enemy away; it looked like he was truly giving his best.

Then Offen?

The man was in the sky, causing rain, lightning, and storms. Still, blocking the enemy force wasn’t an easy task.

‘Maybe if we were far…’

The ability of any magician or their magics usually worked better from a distance.

No matter how many targets there were, if they were far, wide area magic would annihilate them.

But now, they were all entangled and couldn’t do much as the chimeras were close to the wall.

‘Where are the Sword Masters?’

After Jamie vanished, the Sword Masters couldn’t be seen. And in a war like this, a Sword Master can do twice more than a magician.

‘I don’t see the sword of Zenith either.’

Maybe the three Sword Masters were fighting him.

He heard plenty about the Sword of Zenith being terrifying, but it was Linmel’s first time seeing him.

And he looked different from the rumors he had heard.

He looked like a mad man with no ounce of gentleness.

No, considering the life he lived, Linmel knew the man had gone crazy for real.

But apart from that, the strength he held was true.

‘That man is a monster.’

Linmel lived long enough to see many strong people. From Seldom Kingdom’s famous sword masters to magicians.

He had met so many people that he could roughly grasp the strength of someone he met for the first time.

The Sword of Zenith wasn’t lacking compared to any of the people he’d met.

‘Count, and even Beryl and General Calgar. They should be fine.’

This war had to be won.

It was then.


Storms began to rage high in the sky. Even though it was far, Linmel could see it, and he knew this was huge.

And from there, he felt something.


Offen shouted from the sky.

He, too, was looking on the edge at this ominous feeling. Seeing that, Linmel felt confused.

What is the essence of this discomfort?

Why was he feeling uneasy about this?

Unbeknownst to Linmel, his body was already heading for the storm.

“Look, Linmel!”

Offen suddenly abandoned his role and called for Linmel, who was flying towards the storm.

But Linmel didn’t stop.

‘Did that old man turn senile?’

Reluctantly, Offen moved and took the place of Linmel.

Chimeras were constantly climbing up.

Count Welton clenched his teeth at the pain of his muscles being torn apart.

The chaos technique he thought of always caused a strain on his body. The power was at a level that exceeded the prediction he had.


A rift that extends beyond space and time and slashes any dimension.

It was as if the universe was unfolding, and there were stars in the darkness.

The flow of time.

If he cuts it off, Reversal of Causality cannot be used.

Count Welton moved a step ahead, raised his sword to the sky, and brought it down.


Sparks shone.

The famous sword of the Welton Family, ‘Fragarah’, could do it.

Even though it is a sword that hadn’t broken in hundreds of years within the Welton family, it was now trembling at the second attempt.

That was how difficult this technique was.


Dimensions got cut again.

He wanted to imprison the enemy in this chaos. But the sword couldn’t move any further.

It was the moment Count Welton felt strange.


It was because despite the dimension being split, Kreon was breathing.

And he laughed.

“Kekekeke, really shocking. What an amazing technique, Welton!”

And he pushed Fragarah with his force, making Count Welton go wide-eyed.

There is nothing that chaos couldn’t cut down.

At least the split dimension in front of him was proof. This technique had been perfected after reaching the Grand Master level, so no matter how high level the opponent was, his attack had to do some damage.

“I would have been dead if you cut me properly.”

And everything was turning back to normal. The cracked space, too, was getting sealed. And the figure of Kreon was also being seen again, making Count’s eyes widen.

Where his heart was meant to be, an indigo stone in the shape of an octahedron was floating. His skin was pale, and his eyes looked as if a black tattoo was drawn around them.

His ears pointed, and his hair turned blue like the jewel in his heart.

Horns grew from his shoulder blades, along with some wing-like bones.

His legs looked sharp like the blade of a sword; in conclusion, Kreon wasn’t looking like a human. And the man spoke, baring his teeth.

“I mean it; I didn’t want to die in this form.”

What was this form?

Count Welton was confused. Even Beryl, who was watching it, had the same reaction.

Kreon was now looking like a monster, and Kreon spoke, looking at the shocked face of Count.

“I like that expression.”

“… I don’t know what it is, but the value of being alive has vanished from you. Die, monster!”

The count hit Durandal and aimed for Kreon’s neck.



Kreon took half a step back and defended with Durandal. And the count’s eyes widened.

He blocked it.

The Dimension Charm was a power that took down Jamie’s Balisada.

“I am amazed at you stopping it.”

Kreon looked at him and said

“Do you know about Durandal?”

“… Hero Roland’s sword.”

“This is that, Durandal.”


“Right. A holy sword which will never break!!”

The Holy Sword Durandal had a secret.

Durandal never breaks.

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