Chapter 292 - Devildom (2)

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Late at night, a mysterious light shone near the main church of Zenith Church.

It was a road that no one would use. A man had already been there.


The man was sitting on a stone wall and made sure the light faded as he walked towards it. There, one could see a man lying unconscious, replacing the light as it vanished.

It was Vincent.

“The body is so broken. You have been dealt with harshly.”

The man, apostle Noah, knew that Vincent would appear here. Noah put Vincent on his shoulder and went somewhere.

A small shrine, located very deep within the main church.

The shrine was permitted to only the archbishop-level priests, but Noah wasn’t going there.

He stepped into the shrine and went deeper. A secret space that only the pope-level officials knew of.

Noah opened the door and went in as he snapped his finger.

One by one, the lights began to come on in the dark space.

The interior could be seen as it got brighter, but it was nothing like a secret space.

Old bookshelves were stacked with worn-out books, and the floor was made of grey stone that looked like it had gone weathered centuries.

In the center stood a stone foundation, the only thing that looked fine.

Noah put Vincent there.

“You must not die yet. How many things are left to do? I worked so hard to find your soul… just thinking about finding it again makes me go crazy. I don’t know how long it will take.”

Vincent himself didn’t know it, but this was all arranged by the Zenith church.

Once upon a time, there was a swordsman in the past that this era didn’t know of. And it was known that the person was a threat to the 12 Gods, especially Zenith.

A companion for a powerful magician, the name is Diomedes, who was called the best swordsman among humans.

And the soul of Diomedes was inside Vincent now.

“You will feel refreshed when you wake up from a good night’s sleep. Good night.”

When he flicked the finger, blue flames burst around the stone. Noah quietly moved out as he saw Vincent engulfed in flames and headed somewhere.

This time, it was to the public place where every guard greeted Noah.

Noah was greeted roughly as he headed for the large building, and as soon as he entered, he looked at the sphere in front of him.

It was the thing responsible for their plans for the invasion of the continent. A strange thing that turns on its own without needing exterior influence, Spiral of Battlefield.

“Are you here?”

The manager of the Spiral of Battlefield found Noah and bowed.

He was the newly elected one after Kreon had killed the former one. Glancing at the man still bowing his head, he gestured for the door to be closed.

And he sighed as he spoke to the manager.

“Since when have you been here?”

The manager lifted his head with a smile, and with strange eyes, he said.

“Right after Vincent came down.”


Noah looked at Zenith in the form of the manager. Initially, it was difficult for a god to come down, even in his own church.

A tremendous amount of causality was consumed for them to be here, and there was a rule to never intervene in the human world among the Gods.

Even so, the reason Zenith was borrowing the body believer was simple.

“The Spiral of Battlefield is running well.”

Zenith looked at it, spinning round and round with a smile. The reason why he wasn’t facing punishment by coming down is because of the Spiral of Battlefield.

The holy artifact made to lead the war to victory had other purposes too.

It was the stealth function to hide the presence of a god.

Thanks to that, Zenith was able to come through. Of course, he was only coming down recently.

It was the iron rule to never encounter believers other than apostles. It was initially made for this purpose after the birth of an apostle.

Noah didn’t like God’s attitude.

“You are welcome to come here. Wouldn’t it be a problem for you if the other gods find out?”

“It is fine. It is fine. In the first place, they have no interest in other things. I mean, they don’t care what I do. And again, I don’t know. There could be others like me.”

Even those words sounded careless for Noah, but this was his god’s will, and as an apostle, he couldn’t talk back to him.

Noah sighed softly and asked.

“What happened to Sir Kreon?”

Unfamiliar with the situation of war, Noah asked Zenith who must have been there.

He must have been on Infinite Battlefield, but as an omnipotent god, he must have known something.

“It went as planned.”

“Did the apostle of Pyro come?”

“Right. And Kreon lost. Well, I never thought it could be won.”

“It turned out the way Spiral of Battlefield had intended.”

“We did lie to him, but he is out of his mind, so discarding him was the right choice.”

A conversation that Kreon would have felt shocked to listen to.

The Spiral of Battlefield never spoke about victory. All the things he heard were the fake information Zenith and his apostle, Noah, had given. In other words, this defeat was planned by Zenith.

“I think of this as good. Although it is a failure. 20,000 and more chimeras are a great force. Also, Sir Kreon can be coaxed in well too.”

“20,000 chimers is a good bait, so don’t worry, and Kreon will come back as a more manageable doll at a later time.”

Noah knew all about Zenith’s plan, but he didn’t like the process of it.

He sighed and nodded.

“I understand.”

“You are too fragile. The path you take in the future isn’t something that can be handled by a fragile heart. Also, it will not be nice if I lose you, the apostle. In the end, we have to win. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“… yes.”

“Start preparing for it right away. Pyro, that stupid woman is taking over things, so we can move.’

“The preparations are done.”

Zenith, who liked the answer, nodded his head. Noah asked him.

“But, what about Jamie Welton?”

“I don’t know.”


It wasn’t the perfect form, but it was Zenith who descended into the body of Vincent and fought Jamie Welton.

And he doesn’t know what happened?

“A demon king intervened.”


“He called himself the Demon King of Lust. A name I had never heard of. He must be a recently strong one, but it turns out he is a subordinate of Diablo Volfir.”

“D-diablo Volfir?”

“Right. It was a shock for me too. It was also shocking that a demon king broke into the Infinite Battlefield, and he is a subordinate of Diablo VOlfir. How the hell could that man’s subordinate even become a demon king? How did he even get into the Devildom?”

No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t wrap his head around it. But it felt like there were too many coincidences here.

But there was something even strange.

Noah pointed that out.

“But why did he have to appear there? If he could break into the Infinite Battlefield, he could have just invaded the heavens. It feels like he had to be there.”

“I was thinking the same.”

“Maybe Jamie Welton and….?”

“It was like they didn’t know each other, but I am not sure. It is not like they pretended to be strangers. And Jamie Welton’s reaction is questionable too.”

It was confirmed that Jamie Welton was shocked at the presence of the Demon King, but he didn’t seem to be hostile toward the Demon King.

As a saint of Pyro, he could understand Jamie’s hate towards Zenith, but he should be hating the demons even more.

Demons are the embodiment of evil; does he need a further explanation to hate them?

Still, Jamie Welton watched.

“And that alone isn’t suspicious.”

“Is there more?”

“That guy. He knew the sword technique of Diomedes. At the time, I was a bit too excited and let it pass, but no matter how much I think about it, humans of this time cannot know it.”

“Hmm. Then this has to be investigated too.”

“Yes. Everything is questionable.”

Zenith spoke with an expressionless face. His body slowly came out of the manager’s body.

In return for accepting God into him, the man lost his life.

“I will head up for now. Don’t forget what I said, and get the preparations done.”

“I will keep that in mind.”

Zenith vanished into heaven, leaving Noah alone. Confirming he was alone, Noah began to pray.

It was the best he could do for the dead man.

“But Jamie Welton… where the hell are you?”

The Infinite Battlefield was abolished. It was always a disposable relic inside Vincent’s body for the sake of Zenith descending into him.

The moment Zenith left the dimension, the space turned independent, so it would be impossible for Zenith to re-enter.

And what happened to the Demon King?

If Zenith had escaped, it should be just the two of them.


Noah felt his head throb.

The time when Noah’s head throbbed.

Jamie’s head was splitting in two because of the headache.

The clash between the demon kings, which was changing the sky and land, reminded him of the past.

‘This is insane.’

Why did this demon king have to come and invade Trika’s territory right now? The Demon King of Vampires said it had been a month since Trika left the palace.

Trika noticed the danger through the dimension stone and appeared to help Jamie. So, then the concept of time of this world and the present are different?

Or maybe the concept of time in the Infinite Battlefield was different.

What was certain was that even right now, the flow of time on earth was unknown.

Maybe the war has ended.

“I don’t have time for this.”

This was the Devildom.

There is no reason to hide his power. Jamie’s eyes turned purple, and darkness exploded.

The darkness raged around, and the devouring Leviathan was running rampant here.

[Level 2 Ability]


Darkness settled on Balisada. Jamie had black wings behind him.

As he soared into the sky, a teleport was activated.

[Magic Swordsmanship]

[Infinite Strike]

Jamie moved to the back of the Demon King of Vampires and swung Balisada.

Due to the teleports triggered in succession, it seemed as if Jamie was in different places.

“What is this?!”

The demon king, who was fighting with Trika, was shocked at this sudden slash of darkness coming for him.

He used a blood shield to block it, but stopping all the slashes of darkness coming from multiple directions was challenging.

The slashes of darkness that came from all 360 degrees collided with the Demon King in the middle.


When Jamie intervened in their fight, Trika called for him, a bit shocked. Still, Jamie didn’t answer and focused the darkness on Balisada.



The blade of darkness soared to the ends of the sky. And a black suit on him began to circulate the blood and energy.

[Welton Form Futility Divide]

Darkness was taken out like the aura on the sword. Purple and black mana was overflowing on it.

[Extreme Attack]

“I need to head back!!”

Surrounded by darkness, the attack cut through sky and land as if space was being cut.

The opposing demon king exposed his fangs and scattered in the darkness.

“Trika… I don’t know where you got that bloody thing.”

Red blood was moving around.

The Demon King of Vampires who conquered this area drew out his power.

“Are you committing the act of rudeness by putting that kid into our fight?!”

At the same time, it collided with a blade of darkness.

And it exploded.


Jamie’s eyes widened.


The demon king’s blood had created a massive crater spanning hundreds of kilometers.

Jamie cursed in front of that overwhelming power, seeing the blood moving to where he was.

In his blurred vision, someone blocked his way.

“I am sorry, Lord.”

That was the last thing Jamie heard before losing consciousness.

And he was thinking.


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