Chapter 297 - Ranked Duel (3)

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The moment he collided with Beiros, Jamie realized.

‘I am slowly getting pushed back by him.’

Although his strength was enhanced by the black suit, it wasn’t enough against the Demon Dragon.

Beiros, who had turned into a half-dragon, raised his eyes, grabbed Jamie, and threw him.

There was no point resisting it, so Jamie went with the flow.

Beiros waved his huge tail and moved with his wings spread apart. As if to tear Jamie down right there, he raised his claws with magic around them.

[Dark Ability]

[Multiple Forces]

At the same time, several dark spheres formed around Beiros, and all of them began to move to him as if they were attracted to his body.


Beiros changed his body a lot more, making his dragon form even more visible when his movements felt restricted.

He normally looked human, but now he looked like a lizard. Using more of the dragon’s power, he felt a bit at ease.

Beiros flapped his wings and flew to where Jamie was

“Still slow.”

Jamie raised his hand up with an expressionless face.

Darkness gathered around the palm, and it turned into a single large spear.

[Dark Spear: Longinus]

A weapon of evil, the spear made from darkness and hatred that brought an end to the red dragon.

‘But do dragons always have ‘ros’ in their names?’

The Demon Dragon Beiros and the red dragon Kairos.

He thought that maybe they were of the same bloodline. Of course, it was just a thought he quickly discarded too.

“If it is hard to control, then block.”

This Longinus wasn’t created when dominated by anger and rage, but it still held the same tremendous power.

Jamie put the black mana on his hand, grabbed Longinus, and threw it for Beiros.


Like the weapon of evil, he flew steadily.

Beiros burst magic around at the black spear coming for him, focused on the center of his hand with magic, and then reached out to the spear that was flying towards him.

And as it did, he swung his right fist.


A huge shock wave shook the entire place, and cracks appeared everywhere, causing Katos and Lillian to use shields around the crowd.

Two dark auras intertwined and ran wildly.

Inside, Jamie scrambled through the space and swung Balisada with aura on it.

“Such a bothersome being!”

Beiros felt cuts come onto the body and stretched out his hand, predicting Jamie would get close.

[Future Walker]

“For now on, one hand.”

Jamie, who appeared from the darkness, swung Balisada as he had the dark suit which couldn’t be distinguished from the darkness.

It was difficult to read even the trace of the sword as the aura on it was of black mana.

Beiros felt his arm go numb suddenly.


His arm was cut off.

However, rather than the arm being severed, he was shocked that his dragon skin got pierced.

‘This guy is on a different level from back then.’

Every attack was different from 5 years back. Beiros frowned and focused on the air.


A new arm sprouted up with blue body fluid.

He was a hybrid of a dragon and a demon. Among them, the demon side inherited the blood of a race specialized in regeneration.

Usually, it would have been impossible, but after his past defeat to Jamie, he worked hard to develop this ability.

‘I worked hard!’

Until then, Beiros only used the power of his dragon heritage.

He grabbed Jamie’s neck with the new arm. Jamie, who didn’t know it would come up so quickly, couldn’t avoid the hand.

“I will praise you for cutting off my arm. But, it ends here.”

Beiros grabbed Jamie by the collar and pushed him to the ground. It was all so fast that no one other than the high-ranking demons could see it.


Two shadows collided in the middle of the arena and the darkness and ice exploded.

Beiros, who stood in the center, had smoke coming out of his mouth.

Below him was Jamie nailed to the ground, so he widened his mouth and went for the face.


Breath was gathering at the mouth. He was trying to spit out dragon’s breath from this close range.

If he did it at this close distance, then neither the target nor the caster would be able to avoid it.

But Beiros had a super regeneration ability.

As long as his head wasn’t destroyed, he could regenerate his whole body.

On the other hand, Jamie would die instantly.

‘This is bad.’

Judging by that, Jamie grabbed both arms of Beiros.

“Too late.”

The breath was already done.


The breath of dark magic kept swelling up with the intention of breaking down the defense barrier of Katos and Lillian.

However, Beiros didn’t have a good expression considering he shot the breath from a close range.

“What happened?”

“It isn’t hard if you are in human form.”

The moment Bairos fired the breath, Jamie grasped the wrist of the arm and twisted it.

Beiros, who didn’t know of this defense technique of humans, had lost his balance and his breath, which changed direction because of it, got twisted.

And now.

Jamie had fully bent the arm of Beiros’ arm and grabbed the tail by stepping onto it.

“Kuak!! Let go!!”

“Even if you are stronger than me, this isn’t something you can solve with strength.”

“You damned bastard!”


Beiros twisted the joint of his bent arm and then turned his body entirely to hit a punch at Jamie’s face.

Jamie, who didn’t think this would happen, hurriedly backed away and swung Blisada.

The swiftly moving sword couldn’t penetrate the dragon’s skin. Beiros got up and laughed.

“Huh. You saw it before and yet forgot it? I am regenerating super fast.”

Seeing the bones and joints joining back together, Jamie bit his tongue.

“Aren’t you a fucking pervert?”

The regenerating ability is hard to repeat as it hurts too much in the process of joining.

No matter how often one does it, it turns tough when it repeatedly happens in quick succession. This was because of the fear of pain one gets engraved with from their youth, but Beiros didn’t seem affected by it.

“How often do you think my body got ripped?”

Beiros swung his arms around to see if the joints reattached and returned to their normal position.

“Stop thinking about how to inflict pain on me, human! I am a demon!”

“Well, I guess I was wrong.”

Jamie admits that he saw Beiros as a human.

He mumbled then as his body got covered in darkness.

“From now on, I will be all sure to kill you.”


The figure that had turned red dragon Kairos into a carcass; the mana he recovered due to Kairos’ heart was now black mana.

This time, he would make the Demon Dragon Beiros into a carcass.

Jamie, whose eyes turned purple, chanted.

[Reverse heaven]

Trika, who was watching this, was quite startled.

‘I didn’t think lord would be able to recover so much black mana.’


He only saw him be strong with white magic.

Far from being pushed, he was able to bring out Reverse Heaven.

Trika was also originally a Dark Knight in the Reverse Heaven. An undead too.

Therefore, he was well aware of the characteristics of the Reverse Heaven, and he also knew that the ghosts belonging to that place wouldn’t disappear unless the black mana of the lord got cut off.

In other words, it was possible to rush the enemy and attack them without actually taking damage.

Maybe that is why that Beiros looked quite troubled and continued to press Jamie, not wanting to let the undead soldiers come out.

‘More than that, those four seem special.’

The Death Knight at the forefront, leading the soldiers to put pressure on Beiros.

Three men who appeared to be masculine and good at close combat cornered Beiros.

The gap between them and the demon was too high, yet all four acting together were able to get a needed gap.

And Jamie appeared as he aimed for the vital point.

‘Even the lord is quite surprising.’

Knowing that his subordinates wouldn’t die, he didn’t hesitate to spread his darkness around with the annihilation attribute.

Even if it completely disappears, it was still a daring attack that could be done as the undead will wake up from the Reverse Heaven again and again.

“That human is quite strong.”

At that moment, Marquis Lillian, the ice lady to the left of Trika, said.

“He put pressure on Count Beiros. Even if it wasn’t a ranked duel, I think he has the strength to be in the top 10.”

“Does that mean Count Beiros will win this?”

To Trika’s question, Lillian looked at the fight and said,

“Because he hasn’t yet turned into a perfect demon dragon.”

“I feel for him.”

Duke Katos, seated on the right, agreed. Two high-ranking demons predicted that Beiros would win.


“Who do you think will win, your majesty?”

When Lillian asked, Trika smiled.

“You will know soon.”

“Kuaaak! Frustrating bastards!”

Beiros hated these skeleton beings who kept coming at him.

Undead soldiers kept coming at him. Hundreds of soldiers were pushed back, but new ones kept coming at him.

Fucking cockroaches-like beings.

But the other ones.

‘Are the most annoying ones!’

The Death Knight wearing full body armor was between the skeletons and stabbed him.

It wasn’t a fatal attack, but unlike the skeletons, this one and the other three undead seemed to have thoughts and were able to attack, realizing his gaps.

And this?

“Fucking trash!”

Beiros grabbed the sword of the Death Knight and threw it aside, and pushed down the three undead to the floor.

Meanwhile, the other soldiers came with weapons in their hands.

However, such a number of undead coming at him was irritating, and especially when Jamie appeared at the worst possible moment and attacked him.


He moved his head back.

Beiros thought about how to break through this situation in the midst of multiple defensive steps.

And there was a way.

To transform out of the half-demon dragon change.

If that happened, he would get strength incomparable to his current abilities, but there was a problem; his reasoning would get taken over, and he would lose control.

‘And I might actually end up killing him.’

If he does that, then Trika will kill him.

And the demon king of lust was someone who kept his word.

‘But I will lose at this rate.’

He hated to admit it, but after Jamie put black mana on his body, he became stronger, as if he was a completely different being.

Every movement was shocking, from the posture to wielding the sword to the attacks predicting the opponent’s move.

In addition, the black magic attacks which touched his body were slowly taking effect, and he almost lost when the black spear came for him.

The kid from 5 years back was too strong now. At that moment, he remembered what Himera said.

-Isn’t it fine if you don’t go to the extent of killing?

Not to the extent of killing?

Beiros thought while blocking the attack of the undead troops flying around without a break.

When he heard it, he dismissed it as nonsense, but now it made sense.

There is no way Trika would punish him for something which wasn’t his fault.

‘What if I make it look like an accident?’

Judging from Jamie’s skills, would he even die just because he turns into a Demon Dragon?

To be honest, he wouldn’t die. But maybe one limb would get hurt.

And wouldn’t that be enough to calm his feeling of revenge?

As he thought about it, his wish to do it began to swirl in his heart immediately.

‘If this goes on, I am bound to lose. I cannot lose, right?’

He’d rather die than lose here. In such a fight, one had to die.

And to survive at the mercy of the opponent was the most terrible disgrace.

Jamie appeared as he swung the aura blade at his throat with a sword that kept oozing darkness.

At the same time, it made Beiros’ body feel heavy.

In the meantime, the undead soldiers kept coming at him.


Hope flashed within, and Beiros’ body began to enlarge.

[Finish you with one hit!]


In the middle, a dragon fear began to resound.

All of Jamie’s attacks were scattered due to the Fear shock, and the undead soldiers were swept back and returned into the Reverse Heaven.

“Kuak! Lord, we have it tough.”

“I will go in first!”

“Bring us out when the time comes!”

“Good luck!”

Bianca spoke first and was followed by Raiza, Azad, and Ashtar.

Jamie nodded, looking at them.

They had clear limits to their fights, and still, they managed to do better than he expected.

“If you managed to make him pull out his true power, that is good enough.”

Jamie saw the black dragon growing. It was different from the existing Black Dragon.

A demon dragon who was born with dark skin because of magic.

‘He looks three times bigger than in the past.’

Five years back, when he invaded the magic world, Beiros turned into a dragon. And he was a lot smaller then, but it seemed that he had grown too much during this time.


Beiros snorted.

Jamie smelled death. And he smiled.

Trika didn’t allow life or death, but at this point, there is a high chance the risk for life was increased.


Victory will come in an instant.



Beiros burst into a roar as he flapped his wings, and Jamie, who looked at it, called Black.

‘Black. Wake up.’

Both of them were going to pour their strength into this one shot.

So, it will soon come to an end.

Jamie was so sure and replaced all the black mana with starlight and put Balisada up.

With a dazzling light, bright wings spread wide behind him.

[Welton form Futility Divide]


[Ver. Future Walker]

Beiros exhaled the dragon breath.

As it was shot to take him down, Jamie drew out the sword for one hit.

[Extreme Attack Form: Extreme Change]

The heavens were torn apart.

And the victor was decided.

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