Chapter 330 - The Mindset (2)

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The preparations were done quickly. Even among the dragons, the Blue Clan was widely despised, so it wasn’t difficult to deceive them.

Thanks to that, it was easy.

“What is that?”

One of the blue dragons asked Han who was making something.

“You mean this?”

Han smiled and lifted the rod about 3 meters long. At first glance, it looked like an ordinary rod, but if one knew its true value, one wouldn’t say such things.

“It is a great piece of equipment made by an elf magician.”

“Elf? Not human?”

“Elf magician. Blood of high elf. The best state.”

“I see.”

Even though the best was mentioned, the blue dragon didn’t seem to care.

Seriously, weren’t the dragons the best? The masters of magic?

Han cleared his throat and went back to cleaning the rod. So did the other side.

While the dragons were together, they organized or set things up.

“It is amazing… Have the artifacts of elves reached this far?”

“Huh. Photonize mana. This is an innovation. If we can understand its structure, we might be able to make a breakthrough in magic!”

“What is this? This is an integrated portal device that connects subspaces. A product which even the dragons cannot create, and the little girl…!”

Some dragons were gathering around Nel-Sharan, observing the artifacts she made. Even for the dragons, what she made was shocking.

In particular, Jamie’s starlight-inspired photon system could completely change how dragons use their magic.


The problem was that Nel-Sharan, who suffered from servant syndrome, suffered from severe social phobia. She was in a semi-panic state because so many dragons had appeared.

“M-My… things… you… uhhhh!”

“It is fine. It is fine.”

Her cousin, Braha, smiled awkwardly at her actions.

Still, when the dragons praised her younger cousin, she felt proud. When such a heartwarming sight happened, the situation felt different in another place.

There was no such thing as a perfect combination.

“Huh. I don’t trust you much.”

That was what a young male dragon said to Hawks.

Of course, Hawks wasn’t going to let it pass.

“Do you want to fight?”

“Cheeky jerk. Did you think we liked talking to you?”

“We have come as equal allies. If you cannot even treat me as such, do I have to make you act nice?”

“Equal? Don’t joke around. We will only assist you from behind.”

“Cheeky lizard. Follow me. I will change your habits.”

“….are you insane?”

At the sudden provocation, the young dragon was angry as Hawks.

Thanks to that, the situation changed instantly until an elder dragon intervened to prevent the fight from escalating.

“Cabella, what nonsense is this to the allies?”


“You cheeky one. Since you are young, I brought you for experience. Apologize to them now. This child has only lived for a thousand years, so he doesn’t know what the world is like.”

Cassirabella was a beautiful woman who resembled a younger version of Cabella.

She was a blue dragon who had lived for thousands of years longer than Cabella, and she was a woman with all the characteristics of a blue dragon.

Hawks was still annoyed but nodded at her sincere apology.

“I wish you could take good care of my brother.”

Of course, it wasn’t liked by the young one.

“What… ack!”

At those words, Cassirabella slammed his head against the wall.


And then she vanished to another place carrying her unconscious brother on her shoulder. It looked like she would discipline him.

Hawks looked in the direction she vanished and saw the wall had huge cracks.

She didn’t even hit that guy hard enough to leave a mark. But she managed to do that just in a polymorphic state.

“I cannot fight against her.”

Hawks made a sound decision for the first time.

Isis was meditating while looking at the tablet that the clan had allowed her to see.

As a courtesy to the alliance, a waterfall path was opened to Frontier.

This was one of the places called the ‘Core of Bless,’ as it had a very good flow of mana generated, even for a Dragon Mountain.

“How is it?”

“Even just meditating here, I can feel the mana slowly build up in my body. The dragon race must be blessed to have monopolized such things.”

“Blessing… there have been times when it was abandoned.”

Chiron Seira looked at the water flowing behind. Although he lived for ten thousand years, he felt refreshed every time he came here.

It was especially so today. Perhaps it was because they were doing something they shouldn’t have on that particular day.

‘Revolt against the creators.’

The Dragon God, Brahman, who created all dragons.

Although the first dragon he created no longer existed in the world, his descendants still considered themselves to be below Brahman.

And they were breaking that order today.

Even if it violated the filial duty one should have, they would carry it out without succumbing to their creator. They would express injustice according to what happened and value their self-esteem.

Just as his granddaughter Mayatrey did 700 years ago for a human called Canon.

“Are you and I the only ones facing the Dragon God?”

“Please. We are not trying to commit some kind of suicide here.”

“I am glad you are aware of that.”

“I have a secret trick to catch the half-dragon god.”

“Are you talking about that bull?”

Chiron asked, remembering the bull on Isis’s side.

What could that little creature even do for her to talk like this?


“Behemoth? I remember hearing it somewhere…”

He had lived long enough to be counted as the most important of the dragon clan, and he knew a lot as a dragon who was once close to the 12 Gods.

“I think I remember seeing it in an old book.”

“If you say old, it must be really old.”

“Because it was the book made by the first generation.”

The past was so long that estimating how many thousands of years back the first-generation dragon had to be was difficult.

It was surprising that books even existed at that time.

“Because dragon places last forever as long as we don’t disappear.”

This was the dragon’s magic.

Chiron Seira wondered how long it was, and then he remembered something.

“I remember Behemoth, a monster that reaches beyond the sky. It was said to be the work of a powerful dark magician who created this thing that swept down mountain ranges at once and slaughtered dozens of dragons with long horns.”

“You have a good memory.”

“I was one of the most powerful enemies to be subjugated, but there was a phrase that my ancestor wrote about regretting failing to subdue it.”

If the book were written by a dragon, Behemoth would have been portrayed viciously. Well, it was natural.

In terms of strength alone, Diablo’s strongest familiar was Behemoth. If it held the power of its heyday, it would be an opponent that no dragon other than an elder could fight.

Isis said with a smile,

“That little bull is Behemoth.”

“…really? But how could you get a creature which couldn’t be found no matter how much we searched for?”

“That is a secret. We have been looking a long time for him.”

They found him a thousand years ago, but he signed a contract for the sake of the future.

“Then who was the dark magician who did this?”

A human who wielded power to control such things fought against the 12 Gods. That was one of the biggest reasons why the 12 Gods treated humans like slaves.

Since the whole world was swayed by just one human, there was no reason to leave them alone.

As a result, humans today have had their powers sealed and are forced to worship the 12 Gods while living as slaves.

“Sooner or later, the world will be plunged into great chaos.”

“Crucible of confusion?”

“Yes. He woke up too.”

“…you mean the dark magician?”

“Let’s get up.”

Isis refused to respond because she didn’t have to.

Even Chiron Seira, who noticed that, didn’t ask for more.

If chaos truly descended upon the world, he would become aware of it, even if he did not wish to.

“Now, it’s time to start.”

Isis held the Thunder Dragon sword, Gram, in her hand and drew out the power of the Ran Stone in her forehead.

A beautiful wave of blue energy swept through her.

Chiron Seira asked,

“Have you made up your mind?”

Isis answered,


“Then let the war begin.”

That evening, a huge number of blue dragons appeared in the realm of the Red Clan, which settled in the southern part of the Dragon Mountains.

And the dragons’ civil war broke out with a blue breath.

“Lord! The blue dragons have rebelled!”

Dragon Lord Acacia sat on the throne and listened to the reports that kept coming.

The Blue Clan invaded the Red Clan.

The Blue Clan invaded the Black and Green clans.

The Blue Clan invaded the White Clan.

‘Chiron Seira.’

Acacia thought of Chiron Seira, the head of the Blue Clan. He was the last one, and he had been working hard for the revival and maintenance of the dragons for a long time.

However, after the incident 700 years ago, the Blue Clan began to diverge a little.

“Did it finally happen?”

Even so, he did not know they would attempt a real rebellion. No matter how upset they were about the Dragon God rejecting them, they were still dragons.

It was clear that they would be forgiven one day, and because the dragons were a race that lived for a long time, it was a matter of patience.

Then why do something this stupid?

Even if Chiron was one of the best among the dragons, it was impossible for them to deal with the entire dragon clan on their own.


At that moment, another dragon came charging up, dropping to one knee.

“There is a force colluding with the Blue Clan.”


“It seems like a multiethnic group. Their head seems to be a Ran.”

“Ran? You mean a Ran is helping the blue dragons?”

“It seems like it, but there were just two Rans, and the rest seemed to be of humans, elves, and various more.”

Acacia thought it was absurd.

The Blue Clan’s uprising was already causing problems for the head, and now they’d gotten other races involved in dragon affairs.

Since he was the calmest and most intelligent, he didn’t rush in as he was the head of the Gold Clan.

“And the situation?”

“The Red Clan took heavy casualties when they charged in for the attack, and the others are still engaged in combat. The clan is apparently in a hopeless situation!”

The Red Clan was wiped out by a surprise attack in the middle of the night.

Even dragons were harmed when they were hit with breath in their most vulnerable state.

Furthermore, the blue dragon who led the troops against the Red Clan was the eldest after Chiron. So they should have had the power equal to elder dragons.

“We were too careless. We should have kept the Blue Clan in check.”

“It is too late for regrets. Call for the most elite army. I will direct them myself.”


Acacia rose from the throne.

He received the highest blessings from the Dragon God, and even without the blessing, he was known to be the strongest dragon.

The Blue Clan were the most delicate and careful ones.

They wouldn’t have moved without a chance. Perhaps they were preparing for it all this time.

Even so, if they didn’t act now, the situation would get worse.

“Report this to the Dragon God. The content is…”

Acacia’s body swelled up as golden scales began to rise from his body. He had grown several kilometers in size and spread his wings wide.

[Reorganization of the Blue Clan.]

Tonight, all of the blue dragons will be sorted out, and they will be born anew.

[Let’s go! My children will put an end to the traitors!!]


The Dragon Lord roared.

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