Chapter 306 - Awakening (2)

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Jamie got up, darkness all around him.

He saw the history of the past doom replaying in his mind.

There were a total of 6 resets, and humanity was deprived of something each time.

Ability. Life span. Freedom. Dignity. Change.

The first video that was played was about the humans who lived in the time of Diablo Volfir.

Those who knew that there was no chance of winning by themselves joined with the gods.

Humans of that era had power and abilities.

Therefore, it was an era where magic engineering didn’t have to be developed like now, as humans were strong as any other race.

The 12 Gods annihilated and betrayed them.

Those who contributed to the sealing of Diablo Volfir were considered dangerous.

‘Because they could stab the gods in their back any time.’

Having suffered against such a strong man, they didn’t want to believe another would appear.

So, to block it in advance, they took the ability from mankind.

‘Life span was next.’

Humans were not always a race with a short lifespan of 100 years.

Even if not like elves, they lived for at least 300 years.

The 12 Gods who annihilated them robbed them of their lifespan.

‘Then came the freedom.’

They lowered the growth of humans and limited it to a world through a powerful race.

‘After that, dignity.’

It was significantly reduced to take down the value of a human and turned into bugs.

‘Next up was the ability to change.’

Even so, when they saw that a rare hero was born despite all the changes they brought about, they killed him and even eliminated change.


The evolved human created that way was a coward who wanted to live alone and volunteered to be a slave of the 12 Gods.

So the 12 Gods didn’t steal anything after.

That was because humans turned so weak that they didn’t have to steal anything and were reduced to slaves.

And that is the current world.

On the surface, they were developing with magic, and various nations were making their own rules. In actuality, it was the most religious era of all.

In other words, this is an age of living like slaves of the 12 Gods.

“Until I was born!”

Jamie’s eyes shone with purple light.

They pushed humans into slavery through multiple resets.

It was no exaggeration to say that the 12 Gods ruled this continent.

However, they didn’t even notice the schemes devised by Gaia and Diablo Volfir.

Jamie Welton appeared on the earth and tried to bring salvation.

Above all, the 12 Gods believed too much in themselves.

Now that the bond was starting to break.

“I will surely make you fall down from the arrogant sky you sit on.”

That ugly history they continued to hide. The vicious acts designed to trample on all humans.

All of it will be paid back.

Jamie grunted through his teeth. The number of people who suffered.

‘All because I lost.’

Hell, which came 6 times.

Jamie felt guilty. He felt horrible, and anger rose.

He cannot forgive them.

The wrath in his heart didn’t want to subside unless he showed them the pain they gave humans.

“I will definitely make you eat shit!!!”

The moment he spoke with anger


The darkness got pushed away like a lie making the world of 5 colors appear.

A large sphere of light appeared, with several small lights going around it.

-Did you see it? The truth of the world?

A beautiful woman’s voice came out.

Jamie could easily figure out who this was.


-Right. I am Gaia.

-Contractor. Are you ready to fulfill the contract?

Jamie didn’t ask what the content was.

He didn’t have to.

It wasn’t just the history of mankind that the 12 Gods removed from his mind.

‘I invested half of my soul in the future.’

A familiar and old voice that made his heart pound.

Jamie put his hand on his chest.

He felt the half soul within him pulsate loudly.

The half soul of Diablo Volfir, which was entrusted to Gaia.

It was passed onto a child born in the Welton Family, according to the will of the God of Creation.

That was Jamie Welton.

‘I do not want you to think of it as fake. The spirit and will of yours are real.’

He remembered what Katos had said to him.

He had told Jamie that he wasn’t fake, but Jamie found it tough to accept and declared himself as his own.

He didn’t regret doing that.

Even now, Jamie didn’t think of himself as Diablo.

However, half of the soul contained in him was definitely Diablo’s.

The last attempt for the freedom of mankind.

So follow his will.

“Do it, Goddess of Creation. Set your children free. The invaders will not set foot in this land.”

-If you fail. Neither you nor I can turn things back. Such is the situation.

Diablo’s contract with Gaia.

It was to liberate the old gods who followed Gaia from the 12 Gods.

Instead, Gaia decided to help Jamie restore his powers.

However, were they to fail, due to the restrictions, the two would be forever sealed in the abyss of the universe, which was worse than the primordial darkness.

But Jamie didn’t care.

“it doesn’t matter. The 12 Gods must die by my hands. Without leaving even one of them, I will destroy them completely!”

Gaia responded with a faint tremble in her voice.

-The last guardian. The savior of mankind. The adversary of 12 Gods.

The sphere of light of Gaia grew stronger and covered Jamie.

Jamie felt himself close his eyes as he felt vitality rise within him.

-The time has come. During the trials, you will be reborn as an impeccable being.


An intense light filled the space, and when the light went out, Jamie was nowhere to be seen.

Gaia, who was left alone, mumbled, looking at this empty space.

-The last is whether it can keep the flames until the end. Otherwise…

She mumbled and vanished as the light vanished and darkness filled the space again.

“It is fast.”

Trika saw the black demons setting up barracks in the distance.

The troops of the Demon Lord of Wrath.

Among them were the vampires and demons, all under one.

It was a huge enormous army, and he wondered if they could even be pushed back.

“Your Majesty. Even now, asking another demon lord for help is good.”

Count Dmitry, the 7th high-ranking demon, said.

“No matter how great our legion is, it is impossible to stop a large army like that.”

“I agree with Count Dmitry. Your Majesty, the Demon Lord of Cruelty, would definitely help.”

Count Ankaro, the 5th ranked one, added.

It wasn’t just the 2 of them. Except for Lilian and Beiros, all the others thought they needed help.

No matter how much they loved to fight, they would want to avoid the situation if possible.

There was no way that Trika, who had fought countless wars, wouldn’t know of it.

“Your Majesty. What do you think?”

Lilian stood next to Trika and silently stared at the enemy camp.

And Trika asked.

“What is the difference in the military force?”

“According to those our scouts, more than 300,000 troops were gathered, and it seems like the enemy is still bringing more.”

The minimum was 300,000, and the maximum was unknown.

If the Demon Lord of Wrath gathers all their troops, could they even know the number?

At this point, it was useless to think they could stop it with the power of Lust alone.

However, bowing his head to the Great Demon Lord was worse than dying.

It wasn’t because it was humiliating.

‘After that, there will be too much interference.’

It wasn’t like he would fall into the control of Wrath for nothing.

In the first place, he wasn’t qualified to lead anyone after that.

After surviving the Devildom and fighting to get revenge on 12 Gods, they have come back to this point.

Originally, he was more comfortable doing what others told him to do.

It was the same before he died too, and it was the same after he became the undead too.

But now he had a purpose. The purpose is to repay the pain to the 12 Gods due to whom he lost his allies.

So bowing down now was difficult.

‘But at this rate, all my subordinates will die.’

On the day of the final battle, the lord told all his familiars and undead subordinates to leave.

At that time, he only thought that his lord was being selfish, but it was because he didn’t want to lose his men.

Like him now.


There was no other method.

He felt sorry for the lord, who had shouldered such a sense of responsibility.

He didn’t want to bow down to Wrath.

“I will go to the Cruelty’s side.”

The demon lord of cruelty had the greatest power of the 5.

In the past, the demon king who nearly forged an alliance with Diablo Volfir was also familiar with Trika.

So, when he first fell into the Devildon and ran around like a demon, the cruel demon lord recognized him and tried to put him in his camp.

At that time, he had work to do, so he refused, but the demon lord said he could reach out anytime.

‘He cannot be a trustworthy person.’

He is such a sly man that never stays in the contract. And he will never know what happens if he borrows his power.

That doesn’t mean that the other demon lords were better than him.

Some people were as faithful to their emotions as Wrath, and there were those who were filled with greed and nothing more.

Trika said that he was going to move.

“I will go alone.”

“Will you be fine?”

“If we go together for nothing, it will only cause trouble. The commanders will try to keep the enemy from approaching, and if anything happens, Lilian will contact me.”

Just as Trika was about to leave, darkness formed in the air, with Katos appearing.

“Duke Katos!”

Beiros, who had been silent, approached him.

“That one… Where is Jamie Welton?”

The other demons who watched couldn’t understand why Beiros acted like this.

Trika, too, asked.


At that, Katos turned to Trika.

“No need to go under you.”

“… Duke Katos? Have you lost it? You are talking to His Majesty.”

“I guess I didn’t hear it wrong.”


At the words of one demon, the faces of the others went stiff.

Lilian, too frowned at this unfamiliar nature of Katos but decided to watch.

Trika raised his hand.

“Count Beiros. I want you to step back.”

“Your Majesty”

When Trika shook his head, Beiros stepped back.

“Are you determined to not be under me?”

“Yes. Because I have accomplished my purpose.”

“I see.”

In this unknown conversation, all the commanders looked confused.

Only Beiros could understand this.

“How did this happen?”

“He attracted the eyes of Wrath, and he escaped from it to restore the former glory.”

“Former glory?”

“If he succeeds, everything can be reversed, and if he fails…”

Katos didn’t end it as the meaning was conveyed.

“I wish him success.”


“But, why did you tell us not to go? Our strength cannot stop that army there.”

“Because it is no different from being rushed.”


“Don’t worry. Hold out until he comes back.”

Katos turned his head and looked at the enemy.

The number was huge, but he didn’t feel scared.

Instead, the darkness nearby shone, and an upside-down wave spread in the sky as something began to fly toward him.

“I will stop it.”

The darkness was absorbed into the body of Katos, who returned to his original form.

The darkness turned to pure white light, which scattered around.

Soon, the light faded, and a man with gray hair appeared in a golden robe and with a wooden eye-glass.

He held a staff carved out of the world tree in his right hand.

The man’s identity was the nature god created by Gaia long ago.

“I am the information holder Akashic who contains the world’s knowledge.”

He said with eyes shining yellow.

“We will focus our efforts on our rise.”

Diablo Volfir.


Until Jamie returns.

He would buy time.

Even if this turns into his grave.

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