Chapter 296 - Ranked Duel (2)

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Trika’s head hurt.

He never thought that Beiros wouldn’t forget the humiliation he faced. Instead, he requested a duel.

It would have been difficult for even a Demon King to accept if Jamie had refused it.

And if he forces it, he could get rid of Beiros, but Jamie wouldn’t want it.

‘Even though Beiros has a reckless attitude, I didn’t think he would request a duel.’

Jamie had no rank now. So if he lost, all that would be lost would be his pride.

Beiros was different.

He is one of the highest-ranking demons here, and he was able to exercise enormous rights in the lands under the banner of Lust.

And if he lost, he would lose it all while also having the mark of being defeated by a human.

Even if he wins, all he would get is the humiliation cleared from him.

Unless he was certain of his victory, it was a fight against Beiros’ best interests.

‘Even so, he seems convinced of what he wants to do here.’

He could know it from the look on Beiros’ face.

In fact, Trika was also predicting his chances of winning were higher than Jamie’s. But it wasn’t like the gap between them was too large.

Jamie hadn’t shown black magic yet.

The victory or defeat will be dependent on how much black magic Jamie was able to recover.

Still, Beiros had the upper hand.

“There will be no death.”

Trika said.

Beiros frowned and asked.


“You and this human too are talents we need for the future of the land.”



As Beiros tried to protest, Trika spoke with purple eyes making him feel a chill run down.

“I will obey the words.”

“You thought well.”

Trika nodded.

Berios had almost died just now. If he had tried to question the words of Trika, he would have been killed.

This is because the Demon King of Lust was merciful yet ruthless too.

If one listens well, he looks after them in a good way, and if they disobey, he will show them who the demon king is.

“I will decide the place so the two can return and wait to be summoned. Everyone get back to your work.”

At the order of the demon king, the other demons there left. Jamie watched it and said to Trika.

“You did well.”


What Trika showed them was how Diablo Volfir treated his subordinates.

Jamie felt a bit embarrassed seeing that and coughed as he said.

“I will see you later.”

“Relax well.”

Trika looked at the lord who was moving into the castle.


Angry, Beiros punched his fist into the wall, and the wall just fell apart.

It wasn’t something else but a duel with his rank on the line.

And in such a duel, both participants’ lives are usually on the line. But there was an order for no death.

The Demon King’s order was absolute, so he had to follow it, but he felt upset.

“What the hell is that person for the king!”

He thought Trika should act like this towards himself, not a human.

In other words, despite it being Beiros who tore and killed their enemies till now, the human was being favored by the demon king.

It made him upset.

“It was unfortunate.”

Himera spoke to him with a voice of regret. Beiros glared at the man.

“Fuck off before I rip you to death! I don’t feel like listening to you now.”

“Wow, calm down.”

“Do you think I look like I can do that?’


A formidable amount of magic rose from Beiros’ body, so much so that Himera couldn’t handle it.

Himera frowned, unable to withstand all the magic directed at him, but he, too, was a high-ranking demon of 13th rank.

This was something he would survive.

“Killing is difficult, but there is another way to repay the humiliation.”

“What more now?”

Beiros calmed his near as Himera came up with something to say. And as the magic settled, Himera spoke with a placid expression.

“You are supposed to not kill; that is all, right?”

“That is all?”

“Demon King said that death isn’t allowed. Then what about a life and death situation?”

Don’t kill; just injure him horribly. But Beiros shook his head.

Actually, if he did that, there is a high chance for the demon king to kill him on the spot.

“I will pretend like I didn’t listen to it.”

“Well, it is your choice. Then I will leave.”

After a light greeting, Himera left the room.

And he glanced back before leaving, catching a glimpse of Beiros, who was lost in thought.

‘Since I planted the thought in the head, it will be a fun thing to see.’

He had an eerie smile on his face as he dispersed into the darkness.

As soon as dawn came, Trika summoned both Jamie and Beiros.

All the top hundred ranked demons will come for this.

Trika was on the highest seat.

On the left and right, a little lower than them were all demons’ surroundings with black darkness and a beautiful woman-like form standing next to each demon.

Beiros was in the 6th rank and sat close to the demon king.

Jamie was the only one who wasn’t a demon king’s henchman, so he stood instead of sitting.

Of course, even that wasn’t looked upon happily by the other demons.

“No matter how much our king cherishes him, he doesn’t even kneel, cheeky.”

“I don’t like how he looks. That parasitic aura. A guy like that fighting Count Beiros?”

“I am sure the Count will kill him with one hit.”

Most of them didn’t like this. But only two men, Duke Katos and Marquis Lillian, were silent all through this.

Jamie looked at those two.

‘2nd and 3rd place demons, huh.’

Just looking at them, he could feel the difference.

In particular, the demon who was surrounded by darkness, called Duke Katos, was someone who could be called a semi-demon king.

Seeing that such a person was under Trika, it felt like his leadership was amazing.

‘He saw and learned it all from me.’

Jamie was praising himself for all this. Meanwhile, Trika spoke.

“Normally, it is impossible to have a battle with one’s rank on the line with someone from outside the Devildom. Yet, Jamie Welton accepted the challenge of Count Beiros.”

Trika expressed dissatisfaction despite announcing it.

Maybe that is why Beiros couldn’t look him in the eye. It was because he thought he had lost a little trust from the demon king.

Trika continued.

“I have no intention of letting this happen as usual.”

“Then what do you plan to do?”

Everyone looked at Jamie in surprise. He looked at the demons, wondering why they were glaring at him, but no one spoke.

And then he realized he wasn’t being polite to the Demon King.

Trika didn’t show any emotions to Jamie either. This was another shock to the demons.

“Except for death, I will let my judgment decide who wins. Do you both have any objections?”

“There is not.”

“… none from me either.”

Beiros had a dissatisfied face but didn’t argue, unlike the day before. Instead, he looked at Jamie with glaring eyes.

Jamie looked puzzled at it.

“When will it start?”


At Jamie’s question, Trika gave a signal to two demons below who jumped ahead. And as they released their magic, the darkness and ice began to twist, causing a colossal arena to form.

Leaving behind the arena, which was completed instantly, the two demons returned to their seats.

Jamie looked at this colosseum of darkness and ice with a shocked look.

‘What were those two?’

Even Jamie could do it, but the problem is the time. The two did this in just 10 seconds, and that time limit was too short for Jamie.

How could one have the skills to create such things at once?

Jamie felt shocked for a long time.

‘Both of them are definitely monsters who transcended the limit.’

Although the dark one was stronger, the demon woman using ice was strong too.

Anyway, the space for Jamie and Beiros’ fight was created.

“Now both prepare for it.”

Trika snapped his fingers, and Jamie and Beiros were moved into the arena.

And there was a massive crowd of people in the audience waiting as if they were cheering.

“What is this…”

“A duel with ranks on the line is quite famous in the Devildom. As such, a colosseum-like structure is used to excite the spectators.”

Beiros said to Jamie, who was a bit new to all of this.

“So you and I should fight well here. If the fight isn’t fun, the nobles will make fun of us even if we are close to the demon king.”

Beiros smiled at it. He had no intention of giving a boring fight at all.

In the first place, Beiros is someone who was aiming to succeed here.

“So be a savory offering to me.”

Black scales began to grow on Beiros’ skin. Sharp nails, claws, and thick, sharp teeth resembling a beast’s.

With the flame film wings which spread out behind him, he looked like a mixed-race dragon and demon.

“Try as hard as you can. I know how to kill you without killing you.”

He warned.

And Jamie fully accepted the released energy and slowly raised his black mana.

“You bastard.”

The purple eyes and the black mana which exploded out suddenly began to move.

The black suit inside the body began to appear upon him. Jamie looked at the armor on his skin as he said.

“You talk too much. Maybe I should crush your head?”


“Do you fight with your mouth, you bastard? Shut your mouth and come at me.”

Jamie snapped his fingers as he provoked.

Beiros, who was now properly angry, went wild.

“I will kill you, you bastard!!!!”

At the same time.

Trika, who was sitting, raised his hand and announced the battle.

“Start the Duel!”

It wasn’t known who moved first; it took them an instant to collide, creating a shock that shook the entire colosseum.

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