Chapter 336 - Yeomjae (1)

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He hadn’t seen his face in his previous life, and he didn’t know what kind of holy power he held.

Yet Jamie was sure.

The old man in front of him, with the bent waist and white hair on his head, was surely Yeomjae.

He didn’t hear it directly, but Trika said that Akashic told Jamie to go visit Yeomjae in his final will.

He was the first nature God by Gaia.

But he didn’t find him.

He wasn’t even sure how to find him and to be honest, he didn’t believe it either.

‘How do I believe in the 12 Gods?’

It was different with Pyro.

Akashic said that this man may or may not be reliable.

Jamie couldn’t afford to gamble.

Even if he met Yeomjae according to the will, who knows if he would be kind on the surface while plotting to kill him on the inside?

He didn’t want to create a risky situation.

But for a God to come directly.

“One of the 12 Gods came before me on his own feet.”

Jamie raised his black mana and touched the Balisada.

He wanted to cut off the God.

“Did you come to kill me?”

Seeing Jamie like that, Yeomjae smiled.

“Why didn’t you draw the sword right away?”


“12 Gods are your enemies. Why didn’t you pull the sword and cut me down?”

Jamie’s eyes twitched.

Yeomjae looked at him and continued.

“If I could guess the reason, then it is probably because Akashic has left a message that shook your heart.”


“Those words crushed your thoughts about Yeomjae being an enemy, so you didn’t.”

Jamie didn’t respond because everything he said was true.

And he continued.

“If I attacked you now, are you confident you could survive?”

The distance between the two was just two meters.

At such a distance, Jamie would have a hard time escaping the grasp of a God who wanted to murder him.

Of course, the opposite was also possible, but as Yeomjae said, Jamie was assuming that he wasn’t an enemy here.

‘He could and could not be the enemy here.’

He never went looking for him because he didn’t think he was a threat.

And the idea wasn’t wrong.

Whatever it was, it was right for Jamie to just unconditionally draw the sword and attack, considering the hatred he had all this time.

That was the attitude he held toward the 12 Gods.

But it was late now.

Without waiting any further, Jamie pulled out the Balisada and swung it.

Black mana engulfed the Balisada, and he decided to kill the old man.


But it only touched the air.

The aura swept everything away except Yeomjae.


He smiled, standing next to Jamie.

Jamie tried to swing it again, but the blade was caught by Yeomjae’s fingers.

The aura shook, and flames roared.

‘He grabbed my sword with just two fingers?’

The sword was ineffective against him.

Even so, the aura around it was derived from black mana, and a God should have difficulty handling it.

Yeomjae snapped his fingers and pushed the Balisada back.

“I have confirmed your will. I am one of the 12 Gods. Fight with the determination to kill me. That is the attitude you should have.”

“Then die.”

If his sword was stopped, then he would use magic.

Darkness rose.

The power to annihilate spread around.

It was a merciless power, wanting to erase anything that touched it.

Jamie aimed it toward Yeomjae.

And he…

“This is wonderful too.”

The fire touched his hands.

When the flame and the darkness of annihilation met, the fire immediately changed course.

The fire and the darkness entwined, turned, and spiraled around each other.

Seeing that, Jamie frowned.

‘What are those flames?’

He used the darkness of annihilation. It was perfectly normal for it to consume flames.

Fire and darkness were like water and oil that couldn’t mix, yet Yeomjae was able to control both.

Yeomjae waved his hands and controlled it, and when he was finished, he smiled as the two energies vanished like a lie.

‘The darkness vanished because of him?’

It was understandable that he blocked the sword with his fingers, but this was too much.

It would have been more understandable if he had taken it down with similar power, but this was too small of a movement.

Jamie believed it was impossible because he intended to kill the God.

“How was it? It has been a long time since I used my power. I don’t know if it worked well.”

Yeomjae smiled at Jamie, who was silent as he rubbed his neck.

“You seem shocked.”

“How did you do that?”

“Why? Were you shocked when your power suddenly vanished?”

As he nodded, the old man continued,

“It is my ability. I don’t have destructive powers like the others, but I have the power to resist them.”

“Resist them?”

“Like strike, smash, kill. This world is wild and primitive. Aren’t you the same?”

“What are you trying to say?”

“Most of the world tends to solve problems by killing. The 12 Gods, the forces that oppose them, humans, elves, or dragons, and all living things. If we talked more and wanted things to end peacefully, we could even think about how important life is, but we wouldn’t do that.”

Having said that, he began to walk around Jamie with his hands behind his back and stopped near a large tree.

A tree that had withered and was about to die, on which he put his hand.

“I am here on earth to mediate that.”

Flames blazed in his hands again.

A dying tree was like dry firewood because it lacked moisture. If one lit a fire in such a place, it would spread quickly and cause a major fire.

However, miraculously, the flames didn’t burn the wood.

“This guy wasn’t supposed to die, but it happened because of the aftermath of the fight. The same goes for the others. When the big ones fight, everything collapses like a backbone without anyone noticing.”

The fire spread through the tree, which shocked Jamie.

The dying tree was slowly regaining its life.

The withered leaves gradually regained their green color, and the branches that seemed to break at any moment were growing thick.

The flames turned blue as they suddenly vanished from his hand.

Pointing to the tree, he said,

“What do you think? Wasn’t this guy pretty amazing?”

The dying and withering tree had transformed into a lush one with plenty of green leaves.

It was then that Jamie realized the power he held.

“The Spark of Regeneration.”

“It’s similar but different.”

He pointed out that Jamie’s words were right but also wrong.

“Flame is my ‘birth’.”


Only then did Jamie understand it.

The reason why the darkness of annihilation couldn’t swallow the flames.

That was the reason they disappeared together without being mixed.

Birth was the opposite of annihilation.

It was different from regeneration, which restored what had been lost.

To make something that does not exist in this world.

That was what it meant to give birth.

It couldn’t be compared with regeneration.

It was one of the two forces that could be called the foundation of the world.

“Hehehe… Do you see it differently now?”

Yeomjae smiled, feeling a bit proud.

Jamie looked at him and said,

“The first nature God created by Gaia, and a member of the 12 Gods. What are you?”

“You won’t attack me anymore?”

It was pointless to attack when his power was going to be overshadowed.

In the end, it would be a waste of his power, and this God wasn’t hostile to him.

Jamis was just being cautious.

At this point, it felt like talking would be a lot better.

Did he read Jamie’s thoughts?

“Do you believe me?”

“Such words won’t work on me.”

“Is that so? This is fun.”

Yeomjae, who looked a little down, chuckled and lightly touched the ground.

“Did you know? In a place like this, some seeds couldn’t grow.”

As the flame in his hand seeped into the ground, a plant stalk stretched out next to Jamie, and Yeomjae sat on the curled tendrils.

“Let’s sit down and talk.”

This plant chair was high enough for Yeomjae to jump and sit on. Jamie, who looked at him, reached the ground.


The ground rose in the shape of a cube, and he sat there.

“You aren’t cautious anymore.”

“Didn’t you say I didn’t have to be?”

“That is true.”

“So, tell me why you came.”

“It is because of something you know too. But before that, Akashic… is he alright?”

When Akashic was mentioned, Jamie couldn’t respond.

But as if he understood, Yeomjae shook his head.

“That child suffered so much. He appeared to be tough, but he wouldn’t have had regrets about what happened.”

Jamie recalled that Trika told him Akashic died with a smile on his face.

He didn’t know the relationship between Yeomjae and him, but he felt he would give him an explanation.

“I was told he had a smile on his face.”

“You didn’t see it in person?”

“My subordinate was with him in his last breath. I believe what he said.”

“Then I am glad.”

He smiled and closed his eyes.

A moment of silence for Akashic.

And he opened his eyes after five minutes.

“If there is a next life, I hope he lives comfortably.”

After finishing the prayer, Yeomjae turned to Jamie with a serious face.

“How much do you know about the 12 Gods?”

“Do I really have to know about them? I will be killing them.”

“When you know yourself and the enemy, you can fight a hundred times and win a hundred times too. You don’t even know them, so how will you win?”

“I already killed the God of Nothingness. And the Dragon God is also being killed by my men. You should be feeling that too.”

“That is why I am saying it.”


Oblion was dead and Brahmansia would be, in a few moments. Pyro was currently keeping Zenith and Lily from approaching.

Jamie didn’t check with Pyro, but it seemed like she was doing her task.

Yeomjae continued.

“The others know you appeared on this earth again. Isn’t it obvious that this would bring the divided people back together?”

“Bring them back together?”

“I don’t know if you realized it or not, but it’s much better to win together than to lose to you. And the problem lies in their purpose. Why are they, the masters of the other worlds, tied into a group of 12 Gods and staying in Bless? You never thought of that?”

“I heard from Oblion. They are trying to get their hands on the primordial forces that exist here. But they simply lack the power to pull it off.”

“So he said something like that before he died. Then you should know how important that is for the Gods.”

Unlike before, Yeomjae had a serious expression.

“They will do anything to get what they want. That means they will stop at nothing to eliminate you, who is an obstacle to their plan.”

“Then I will tear them apart.”

“Your confidence is wonderful, but a guy who is quicker than anyone else appeared.”

Jamie didn’t understand it, but then he thought of one person.

Yeomjae smiled as if he agreed to it.

“The one you are thinking of is right. Zenith. That man is starting to absorb Gods. He has already consumed two.”

Jamie’s expression hardened.

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