Chapter 337 - Yeomjae (2)

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“Absorb Gods?”

Jamie doubted his ears.

A God absorbing another God?

Was that even possible?

He wondered and looked at Yeomjae, who was also quite confused.

“He is such a bastard. I did not expect him to do something like that.”

“And the others left him alone?”

“It isn’t that they left him alone, but it was too late by the time they realized it.”

It wasn’t even long since Yeomjae came to know this.

Suddenly, Drian’s holy power vanished, and before long, Khulun’s too.

In an instant, two holy powers vanished entirely. After that, Zenith’s holy power suddenly surged.

He realized why.

“Zenith absorbed Drian first. However, he didn’t fully absorb him. If he did that and got caught, the repercussions from the other Gods would have been severe.”


“Right. He encountered Khulun, leaving Drian half-alive, and completely absorbed him in front of Drian, giving him an advantage.”

Zenith, who did that, went after Khulun without much difficulty.

When the three powers were combined, from the moment he grew, he decided there was no need to hide his powers, so he displayed them.

If he starts to hunt the Gods now,

“Zenith will absorb all the Gods except Ra. I have no intention of having that done to me, but if he does, he will be able to face Ra.”

If Zenith absorbs all the Gods except Ra, he might surpass Ra.

And as he revealed his ambitions in earnest, he would now be serious about hunting Gods.


He even betrayed his colleagues, who had been with him for thousands of years.

Jamie knew for a long time that he was as good as trash, but he never imagined he would cross this line.

From his previous life until today, he thought that Zenith was just an annoying pest that had to be killed.

Kill him before he grows any further.

“It is obvious who his next target is.”



The possibility of Pyro becoming the next target of the troublemaker was obvious.

If he hadn’t absorbed the Gods, he wouldn’t have dared this, but the story was different now that he had absorbed two.

Yet, Pyro won’t be easily defeated. She was still the strongest one among the Gods, after Ra and himself.

And if Pyro fought seriously, even Jamie would have a hard time.

But this was a situation when two Gods were not absorbed.

Jamie decided to put the issue of Zenith aside.

Even if he knew the problem, he couldn’t do anything now.

Instead, he asked Yeomjae.

“Ra knew the details of how I reincarnated. I heard Gaia planned to reincarnate me through a contract with my body, which was sealed in the darkness. How did he know?”

Yeomjae wasn’t surprised by this question. Rather, it looked like he expected it.

“Tell me if you know!”


He sighed and said,

“Ra…he and I are brothers.”

Yeomjae spoke in a low voice.

“The Sun God. The first child of Gaia, like me.”

“What nonsense are you saying?”

“It is as you heard. That guy is a Nature God who rules the Sun of Bless. He inherited the most from Mother Gaia compared to all the brothers.”

Jamie was confused.

This guy was saying that Ra was his brother, and they were born as Gods?

Didn’t all the 12 Gods, except Yeomjae, more or less move into Bless?

“Didn’t you tell me that Oblion spoke to you? That Ra gathered 12 Gods.”

He wandered around and gathered those who were fit to be a part of his group.

But Oblion didn’t mention where Ra came from.

Also, Ra was familiar with Bless.


If he was from Bless, then that explained everything.

Because he knew everything about Bless, he was able to invade it.

“The insider is the one who knows the weakest part.”

Yeomjae spoke in a low voice.

“At the time, it was impossible for us to respond. Bless was a powerful world. There were hardly any fights, and in the shadow of Mother Gaia, he just did his task. On the other hand, the 12 Gods were different.”

Except for Ra, all the 12 Gods were used to fighting.

There were others who weren’t, but everyone was far better than the Gods of Bless. It was difficult to fight back because they were stabbed in the most vulnerable spot.

However, the Nature Gods were strong and powerful, so somehow, they managed to resist.

“But even that didn’t last long. He finally moved in earnest.”

At that time, Ra was the strongest, but he wasn’t much different from now.


It was after that day that he began to evolve into a different being.

“It doesn’t exist now, but there was a place called Eden. It was so huge and beautiful that anyone would find peace there.”

Ra killed about 200 Nature Gods there.

It was ruthless violence.

He was born differently, and he continued to use violence, not hiding his intentions.

In order to collect the 12 Gods, he gained experience by traveling through the dimensions, and his power at one point reached Gaia’s.

And then it was a massacre.

Ra killed all the Nature Gods, leaving no one behind.

Yeomjae, who appeared late, asked him.

-Why did you have to do this?!

-In order to obtain things.

-So… you go and kill people who are your family!?

-Because that is the way to take the next step.

At first, he didn’t know what path Ra was speaking of, but then he found out.

By killing the family of Nature Gods in Eden, Ra was completely liberated from the ‘connection’ shared.

It meant that he was past the physical world and had leaped into a sphere of God that no one had touched.

In the face of such power, Yeomjae decided that confronting him wouldn’t do any good.

So, he made contact with Mother Gaia.

“I talked a lot with Mother.”

However, the only conclusion they came up with felt impossible. And when they began to turn desperate, Yeomjae thought it was too cruel to be a trick, and the plan required him to endure a period of torment.

“Sacrifice myself and buy time.”

Yeomjae betrayed Bless and joined the 12 Gods.

Everyone called him a traitor, and he was treated worse than Ra. The more it happened, the more intensely he moved.

As if walking through hell, he killed the Nature Gods like a machine.

On the other hand, he endured these emotions in order to not get eaten by his brother.

“There was one reason I struggled to earn time.”

He pointed to Jamie.

“Because I believed in the possibility of a race called humans.”

The 12 Gods weren’t wary of the human race.

They had abilities, but they were not strong enough to be called Gods. They attracted great power around them, but some began to worship the 12 Gods.

That soon became holy power, and humans were regarded as insignificant beings.

But Yeomjae knew that the potential of humans was far greater than that of other beings in the universe.

Among them, he was sure that a human with huge potential and skills would be born to threaten the Gods.

However, he didn’t know when it would happen, which pushed him to persevere through the difficult times.

“And then you came.”

Diablo Volfir.

The magic teacher in a rural village, who later became the leader of the resistance against the 12 Gods.

Possessing magic comparable to the Gods, and with troops so huge that the Gods had to come down to fight.

But he was defeated.

They fought several battles, but he was defeated.

“But you never gave up.”

Diablo Volfir returned from the dead and waged another war with a new power called black mana.

“I saw possibilities again.”

Even though Diablo, who wielded black mana, was unable to defeat the 12 Gods, it was certain that he would attempt again.

Although he was sealed within the primordial darkness, he was the only one who could defeat Ra.

And the plan began from there.

Yeomjae and Gaia secured the time of his reincarnation and facilitated the arrangement through the Welton family, ensuring his successful upbringing.

And Jamie was born.

“The more your name and presence became known, the more convinced I was that I did the right thing.”

Yeomjae’s expression was proud at first, but it darkened as he continued.

“The problem was that Ra knew about it. I don’t know how, but my guess is that he might have been able to intervene with the primordial darkness. Then, he must have found a way to violate the content of our contract. If that is true, then it is a serious issue but not a problem.”

And he continued.

“Despite knowing this, he never confronted you. He carried on with his own plan, as if he could handle it. Right. He did all he could… he was on guard.”

Jamie recalled what Ra said.

‘Be stronger. Whether you use Pyro or defeat whomever you want, defeat the enemies who stand in your path. I would like you to build yourself up and stand in front of me one day.’

He spoke of Jamie’s growth.

Jamie didn’t know why he expected him to get stronger, but hearing this, he realized one thing.

“Ra is bored. He is so strong that everything feels like a joke. So he is counting on me. There is every possibility of him being a little happy with the fight.”

“Maybe so, I don’t know.”

The more he listened, the more he couldn’t understand Ra. But what was certain was that Ra was still much more dangerous than Zenith, who was absorbing Gods.

A pain in the ass.

Even though Jamie was doing things he hadn’t done in his past life, he couldn’t see a clear answer.

“This will only bring in headaches. There is only one path I need to walk.”

Jamie got up and looked at the sky.

“Ra! You are listening, right?”

Yeomjae’s eyes widened at those words.

He never thought Jamie would shout like this.

“I know you are listening to us. You even eavesdropped like a rat when I was talking with Pyro. So listen now.”

He took a light breath and continued.

“I said it then! I will rip off your neck and let it bleed out! I will kill you, fucking traitor!!”


“I had to live like a dog because of you. This is rather good. Keep an eye on me from the sky. I will go find the others and kill everyone down.”

The sky flashed and lightning fell, as if he had answered.

Jamie snorted.

“Huh. Pathetic bastard.”

Still, he was glad. He didn’t want to admit it, but he felt a bit scared.

Not today.

The war was for another day.

Jamie looked at Yeomjae.

“Look here, Yeomjae.”

“I am Shin Nong.”

“I don’t care. I need to get stronger, but I have no intention of turning into a demon.”

The essence of Satan had to be preserved until the end.

So he was looking for another way, and this God could have an answer.

“The power of birth—can I learn it? The attribute…”

Yeomjae fell silent at his shameless and dignified expression.

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