Chapter 335 - 13th God (3)

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“I don’t know who that person is, but the staff… it seems like the God Killer that our Lord made?”

At Behemoth’s question, Jormungand walked a little ahead.

“It is hard to say.”

Before Diablo Volfir invented black magic, he used the Road Flower when he gained fame.

It was an object that supplied infinite mana to the caster from the moment it was activated. However, he felt it wasn’t enough to kill the 12 Gods and decided to use Diablo Volfir’s God Killer.

“It was hidden safely.”

“Can he be trusted?”

Behemoth looked at Prometheus and asked.

In addition to using black mana, it reminded him of the owner’s appearance.

“His skills are certain because he has been training for a long time, so…”

Jormungand watched Prometheus and said,

“There is no need to doubt him.”

Behemoth didn’t respond to her.

He asked if the human could be trusted, and she gave an ambiguous answer.

In other words, she didn’t think the man was so reliable. It was a face Behemoth knew after spending so much time with her in the past.

But he let it pass.

‘There is no way she does sloppy tasks.’

Jormungand was the familiar who loved the Lord the most. She would give up her life for his sake, and she tried a lot of times too.

Her sacrifices only failed because the Lord stopped her.

So Behemoth stopped asking, knowing she wouldn’t give a clear answer.

Instead, he pushed his massive body ahead.

It was the same strategy as before, he would block the enemy, and Jormungand would attack.

“It has been a long time.”

The huge scythe was in Jormungand’s hand, and Behemoth asked,

“You aren’t going to turn into that form?”

“Not now.”

Jormungand was a snake.

A giant snake capable of encircling the seas in the world.

She wasn’t as enormous as the rumors made her out to be, but her length still surpassed that of Behemoth.

But it was impossible now.

“With this new holy power, I cannot return to that form anymore.”

It was heartbreaking to throw away the body her Lord had created for her, but the sadness of the past was buried.

“Miss Jormungand.”

Prometheus approached her.

Brahmansia soared to the sky.

As if his anger had reached its peak, he threw down the beams of destruction.

A black shadow loomed beneath Jormungand’s feet, and several black limbs began to emerge.

Seeing that the limbs looked like they were in pain, Jormungand said,

“Ahh. It’s fine. Everyone calm down.”

There was no response, yet the way she spoke was strange.

She smiled with her eyes half closed.

“You will pay for the pain I went through.”

Her holy power amplified.

‘Holy power.’

Brahmansia clearly felt that the darkness was taking over her, but it was holy power.

It meant that she had the same qualities as the powers of the 12 Gods.

Did they get their hands on a holy power?

‘They must have gathered believers.’

The woman in black appeared to be so.

He assumed that the holy power came from those who believed in her, but it wasn’t as simple as that.


Following a God made it bloom.

The blind belief in the concept of God.

Exceptions to any negative event.

Loyalty that transcended logic.

Additionally, the combination of many believers’ faith brought holy power.

And the only being in the world who could do that was called a God.

The Royal Road, the leader of the group.

It was feasible to do similar things, but it was impossible to do something this similar.

The 12 Gods knew how hard it was to get holy power in Bless.

It would have been impossible without the previous strength they had gathered.

‘But then a new holy power was born?’

How did it happen?


Did the method even matter?

The most horrifying part was that they did it without the Gods’ knowledge.

Brahmansia saw the enemies approaching from afar.

The massive bull with an unusually large size, a kid with strange powers, and finally, the person with the 13th holy power.

Why were these difficult opponents attempting to obstruct him?

He chuckled.

The system of the 12 Gods that had dominated this land for thousands of years was now crumbling.

Death appeared to be pressing against his throat.

But he wasn’t going to just die.


Brahmansia’s eyes were red as he flew high with all his might.

Today, somebody will surely die on this land and…

[It will be you!]

Brahmansia grinned and began to use the orbs around him at once, attacking with the same strength as his Breath.

Prometheus was the first to move, with his outrageous strength.

“Give me strength.”

He spread out the black mana and cast the spell once again.

[Case Solution.]

Prometheus wandered the world for a long time before meeting Jormungand.

Then, by chance, he arrived at Ryeo, a remote nation in the east, and discovered their secrets.

He had been practicing magic for nearly 20,000 years and was now the strongest magician in history.

He also had black mana that contained holy power.


His eyes were dyed purple, and the Road Flower was in full bloom, continuously replenishing mana.

It would be difficult to make a perfect seal like before.

‘A little bit more.’

The strange monsters were sending power to him.

And Jormungand’s holy power surrounded him.


Simultaneously with those words, his form disappeared.

And then came the huge explosion from a distance.

[That annoying bastard!]

Brahmansia, who didn’t think that his attack would be avoided, screamed in shock. But he couldn’t change his focus now.

It was because Behemoth was attacking with his dark blue horns.

As he approached, Jormungand took a stance to wield her giant scythe.

She unleashed a ferocious holy power and swung her scythe.

“It is like when a snake eats the world!”

The black scythe sliced through his neck.


Lightning rang out in the sky.

The sky had been obscured by dark clouds for the past three days. Although it didn’t rain, people found the extreme humidity uncomfortable.

Jamie was sitting on a rock as he looked at the dark clouds,

“I don’t have to move.”

He was looking in the direction where the Dragon God was fighting.

It was when Brahman descended that he noticed the fight happening, and he realized Frontier’s plan would succeed when ‘that person’ would arrive.

At first, he thought he should help but decided against it because he knew they had a plan.

Of course, Behemoth’s energy was…


She appeared.

Despite the distance, Jamie felt she had completed the 13th holy power she was aiming for.

Now Jormungand was the 13th God of Bless.

His familiar was now a God.

It was surprising, but on the other hand, it wasn’t entirely unexpected because he made her.

The person who accompanied her was even more surprising than she was.

‘He has my power.’

He didn’t simply borrow the power but made it his own.

In addition, he could feel the Road Flower’s presence.

‘Jormungand found it.’

It was a sealed and hidden power that others couldn’t find or use, but it was found again.

This was also her doing.

In any case, Brahman seemed to be losing.

In his prime, he was a powerful God that rivaled himself.

How many dragons has he created?

“Well, this is good.”

If killing the 12 Gods could be easily done, then that was good.

But now that they knew he was weak, they wouldn’t back down.

Jamie stood up.


Jamie nodded at the voice.

Behind him was Bianca, the captain of the undead, fully armed.

And she said,

“It is time.”


The day he signed a contract with Bianca, Jamie promised that she would get her revenge.

And what a prank of fate that her homeland, the Siltair Kingdom, was turned into the sanctuary of the Kuhlun Church.

‘Kuhlun, the God of hypocrisy and indifference.’

The most vicious of the 12.

He was not as violent as Drian, not as cunning as Zenith, but his methods were disgusting.

Just like his name.

Such a God now had his base in the Siltair Kingdom, which was overthrown in a coup d’etat.

At the very least, if it was hypocrisy, they could be criticized, but the subject established in the Western Nation ‘Arisha’ stood there.

Was he a man worthy of God’s name?

Jamie hated him.

“It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Let’s get your revenge and finish that bastard together.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

As Bianca bowed on one knee, she returned to the undead world.

A few drops of rain began to fall.

Then the rain got heavy very quickly.

“How is Ricky’s side doing?”

The Pyro Church was currently in control of Zenith, and the Holy Knights were dispatched to prevent the Lily Church from doing anything.

The Holy Knights were led by none other than Saint Anna.

She was Ricky’s only relative and a cute girl who was blind.

Come to think of it, Jamie didn’t meet her last time.

‘Even if I did see her, I wouldn’t have greeted her warmly.’

Because it wasn’t a situation where he could control himself.

And he’d rather not meet her.

“Phew, should we move soon?”

One of the 12 Gods was defeated.

Soon, Behemoth and Jormungand will take another down.

And since he gave Pyro a chance, there were 9 Gods left.

Jamie sighed briefly, not knowing Drian was dead.

It wasn’t that there were more to kill.


The top seat of the 12 Gods with overwhelming power.

Jamie pulled out the orb from the subspace.

The essence of Satan.

He clenched his fist, wondering when to absorb it.

If he could absorb this and defeat Ra, he would do it.


It was foolish to take a risk right now.

Jamie felt bitter and put the essence of Satan back into the subspace.

There had to be another way.

A chance to break through the wall of another level.

He didn’t know how, but if he handled the things in front of him and rectified them, he might be able to see things he hadn’t seen before.

It was then.

“I’ve finally met you.”

Jamie saw an old man with a bent waist approaching.

But he didn’t feel a sense of urgency.

There were only a few people in the world that looked like this, and Jamie seemed to know who it was.


Jamie called out his name.

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