Chapter 294 - Devildom (4)

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Ricky, who sealed Kreon, ordered the paladins to help Gerin and make the chimera paladins be put out of their misery.

Meanwhile, Ricky focused on treating Count Welton and Marquis Linmel, who were severely wounded.

Among them, Marquis Linmel was in the more dire condition, given the sword had pierced him close to his heart.

The man would have died right there and then if they were even a bit late in using their holy power during the battle.

All a high-ranking priest could do was delay the death; this injury was too difficult to save.

“I will make sure to heal you,”

But Ricky was different.

An apostle could perform miracles with the help of their god.

The golden light from both hands wrapped around the two men simultaneously and shone in the symbol of Goddess Pyro.

Both of them were injured, but their bodies were healing both internally and externally.

It was an overwhelming healing power that couldn’t be compared to other priests.

Beryl, who only had a mild injury, was beside them and was shocked at the tremendous holy power Ricky was able to use now.

‘Not just combat, but even the healing is unrivaled.’

It made him wonder if this was the same kid. Actually, given that he was a god’s apostle, it was a bit humiliating to be treated as a human.

They were the beings called the alter ego of their gods, and a messenger sent down to look after the land. From that alone, the apostles can be viewed as heavenly beings born on earth.

“Phew. They are out of danger now.”

Ricky said with the holy power being called back, but he didn’t seem to show any exhaustion despite all his work.

Best of all, the treatment time was less than a minute. Beryl was shocked as he bowed to Ricky.

“Thank you. I will never forget this grace.”

“This is something I had to do. Instead, we need to find Jamie.”

“is there a way to do that?”

As Beryl tried to get up, the priest beside him scolded him.

“You cannot move yet. Stay still.”

“Haha. Listen to priest Evitz and let me find Jamie.”

“Um… please.”

Ricky nodded and ran to the place where a dimensional rift was most likely to be.

In the distance, the paladins of Pyro, who had joined forces with the estate’s people, were taking down the chimeras.

This is how it should be. Relieve the suffering of the unfortunate.

‘Rather, Jamie, where the hell did you go?’

Ricky clasped his hands and raised the power of the undead within him.

A secret that people of the church didn’t know. But Ricky was an undead resurrected by Jamie’s necromancy in the past.

So Jamie’s black mana was within his body, which might help figure out where the guy was.


For five years, he learned how to use this day and night so he could handle black mana without difficulty now.

But he could feel nothing.

If there was a subspace around, there had to be a trace left behind.

Could it be that in this short time, the traces were erased?

‘Answer me, Jamie!’

Ricky constantly tried telepathy.

Even with an apostle’s power, it was impossible to use telepathy with those who were in another dimension.

So he was trying to find traces of this new dimension. If he could find the trace out here, he could open the passage to send a signal.

‘It couldn’t have happened, right?’

No, if Jamie has suffered, then Ricky would have felt it. Because Ricky is an undead subservient to Jamie.

How many minutes was he moving around? Ricky finally felt something.

He wondered if one of the great magicians had used space magic, but it didn’t feel like magic.

He alerted all five senses of his to find out what this was.

A distance of 2 to 3 km away, he felt an anomaly, and Ricky ran straight to it.

He could feel the passage of a space of another dimension opening up.



He felt a signal.

Ricky was sure that Jamie was on the other side. But he didn’t know which location it was; the telepathy didn’t seem to work too.

Raising the black mana to the maximum, he shouted on top of his vice.

“Hear me? Jamie! Do you hear me!?”

He couldn’t hear any answer, but he felt like his words had reached the other side. Standing in front of the possible passage, Ricky shouted again.

“Jamie, it is me!”



He heard back a mumble, but it wasn’t clear at all, so Ricky raised his holy power to clear out the eerie mist and shouted.




Jamie was startled at this voice.

Either way, Ricky continued.

-Hear me?

“Uh. I hear you clearly. No, uh…what happened? Why are you…”

-At Gerin estate!

“What? Why are you there?”

-Idiot. We talk after a long time, and this is what you ask your friend?!

“Well, because you didn’t tell me about this in the letter.”

-And did you tell me?

He was right, so Jamie went silent.

Anyway, this was frustrating.

Ricky wasn’t telepathing out of somewhere else but from the Gerin estate. Jamie looked at Trika, a bit puzzled.

He asked ‘How?’, wondering why this was possible, and then returned to Ricky.

“Rather. How is Gerin estate? How is the situation there? And my father?”

-The count is fine. Marquis Linmel is in danger.


-Yes. He sacrificed himself to save the Count; had we been a little late, it would have been a disaster.

“Haaa… marquis.”

He didn’t think Marquis Linmel would give up his life to save his father. He seemed to understand why such a choice was even made.

‘He must have decided that it would be more helpful to save dad for the sake of the future war.’

Even so, that didn’t mean he had to choose death. The marquis wasn’t just someone who knew Jamie’s secrets, but he was someone who helped Jamie, and he was like a grandfather who always took care of him.

It would have been as painful as his parent’s death if he died.

“Thank you, Ricky.”

-I just did what I had to do. Where are you now? Everyone is looking for you.

“Me… I am in Devildom.”


Silence fell.

Ricky’s voice couldn’t be heard; it felt like the guy was confused at what he heard, so Jamie said,

“It is a bit long to explain like this; I will talk about it when we meet next time.”

-Next time?

It was then that Ricky seemed shocked.

-You aren’t coming back right now?

“I did think so…”

Jamie glanced at Trika.

He had planned to head back to earth and help with the war, but after hearing what Ricky said, he changed his thoughts a little.

“In the Devildom, time passes slower than back home.”


“One minute there is one day here. So I will not be coming back right now.”

-What do you mean by that? A minute is as long as a day? Jamie, are you even sane? Has something gone wrong with your head?

“… my head is fine! Whose sanity are you worried about?”

-it doesn’t make any sense! I know the time axis can be slightly off for each dimension but one minute to one day? Are we even talking about the same concept of time?

Like Ricky said, how could telepathy work if the time axis was this wrapped?

Jamie paused for a moment and looked at Trika.

“Trika, how did this happen?”

“If you are asking about the time, I do not know the answer too, my lord.”

Come to think of it, Trika didn’t seem to understand anything Jamie was talking about. This time axis was also something Jamie would have to explain.

“I am telepathic with the guy back there. So why are we sharing the link? This is the time of Devildom, right?”

“Simple reason. Because the dimensional passage connects the land and Devildom, telepathy is possible. So…”

Trika said, pointing to the twisted passage.

“It will close soon; you really won’t go?”

The two fragments of dimensional stone were vibrating as if they would break. Because the time axis was so different, it was impossible to hold the passage for a long time.

“In the next minute, the passage will close, and the time will turn back to normal.”

At Trika’s words, Jamie said.

“Ricky. The passage will close in the next minute.’

-You? You really want to stay there?

“There is this feeling this time. I thought I got stronger, but I am still powerless. There isn’t much I can do, so I will have to get stronger. And this is a place where I can do that.”

If it is the Devildom with a long time gap and endless violence-loving demons, he could get stronger.

The problematic aspect was his father’s situation.

Ricky had taken care of his father, so he didn’t have to rush to the ground, so Jamie said,

“Tell me when father wakes up.”

-When will you come back?


It was so sudden that he hadn’t decided on anything.

“15 seconds more.”

Trika told him about the remaining time. Jamie, who made the decision, said.


-… tomorrow?

“Yes. Tomorrow. Catch what I throw too.”

-Yah! Jamie! What are you…

Ricky’s words couldn’t be heard after that.

The signal went weak as the passage began to get smaller and smaller.

Jamie picked up one of the dimension stone fragments in the air, threw it into the passage, and shouted.

“With this, we can communicate!!”

He didn’t even get to listen to Ricky’s answer as the passage vanished.

Jamie took a deep breath and said.

“You said 15, but it looked like 10 seconds.”

“It had 15 seconds to close, but the signal seemed to have weakened due to the reduction of power.”

“I see,”

“Will you be training here?”

“You heard it.”

Jamie said, relaxing his body.

“The problem on the ground hasn’t been solved yet. And the time axis here is overwhelmingly long compared to there. But why is it this long?”

“I will explain it later. It isn’t something which can be summarized right away.”

“Well, right. Anyway, there is no other better place to train than here. Right?”

“Wise words”

Trika hated the Devildom more than anything, but whether he liked it or not, this was where he turned strong and became the Demon King.

It wouldn’t have been possible if the environment here wasn’t as harsh as it was.

“I cannot live on this land as long as you, but I will do my best. A day in there…”

4 years in here.

It could be more if needed too, but there will be no point in doing that.

Jamie now had walls on all sides. The walls are thick and high, so breaking them will be tough.

But it will not take too long to break them.

“Just wait, Zenith.”

Jamie didn’t hide his power.

There was no need to hide it here. No one here would be surprised at him being a dark magician.

“Please help me, Trika.”

“Say it.”

“I need your help.”

“For Lord. I will do my best.”

Trika said, and Jamie nodded.

Jamie’s life in the Devildom had just begun.

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