Chapter 290 - Sacrifice (3)

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“We shouldn’t be late.”

A man with a deep hood on his head was heading somewhere with a white horse and several knights.

The blonde knight appeared to be the lieutenant, spoke.

“We reach soon.”

“Thank god. I cannot let them do whatever they want.”

The man’s golden eyes shone. How far did they come?

One of the knights said, pointing somewhere.

“It is starting to come into view.”

The fort walls could be seen faintly in the distance. Several flags of different shapes were fluttering on top of it, along with the black smoke rising into the sky.

The war seemed to be in full swing.

“The war has started? We need to speed up then.”

“Will he be there?”

The man answered the question of the blonde knight.

“For sure.”

“Then this time…”

“Yes. This time for sure! Move!”

The man kicked the white horse on the leg and sped up. And the other knights followed him.

Durandal, which never breaks.

That is why he was able to withstand the force of Dimensional Charm. Kreon, with the blade-like legs piercing into the ground, pushed Count Welton back with all his might.

The Count’s body moved back helplessly.


Beryl appeared behind him and supported him; however, Kreon, who jumped above them, laughed, revealing his ugly teeth.

“Annoying beings! Just disappear!”

[Reversal of Causality]

Currently, Kreon was wielding three swords, one in hand and both his legs. And this time, he could really get this plan down.

’Die! Count Welton!

The third holy object of Zenith Church, ‘Ismenios’.

It is a holy relic that could completely descend on the body with the power of Ismenios, the holy beast of Zenith.

In return, he had to sacrifice his life for this, but Kreon, who had no regrets about life, didn’t pay much attention to that.

Rather, it didn’t matter if he died as long as he could get his revenge.

Actually, every attack was important now. Count Welton noticed Kreon’s intentions.

‘If we leave like this, Beryl will suffer.’

At least the death of one ally should be reduced.

Making that decision, Count Welton moved the hands of Beryl, who was holding him from behind.

“What are you doing?!”

“Live, Beryl.”

He pushed Beryl back. It was so sudden that Beryl reached out, but he couldn’t get a full grasp of Count Welton’s robe.


Hearing the cry of Beryl go far, the count put his everything into Fragarah.

He could feel the time and space movement of Kreon’s ability which would be triggered soon. The blade which could cut off his limb was somewhere around.

He knew the attack couldn’t be stopped by Dimensional Charm.

This was because with Kreon turning into a monster, his abilities had increased. However, he had no intention of being taken down easily.

‘At least I will make sure to go to the hell with you!’

[Extreme Attack.]

Just once more.

He put his whole life into one attack.

-Argeno. Always keep in mind that the sword of Welton is the strongest one in the world.

His father’s voice resonated inside him. Count Welton smiled.

‘Yes, father.’

The sword of Welton is the strongest.

So, no matter who the opponent is, I have no intention of stepping down.

The count exclaimed with all his might.



His final sword technique.

The Dimensional Charm wrapped around the blade and intertwined with the Weltons’ sword technique and was delivered as the final blow.

Kreon, who looked at it, smiled.

“Amazing! Welton! But it cannot do what you want! Hahaha!”

[Ability. Reversal of Causality.]

[Death Confirmed]

Death will come.

Count Welton faced the sword which would pierce his soul. Even if he falls here, he will never be ashamed of this end.

It was then.

The moment his life was at stake, in that very last moment, he recalled his life’s events.

When he first met Sears.

-For the first time in his life, he had met a woman he fell in love with at first sight.

The time he proposed to her.

-His heart trembled more than when he was tested by his father.

And his marriage.

-It felt so empty before.

And when the eldest child, Jamie, was born.

-He felt like he had everything in the world.

When Jamie first called him dad.

-He cried. He cried so much that day.

When Jamie began to walk.

-Such a proud moment. Prouder than his own achievements.

When his daughter was born.

-The small and precious child. And the home felt completed with Sarah coming.

The time he would have meals with all of them.

-The happiest moments were dining with the family who loved him the most.

When Jamie said that he was going to Magic World.

-To be honest, he was worried. He wished Jamie wouldn’t leave, but he couldn’t stop his son.

When he heard that his son got a job there.

-Jamie is my son. Right. He was boasting to everyone that Jamie was his son.

When Sarah first grabbed the sword.

-From son to daughter. He couldn’t help but feel happy. Still, educating a girl child is tough.

When he and his wife went on a trip alone after so long.

-After a long time, they were freed from their children, and he was alone with the woman he loved. And he asked for another trip too.

‘I am sorry, Sears. It seems like we will have to delay the trip for a bit.’

Argeno remembered the bright face of his wife.

And blood came out. No pain could be felt.

He moved ahead.

He heard someone calling from behind, but he didn’t have the time to look. His aim was to take the enemy down.

‘I am a knight of the Welton Family, Argeno Welton, and I have no regrets!’

Born as a man, he married a beautiful woman and had a son and daughter he was proud of beyond words.

It would be a lie to say he wouldn’t regret it. He wanted to see the children grow up and get married; he wanted to make their grandchildren laugh.

In his later years, he wanted to travel the world with Sears by his side; he wanted to face the end of his life in front of his children with smiles.

He knew this was all greed.

Which is why he chose to give up his life here so that his wife and kids would get to live peacefully.

“I will kill you, Kreon!!”

He extended his sword to cut through the space and quickly narrowed the distance with Kreon.

Even in this bloody situation, he didn’t slow down.

This all felt meaningless.


Kreon couldn’t understand this.

Why come towards him with such anger on his face? It is easier to just die.

He didn’t understand

Why was he being so desperate?

Kreon gave up thinking.

“Just die!”

“No! The count will not die now.”

It was then.

An unfamiliar voice was heard, and at the same time, something Kreon didn’t see appeared.

Kreon asked with a bewildered tone to the one who appeared in front of him.

“H-How are you here?”

It was Jamie Welton.

He, who should have disappeared into the Infinite Battlefield with Vincent, was right in front of him.

Kreon looked at him blankly and then shouted.

“I will kill you, Jamie Welton!”

He didn’t understand why Jamie was here, but whatever it was, the kid was right in front of him.

The enemy he wanted to kill was right in front of him. If so, it is common sense to make him die too!

“Go to hell!”

Kreon cut Jamie in a straight line with Durandal.

And realized.

“… a fake one?”

Jamie’s figure scattered in the air. Kreon sensed something was going wrong.

Then he found an old man standing in front of him.



The old man, with an outstretched hand and blood dripping from the chest, smiled.

“How was it? The illusion I showed you? It is the magical realization that I have been holding for decades.”

At Linmel’s words, Kreon looked around.

Count Welton was nowhere to be seen. Beryl was nowhere to be seen either.

Where did those two go?

“Is it your doing?”

“The Count still has a lot of things to do… I changed the location of ours. Cough!”

Linmel coughed blood and knelt down on a knee.

As Kreon swung his sword towards the illusion, the tip of the blade slashed his chest.

Seeing that the mana barrier around him got slashed with the lightest touch, Linmel could see this man was a monster.

Linmel spoke with an exhausted face.

“Rather than the young count… wouldn’t I be a better sacrifice?”

Coming here after that ominous feeling was rather good.

If he hadn’t come here, Count Welton would have been struck down. Even now, the injuries looked huge, but as long as their lives were saved, it should be good.

The count will live.

“You fucking bastard!!!!”

Kreon, unable to hold back the anger, swung the sword towards Linmel.

This cannot be stopped.

‘Count. I make the sacrifice here for the sake of the future.’

Death cannot be escaped. So he will take the first hit here.

“Don’t look down on an 8th class great magician.”

Linmel had run out of mana he had accumulated so far. But it wasn’t like he was playing around for the last 5 years.

Then with his teeth clenched, he fired whatever he could in the form of a beam aimed at the sword.


A dark red beam pushed up from the left hand, pushing Kreon’s sword away, allowing the marquis to attack the opposing knight.

Kreon, who looked at it, said.

“This ends…”

He was triggering Reversal of Causality.

“Die and fall already, you old man.”

The beams scattered in the air.

This was all the mana he had accumulated throughout his life, but it couldn’t even touch Kreon.

Kreon quickly closed in the distance and grabbed LInmel by the face.


“I do not have time for bugs!”

With that, the Durandal pierced into his chest, making Linmel shocked.

Kreon drew back the sword and pushed Linmel to the side as if he wasn’t interested in him and looked for Count Welton and Beryl.

“Did you think that I wouldn’t be able to find them if you hid them?”

Kreon’s physical abilities were now buffed with the holy beast Ismenios and were close to transcendence.

He ran incredibly fast, given his burning desire to search for them.

‘This time, I will kill you all at once.’

He wouldn’t fight any longer. He will make sure to behead those two right away.

He had to kill Count Welton for the war to be won by Zenith Church.

‘As long as the Spiral of Battlefield has said it, the fate cannot be escaped.’

Maybe just a bit delayed.

Kreon was not able to feel the energy all around the battlefield. To him, with the power of the holy beast within him, this was nothing.

And he was able to find two huge auras not far from him.

“You are just a mouse in front of a cat!”

Kreon sprinted fast and jumped a great distance at once. His speed broke through the sound, causing the air to sound like it was being ripped.

“Stop right there, you scum!”

Kreon found Beryl running with Count Welton on his back.

The reason Beryl could run far was that Count Welton was unconscious.

Beryl glanced up and used his ability to speed up.

Well, right, his ability is wind.

Bang! Bang!

After breathing through the air again, Kreon passed Beryl at once.

“Where are you heading to, Beryl?”

“Shit… was Mr. Linmel hurt?”

“Of course he is. I dealt with that dying old man right away. And I will deal with you in an instant too.”

He didn’t want to drag it out anymore.

Kreon drew a terrifying smile and flicked the jewel that existed in the heart with his finger. Then, a weird energy began to flow in his body.

“It has been a tough situation, but let’s end this now.”

“I will not back down either.”

Beryl put down Count Welton very carefully and took the sword in his hand, but at the same time, his sword broke in half.

“I did tell you I would deal with you in an instant.”

Kreon appeared in front of him and swung the Durandal to cut the neck off.

[Law of Judgemnt]

“Guard the young lamb.”


A golden light fell from the sky. Feeling a sense of crisis, Kreon stepped back.

Light wrapped around Beryl and Count Welton. And it didn’t end there. The golden light even fell where Linmel was thrown.

Kreon frowned at this.

“What?! No!!”

Why was he constantly being interrupted? Annoyed, Kreon decided to run into the light.

“Wow, calm down, man. You aren’t a beast.”

[Sword of Judgement]

A man with a cloak of light around him appeared in front of Kreon.

“Long time no see.”

The paladin, Lars, who appeared with his blonde hair fluttering, smiled at Kreon.

“It has been just 5 years since I saw you, and your appearance has changed too much!”


Kreon, who recognized Lars, couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

Why was a member of Pyro here?

But apart from that, he was already enraged with the situation.

Kreon was about to shout out with a contorted face, but then his eyes widened.

“No way…”

“Right. It is what you are thinking.’


A huge force appeared that seemed to crush down the entire space.

And behind too.

Kreon felt something was seriously wrong and turned his head.

There stood a boy with brown hair, a little too young to be called a man, yet still mature looking.

Golden light shone in his eyes; it was the same color as the holy power around them.

Ricky, the Apostle of Goddess Pyro, spoke with an angry face.

“From now on, I will deal with you. Because I am the kind to hold a grudge.”

Kreon thought.

The Spiral of Battlefield was wrong again.

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