Chapter 293 - Devildom (3)

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By the time Jamie woke up, the war had already ended.

Waking up in a room with a strong smell of limestone, he frowned at the hurting head and came to his senses, making him jump up.

“How long was I asleep for?”

This was a huge problem for Jamie, who had to return to Gerin even one second earlier.

He got so excited at the sudden situation that he didn’t act as he usually would and started to fight with the demon king.

Even in the Devildom, where demon kings exercise their full power.

“Damn it. All because of that bastard Zenith!’

Because of Zenith, he had gotten angry, and he couldn’t control his emotions. Jamie got up and left the room.

He didn’t know what happened but seeing that he was safe here, the fight must be done, but a problem arose.

“Where am I going?”

When he opened the door, there was a long hallway on either side, but he couldn’t feel anyone.

Jamie pondered where he was doing and walked down the hallway to the right. There really was nothing there.

Both walls were blocked off, so he couldn’t see the situation outside, and he couldn’t see any stairs either.

Jamie had no choice but to develop mana.


Mana dug into the cracks and began to explore the space. Jamie, who finished grasping the surrounding structure in an instant, used teleport.

He jumped over the space at once and appeared on top of the center of the enormous wall.

There was a large black chandelier that looked quite menacing in this place.

And many eyes were on Jamie.




A language he was hearing for the first time.

Those with ugly appearances and those with human-like forms were looking at Jamie and talking. All of them were demons.

They were looking at Jamie with watchful eyes. But no one stepped ahead.

Considering their warlike tendencies, it was strange that they weren’t pouncing on him.

Still, the reason for the check was simple. Because they felt the difference.

Although Jamie was taken down by the Demon King of Vampires, he was stronger than the high-ranking demons here.

At first glance, the difference in level was obvious from the presence the demons oozed. Jamie tapped his hand with the index finger.

“Interpretation magic.”

As he mumbled, the demonic language he heard was quickly analyzed.

As he didn’t know the language here it wouldn’t be the perfect interpretation, but it is enough to understand what they were saying.

“Awake. Scary. Human.”

“Why. Come. Here.”

“Height. He. Will reach.”

“Where. Is. King.”

He could roughly understand the words.

If it was a foreign language, it would be heard in the form of a sentence, but as this was the demonic language, only the main words were being said.

Still, he could roughly understand what they were talking about, so he called a small demon with a red body that was closest to him over.

“You come here.”

At the sudden call, the demon was a bit unsure.

“You. Little one.”

The little demon was startled when Jamie pointed it out and called again.


“Right, you, come here.”

The small demon looked around for help, whether he didn’t want to go or he was scared, but the others just turned their faces away, not wanting to be involved.

“I will not hit you. I have something to ask you.”

He made too big of an impression, so this was bound to happen.

It would be nice if he could just ask. The small demon came and approached Jamie.

In the meantime, the demons were all looking forward to what will be said.

No matter who sees this, they don’t seem like demons who like violence.

‘It means they are curious about what I do.’

Well, sorry, but Jamie had no intention of making a scene.

“What. Work…?”

The little demon who was scared asked.

When he looked closely, it was a demon with large ears and a pointed tail like the ones drawn in children’s books. Jamie crouched and asked the demon.

“Where are we?”


“Then you succeeded in driving out the Demon King of Vampires?”

“Won. Yesterday. Yesterday”

Seeing that yesterday was repeated twice, it seemed like he was talking about the day before yesterday.

“Do you know who I am?”

The little demon nodded.

“Human. No. Touch. Die. If I disobey.”

“Who said that?”

“Demon King. Die. If. Common. Disobey.”

Trka seemed to have threatened his men. Was the guy really acting like this because he was the Demon God?

Jamie thought of talking to him at a later time.

“Now, Trika. Where is your Demon King?”

“I don’t know.”

“Don’t know? “

The little demon nodded, and it was then.

Someone rushed in front outside.

“I know.”

Someone from behind raised a hand; Jamie turned to find a gray-haired, blue-skinned man with bat wings, wearing a black suit.

“You are?”

“Nice to meet you. I am Himera. The 14th Viscount of Lust.”

Himera, who introduced himself as a Viscount, approached Jamie with a relaxed look.

As soon as he approached the little demon, the little one banged his head to the ground. The other demons were the same, but depending on their status, their bowing changed.

It was the moment when Jamie realized how Devildom worked.

“Anyway, I have received an order from the Demon King to check your condition.”


“Hahah. Yes. I did think that you had a good relationship with the Demon King, but I didn’t think you would call him by the name so comfortably.”

“So, where is he?”

Jamie didn’t intend to have a long conversation with someone he didn’t know. What can he do? He had to head back right away.

Himera shrugged his shoulders and said,

“Follow me.”

He spread his bat-like wings and flew out of the castle. It was a start that felt like a provocation, trying to see if Jamie could even catch up to him.

Jamie snorted.

The demon seemed to want to check his level through flying.

“It has to be at least count level.”

Jamie quickly followed Himera. And the two headed for Trika.

Trika was sitting on a vast lake with a fishing rod.

One of his hobbies as the mighty Demon King of Lust was to fish. But this was no ordinary fishing.

He grabbed the handle and gently rocked the rod, and something bit. At that moment, Trika’s eyes shone, and he started to fight with his strength while looking at the water.

After about 10 seconds, he felt like the bait was properly caught and lifted the fishing rod back up.


At the end of the rod was a giant beast fish several tens of meters in size.

Trika’s hobby was catching demonic fish.


The giant fish weighing tons was flapping its fins as it was brought to the ground.

As the surrounding area shook, it was like an earthquake came up. And Trika reached out.


The fish immediately went limp, like it had lost its consciousness. And someone was watching this from behind.

“… what are you doing?”

Jamie had arrived and stuck his tongue out at this enormous beast.

He couldn’t believe Trika had caught this beast with just a fishing rod. Shouldn’t a regular rod break?

‘I don’t think aura on the rod would be enough.’

Trika spoke like he predicted what Jamie was thinking.

“It is a fishing rod made of adamantium, a special ore from the Devildom, so it will not break.”

“Huh, you mean precious minerals are being used to make a fishing rod?”

“Even if it is a hobby, wouldn’t it be better to use a good one?”

Jamie had never had a hobby in his life, so he didn’t know. What more could he even say? He just felt pity for himself now.

So he decided to ask,

“What happened to the red jerk?”

“It is a common occurrence. The Demon King of Vampires attacks and vice versa.”

He said as if it was nothing special and ordered Himera, who was smiling at Jamie’s side.

“You head back to the castle.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Without saying anything else, Himera turned around and started heading back to the castle.

Even when they were coming here, it was surprising as the man didn’t seem like the type to allow others to order him around.

This meant that Trika was such a huge presence for him.

“Is that common?”

“Vampires are at the border of my territory, so we aim for each other’s necks when we notice a chance to increase our influence. However, I was away for too long this time, so the damage to my territory is quite large.”

“Because of me?”

“…for the sake of my lord, I do not care even if this territory disappears. Well, this isn’t the place I should be.”

At the loyal words from Trika, Jamie felt burdened at this.

“I am sorry.”

“Do not apologize. The Diablo Volfir I knew wasn’t like this.”

“… right. The flow of time here is different, right?”

“it is convenient to think of one minute as one day. I was with master for 30 minutes there.”

Trika had been there for just 30 minutes with Jamie. But a month had passed in here.

“The number might differ, but it is a rough calculation.”

“1 minute a day…”

“Rather, shouldn’t Lord be heading back soon? It has been three days since Lord passed out, but it couldn’t have been a long time back there.”

It will only be a few hours or so if he returns.

“Everything is ready; the only concern is if lord’s body can withstand it.”

“Do not worry. Even though I look like this, I am Diablo Volfir.”

Trika nodded and summoned a dimensional stone fragment in the air. Jamie took out the stone fragment which was once given to him.

The two fragments began to resonate.

“Enter the coordinates.”


Jamie recalled the location of Gerin and put it into the dimensional stone fragment.

And the same was transmitted into the stone of Trika, and a small black wave occurred between the two fragments.

Trika raised his hand and infused magi.


In order for the passage between two dimensions to open, a tremendous amount of magic had to be used, and the power was so immense that even Jamie could barely endure it.


Trika always used a limited power whenever they met back on earth. Even then, he seemed strong, but he looked free to pull out his force at any level he wanted.

In other words, Jamie wasn’t confident taking down Trika even if he had the strength of his heyday.

This is the power of a Demon King.

And if such a guy supports him, how can he not feel reassured?

Trika said,

“I will open it.”

As he stretched his other hand into the air, black sparks rose from it and began to warp the space.

It is an interdimensional movement that couldn’t be attempted unless the demon king had transcended.

Trika was frowning with his purple eyes.


Sparks were bouncing around like lightning.

It was huge.

Trika, too was having a tough time with this. Still, gradually his clenched fist eased open.


With a roar, a dimensional passage in the form of a black hole was created. It had the force to eat up everything.


Jamie, who felt like he was being sucked in, looked at Trika.

“Trika. Let’s meet again.”

“Please take good care of yourself.”

Trika bowed his head to Jamie, who was ready to surrender to this force.

He will head to Gerin if he enters the passage.

He wasn’t sure if he could overcome this pressure, but he was sure to survive.


The moment he said that he was about to float into the air.

-He…ar? Ja…mie. Hear me?

An unfamiliar yet familiar voice called for him.

Jamie stopped entering and listened to it again.

-Ja…mie! Me…!



Fortunately, the voice felt a lot clear and pleasant now.

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