Chapter 328 - First (2)

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The intense brightness was too much for Oblion to bear.

‘What is this power?’

Diablo Volfir was a dark magician who used black mana.

He had never seen this kind of light before. He couldn’t pinpoint the origin of the power, but escaping its expansive reach and rapid pace was no easy feat.

[Illusion Transformation.]

This couldn’t continue. Oblion turned all his believers into nothingness, and thanks to that, the power accumulated inside was well above the normal level. This was possible because he ate up their faith.

In this state, even Diablo Volfir couldn’t defeat him.

‘I don’t know what it would have been in the past, but a lot of time has passed now.’

His body began to change to black liquid.

A matte black armor that did not reflect even a single point of light and gray eyes that could be seen through the helmet.

He was armed with a large shield on his left and a long spear in his right hand. He held the spear in a stabbing stance and amplified his energy.

[Even if it is you, you cannot be stopped from returning to nothingness.]

He thrust the spear forward as far as he could. The power of nothingness on the spear reached its peak, and the entire space began to turn into nothing.

Everything vanished. Everything that belonged to the material world would disappear.

Jamie looked at the space, which was drawing near, and pulled out Balisada.

[Sword of Fusion.]

A power that didn’t exist in his previous life.

It was a pain in the neck for Diablo Volfir to have to deal with the power of nothingness because it could reduce everything to nothing, but not now.


Jamie’s entire eyes were dyed purple. Just in time for nothingness to arrive, Balisada was pushed in.

The sword began to absorb the Nothingness greedily!


The fire dragon’s flame spewed out, and Jamie raised his sword. The power of nothingness was sucked into Balisada like a whirlpool and wasted nothing.

[W-what is that!]

Oblion shouted as he watched this. His power was being absorbed by Diablo Volfir. It completely fused, but that didn’t matter to him. The important issue was the fact that he had been deprived of his power!

‘This makes no sense!’

He couldn’t be fooled by something like this. This was against the name given to him, the God of Nothingness, but he couldn’t help but think negatively.

He somehow knocked the other one down. Thinking this, he shattered the body’s core of nothingness.


With the sound of something heavy cracking, the armor and weapons began to change into a vicious shape again.

He was one of the 12 Gods, one of the 12 Gods that ruled this land. He began to awaken his true power.

‘I will destroy the entire nation along with this.’

He landed on the ground. Starting with the lower path, the ground began to turn into nothing.

Everything he touched turned to nothing.

Oblion dashed to Jamie. On that path, everything was losing its meaning.

Jamie raised an eyebrow as he saw him approach. He seemed surprised and was kind of drained.

But there was still a lot more to show and surprise him with.

“Sea of Hundred.”


Not only the flow, but the entire space around him was under his influence. He raised his sword, and the power of nothingness was wriggling on it.

Oblion, who had closed the gap somewhat, leaped toward him. His stance resembled a phalanx, with the shield in front and the spear held back.

Nothing has changed from before.

Jamie looked at him with sunken, cold eyes.

‘Future Walker.’

It was the Power of Possibilities that could predict the movement of Oblion.

Jamie licked his tongue at this scene.

“You are far behind Satan.”

The next attempt wasn’t even needed.

Jamie turned the starlight to black mana and pointed his head down.

Positioning himself with the sword, he anticipated when Oblion would strike.

[Futility Divide!]



The power to destroy space started from the tip of nothingness and tore the land apart.

The two forces of destruction caused a storm. An enormous amount of friction developed because both sides were determined to reduce their opponent to nothing.

In the tragic sight of the space being twisted, broken, and sucked into nothing, the two beings stood apart from each other.

Oblion used the spear and shield.


Eventually, the shield snapped in half, and a black spark flew as it fell apart and cracked.

And so did the spear.

The shield was cut down sharply, causing the blade to fall along with it.


Oblion coughed up a handful of blood, jerked his head violently to the side, and stared intently at Jamie.

[When did you learn the sword?]

“About 6 years back.”

[You really… are a monster.]

With those words, Oblion fell to the ground.

Jamie brushed off Balisada and put it back into its sheath.


Oblion was a hideous wretch who didn’t resemble any of the 12 Gods, and his defeated form spread out like a man dangling from a tree.

Jamie moved there. He looked at the dying God with somewhat complicated eyes.

“Unlike before, no help is coming for you this time?”

He had the chance to kill Gods several times in the past, but it all failed because the other 12 Gods came to support one another.

How did they know, despite the fact that they were separated by space?

They’d come to help their comrades, so not a single one could be fully killed.

But now he was a man so useless that death was right around the corner.

“How can you people, who were so well united, be this disgusting now? After all, time changes everything.”

[Huhu… are you insulting me?]

Oblion said it in a troubled voice.

“It isn’t an insult. I am not stupid enough to curse a man in a dying state. Unlike you people.”

[You are stronger than before.]

“Is that so? It seems similar.”

He wasn’t sure if he’d gotten stronger because his total power hadn’t changed much from his previous life.

[There are so many things I can do. The guy who was a monster back then is even more of a monster now… the rest will suffer.]

“You don’t seem to be sorry about your death?”

[Pity. I hoped for an eternal world of nothingness by returning everything to nothing, but in the end, the only thing that returns to nothingness is myself. Without you, there would have been no one to stop me.]


The more he returned the things of the physical world to nothingness, the more powerful he became. Rather, the constraints of the 12 Gods limited Oblion’s power. If he had taken over the northern part of the Seldam Kingdom, it would have been a strong power.

Then, if some of the other Gods could be turned to nothing, even Jamie would have been in a very daunting state.

[No matter how strong Ra was, he wouldn’t have been able to stop me from devouring the 12 Gods.]


[Those eyes don’t think so.]

“Before I came here, he showed up before me.”

[Huh… does this mean he moved on his own? He hasn’t been in contact with the 12 Gods for a long time…]

“Your actions were all being watched by him, like Pyro.”

Oblion fell silent at Jamie’s words and began to laugh.

“Why are you laughing?”

[After all, I thought that this world was nothing more than for the sake of his entertainment.]


[You don’t know? The moment when the 12 Gods were created and the reason for attacking this land.]

Jamie’s eyes fluttered at those words. He always wondered why.

The 12 Gods—where did they come from and attack this land?

Naturally, he asked them several times, but no one answered. They always mocked him.

The dying God, on the other hand, gave a hint about the secret.

Oblion laughed.

[You look quite curious.]

“Speak. Why? Why did you unite to attack this land? Tell me everything before you die!”

[If I don’t tell you anything here, it would be a sight to see.]

“There is a way to mess with your memories.”

[Huh. Wouldn’t it be faster for me to turn into nothing than your hand coming to my head?]

Jamie frowned.

Because Oblion was a God, he couldn’t be brainwashed that easily. At least it would take quite a while. If Oblion ceased to exist, then there was no other way for Jamie to find anything.

“Don’t speak bullshit as a way to save yourself in exchange for information.”

Jamie blocked the possible approach in advance, fearing that he would use the information as collateral.

“It is better for me to eradicate all 12 Gods than to know why.”

[Kuek. You are just being surrounded. I know that if you have to live here, you will only become prey to the 12 Gods.]

No matter who died, the end had been decided.

Then it would be better just to leave sooner rather than later; at the very least, dying at the hands of Jamie would be less painful.

[Do you know?]

“About what?”

[This is Bless.]

Oblion spoke in a meaningful voice.

[It exists at the center of the universe.]


[Right. This means that the vast universe, including this one and the multidimensional world, were originally one.]


[Right. But it’s a distant past that even I don’t know about. A dream world where everything was made up of nothing. It all started with a very small point that existed there.]

There was an explosion at a level far beyond the imagination of the transcendent. And that pushed away the once-empty space to create numerous colors. Many worlds were created, and many kinds of life were born.

The explosion, which was supposed to take away everything, acted as a medium for evolution. The thus-created universe was an interaction between various dimensions which existed within.

Exchange and develop.

Several dimensions merged and then collapsed repeatedly. Diversity got shared, deviated, and integrated. Such an event occurred close to infinity in an eternity of time.

[I was a ruler in one of those dimensions. It was the same with the other Gods. We were rulers that existed independently of each dimension.]

But this other world was something not known of.

When they were dimensional rulers, the universe began to stabilize, and there was not much interaction between dimensions.

[It was around the time when everyone was living their own life and enjoying peace. Ra appeared in front of me.]

Ra appeared out of the blue and began to tell Oblion the world’s secrets. From the era of nothingness to the big bang and the birth of life in the universe.

It was enough to stimulate Oblion.

He might find a clue to the true nothingness he was longing for.

However, not everything was easy.

[Ra said that there is a world where the universe begins. All materials and resources exist there, and the nothingness that existed before the universe began is asleep.]

There was nothing to think about.

[I joined the 12 Gods to find it. The other ones got lured in by Ran, too.]

According to Ra, Bless is a paradise with infinite resources.

The problem was who ruled it.

[Those who are called natural gods. Ra said that we could get what we wanted by defeating them. There were people who didn’t like it, but it would be nice to get my hands on what I wanted.]

The war was fierce. The natives of Bless were terribly strong, but the 12 Gods were rulers of dimensions. That power couldn’t be resisted except by the Supreme Nature God.

[In the end, we won. Most of the Nature Gods were annihilated or sealed. Even Mother Goddess, Gaia, had no choice but to run away from us. You too. You appeared too late, and it was annoying to us, but in the end, you were sealed. Drunk on complete victory, we pondered again and again what to do with Bless. However, this wasn’t the paradise we thought it would be.]

“What kind of bullshit is this after killing everyone?”

[Huh. Everything that Ra said existed on this land. The nothingness I sought was everything, from the darkness of the beginning to what people have become. The problem was that it didn’t make any sense at all. It’s something I can’t have even if I want to have it.]

“You couldn’t… have it?”

[Right. Because…]

Oblion opened his mouth in anger.

[Because they were the building blocks of this universe. You cannot touch it. It was truly a sour sight.]

It was created by putting together the remains of explosion after explosion. The primordial darkness also belonged there.

But they couldn’t touch it.

The moment somebody made the mistake of trying to touch it, it immediately gobbled up everything in its path and severed the arm of the person who made the mistake.

So, Diablo Volfir was supposed to be imprisoned there forever, but he managed to escape.

That was surprising, but now that he was dying, this was a good thing.

[For that, I had…]

“Then are you saying that you got drawn in by Ra’s words and made this land desolate of life?”

[Kuak. That’s your opinion on this. Anyway, it didn’t work out, even for Ra. But he wasn’t that disappointed. I should have noticed then.]

“This was all for entertainment?”

[Right. After all, it’s me, you, and the other Gods. We were right in the center of his palm. Only for his pleasure.]

Oblion smiled sadly and closed his eyes.

[I want to take a break now.]

Jamie reached out to him.

“I will kill you in a comfortable manner for the information you gave.”

Black mana flickered on Jamie’s finger.

“This is the first.”

Darkness erupted, and Oblion was swept away as he disappeared without a trace.

Finally, he killed one of the 12 Gods, his ‘First.’

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