Chapter 329 - The Mindset (1)

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Was there a world more luxurious than this place?

Always clear skies, green lawns that put people at ease just by looking at them, and large trees sparsely sprouting.

Next to it were some magnificent buildings that were harmoniously decorated in white and gold.

A world in which the happiness of those who lived there was boundless and could never be exhausted.

This was heaven. This was the world that was inhabited by the 12 Gods and a world created to rule Bless.

And there was an area that only the 12 Gods could access.

A gigantic place created by an explosion and soared beyond the sky. Someone had set foot in the place protected by all kinds of barriers.

“Not far.”

The Sun God Ra mumbled while looking at the huge cylinder entangled in chaos. There were so many things inside the cylinder.

From the primordial darkness that existed before the big bang to the absolute light and the light of destruction.

If just one thing could be held in hand, it would be a huge step toward being absolute in the world.

But it was a substance that couldn’t be touched or destroyed.

If one touched it, they would get absorbed within it, and if one tried to destroy it, the entire universe would collapse.

This was because the things that belonged to the cylinder were both ‘order’ and ‘chaos.’

Even Ra had tried many ways, only to fail.


“The answer lies within you.”

Ra smiled.

Jamie Welton was the last piece of the puzzle. It wasn’t that he had nothing to worry about. The man had risen to power because of his pride, but he was still unstable.

In particular, with Zenith aiming for the place of Ra, Jamie would somehow end up blocking the growth of Zenith.

“If he can surpass before that…”

Before that.

“What is the other piece doing?”

A spare piece was prepared in case Jamie Welton failed. A piece he hadn’t paid much attention to since Jamie appeared with higher chances, but it was still worth seeing.

And so he approached the Eternal Mirror, which was inside the cylinder. It was the only thing he could touch, and it showed him everything he wanted.

“Show what is happening within the Dragon Mountains now.”

As Ra channeled the power of the Sun, the mirror began to glow and reveal vast mountain ranges engulfed in icy blizzards.

At that location, all of the blue and multi-racial dragon clans were engaged in combat with one another.

The Frontier.

A fortnight ago, in the territory of the Blue Dragon clan, there was a guest who had just arrived.

“Brother Ephetion, that strong creature is here again.”

“I see. It seems like there are many others besides that one, Sevier.”

The Blue Clan’s sibling dragons were nervous about the strong beings they had seen a few months ago.

That was because the strong creature hadn’t died despite fighting their grandfather.

Sanstreon was a young, blue-haired man who was sitting behind them.

“It is fine. There will not be a fight this time.”

“It won’t?”

Sanstreon smiled and nodded his head when Sevier asked him anxiously.



This time, Ephetion asked.

Sanstreon said as he pulled the cheek of the little one.

“He went to meet them.”

“The strong creature?”

“Right. And it isn’t a strong creature. They are of a race called Ran. You both know Ran, right?”

“Yes! A very strong race!”

“According to what I’ve heard, a grown Ran can be challenging to deal with unless someone like grandfather is present. The Rans are that good.”

Unlike Sevier, who was still young, Ephetion had little knowledge of the world and could infer their identity.

“Then why did they fight last time? Last time, grandfather attacked the Ran with the intention of killing.


About a few months ago, the lady of Ran met with the elder dragon, the head of the Blue Clan, to discuss a certain deal.

The two had faced each other, and despite the all-out attack of the elder dragon, the Ran survived with just one arm being hurt.

To be honest, they thought she would die. Even though she could be considered powerful, she was not Ran’s most skilled warrior.

But she survived and succeeded in making a deal with the Blue Dragon Clan. Sanstreon, aware of this fact, wore a worried expression.

‘Is grandfather really going to do it?’

If the head of the clan wanted to, everyone should obey.

And Sanstreon knew why such a decision was made. All the Blue Dragon Clan members, except for the little ones, knew of the world’s cruelty.

They knew that the Blue Dragon had been abandoned by the Dragon God. It also meant that they were ignored by the other clans too.

Sanstreon knew it well because he had experienced it.

‘Mayatrey aunt.’

The Blue Dragon, who fell in love with a human and lost her clan. There was a time when he resented her, but not anymore.

Sanstreon pushed back his little brothers.

“You go to Leah and rest.”

“Can’t we come?’

“I want to look too.”

“Not this time.”

“Eh. Sevier wants to see it.”

“Acting cute will not work.”

He gently stroked the hair of the cute younger sibling and winked at Ephetion.

“It’s upsetting. If only I were a little bigger.”

Ephetion was a smart child, so he took the child’s hand.

“Let us know if you are leaving.”

“Yes, yes.”

“Let’s go Sevier.”


Sanstreon watched until they left and then moved. And the clan’s elders were standing in a long line and confronting someone.

“Did you let the kids go in?”

“Yes, Mother.”

The woman he called mother had the same blue hair and eyes as the others. But unlike a dragon, she appeared very human, with a slim build like the rest of the adults.

A tall, elderly-looking individual stood in the middle of the group. It was the head of the clan and his grandfather, Chiron Seira.

And he said, “So you are here?”

“Because it is promised.”

Isis smiled with the Thunder Dragon Sword on her shoulder. One of her arms was still hurt, but she was better than before. She must have suffered from permanent frostbite after being exposed to the Blue Dragon Clan’s breath.

It was quite amazing. And he looked at those who stood around Isis. There were so many different races. They were great enough to be called the strongest of each race, but Chiron Seira shook his head.

“Are you thinking this much will work?”

“It doesn’t matter if it is possible or not. It is an important task that must be completed.”

“Hmm. It seems like you have something to believe in?”

“Well, I cannot say I don’t.”

Isis replied, looking at Behemoth, who had taken the form of a small bull.


Behemoth snorted.

“No one can know what will happen.”

Defeating the Dragon God, one of the 12 Gods.

The first time he heard it, Behemoth was shocked. The 12 Gods were the ones who killed humans because they wanted to, and his Lord wanted to kill them 60,000 years ago but failed.

But after listening to this woman, the idea didn’t sound so far-fetched.

‘The Dragon God divided the power in half to create dragons. If so, wouldn’t it be said that his power is weaker than the 12 Gods?’


There were dragons around when Behemoth was used in the past, but they weren’t in huge numbers.

Brahman, the Dragon God, must have weakened himself when he increased the number of dragons to protect humans.

‘If that is really true, then things can happen.’

He still hadn’t been able to recover his full power, and although Frontier had prepared an elixir to awaken him temporarily, could they defeat the 12 Gods?

‘Jormungand, where the hell are you?’

If she were here, then their odds would have been higher.

It was when they were thinking about various things.

Isis said,

“First, please guide us there. Because that is the first part of the promise.”

“What does it mean to come and request it now?”

“I am still determined to do it.”


Chiron Seira had a slightly uncomfortable face but couldn’t refuse her request.

As she said, this was a promise.

“You will go alone. Only you alone.”

“Ah, let this guy come with me.”

Isis said, wrapping her hand around Behemoth and holding it to her.

“The little bull?”

“Who are you calling a little bull?”

Behemoth stomped his four short legs.

Chiron Seira snorted.

“Fine. Follow me.”

And he leaped to the incredibly high cliff while Isis moved alongside Behemoth.

In a dark cave, Chiron Seira flicked his finger, and countless lights appeared in the air, instantly illuminating the area.

“This is…”

Isis drew in a breath as the realization hit her that she was finally there.

It was said that Diablo Volfir had written down his thoughts on the tombstone to prepare for the final battle, and seeing it with her eyes would help her future journey.

She had been aiming for this goal for a long time.

‘I thought I should see this with you, but I have to see this now.’

She thought of Jamie.

Was he doing fine?

‘Worrying about him is ridiculous.’

Now wasn’t the time to care about that person.

Isis followed the dragon.

They arrived at a massive hole with a long, moss-covered stone. It was half destroyed and appeared to have lasted a long time, as half of the ground had been smashed.

“This is it. A monument left at the end of a human who fought against the 12 Gods, the man whose name is unknown.”

There was no maintenance. What could be called the treasure of mankind was lying here in a miserable state.

Although Isis wasn’t human, Isis lived as if she had inherited his goal, and the sight of this stone caused her great pain.

And it wasn’t just Isis.

“The last thing the Lord left…”

Behemoth moved his short legs and stood in front of the monument.

There were short texts written in an ancient language that no longer existed, and the sentences were incomplete because the stone had been broken.

Yet Isis and Behemoth knew what the other half was saying because they knew who made this stone.

Chiron Seira asked the two, who were still looking at the stone with sad faces.

“Why did you want to see it?”

To which Isis responded.

“For a simple reason.”

She turned around and said,

“This stone here is a milestone for us to move ahead. To do that, we need to see it.”

For the end, Diablo Volfir was determined to defeat the 12 Gods.

Just seeing a fragment of this was enough. As her eyes gleamed blue, Isis decided that now was the time.

“Let’s start.”

It was time to go dragon hunting.

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