Chapter 300 - Adaptation (3)

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Jamie hit Beiros on the back of his head as he stared at the floor.

“W-why hit me!”

“I hit you because you looked like a bloody idiot. Why? Want to complain?”

He got hit because he looked like an idiot?

If it had been a regular day, Beiros would have hit Jamie back, but now he had lost his rank and was unable to do anything.

Jamie looked at the helpless side of Beiros and smiled.

“Why act like a crazy dog back then and be this calm now? I thought it would take some time to discipline you.”

“Discipline me!”

“Yes, you, you bastard.”

Saying that, Jamie hit him again.

Beiros tried to kill him in the past, and all he got back was a few blows to the head.

Jamie dusted his palms as he got up.

“I plan to give you a chance, though your current attitude keeps making me reconsider my decision?”

“… give me a chance?”

Seeing Beiros, whose voice turned docile like a sheep, Jamie said.

“You opportunist jerk.”

Beiros didn’t know what to do and just groaned.

Jamie, who looked at him, said.

“I was almost on the deathbed because of you. I was sick of it.”


“You are one helpless guy. Do you know how long I spent in the infirmary because of you in the past too?”


“Should I break down a horn? Why just one? Maybe I should twist it out?”


At Jamie’s constant mumbling and grumbling, Beiros felt like his ears would burst. He thought this human’s ability was actually to kill people with his mouth, not magic.

How long did it last?

Finally, Jamie stopped.

Beiros raised his head, thinking I was done.

“I keep getting angry no matter how much I think.”


And again, Beiros got hit on the head.

After that came the long-craved words.

“Phew- I feel a bit relieved now.”

Jamie, who finished craving the hits, felt like the stuffiness within his head had cleared away.

Actually, there wasn’t much to be upset about Beiros. Rather, he got to check with the demon how strong he got and then only took advantage of his position.

A week in bed?

Compared to what he gained, that was nothing.

But he was taking his anger out on the demon because the anger accumulated from the past had to be released.

Even though he thought he had grown strong, the feeling of helplessness when just half of Zenith descended was torturing him.

He wanted to release it somewhere, but it was frustrating that he couldn’t. In those circumstances, Beiros, an excellent object to take his anger out on, appeared.

Jamie cleared his throat and spoke in earnest.

“Shall we talk about the contract now?”

“C-contract? What contract?”

Beiros, who had only been hit till now, asked, a bit half-excited.

Jamie looked at that.

“First, you are quite a cheeky one.”

“What now? After hitting me like that, what part of me can be cheeky?”

When he got caught, Beiros would always act out.

“What kind of slave speaks back? My words are everything from now. It is as high as your Demon King, do you understand?”

“… what?”

“What? What do you mean by what, you bastard?!”


Jami summoned his staff and hit Beiros on the top of his head. When the pain spread to the body, Beiros couldn’t even scream.

Even the whip that Himera held wasn’t this strong.

Beiros didn’t know that Jamie had hit him with a master-level aura.

“As expected, Beyond Avalon is strong.”

Like it or not, Jamie was smiling, looking at Beyond Avalon, who was intact even after a demon dragon was hit with it.

And Jamie spoke to Beiros, who was rubbing his head.

“The contents of the contract are simple. As long as I live in the Devildom, you will assist me. Simply put, an assistant.”

“Assistant… sir?”

Unknowingly when the staff was raised, Beiros began to use honorifics when speaking to Jamie.

In the end, it turned into a more awkward sentence, but he managed to not get hit. Still, it was nice to see the mighty dragon bend down to survive.

“You will help me until I am accustomed to this place. Of course, even after adapting to life here, you will live like a servant.”




As soon as Beiros said ‘me’, Jamie hit him again.

“Ugh… what good would that be for you?”

Even if he yelled and showed a wild appearance, his voice didn’t seem great.

But Jamie wouldn’t point it out as this would change gradually.


“I will give you your status back.”

At those words, Beiros went wide-eyed.


“I said I’ll give it back. All your ranks and status. To be honest, I don’t need them. Even with them, I don’t think I would be able to live here, especially when your Demon King loves me; that is all I need.”

It was very unfortunate words, but Beiros could calmly hear this.

He was in a hopeless situation where he lost everything but was now being given a chance to get it back.

But Jamie wasn’t going to return without any conditions.


“… but?”

“You must swear your eternal allegiance to me.”

Eternal loyalty to someone who returns to the human world?

Does this mean the Demon Dragon Beiros will be a slave to a human?

It would be to get the status back, but eternal loyalty to a bad-natured human is something to think about.

Jamie, who noticed it asked.

“Hate it?”

“T-that… I already am below the Demon King of Lust…”

“Ahh. Don’t worry. I can fix this.”


“Did you think I would return everything to you while I was in the Devildom? The world is never that easy.”

Beiros’ face contorted at it.

If he didn’t accept the contract here, he would be tortured by demons who hated him. But if he accepts it, he can be back to his original state, but the leash around him will be held by a human.

What to choose?

‘What is there to worry about?’

He heard that rolling in dog poop is better.

And Jamie Welton was a human who was stronger than him; he wondered what a human could want.

Of course, it was more likely to be painful than he thought, but it was far better than being humiliated by demons.

At least he will get back his status.

Beiros, who made up his mind, looked at Jamie with a determined face.

“I will do it.”

“Isn’t that better than being beaten by the weak?”

Jamie smiled and made a contract of mana.

The contract is simple with a few lines like ‘You will be the slave’.

He sighed, but then he smiled when the last line was seen.

-‘B’ in the contract will have all his positions transferred to ‘A’.

“Come on, seal it.”

As Jamie used black mana, Beiros gulped and touched the document with his hand. And focusing on the thumb, the mana was put onto the contract.

Jamie, a man with a black fingerprint on a blue mana contract, smiled at this.

Because of the black mana, this slave contract will imprint on their souls, and those who violate it will have their souls destroyed.

Jamie was happy to give back the positions he was given, so in reality, only Beiros was on the wrong side of the contract.

“it is done. From now on, you will once again be the sixth-ranked demon Beiros and a count.”

When Jamie declared it, the lost status was returned to Beiros, who trembled at the feeling of having it back.


As Beiros exhaled, white steam and black magic began to seep around the body, and he got up, looking at Jamie.

He smiled as he knelt down himself.

“I swear my allegiance.”

“Right. Like the Devildom, come and set the example for those who have been abusing their status to punish you.”


Beiros answered happily and vanished somewhere.

Himera was happy as he sipped the tea made of the best herbs in the Devildom.

The last week had been the best one for him. He caressed the portrait of the beautiful woman on the desk.

“I took revenge on him. He was shown a hell worse than death.”

The woman in the photo was Mavilion, formerly the sixth-ranked demon, whose entire body was made of poison.

And Himera’s lover.

He put a lot of effort into getting revenge for her, who was brutally murdered in a battle for status with Beiros.

He was frustrated after numerous failed tries until Jamie Welton showed up.

“If it wasn’t for that human, I would have never achieved my revenge.”

He smiled, rubbing the photo with his hand.

“I miss you so much. If I could kill beiros and have you back, I would have cut his head by now!”

His face contorted in anger.

“You, who I love, was taken away by that bastard… I need to make him suffer the right amount so I can get rid of this…”

“Try it if you can.”

It was time to get up and move to where Beiros was to punish him, but as he was getting ready to leave, the wind blew from the terrace, and a voice that shouldn’t be heard from there was ringing clearly in his ears.

As he slowly turned his head, there was the man with bright red skin and gray hair like thorns on the arms.

Why is this sinful bastard in here?

“You must have gone crazy.”

Himera, who summoned his whip, lost his temper and swung it. The whip got caught by Beiros.

Deprived of all rights, Beiros shouldn’t be stopping anyone from attacking him. Did the laws change?


Then, Beiros?

… this is absurd.


Beiros, who was approaching him, grabbed the neck of Himera and lifted him up.

Himera was caught in the air and struggled, but Beiros didn’t budge.

He dragged the guy and threw him to the ground.

The speed was so fast that he thought he would die, and as Himera touched the ground, a thudding sound could be heard.


At the noise, the demons around flocked there. Among them were quite a few that had spent their last week flaunting their power over Beiros.

Beiros sat at the terrace railing, and the demons who saw him yelled.


“Why are you here?”

“Eik! V-Viscount Himera!”

“How can he do this after losing his rights?”

A commotion broke out as those who tormented him were screaming and began to run back.

But Beiros didn’t let him run. He raised his magic to build a wall around it.

Was he planning to kill them by blocking their way out?

The demons who tormented him trembled at the thought of being killed.

Some demons began to fight back.

“Y-You fooled me into doing it!”

“What are you saying! You are the one who said we had to pay him back for what he did!”

Usually, when driven into a corner and in danger of death, one would start blaming others.

And this was the most pathetic sight.

It was disgusting to know such ones were in your subordinates.

Beiros looked at them and shouted words that were different from their expectations,

“If you are demons, act like demons, at least. Instead of trying to make changes by acting behind the scenes, bring change by challenging others yourself! You pieces of trash, I will be ready anytime you want to fight! If you want to kill me, build up your strength!”

He left those words and vanished.

Contrary to how they thought he would kill all of them, he just declared war on everyone according to the rules of Devildom.

And those words were enough to bring shame to the demons gathered there.

Quite a few demons were red-faced at this. Most of them tormented Beiros for a week.

Among them was Himera…

“Damn it…”

He was losing his mind.

“Pretending to be the higher man. You slave.”

Jamie, who watched it from afar, smiled.

At least this guy wasn’t that violent, and he liked it.

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