Chapter 307 - Awakening (3)

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The fire enveloped everything.

The fire and hail intertwined and fell from the sky, and the lightning continued to flash, connecting the sky to the land.

It was like when the world was forming, but on the other side, it looked like the end too.

There stood a black-haired man in a black robe.

All around, he could see humans running toward the enemies, ready to die.

Likewise, it was the same humans who fought them.

A fight between brothers and sisters.

Why are the same humans killing each other?

The answer wasn’t so far away. The 12 Gods were looking down on the land.

All the humans who became enemies were their followers.

The black-haired man was tired.

“This is exhausting,”

This was the 4th war already, and it started feeling pointless.

Was it this difficult to get everyone on the same page?

Because of the tongues of the 12 Gods.

Those wicked people deceived the humans with their mouths.

It was upsetting and terrible.


The colleagues behind him called,

A swordsman dressed in long clothes passed by as he shouted

“Don’t look that stupid!”

Jeok Jun-kyung said while cutting down the enemies as he moved to the enemy camp. Thankfully he was a colleague who came from a distant land and gave him strength.

At the same time, Jane was summoning water spirits to protect her allies, and Diomedes was stirring up trouble for the enemy.

Maymil’s golems intercepted those who borrowed the holy power from the 12 Gods, and Andrea was amplifying the others with her ability.

Everyone was struggling to win this last war.

“What am I doing?”

He was the one who gathered all the people here. But the one who was supposed to fight was standing still.

He looked at his hand. A piece made to kill the gods was crying out to be used.

Right. His allies were doing their best without caring about their well-being, and he had to fight for them.

Diablo Volfir was determined to take a step ahead.


He turned his head at the voice which came from behind.


Standing there was Azel, one of his most outstanding disciples.

He, too, was in the midst of a great war to help his teacher.

“The other kids?”

“Preparing the super magic circle.”

The super magic circle was something only Diablo knew.

The disciples couldn’t handle it alone, but if everyone worked together, they might create something of that level. If the super magic circle was the same, it could inflict considerable damage on the enemy.

“Must be troublesome for them.”

“Now, teacher, what do we do?”

“We need to fight alongside my comrades. I cannot let them take the fight for me.”

“I see.”

Azel nodded with a curious face, and Diablo, unaware, looked in the direction of his comrades.

It wasn’t clear how long the 12 Gods would continue to spectate, but when they were merely watching, they needed to take down their apostles.

Because they were the ones closest to the Gods and were the most tiring opponents.

“Take care of things, Zel.”


As Diablo was about to leave to fight, leaving his dearest disciple, the disciple called for him.

“Why di… Kuak!”

Diablo turned around, shocked at the feeling of a blade digging into his stomach. Azel thrust the sharp dagger into the stomach.

Diablo grabbed it with both his hands.



“Why did you do this? Don’t you know that I won’t die from a dagger?”

Diablo focused on healing the wound with mana being circulated despite being shocked at the disciple’s betrayal.

But the mana wasn’t flowing normally.

It felt like the flow was twisted, and it seemed like mana was flowing back.

“It is poison. Even the teacher will have a hard time managing this.”


“Even if you don’t die, you will be reduced to the level of a normal human for an hour.”

“W-why did you betray me?”

“I was skeptical.”

Diablo felt cold sweat run down.

Azel looked down at his teacher.

“Skepticism of when this war will end.”


“If a war ends only when one side loses, I thought about which side should win to make people happy.”

“Azel…! Think again! Do not be deceived by those Gods!”

“As expected of the teacher. How can you speak that even after suffering from the poison? If it was someone else, they would have lost consciousness. You are really dangerous.”


At that time, a thick stream of water pushed Azel away.


Azel, too, couldn’t respond to this sudden attack.

A woman came next to Diablo; it was Jane.

“What is this? Azel, why did you….”

“It is too late!!”

Azel shouted.

He laughed like a madman and pointed to the sky.

“It is done.”

At those words, both of them looked up to see the large-scale magic circle which was completed.

“… the kids.”

All of them betrayed him. Diablo’s face turned white as snow, as if he would collapse at any moment.

How to deal with this situation? At this point, he thought maybe he was in the wrong.

If he just obediently behaved as the 12 Gods wanted, his disciples wouldn’t have betrayed him, right?

What is this war for?


As Diablo was collapsing, Jane held onto him.

“The others will be killed! It is heartbreaking that the disciples betrayed us, but don’t forget those who are by your side!”

The moment he heard it, his eyes widened.

As she said, the disciples weren’t the only ones who stayed with him. Some colleagues abandoned everything for him.

And they will think that the magic circle in the sky is their own.

“We need to save everyone.”

When the magic circle falls, the war will be a catastrophic loss.

“My… colleagues…!”

Diablo pulled the dagger stuck in the stomach and stood up.

“You will die here!”

Azel was a genius magician who knew about Diablo’s teachings.

“Forgive me, teacher!”

“Azel, you bastard!”

Jane summoned the Water Spirit King to stop him.

Even Azel, who reached the top state, couldn’t compete with the spirit king.

But Azel only laughed.

“Supreme Holy Magic!”

At that moment.

12 Gods appeared behind Azel.

Seeing that something had gone wrong, Jane drew as much of the Spirit King’s power as she could to hold the shield and hugged Diablo.

“You need to survive.”

Jane was not just an elementalist but also a high-level magician.

So Diablo knew what she was trying to do.


“Diablo! Never forget me.”

Saying that, Jane smiled, and Diablo got teleported far from her.

The super magic circle, which started from the sky, swept the camp where his allies were.

“Don’t do itttt!”

Diablo screamed at the top of his lungs, but the magic circle swept everything.

The 4th war ended with an overwhelming defeat to Diablo.


Jamie looked at the black-haired man with gloomy eyes in this unknown place.

A man of misfortune who lost everything he had worked hard to build in a single moment.

Diablo Volfir.

It was a pity that he couldn’t come to his senses despite the pouring rain.

But Jamie didn’t feel sorry for him.

“Foolish bastard, you fucking idiot.”

All your fault.

If he had given more reason for the disciples to trust him, if he had been more careful about the schemes of the 12 Gods. With the burden of leading a group, he only did what he could see, and the result was this.

This result wouldn’t have come about if he had been more patient in taking down the Gods.

“… I.”

Diablo staggered as he tried to get up.

His hair and robes were soaked in the rain, expressing his feelings.

Blood flowed down to his pants from the hole in his stomach.


He managed to get up only for one leg to lose strength and tumble down.

But he tried to get up several times despite not working. He screamed when his legs weren’t listening to him.


A voice in tears

“Whyyyy! Why!!!”

The man who lost everything tried to run wild, but his physical condition didn’t allow it.

“Damn it! damn it!! Azel!! Azel!!”

All he could do was cry, poor Diablo Volfir.

“I was desperate, too desperate!”

He looked straight at Jamie’s face and started talking.

“I want to kill everything which made me this way. Those who betrayed me, the humans who follow the 12 Gods and the 12 Gods who control them!”

The area around turned black. Jamie and Diablo were the only two in here.

“Let’s hate this together. Let’s join forces. Let’s give up on everything and go to destroy the 12 Gods.”

Diablo’s face was covered in bloody tears.

The skin on his face was vanishing, showing only a skeleton, and his hands were just bones.

“Let’s go. Into the abyss rather, let’s become the devil, forsake humanity and use just violence.”

Black smoke rose out.

“If you and I are together, the humiliation of the past, the insults, the disgrace.”

He insisted.

“If it is the other half of me, wouldn’t it be fine? Do you understand?”

And hoped.

To sympathize with him.

“In the end, the opportunity has come to surpass the 12 Gods.”

The seductive voice.

It felt like a sticky bad feeling had wet his whole body, and suddenly it began to trickle down where they were standing.

“Take my hand.”

Bare bones.

If he caught it, he would acquire power unlike ever before.

“We can be something beyond God.”

The never-ending story of revenge.

Jamie looked at Diablo’s hand.

When did he turn this skinny?

He thought Diablo was strong. He must have felt great guilt that he was in this situation for acting like a fool.

All that stress must have been taking a toll on the body.

Come to think of it, had he taken a proper meal after that day?

He only ate the regret, which was always a supplement to his body until he reincarnated.

And he looked closely, even though the bones felt dry.

“Maybe this isn’t much different from being just skin and bone.”

“Take my hand.”

“You suffered a lot. Even though I am only half of you, I can tell it’s because of my memories.”

“Take the hand.”

“You were obsessed with everything being your fault and went after power.”

“Take the hand.”

“Which is why you are more like an asshole.’

“Take the hand.”

“It is my fault. All of it is my fault.”

“Take the hand.’

“I do not want to make any more mistakes, so I did what any foolish man would do and went straight ahead.”

“Take the hand.”

“If only I thought a bit more clearly.”

“Take the hand.”

“I wouldn’t have made that mistake.”

“Take the hand.”

“Right, I will take it.”

Jamie grabbed the bare bones of Diablo and Diablo looked happy.

“Hahaha! Now we finally….!”


The test.

If only he could go back to that day.

What he would choose.

It was decided a long time ago.

“I no longer have any regrets about the past.”

A dazzling light shone from the depths of his heart.

The light continued to grow bigger and bigger and wrapped around Diablo.

“Because I overcame it. I know that I am not alone.”


Jamie hoped.

May his past self be saved.

So he held out his hand.

“I have a lot on my side now. So, I will not make the same mistakes you did.”

“You will regret it.”

Diablo said as the darkness grew, and Jamie nodded.

“Maybe I will. Still.”

The light shone in the room.

The faint light particles floated above Jamie and clumped together.

The beautiful wings began to spread out and a beast with small soft fur formed.

An animal with a single horn on its forehead cried out.

Hearing that, Jamie said

“Trust me.”

Diablo didn’t respond.

He slowly let go of the hand and seeped into the darkness.

That was enough of an answer.

“Black, no. Now.”

Jamie smiled brightly as he felt the energy of Diablo in it.

“Should I call you White?”


White, who opened her eyes, looked around, crying out in happiness.

And with that, the voice of Gaia could be heard.

-All the condensed time will return. The shifted time axis will turn back to normal; one who passed the ordeal.

And an old door opened before Jamie.

-Move ahead. And fulfill the contract.


Jamie grabbed the doorknob and turned it.

Various lights began to leak through the crack in the slightly open door.

Accepting that, Jamie went out.

“Do not worry, I was waiting for this”

Back into the Devildom.

Three months had passed.

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