Chapter 298 - Adaptation (1)

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The moment when the two attacks collided.

A huge shockwave was created, threatening the collapse of the colosseum.

Duke Katos and Marquis Lilian ensured the barrier wouldn’t falter, but the clash was so strong that they couldn’t help but give it their all to prevent collateral damage.

In the end, the barrier was barely able to withstand it after Trika helped them.

Only after the demon king was out there to help them did those spectating the fight realize what chaos lay inside.

An aura filled the wall, seemingly destroying everything in the end as the white light and darkness intertwined.

No one knew what was happening inside, even Trika.

‘It is hard.’

He was surprised by the breath Beiros produced and Jamie, who managed to deliver the sword attack.

That was the moment. The tangled energy turned into purple darkness in an instant.

“It is changing.”

Marquis Lilian’s cold voice could be heard.

The purple darkness was taking over the place, and Trika knew what it was.

“Chaotic Ocean.”

Diablo Volfir’s terraforming magic.

It was a magic that created a situation where he could fight against the strong enemies by dying the space with his own black mana. It was only used when the lord thought the situation was truly perilous.

The fact that he used that meant that Jamie decided to win, as well as proof that he knew that Beiros was stronger.

There was a feeling rising up from the Chaotic Ocean where the light was shining.

“The match should be over.”

Trika said so, and Katos, along with Lilian, went straight through the barrier and into the Chaotic Ocean.

At the same time, the ocean was torn down like a lie and vanished, and everyone had to keep silent at the sight they saw.


A gigantic dragon standing tall.

Meanwhile, Jamie Welton was lying down. The robe he had worn was torn, and there was a puddle of blood.

However, this didn’t mean that Beiros was fine.

The thick dragon skin was full of scars, and his wings were in rags.

More than half of the right horn was cut down, but there was no trace of the horn being completely destroyed.

First of all, he didn’t seem right.

“As expected, Count Beiros won.”

Marquis Lillian said in an emotionless voice.

On the other hand, Duke Katos was staring at Jamie.

He gleamed a yellow light in the darkness, and then it vanished like a burnt-out candle.

It was when Lilian tilted her head as she watched Katos vanish.


Jamie, lying like a corpse, exhaled roughly and got up, shocking Marquis Lillian.

Jamie casually stood up despite bleeding and wiped the dust off his clothes.

“Shit. I was down.”

Then he raised his head and looked at Beiros.

Beiros frowned as he slowly fell to the side.

“… damn it.”


When the massive body collapsed, the ground shook as if an earthquake shook the land.

Trika, who was watching it, got up and declared the winner.

“Jamie Welton is the winner!”

And only silence could be felt.

How did this happen?

The demons belonging to lust were all confused at the results.

“Count Beiros has been defeated.”

“A human being defeated a vicious demon dragon?”

“A human took down 6th rank? This is unexpected.”

“Should we accept this?”

“What more of the Count? He is being stripped of the rank, so he has to fight for it again. And what if it doesn’t get accepted? He will be taken down by the king if he acts out. In other words, was it the king who asked them to fight? Beiros is the one who requested this.”

At those words, the demons went silent.

In the first place, it was Beiros who wanted this fight. So the guy cannot raise the issue at all.

But more importantly, Beiros was no longer a high-ranking demon nor a Count.

Even if the rank vanished, the strength of a demon would not disappear, but he no longer had the dignity of a high-ranking demon.

‘There are very few cases of surviving such battles.’

In the first place, such battles tended to result in someone’s death. Throughout the history of the Devildom, only a few handfuls of demons survived such battles after being defeated.

Because of that, the demons now wondered what the treatment of Beiros would be like. Well, it would be Trika who decides it.

When the result is out, everyone will have to follow it.

“Anyway, that human. His name…”

“Jamie Welton.”

“Are all humans that strong?”

“Insane. Can they all be that strong? That person has to be unique.”

“Still, the last thing was a bit creepy.”


The demons shook their shoulders as they remembered Jamie’s last attack, Chaotic Ocean. At least the demons who saw this battle started to think differently about the humans.


Jamie was concentrating on recovery, spreading holy power through the body. Although he won the battle, he had taken a lot of damage.

He was pushed back to the point where he had to use Chaotic Ocean, and in close range to avoid the breath, he had to use every ounce of his strength.

Even within the Chaotic Ocean, the fight wasn’t easy. He had to mobilize all the available magic and curses to inflict pain.

He restricted his actions with darkness and inflicted wounds on the body.

Even so, that monstrous demon trampled on him and made him use everything.

Inside, he created the illusion that time didn’t pass.

After a clash in the trance, he was victorious.

“Are you fine?”

Trika, who appeared there, asked with an indifferent expression.

Even in the past, he was someone who looked indifferent despite caring for Diablo.

“I’m not doing too great.”

Jamie answered honestly.

His mana cores, which were spread through his body, were now messed up, causing his energy and blood to flow weirdly. If he made a mistake, he would be in a horrible situation.

All the muscles in his body felt torn, and he couldn’t even walk right. He was just forcing his body to hold it together.

“I feel like I saw this before.”

“Shut it.”

After correcting the blood flow, Jamie sighed and lay down on the ground. By restoring the flow of energy in the body, his body would heal nicely. Jamie yawned in exhaustion and looked at Trika.

“What about him?”

“You are asking about Beiros?”

“Yes. If one loses their ranked battle, don’t they die? You didn’t let us die because of me, so how will you deal with him?”

Beiros was a strong demon, but now it has been reduced to a single demon with no rank. Even if his power wasn’t lost, the rank and pride he held would be stripped off.

This was bound to happen with the form of the duel he chose.

That wasn’t the rule, but this was a duel involving many things like stubbornness and greed. And this is something Trika cannot take lightly.

“I don’t know; I haven’t thought about it yet.”

“What? Did you actually think I would lose?”

“I didn’t think of that, but it is more like… I wasn’t sure how to handle it?”

Trika, when he first said the death wouldn’t be allowed, meant to stop any possible implication of rage on Jamie.

For him, Beiros wasn’t someone he could just discard. But when Jamie defeated him, he lost everything but his body.

“It’s impossible to let that much strength go.”


Jamie, who thought about it, smiled and suggested.

“Leave it to me.”

“… what do you mean?”

“I will be leaving in 4 years, so what does a rank mean to me?”


“It is right for the rank to return to Beiros instead.”

Jamie spoke with a playful face.

“I will call him my servant. In the process, I will educate him. What do you think?”

“So you want to make him your slave?”

“It isn’t that grand. Let’s just say I will make him handle some small things. It will be a little hard on the body from the start until the very end, though.”


As Trika looked worried, Jamie struggled to get up and continued.

“It is an opportunity for him to act like a ranking battle didn’t happen, you don’t have to worry about the treatment Beiros gets, and I get a punching bag to use. It isn’t a bad thing.”

“Punching bag?”

“Like a combat doll with similar skills to mine? But stronger and with a different purpose?”

What Jamie wanted was a slave to fight.

Maybe this was his way of experimenting with a couple things. He always wondered, but the Devildom was indeed a place ruled by the strong.

No matter how important rank is, if the winner, Jamie, gives up their rank, then anyone would have to accept it.

“Then you are thinking of not taking the rank?”

“Yes. I don’t need it. Even without it, just the benefits are fine. Because I have you.”

“Ugh. I never know what you think.”

“How would I beat the 12 Gods if my subordinate is able to read my thoughts?”

At Jamie’s words, Trika sighed and bowed.

“For now, you should rest.’

“Yes, yes!”

When Jamie motioned for him to go, Trika disappeared into the darkness, and Jamie lay back down and frowned.

He was in a dark castle in the Devildom, but his bed was comfortable.

The holy power was running in the body, so the blood and energy flow was normal, and he would get better soon.

His eyes felt heavy.

He thought he should sleep, but there was something to do before that.


He couldn’t hear the voice but could feel it wriggling deep within.

Considering that it felt like Black had vanished in the past, this was a lot better.

“I am sorry for making you suffer today.”

He wasn’t sure if Black could listen, but Jamie said it.

How much time passed?

The darkness filled Jamie’s room, and someone appeared with black smoke.

Although the body couldn’t be seen, the yellow eyes said it was Duke Katos.


The demon looked at Jamie and mumbled.

“Has the Wheel of Fortune started to turn?”

Karos, who said those words, looked at Jamie and then disappeared.

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