Chapter 305 - Awakening (1)

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“This is?”

Jamie was in pitch-black darkness.

He remembered being sucked into the core of Devildom because of Katos, and when he came to his senses, he was here.

‘This is the core of Devildom?’

It was too dark.

When he viewed it from outside, it was glowing softly.

No matter how much he thought, this didn’t feel like the core.

‘It would be right to say this is a different place.’

For now, he tried to raise the mana to check what the surrounding was like, but even mana couldn’t help him make heads or tails of the area around him.

He wanted to see something, so he moved ahead.

“Wasn’t I standing?”

He thought he was standing, but now he was floating up. This was a space that made the five senses lose their reason.

Jamie frowned and moved. He thought he had to get out. He could use magic, so it wasn’t difficult to move.


He spread the mana around to detect if anything was around him, but he caught nothing.

It was around the time when he moved ahead.


In the distance, he could see a tiny twinkling light. Jamie began to speed up to go there despite it being just a light.

He began to slowly get closer to it, and the small light expanded and engulfed Jamie in an instant.


And a certain scene began to unfold there.

“It is all done.”

A man in a white robe and hood had just spoken.


There was no rain in the black sky, just lightning, and roaring thunder.

A situation where everything was coming to an end.

The raging storm destroyed all the living things, and the earth that shook non-stop was split in all directions and spewed up magma.

A man and a series of men following him were literally the last survivors of this world.

To be precise, the last of ‘humanity’.

“In the end, if it was going to be like this…”

A woman sobbing mumbled from behind.

In a voice mixed with regret and fear, each of them began to say one word at a time, sympathising with her.

“What did we do? What have we done?”

“Our last hope… it was us who trampled on it…”

“Who are you blaming? If you want to resent someone, then resent yourself.”

“I do not want to die…”

Hearing those words, a man sighed, and soon after, the huge hole opened up in the dark sky.

A strong wind blew along with the sandstorm full of rage, which came through the depths of the world.

The man looked up at the sky as he blocked the sandstorm with magic. As the sky cleared up, someone began to come down.

Shining in dazzling light behind, the person seemed handsome as he wore a one-piece clothing of the mythological era.

However, the body wasn’t just beautiful but also violent.

The man called the name of the being who came down with a trembling voice.


A God of the 12 Gods in this current world, and someone who symbolized peace and war.


“Rats. You were all hiding in here?”

At Zenith’s words, the man shouted.

“Why did you abandon us! What wrong have we done to you!!”


Zenith began to laugh frantically like he loved this.

After laughing, he stopped to say

“Next time, be more useful to me.”

“Do you think we will be defeated easily? How many times do you think humans have attacked you, you arrogant god?”

As he was resisting Zenith’s actions, the man and his colleagues were ready to fight.

It was something that only humans of this era were born with.


With that, humans weren’t being pushed out by the other strong races, and in an organization called Resistance, they were able to fight with the 12 Gods!

However, there was a limit to everything.

“Rats who abandoned their leader. Are you acting like you have pride? You are funny beings.”

Light shone from the sky.

The light engulfed the entire mountain. The man and his party couldn’t express their abilities as they watched their secret cave vanish in an instant.

It was all too fast.

Everything vanished.

Zenith looked at where the mountain had been.

“I cleared the most annoying things. Now let’s prepare for the new world.”

Humanity disappeared from the first world.

And humans were deprived of their ‘ability’.


An old man with white hair and wrinkles around his eyes was kneeling down as he asked the man in front of him.

“Why did you forsake us?”

Standing in front of the old man, a man wearing gold armor and a gold helmet covering his face spoke.

“For a new era.”

“A new era… what wrong did the people of now do?”

“Your sins.”

The man drew his sword.

A very noble-looking sword. Above it, the holy power around it was shaking in excitement.


The old man called out.

The man called as the apostle raised his sword with holy power and glowing eyes.

And said,

“Because it is incomplete.”


The body of the old man got cut. The old man was desperate until the last minute with a look of shock.

Since it was a sword with holy power, there was no blood on it.

Still, the man who saw this swung the sword out of habit.

At one time, everyone was a devout believer, but now they started forsaking their faith.

“In the next life, be loyal to the role.”

Holy power exploded from his hand.

“Do not let them live long.”

And thus, the last humans left also perished, and the second world ended.

The humans were deprived of their ‘lifetime’.

“You thought you erased the records of all the time, but you were wrong. You are not a real God. You are just crazy ones who want to be omnipotent! So you are not perfect. Your shit project, you call World Reset, will end in our hands.”

Hundreds of thousands of armed men.

There were more in the start, but due to the endless wars, a huge number was erased.

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers gathered for the final showdown.

Human beings struggled so that the world would not suffer. And at the forefront was a man with a beard like a general who shouted at the sky.

“Did you think you could redeem us in the name of religion?! You can never have control over us. I would not let it happen! We have already killed several of your apostles and saints! We are not your slaves! We will win for our lives!”


You are the slaves.

The 12 lights which appeared in the sky were flickering.

A huge light engulfed the world in an instant.

The man in the front had no choice but to stare blankly at this.

He was bound to do this.

What more can he do about those who devour heaven and earth?

They are ‘just’ humans.

“This time, it is a complete failure. As we have increased the intelligence a little, the side effect of rebelling has come out.”

“Next time, we make a more obedient form.”

Humanity was erased for the 3rd time.

Humans were deprived of their ‘freedom’.

A dark sky, devoiding everything of light.

It wasn’t because of dark clouds.

A loud fluttering sound, and thousands of birds were flying up.


It wasn’t birds.

They were all so high that the human eye couldn’t see them.

That was all.

[Dragon Breath]


A town, city, nation, and continent.

All overnight.

Without even knowing the reason, everything disappeared.

A child running while holding his parent’s hand fell down and cried. The parents were going to take the child and cover him to not let the dragon breath touch him.

All the human beings living in this place faced the reset without even knowing why this was happening.

But it might be better to die without knowing the reason.

The 12 Gods decided to clear it because this was a ‘depressed’ world for them.

For one reason only, they killed the humans for the 4th time.

Human beings were deprived of their ‘dignity’.

“Kill the God! Kill the God! Kill the God!”

The last warrior shouted.

In his hand was the head of an old dragon, and behind him lay the corpses of many powerful races.

All of them were servants of the 12 Gods.

Through them all, a warrior stood.

The warrior didn’t do this alone. His comrades had just died over time.

So many people sacrificed for the sake of sending him this high.

“Come out! I will kill you!”

A rare hero who was born in a world of war, violence, and blood, full of unhappy people.

However, the hero realized he was actually a puppet to the 12 Gods.

Why were the 12 Gods doing this to mankind?

For what reason?

It is difficult to even guess as no one knew about the past.

No, they didn’t want to guess. The warrior just hated the 12 Gods.

“I will kill you all, and I will die too.”

With those words, a light fell from the sky, and someone appeared.

The warrior instinctively felt that he was one of the 12 Gods.

He could feel nothing.

Was it because the gap between him and God was so high? Or did God hide their power?

He couldn’t know for sure.

It was meaningless to judge the level of the opponent as long as he decided to kill all the Gods.

The warrior ran.


“Annoying bug.”

Zenith clenched his spear and clicked his tongue at the warrior.

“This man was made too strong.”

This meant that Zenith never thought he would have to raise a weapon against a human. This meant this warrior was strong enough to shatter that belief.

No human being had risen to that level since the 12 Gods carefully managed the strongest humans.

So even if it is bothersome, they had to do the last courtesy to the strong man.

“I will praise you, bastard. If you were a bit stronger, you would have grown into a monster who could threaten us. But.”

Zenith threw the spear at the head, and the warrior screamed as he got hit.


The sword broke, and the spear pierced his heart.

“It is a bit early. Start world reset.”

At the same time as Zenith disappeared, humanity disappeared for the 5th time.

Humans were deprived of “variables”.

Evolve, race born with blue skin and a body that could transform into everything.

They were the people of the 6th world.

And now the last Evolve was kneeling down.

Before him was Drian, the god of plunder and violence.

“I do not know how you got the power, but I will praise you for being able to control it.”

Drian groaned as he looked at the evolved person who couldn’t even look him in the eye.

“If you die, all the humans will die.”

“S-spare me.”

“That isn’t something I get to choose on my own. But I want to do it in a way that saves you. It has already been passed to the other Gods.”

Drian smiled, looking at the trembling, evolved human.

“You want to live?”

The last one nodded, looking sullen.

Things were like this from start to end.

In the first place, this last evolved human abandoned his own people repeatedly for the sake of living.

Even so, he wanted to live again.

Drian liked this concept of humiliating humans.

A small life that would disappear if he trampled it wants to desperately live.

Of course, what he liked more than that was to show hope and then crush it.

But he couldn’t do it now.


A man surrounded by light appeared with the brightness of the sun.

The sun god, the one who led the 12 Gods and played the biggest role in creating the current world.

It was then.

And it wasn’t just him.

The other 12 of them all came and stood behind him too.

Drian nodded and said.

“This guy has absorbed that one’s power and used it better than I expected. While avoiding our eyes. In the end, we did catch him.”

“P-please spare me!”

At Drian’s words, the blue man approached Ra and began to hold his legs.

But Ra didn’t allow him to get any closer.

Instead, he squatted down to make eye contact, and the blue human felt absolute terror from it.

Ra felt like a completely different being from the other Gods.

And Ra said.

“Would you like to lead a new world?”

It was a question, but it wasn’t a question.

It was an order, and the blue human simply accepted it.

“Good. Try painting a blank paper with your color for once. From now your name will be Gav. Gav Illidan.”

“Yes. Yes.”

“The humans you will have to lead.”

Ra got up and said

“All of them will be weak, so do your role well.”

Gav groaned in relief, and the end of the world came for the 6th time.

This time, humans weren’t deprived of anything, as there was nothing less to take.

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